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  1. I personally think the site should remove the option to create a shareplay session. The site has other rules against cheating and getting someone else to get a trophy for you is definitely 100% cheating. If you get someone else to Do something for you in life no matter what it is it is consider cheating. Also the people that make these sessions probabaly tried a few times and gave up without putting any actual time or effort in to do it themselves because if they actually did they would have the trophy.
  2. Don’t know how I got skipped but nier automata.
  3. Track mania turbo
  4. Yeah but they probably can’t lock the thread just from me saying that since I have zero proof to back it up. But He use to be on my friends list and would join me and my buddies parties and talk about how he only cares about trophies and doesn’t care how he gets them as long as it’s fast and easy. I assume he thought because we were trophy hunters we felt the same way but once I called out his bullshit he blocked me.
  5. This user has stated many times to me how he would buy trophies or get them in any way as easy as possible if he could. Well I’m glad that he finally got what he deserves 😊
  6. I agree. Literally the only thing that irritates me about that game is how short it was other than that I absolutely love the order 1886. Hopefully one day sony realized the potential of this game and let’s the developers make a sequel especially since it ended with a sequel in mind.
  7. Nex machina
  8. The entire point of trophies is to try and earn them as intended though.If you aren’t good enough at sniping or placing high enough to unlock the characters then you don’t deserve to have the trophy. If all developers made trophies easier for the ones who aren’t good enough then every list would be as easy and worthless as my name is mayo essentially.
  9. This doesn’t sound like the games issue but more so you need a new console.
  10. Marvel vs capcom 3
  11. The gears of war series and the fable series without a doubt. Played the ones on the 360 and they were all phenomenal games. Would love to have them on PlayStation but that will never happen.
  12. 7/10. a good bit of ultra rare trophies but would be higher if you had a higher completion percentage.
  13. The chronicles of Riddick assault on dark Athena