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  1. Who cares how long it takes. It's a great game buy because of that not based on how long it takes to platinum.
  2. They have known about this glitch since it released and no patch to fix it. Plus they haven't even patched the real issues of this game so I would highly avoid buying from this dev ever again.
  3. How do you know? I have emailed the developers multiple times but get no response from the pieces of shit.
  4. Are you seriously going with that as your excuse? Come on at least come up with something better than that. This is just sad....
  5. This sounds amazing. Hopefully the execution on the vr is top quality but either way this a day 1 purchase!
  6. How about just get them yourself...
  7. I dont think it's glitched. You have to complete the quest lost and found that's on a very small island right below pirate island. After I did that one and brought the person back to the Pirate island she gave me her quests. The guides on how to unlock these quests are wrong so that's why people think they are glitched.
  8. I don't know where you have been but this game doesn't have a campaign. It's zombies,multiplayer, and a battle royal mode.
  9. I ended up trying Rigs: MCL this weekend, and you were right, it's amazing. There is a really steep learning curve (I lost my first 2 matches in League 1... by a lot, and ended up going 6-3-1 for the season), but I am having fun. Glad I asked you about it and convinced myself to play it.

    1. rolltideroll157


      Yeah it has a bit of a learning curve but once you get use to it you will be dominanting your opponents. But glad  you liked it.

  10. Hell yes! Thank god because that last episode was 🔥🔥
  11. How am I being obnoxious? Tell me what I said is wrong? I'll give you stats all day to back up what I'm saying. Telling the obvious truth isn't being obnoxious. Sorry you're salty that Alabama is better than your team 😎 Ole miss had bamas number and had elite players on both side of the ball for those years. They never were able to become an elite team but they had the type of players and ran a spread offense that gives bama problems.
  12. His comments are proof that he hasent played anyreal games in vr and I'm actually willing to bet he actually hasent even played psvr period. Res 7, skyrim, farpoint, firewall zero hour, etc are just a few games out of the many that are true vr "games" out of the many more out there.
  13. Obviously not... because if you have you would know it's not just a tech demo. Nobody is buying your bullshit.
  14. You can fast travel to your ship directly
  15. It's exactly as intended. The game wants you to explore it as much as possible instead of stupidly fast traveling every where instantly. The game and environments are gorgeous anyway so ride horeseback to each objective and enjoy the view 😊