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  1. thanks for the advice witty-sw at this point I will do so too if I had already tried, the beauty is that an update comes out every month is so bad, then I agree with you all now you only play with nicholai a mastermind NOOB not it's all better so this game got messed up.
  2. hi guys i want to platy mastermind mode but too long for search the peoople why? i am fasweb with LAN ethernet NAT Tipe 2 I TRY all possible solution but is very boaring max search 2 people but much time need fix againnnnnnn
  3. hi everyone I write because I have serious problems in looking for matches as mastermind, I have fastweb with LAN cable and NAT 2 I tried everything to get into my modem and fix various things but nothing, I don't know what to do anymore .... .
  4. thanks for the answer
  5. hi i have the digital version of this game and i am 96% trophy when released the patch for the digital version?????
  6. but are you interested or not? you read my post I explained everything well, I have no time to waste eh
  7. then first of all you absolutely need the ASIAN (HK) version to be able to play it, NA EU does not work, then the trophies even if you are in private just do one thing for everyone you give them to them, then for now it seems unreasonable because the rocket gun in the map it is not found, and neither is the machete to kill jason, but in the map there is the ax that should run equally but the trophy is 0.0 so I have my doubts in any case we are 3, we need trophies to kill 7 more tommy jarvis people. sorry I hope you understand everything since I'm an Italian user.
  8. please i send the request for the trophy add me
  9. i send the request for your crew please accept i need the trophy
  10. ohhh you are my savior i joined to your crew for the trophy
  11. I thank you for the answer. really pity
  12. sorry guys I wanted to know something I'm playing asura's wrath on playstation now it's like me so much after platinum, I was wondering but if I buy DLC through store from pc it will give them to me on this version of playstation now ?????
  13. I really thank all of you, I am really happy to be back, especially in the right, I really cared so much, yes, I tried in the 4 pages of the dispute, to say thank you and really thank you
  14. don't worry I have already hidden everything I had to hide long ago. the only one was ratchet and clank that I've already done so I'm clean now
  15. really thanks don't worry I don't have to say anything anymore so do everything calmly I always wait for you and those who understand my dispute