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  1. Did you really just call trophy hunting a career? 😂😂
  2. Yeah but only a few thousand of people buy those piece of shit games. I was talking about actually good games that millions of people buy regardless of trophies. Trophies is not the reason good quality games sell like the guy above claims.
  3. We got both of these for free already a few months ago....I don’t get how people keep guessing games we already have gotten for free lol
  4. Dark souls remastered
  5. Nothing you said here forms a coherent sentence...
  6. Ok thanks this is all I needed to know
  7. I didn’t want to have to create a thread for this question but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere even through google. But anyways when and where can I access the pentagon missions and the raid? I was under the impression you don’t have to buy the year one pass to access these missions, did that change? I just completed the last mission so I’m in endgame now where you lose all control points but yet still can’t see any of the dlc missions.
  8. Dear god how many threads do you people need to make about this before you understand? Ps: the answer is they are in the Illuminati
  9. Holy shit that’s an amazing deal if I didn’t already have vr I would be all over that.
  10. But you don’t have any hard platinums and you only have 7 total ultra rare trophies so not a good argument on your part...
  11. As much as you bitch and complain about games in these threads I’m surprised that you haven’t just quit gaming in general. Since nothing apparently meets your such high standards....
  12. You should have just said you were joking because that is not a good look for you lol
  13. I hope you are kidding by asking this....
  14. On their reddit they said it will release on November 12th for $25.
  15. I’m not sure what you mean? Any of your teammates can die yes and it will unlock. But you,commander Shepard, has to beat the mission.