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  1. I thank you for the answer. really pity
  2. sorry guys I wanted to know something I'm playing asura's wrath on playstation now it's like me so much after platinum, I was wondering but if I buy DLC through store from pc it will give them to me on this version of playstation now ?????
  3. I really thank all of you, I am really happy to be back, especially in the right, I really cared so much, yes, I tried in the 4 pages of the dispute, to say thank you and really thank you
  4. don't worry I have already hidden everything I had to hide long ago. the only one was ratchet and clank that I've already done so I'm clean now
  5. really thanks don't worry I don't have to say anything anymore so do everything calmly I always wait for you and those who understand my dispute
  6. you don't understand that it's the last of my intentions to pull people against me and open the post to fight. As emet said, there is very little solidarity between players and you never miss an opportunity to dirty people in an obscene and arrogant way @emet81
  7. Exactly I hidden my wrong trophies a long time ago and I have never been reported so I never made them compete knowing the mistake for this I opened this long debate to defend my remaining legitimate trophies
  8. at this point I warn you that I really write this my last message, I kindly ask to those of competence that this post is closed immediately ... given that you are giving vent to people who do not understand anything and only know how to rage and make digital bullying that only this comes out better than doing. Said then by one of (four) platini it has a long way to go, so close the matter here if we have to go further, in my own small way I have done everything possible to admit things as they are but now it is really enough with this crap and these useless slanders.If you think it appropriate that I get back into the ranking well, otherwise it will be enough, I don't want to hear any more useless messages and another crap thanks please do what you think is right because there is no more I do with this situation is not quite right as oh I already said if I can fit well otherwise close me the post I'm tired of being watched by everyone especially by bad people I'm sorry @MMDE
  9. I didn't miss a damn thing I hid the whole ratchet and clank trilogy directly even though it was just the first one because I didn't know what to do so for my safety I did so I already explained it, but then what does it mean that I'm talking in bad faith and I don't want to? I'm arguing well in my opinion it doesn't seem like I'm doing wrong things bho which then I would like to tell everyone that I use google translator I am an Italian user
  10. anyway all I have to say I said is at the moment I don't add I don't add anything else and then I would like to remember you I initially started my dispute very badly with anger etc. but logical my anger if I get signaled on games I repeat again LEGIT POI HO ASKED SORRY since I care about this ranking and I do not give up my dispute to fight not on legit things above all as the 2 dragon balls reported are not there because there is nothing wrong with those. Now I wait for MMDE and I just don't have to talk to you yes I know that they are still out of bounds but my dispute is not over as I said in more messages and I write it in big text. THE TWO DRAGON BALL GAMES DON'T DESCRIBE THEIR REPORTING BECAUSE THEY ARE LEGIT AND I KNOW THEM IN MEMORY for which they go removed two other flags so that I can go back to being simple
  11. the decision is up to him but why not remove the flag for xenovese and budokai hd collection I find it useless xenoverse having done prma on PS4 then I replayed on ps3 and I am reported for too much speed? we are not ridiculous and I repeat for budokai HD collection I knew the 2 memory games from the ps2 times these 2 flags must be removed so that I return only 2 flagged as you say .. and you can re-enter no? @MMDE
  12. I really wanted to thank you from the heart for what you are doing for me and I am indebted to you I really hope with all my heart to return I am putting all of myself into this dispute @MMDE
  13. exact is the ps4 version of resident evil 0 if you need proof in something I have the platinum video on my youtube channel of my various ps4 games @MMDE
  14. I really thank you very much but I'm really hoping it will solve everything
  15. I am waiting for your news to know and I hope to be able to return