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  1. Y’all must not pay attention very much to the show they have hinted at Dany doing this since the season 2 finale with her visions in the tower of the undying. She was in the destroyed throne room with ashes falling everywhere and she has been on the brink of doin something like this almost every season so don’t act like this is a terrible character arc. It makes sense I would have preferred her to be good but this is game of thrones and if you expected a happy ending you haven’t been paying attention.
  2. Mafia 3 is a great choice and is absolutely a great and fun game. Can’t believe it didn’t do as good as it should have.
  3. I love seeing people say the order 1886. I absolutely love that game and I bought it on release day. Yes it is wayyy too short but other than that I loved everything about it and hope one day sony greenlights a sequel. Vampyr, prey and days gone are other excellent under rated games as well thank god at least days gone is selling well so that one should see a sequel but I hope all 4 receive one since they all are great games in there own ways.
  4. Bravo team was insanely easy so don’t know how this looks easier and what actually matters is that this game looks great unlike bravo team.
  5. Street fighter 5
  6. I have picked up all 5 recordings and listened to them all and no trophy. Am I doing something wrong or is there a specific thing I have to do to unlock the trophy?
  7. Friday the 13th was fun as hell the developers did give up on it terms of bringing new stuff to it but regardless I spent hundreds of hours playing it with friends and loved every single second of it. Now this one will probably be even better since Sony is backing it and will have a MUCH bigger budget to work with.
  8. What’s the point of just playing this game for the trophies? You will get absolutely nothing out of it. This game is fun as hell to play especially with friends. Just play it naturally and get most of the trophies normally then boost the gindy 1000 matches later. Otherwise there is no point in playing it if you only are going for the trophies.
  9. You lucky bastard lol I would do almost anything to forget it all and be able start over. It’s absolutely amazing in every way imaginable.
  10. By far the first one was better. A lot of great vr titles. This one literally just had the predator game and medevil game that I give any type of shit about. Everything else was pretty garbage.
  11. You cheated just as this guy cheated. Quite crying about it it’s your own damn fault. Try playing normally from now on 😊
  12. Uhm....I guess Minecraft.
  13. The first one was absolutely amazing and hopefully they show off some more vr games along with maybe new info on the last of us part 2.
  14. Can’t wait to play this in vr. I’m sure it will deliver just like the other games from this developer.
  15. If this was the ps4 version then that amount of time makes sense but I don’t think it’s possible to 100% the PS3 version in 29 hours. Even if you played it for 30 hours straight I don’t believe it’s possible. It takes around 40 hours at least to get the base game done much less the dlc.