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  1. Why 2 different trophy lists?
  2. So many awesome games are coming this fall, where the heck should I have the money for PSVR ... lol anyways I am highly psyched though
  3. Thanks everyone, that should explain why the crushing trophy is that uncommon. anyways, chapters like 14 and 20 looks very hard though -- I think if the u4 wouldnt be that noob friendly in case of cheats and auto aim and that stuff, the trophy would be much harder .. and much rarer .. just my opinion
  4. hi guys I wanted to know how hard is the crushing difficulty on this game really? I read some reviews of course, but most of them included unclean runs, using this and that to make the game easier/faster. So how hard is the game on a scale of 1 to 10 when you just play it oldschool like without any cheats, exploits, auto-aim, hints, walkthroughs, etc ... just as a game has mentioned to played be. thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks every1
  6. sup guys i am looking forward to buy one of the mentioned VR headsets. i already tested the oculus rift, which was just really stunning. nevertheless, i am not a pc gamer, i rather play my games on playstation. but i am really confused if the ps version will have the same quality, the same experience? in your honest opinion, maybe someone who already tested both headsets, what would you recommend to buy? what is better? or is the psvr on the same level as the rift? as mentioned, i am a playstation fanboy, but i am also interested in a good vr experience (and therefore wouldnt even hesitate to get a high end pc if VR should dominate on that platform). any help is appreciated thanks!
  7. Thank you very much! never would had expect such a story behind it.
  8. Hi, we are looking for new members for our small european gamers clan and group! Requirments to join us Owning 2 of 3 of these consoles: PS3, PS4 or/and PSVita Being from one of these countries: Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, Malta, Vatican, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Guernsey, Jersey, Faroe Islands, Aland Exceptions we make for: Kosovo, Turkish Northern Cyprus thank you for reading
  9. Hi, can someone please explain me why there are 2 different gta 2 covers? which one is the original one? or that one which came as first and/or sold worldwide? any help or tip is appreciated thank you!
  10. all cod trophies are easy -.-
  11. i am actually listening to everything what yt recommends me
  12. ok good thank u
  13. miami
  14. cool, nice! thank you
  15. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, It's time to open your history books to write down a new milestone. After years and years of the Playstation Network and the Trophy System someone finally managed it to unlock the 1,000 Platinum Trophy mark. A huge Congratz to Hakoom!!! True King of Playstation Gaming. Never Stop Hunting!