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  1. Super meat boy
  2. What's the 2nd controller trick on PS3? Because I can't sign into another account on PS3 without signing out of my own account
  3. To each their own I suppose but why? This game looks pretty high quality from what I have seen and at a very good price too. I get waiting for a sale but you make it sound like this game looks terrible.
  4. So apparently everytime you use the debug mode in jak 1 on ps4 it bugs out orbs in the spider cave I have tested it multiple times and 100% of the time it glitches where you can't get all of them but only in that area which is weird and it's also always the ones from shooting the centipedes. What causes the glitch is auto unlocking the cells for spider cave before actually getting there so to avoid it do not auto unlock any cells in spider cave to be safe.
  5. That's the exact one that bugged on me as well
  6. A therapist would be a good way to start
  7. I manually got all collectables besides the power cells since you can auto pop those with debug mode. I'm just missing one egg shaped that is suppose to be in spider cave for the plat.
  8. Obviously you are in denial as are most people that do it but yes anybody with common sense knows that is a form of addiction but it's like arguing with a child so I'll leave it at that
  9. Did this debug mode make a orb glitch out on y'all in spider cave in jak 1 on ps4? I'm one away from the plat but I have looked everywhere in that area so I'm assuming it glitched
  10. That is quite silly of you to think that as well because it does make it an addiction. I won't do meth but people are addicted to it lol
  11. Because that's called an addiction. Normal people don't waste money on some stupid stuff like buying the exact same game 3-5 times just for trophies. And most of the people that do it buy the worst games too. And remasters and PS3 games are not what I'm talking about. Buying this game twice or midnight deluxe 6 times is what I mean. But like I said to you do you even though it makes your trophy collection look toxic to the majority of gamers
  12. That's not what I'm talking about unless you buy those same games in other regions and have the same game 8 times. Hell I have bought remasters of games I loved to play again on the ps4. Im talking about buying burnoutin the NA and EU region that's makes no sense and is disgusting. If you want to play the same game again just play the game you bought that's what normal people do.
  13. I wouldn't care but half the forums seemed to be filled with these type of "gamers" and it's disgusting honestly. Like they seriously need to see a therapist or talk to someone because something isn't right lol but to each their own I suppose...
  14. Obviously people who do it can afford it but that still makes it stupid. Why not buy one of the million other games out there instead of the same game in another region? It makes no sense