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  1. Ohhhh wow i never knew that! thanks a lot
  2. I’m in the EU/Germany psn store and I cannot find them anywhere. Anybody know where to get them?
  3. @diegoselles i also had a lot of kills with killstreaks, but you need to use the boat on armada and/or the tank on crossroads for the trophy
  4. I finally got them with the boat on armada
  5. Thanks. I guess the guide is wrong, the writer should change it.
  6. I read from the guide on this site that vtol kills count towards this trophy. But after a couple of days of using the vtol, i got 100 kills and the trophy didn't pop. I have exactly 100 kills with the vtol, 8 with the rcxd and 3-5 with the boats on armada (by looking at my medals), but no trophy. Is the guide wrong or is it glitched.
  7. It was worth it in the end
  8. Might get the game just because they have the balls to stand against crybabies on the internet. It's refreshing to see this since the world got so soft these last couple of years
  9. I wish i had a ps5 to get these problems
  10. I aint buying anything from those people. Waste of skin they are
  11. I have a BIG Problem with the ps5. I can't fucking buy it anywhere. No way i'm buying it from fuckin scalpers
  12. Is the online trophy in this game still obtainable? Thanks in advance
  13. I would love if the developers or sony did something about the unobtainable trophies on list, but i know it's not going to happen. So do need to try and forget about those trophies buddy.
  14. I remember not being able to do this challenge at all and 5 years later i did in just a few tries.
  15. Kanye for the win boys!!