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  1. Once again as everyone has told you they don’t count toward the trophy. Idk why you are so worried about it anyways. Those two are some of the easiest characters to unlock...
  2. Shadow of the tomb raider
  3. Weird flex but ok....
  4. Definitely not. The majority of people where I’m from don’t like them either. I personally absolutely can’t stand them. 99% of jrpgs have terrible graphics, boring gameplay and extremely weird ass stories and characters. I wouldn’t even play one if it was a free ps+ game much less buy one.
  5. This is literally the dumbest reason not to buy a game...
  6. Gran turismo 5
  7. Because that’s what you have to do to make it save...
  8. How did you managed to get it? I have been wondering this as well
  9. I would say 1/10 and that’s being generous. Your one and only ultra rare platinum can be gotten extremely quick and easily using console commands and by looking at your list I’m sure that’s how you got that platinum trophy.
  10. You can still start your play through without a guide....
  11. Seriously you are to stupid to even insult. So Ill just lay it out for you EA doesn’t make nba 2k so I don’t where you get this shit from and also you claim that they have glitched unattainable trophies in madden 17 & 18 which is also bullshit since I have both platinum trophies in those game’s. So please take your clueless ass on somewhere else.
  12. You really shouldn’t have posted again because now you look even more like an idiot smh....
  13. Shotguns are literally everywhere in the game. You should have a shotgun way before a supply drop even drops...
  14. I’m assuming you don’t know what we are talking about because you sound dumber each time you reply. I’m just sick of seeing lazy people wanting shit givin to them. And yes most online games change but this is completely different they are just giving the trophy away for doing nothing. And this kid wants the other 2 just given to him as well so don’t try and defend this type of bullshit it makes you look just as bad as him.