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  1. A couple of details that could be causing problems. What season in the game are you in? What world ranking are you currently as well? Are you playing singles, doubles or both? i got mine and completed the trophy at the end of season 2 after winning all the singles and doubles grand slams in that year and was world number 1. hopefully that makes sense to you.
  2. It depends on the game really. Some of them I’d rather focus on to make sure I don’t miss the missable, but on stuff like sports games yep. It’s either youtube or podcasts for me.
  3. Hi, just wondering if anyone has any tips to complete the James may pulling challenges in episode 2. I have looked online at the walkthroughs and stayed in the green as they do but don’t seem to move very far despite it working for the clarkson pulling challenge. Any advice? thanks in advance