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  1. Grateful if one is still available, please
  2. Not part of the season pass/deluxe edition?
  3. I do believe it's a unique story so you don't need to have watched all of the anime to understand what's going on.
  4. Seems to be easy and looks a lot of fun plus being a big one piece fan i cant help myself to buy it. Don't be skeptical just enjoy it!
  5. PSNID - Mr_McNight feel free to add me no blank friend requests
  6. you are welcome, happy to help
  7. you can spend the orbs, it still counts
  8. You do make good points i understand i'm one that doesn't really listen to a reviewers opinion on a game if i enjoy the game then i enjoy the game and if the game is trash then fair enough its my fault for buying it which i have done a few times, but i most admit that for youtubers its good for people you are sadly unable to afford and play some games then its a chance for them to enjoy and experience it with another playing it. i just want to make a point that i'm not trying to start arguements i just wanted to see others opinions on the subject and wasn't trying to sound like i was going off on a rant.
  9. you can see a 12 year old kid gamer from a mile away (Cod, battlefield, fifa, gta 5, Minecraft and Fortnite) if its just these games lol
  10. Does anyone else hate certain gaming youtube content creators i know its a job to them and everything but for some reason it really grinds my gears when these people are given early copies of games for nothing and they are not even fans of these games for example when Final Fantasy 15 came out some big youtubers played it and made videos on it but the amount of them that said "i have never played a final fantasy game before" or "i have never really been interested in these types of games" it blows my mind. The worst for me though are reviewers who for the most don't even pay for the game, point out negatives and nit pick at a game for the smallest thing, a good example of this is Assassins Creed Odyssey one reviewer in particular gave the negative that the game was grindy and forces you to buy microtractions which it isn't if you take the time to actually do side quests and stuff but no its a negative all because he wanted to get his review out as fast as possible and not actually enjoy and playthrough all the game has to offer what do you lot think?
  11. Lego Harry Potter years 5-7 easy one
  12. Been waiting years for this game and its finally almost here can't wait to cry my eyes out! Me and many other people have waited to long for this to have it ruined for us, if you have the game keep it to yourself and don't be that asshole who's like 'oooo look what I've got' 'yeah this happens and this happens'.
  13. really looking forward to this release, may have to get ps now to play the original ps3 version
  14. I ended up buying Berserk and Nights Of Azure 2 may pick up a few more games too