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  1. I can’t connect to the ac 4 servers on the ps3 any ideas. I read about having too many psn friends, but i don’t really want to delete anyone.
  2. just move your asses a bit people
  3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Don’t want to spend the money for it
  4. I´m talking about the mmo Dragons Dogma in the japanese store
  5. I just learnt about Dragon’s Dogma Online and it’s servers closing down tomorrow. I’ve seen people that have completed this in 1-3 hours. But i’m unable to find any guide for the trophies and i can’t read japanese. Could somebody direct me to a guide or something?
  6. Don’t brake stuff
  7. I’m currently trying to clean up my old games as well. Of course there are plenty of unobtainable trophies at this point, but i still want to get at least the obtainable ones. Seeing how some of these games didn’t sell well and because of that became rare and a bit expensive, it will take some time
  8. I don’t think that enough people know about this interactive map for the online. It shows the location of Madam Lazar and all collectables and it updates daily. Down below is the link for the map. It really helps getting to lvl 50.
  9. Black ops 3: 0,80% Black ops 2: 0,91% CoD Infinite Warfare: 1,30% GTA 5 (PS3): 1,88% Little Big Planet 3: 1,96% Also working on RDR 2 which would put it in 4th place in my list
  10. I flat out refuse to play wolfenstein 2 on my main account. That “Mein Leben” trophy is ridiculous
  11. Shadow of the Colossus
  12. Something more extreme than that to get banned? Wow, ok
  13. At this point i'm getting flagged left and right. And i'm kind of salty. So i'll have a bit of fun by telling you to go out get drunk, pass out on the street, get raped and robbed by a homeless guy, then wake up, get hit by a truck that's on fire and die while burning alive. Just to see how fast i can get banned
  14. the_surviver007 Call of Duty Classic Just go die in a hole