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  1. Poorly written? Just about every telltale game I have played has had a pretty damn engaging story with hard to make decisions. Some are definitely not as good as others but poorly written? No. You should definitely keep your opinion to yourself since it is a pretty irrelevant one. If you only play for easy trophies stick to those piece of shit games that take 10 mins to plat.
  2. It's disgusting how some of y'all can't enjoy stuff without trophies...
  3. I'm about to buy lost planet 3 myself so if you want to help each other get the mp trophies send me a friend request.
  4. Wait the full game is free? It still tells me I need to pay when I try to preorder
  5. Yeah of course it's a vr only game. The game would probably suck without it being vr anyways.
  6. Some of those beat school trophies on that list you attached are only a few seconds apart so it looks like some of those autopopped as well.
  7. You only have the two autopopped list of sound shapes on your profile where is the game you did it all legit first?
  8. This may be worst way to prove you didn't cheat I have ever seen but good luck 😊
  9. Look at his sound shapes lists. If I'm not mistaken psn puts your games in order of when you last earned a trophy on that game. But yet somehow his vita version which he autopopped everything for of sound shapes is way below the original PS3 version where he supposedly achieved them "legit". Also the years on those trophies seem weird.
  10. Yeah I didn't want to call bs on the 5 PS3 story because maybe someone actually does have that many for some odd reason but I agree. I also would look at more of his/her games because their entire profile seems a bit off honestly.
  11. The time stamps wouldn't have changed from this. No "update" would effect any trophy time stamp.
  12. ME3

    Nothing about mass effect 3 is "bad". The only complaint I had with the game was the fact all three choices at the end were basically the same. And I agree with the above post quit making the same thread bitching about it move on for the love of god lol
  13. How do you get the run or jump? Trophy in this game? I try to activate two as quickly as I can but it's impossible to do two at the exact same time since you can only use one hand. Edit: nevermind figured it out
  14. Seriously quit getting offended by something this fucking stupid. Movies, games, and shows are all putting women and gay people at the forefront of their projects now a days to try and be politically correct. But yet some of y'all still bitch about everything. Like who the fuck cares what you play as as long as you enjoy the game? Next you will be bitching about not being able to play as the "right" type of female character you want.
  15. People that get offended by stupid shit like this is what's wrong with the world today. This is seriously the stupidest thread I have seen yet. I hope it gets locked soon.