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  1. yessss thanks man^^
  2. hello everyone, sorry but I wanted to know something, when I start the game it tells me that to play doom you need the system language to install new data and I am only 46 MB, if I do ok it stays like freezzed with the white bar always at 2 mb of 46, if I choose to cancel, nothing changes, it always makes me install the 46 mb but they are freezed, did any of you have this problem?
  3. hi guys but kindly since there is no road map you can tell me how to unlock the trophies Hya hya hya! Play either 50 Tournament Matches or 50 League Matches in Room Match, I am the ultimate! Play 300 Ranked Matches each using two characters, Do you hear me !? I'm the best that's ever been! Send a stamp. and to play 1200 games is any mode okay?
  4. ok thanks
  5. hi I ask for help for a friend, he has finished all the sequences of the house but the trophy has not arrived ... since strangely the game is still buggy, tomorrow the new patch comes out, according to you after the update the trophy bursts out of nowhere when does the game resume or, do you need a new run?
  6. sorry guys someone has an image or something, on where is the unobtainable 50 scout log I restarted the cycle many times
  7. sure?
  8. sorry guys but the playstation card with the ps button tells me explore a secret area, but exactly where is it? I'm going crazy
  9. more than 12 days have passed since version 1.07 but when does this final version come out to unlock the 2 remaining gold trophies? I am very disappointed sincerely, also because I have been a fan since the days of the ps1, but all this time is unacceptable, I am checking their site every day but nothing ....
  10. sorry man but i've use the level select for the last level still work? because i finish the game with 89 but not trophy..... can you explain me more? and especially if I select the last level it still works for me since I finished the story again with 89 slig but no trophy
  11. I did 12 levels with good karma since he also wanted level 16 and 17 unlocked, but excuse me a question I saw your profile, and you don't have oddworld but why then comments on various posts of the game? @Optinooby
  12. i finish once again the game with 89 slig but not trophy, for me is glitchy, grrrrr , i've already finshed the game too many time, with the next patch is so possibile with replay the last level? is a nightmare.....
  13. exactly, i got this from the game site i'm already working i copy and paste Work is already underway on Patch 1.08, which we’re hoping will include an option for players to turn off the HUD and Rewards Badges pop ups to further immerse themselves in Abe’s adventure!
  14. sorry guys but I have finished all the medals for 10 minutes .... but I have not received the trophy, but it is possible that every time there is a buggy game, you who tell me
  15. I have already tried to do it by making a bad ending up to chapter 15 and making various counts I was exactly at 100 as the trophy requires, I was very bad as soon as he did not give it ... and from there I understood that he also wants the 16 and 17 ..., that there are so many sligs in the distillery alone, I am shocked