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  1. Actually been playing games for 20 years and play all kinds of different genres but I just don't like garbage games
  2. Exactly. Don't know how anyone could watch that gameplay and say it looks boring maybe it's not your taste but to say it's boring is just stupid.
  3. Never heard of whatever trash that is dragon quest. The last of us is a masterpiece that's probably why it's considered one of the greatest games of all time but good try lmao Lmao y'all two probably really don't know what a good game is do y'all? You're calling the last of us garbage which is one of the top games ever created to some trash nobody on this side of the world has ever heard of....
  4. they must have single digit codes because I watched it as soon as it popped up and it told me they are all out lol
  5. Oh ok just checking since some people assume selling is the same thing. But not sure but time skipping is what I think bugs some trophys out it's done it for me too on some. Just keep doing it and hopefully it will unlock sometime soon
  6. Are you selling them for caps or doing the actual scrap option where it can give you crafting resources instead?
  7. Resident Evil 7 isn't scary at all either though? πŸ€”πŸ€”
  8. I have so many games to play currently and a bunch more coming out this year to get, But after watching this gameplay over and over I can't get hyped for anything else because honestly I never have seen a game truly flawless until now. The details in the gameplay of TLOU part 2 is astounding. I don't know how I'm going to make it till whenever it releases lol
  9. Holy shit this is already the best game of all time!!!
  10. It was an actual trailer and how do you not know what it is? It's a futuristic massive rpg.
  11. Dear god this game looks beyond amazing. Hopefully it comes out in 2019 but this very well could be 2020 game.
  12. I love bioware games so can't wait to pick this and days gone up the same day as well. Should be a damn good time.
  13. I got the collection list from the digital version so don't worry
  14. It was amazing. I honestly had a blast with it.