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  1. Your Lucky Day Receive a Very Good Omen from a color fortune.
  2. One Nag Too Many Cause Moguo to have a tantrum.
  3. Sorry, I Dropped This Found your lost Tech Scrap after dying
  4. Pyramid of Wrath Collapses Complete the Pyramid Palace.
  5. First Day on the Job Acquired your selected job gear
  6. Private Lives Completed all Shinobi Girl's Heart missions.
  7. I Rest My Case! Completed all of Kafuru's missions in Shinobi Girl's Heart.
  8. Resolution Completed Day Seven of Shinobi Girls' Code
  9. Strange Chemistry Completed all of Haruka's missions in Shinobi Girl's Heart.
  10. Confront the Past Completed Day Six of Shinobi Girls' Code
  11. Top-Heavyweight Champion Completed all of Imu's missions in Shinobi Girl's Heart.
  12. Call Me Handsome Completed all of Miyabi's missions in Shinobi Girl's Heart.
  13. Waiting for it to hit midnight in the UK....fingers crossed
  14. Fated Meeting Rescued the Princess of Dalmasca.
  15. You Down for Udon? Completed all of Ryona's missions in Shinobi Girl's Heart.