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  1. I would buy it now. There are ton of amazing games in vr now and with more to come this year. Plus as somebody already mentioned it will be compatible with the ps5 so you can use it on there as well.
  2. Holy shit you don’t know what the word salty means. And nice necro post this thread is 2 years old. Get a life besides trying to start shit on an old thread....
  3. This isn’t even close to the most popular game of all time and just about every game that has massive hype around It or any type of exclusive has a bunch of players playing it. Also as others have mentioned there is no competition for it right now and everyone is In quarantine Making more people able to play right now. The last of us part 2, ghost, cyberpunk 2077 and maybe a couple of others will all put up the same numbers if not even better when they release later this year.
  4. You do realize that the cheater removal team can tell if you used save files to unlock trophies right? Obviously this isn’t some “glitch” you cheated multiple games now you’re gone from the leaderboards as you should be. Quit acting innocent
  5. No the only thing stupid here is the fact that the only reason you won’t buy it is because of that. trophies should never determine what you play or don’t play.
  6. Unfortunately this is allowed on the site.
  7. The only thing that matters is the quality of the game.
  8. Y’all are completely wrong about naughty dog and the last of us 2. Sony also delayed the iron man vr game which is also an exclusive the same day as they delayed the last of us. They both were suppose to come out next month. Ghost of tshumia will be delayed next and so will other big name games if this doesn’t end soon. Y’all clearly haven’t been following the news if y’all think this is just an excuse because the games aren’t ready.
  9. Do you have a source? I have searched but can’t find anything on it so far
  10. 6/10. Good completion percentage just not a lot of games or anything to difficult on it but it looks like you haven’t been doing it for real long either.
  11. Had absolutely zero issues with any of the nighttime maps. They were just as clear as the daytime ones really.
  12. You could have literally looked at the list yourself and got your answer lol
  13. Max Payne 3
  14. Just put the cards on the auction for the cheapest buy now you can. But depending how many we have to do this we shouldn’t have to worry to much