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  1. I’m not entirely sure I don’t ever remember there being a very easy mode on the PS3 version but I do remember having to beat it once to unlock crushing.
  2. Yes you can beat it on any difficulty to unlock crushing but you got all difficulty trophies at the same exact time. I don’t believe that is possible on the PS3 version of the game.
  3. Sounds like you are taking everybody’s replies way to seriously. These games are garbage and made for just trophies and geared toward people who are addicted to them. sony should not allow these games on their store unless the developers are actually trying to make a legitimate game.
  4. You’re so addicted to trophies that it has warped you to where you can’t play long games without wanting a platinum. In no way shape or form is playing a game for more than 30 hours depressing. I prefer all $60 games to be at least 30+ hours of gameplay. What does any of that have to do with anything? Obviously they are worthless outside of this site but that doesn’t cover up the fact that all these games you are defending are garbage and shouldn’t have platinums or even be allowed to exist in the first place.
  5. How is that nonsense? Lol the leaderboards on this site are a joke because of all these type of games and yes anyone that has tes online plat is so much more impressive than someone that has hundreds of 5 min easy plats.
  6. No one here is jealous of someone who has hundreds of those garbage ass 5 min platinums on their profile. Why would anyone be jealous of something anybody can do? Quality>Quantity
  7. Sounds like you need a new controller because the running works 100% of the time.
  8. That’s because those people you speak of do know what they are talking about and can spot a cheater like yourself 😊
  9. He is a troll that is just trying to get a reaction from people.
  10. This makes absolute zero sense. How is more content and trophies not a good thing especially in an extremely good game? If extra trophies bother you that much I would recommend another hobby.
  11. Literally neither one of those prove me wrong. Honestly how old are you? Are you not reading what I’m saying? I’m not claiming people in the west don’t like this stuff just that they are still a very small minority compared to western style games like I don’t understand how this is so hard for you to understand. You are so delusional that you actually think this stuff is just as popular don’t you? Literally the only things jrpg or anime that you can even say are pretty popular here is final fantasy, Pokémon and dragon ball z. Every other jrpg and anime is only known by hardcore Animeand jrpg lovers. They aren’t popular with the majority of gamers or Americans.
  12. Haven’t slung an insult towards you once and please show me where I am trying to turn my opinions into facts? Like how do you not understand that jrpgs and anime are no where near as popular as western games over here as they are in japan? I know they are extremely popular over there obviously but you are delusional if you think they are here. Look at games like gravity rush which are anime they sold like shit over here in the west to the point where they quit shipping hard copies. Even people that loves anime like you understands that the majority over here doesn’t like it. It’s not rocket science lmao
  13. Uhm ign is garbage but the polls on Twitter are accurate and that is what they used. How am I speaking opinions? I have givin you nothing but facts the only opinion here is that I think anime and jrpgs are trash everything else is facts. Just because it makes you butthurt doesn’t make it false lol
  14. See you’re letting the fact that I hate Japanese games and anime blind you because I’m only speaking facts. I don’t give a shit if you don’t like western games honestly but just because you like jrpgs doesn’t mean the majority do believe me. For instance ign just did a poll asking people to vote on their most anticipated game out of: death stranding, ghost of tshuima, final Fantasy 7 and the last of us part 2. The last of us part 2 destroyed them all with 43% of the votes with final Fantasy coming in second with between 23-28%. Now final Fantasy 7 is apparently the most popular jrpg of all time and it got destroyed in votes by a western game you say sucks so honestly what would a vote look like up against games like dragon quest? And I don’t know who akira toriyama is so don’t know why you said it like it was suppose to change my mind lol
  15. Im definitely not hating anime for no reason I have countless reasons as to why i don’t like that weird ass shit and I’m definitely not wrong about jrpgs and anime not being liked by the masses And i consider Pokemon more western style than Japanese. Also sorry to disappoint you but in no way am I wrong in saying that the masses over here do not like or care about jrpgs or anime. I’m not saying there aren’t millions of people that do like them but once again they are just a small fraction of the masses. For example i love sports games and I would be in The minority on this site in saying that but if we go by everyone that plays games I would be in the majority if you look at sales numbers. Edit: and whatever the hell dragon quest is can’t be that popular since I have never played it or even heard of it. Hell I don’t know anyone that has played it. Super popular is stuff like game of thrones, fortnite, the avengers stuff that even if you haven’t watched or played you still have heard of it.