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  1. Official Rainbow Moon Hero- Obtain all other trophies to unlock the platinum trophy.
  2. Skilled!- Acquire and learn all available skills for any of your main characters. (The skill level doesn't matter) (4.92%)
  3. Currently level grinding in Rainbow Moon
  4. Hardcore-Complete single player campaign on Brutal difficulty (4.77%) Fuck this game. 😒
  5. Likes his 3 bronze trophies
  6. Warehouse- Discover and enter the Warehouse, an optional dungeon in Taswan
  7. Currently working on Rainbow Moon
  8. Perfect Assassin- Unlock all trophies
  9. Probably likes Sonic
  10. World of Final Fantasy
  11. hearing Punk music
  12. Killing floor 2
  13. Spyro The Dragon