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  1. That’s not the actual insomniac twitter account. So that information is false unfortunately
  2. Hey! I've noticed you around the forums, you've got some impressive VR Platinums! I just started hunting this year and I thought I had a decent number of ultra rare VR Plats! Can you recommend any VR Plats you really enjoyed? Hardest? Ones to avoid? Would be awesome...

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    2. rolltideroll157


      Raw data’s platinum is pretty straight forward so it’s not bad and I had a trophy cabinet but it disappeared randomly 

    3. MikeCheck--


      @rolltideroll157 Where you at man? Haven't seen you active in a bit. 

    4. MikeCheck--
  3. Not a whole lot to choose from that I don’t have myself so I’ll have to go with diablo 3
  4. 8.5/10. Great profile with a great completion percentage and a good variety of games. Even better since there are none of those cheap easy shit games on there. Once you crack 200+ Platinums it will be even better.
  5. 7/10. Good completion rate just not a lot of games or trophies though. Boost that and your ultra rares up and it will go higher.
  6. I have experienced zero glitches much less any type of game breaking glitch and still have yet to hear of this happening to anyone. If this was a widespread thing someone would have already created a topic on here about it.
  7. Easily the last of us part 2.
  8. J-stars victory
  9. If anyone would be willing to invite me to their level 50 crew I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  10. Call of duty black ops 3
  11. How do you not know what basketball is? Lmao