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  1. Uhm because it was free on ps plus would be a good guess...
  2. And nobody gives a fuck about your comment that has nothing to do with this forum topic at all.
  3. Ok thanks. On my first playthrough it wouldn’t let me make the pierce form period. it would take my materials like it was constructing it but it never did.
  4. So do I need everything that can be crafted crafted before I do those certain side quests or as long as I have just one gun at level 2 I’m good?
  5. Something is missing in this step by step because I never received untapped potential ever. And I had grip at level two as soon as possible and way before I did the side quests y’all say are glitching it out. None of the side quests rewarded me with untapped potential.
  6. Not arguing against trophies. I love them as well but to say that they matter in the big picture makes no sense. I was only pointing out that him saying games only sell because of trophies is a idiotic thing to say. Games wouldn’t be effected sales wise in any major way if trophies disappeared tomorrow.
  7. Playing games just for trophies is so dumb and saying most games sell for just trophies is so incredibly wrong. Trophy hunters are an extremely small percentage of gamers. They could stop doing trophies in games tomorrow and games are going to continue to sell just as well as they do now.
  8. Reviews are popping up everywhere and it’s getting absolutely amazing reviews with some even saying his performance as the joker is better than Heath Ledgers. It’s safe to say that this is going to be a masterpiece.
  9. 8/10 solid list with a great completion percentage and doesn’t rely on those trash easy 30 min plats to boost your numbers either.
  10. This isn’t a sequel to until dawn just from the same developers....
  11. People seriously are fucking retarded when it comes to dlc trophies it’s hilarious to watch them bitch and moan over something so stupid lol
  12. You must not play new games since a lot of games are pushing 90gbs now a days. The more detail and content the game has the bigger the install size is. It’s certainly not ridiculous just go play some shitty indie game I’m sure it has a small install size for you lol
  13. This has to be hands down one of the dumbest things you could have possibly said involving games. You clearly have zero knowledge of what makes games good based off of this statement.
  14. No. Do yourself a favor and save that money lol drowning is one of the worst “games” I have ever played. The only way it has 3. 5 stars has to be from all the trophy whores that bought it because literally everything sucks about this game.
  15. I honestly have so many I love but the one that really stands out for me is when Joel tortures those two guys during winter at the cabins to find out where Ellie is. It was just so brutal and brilliant.