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  1. Hey! I've noticed you around the forums, you've got some impressive VR Platinums! I just started hunting this year and I thought I had a decent number of ultra rare VR Plats! Can you recommend any VR Plats you really enjoyed? Hardest? Ones to avoid? Would be awesome...

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    2. rolltideroll157


      Raw data wasn’t bugged for me so you should be fine. But blood and truth, Skyrim, farpoint, firewall, the inpatient, the walking dead, iron man just to name a few that loved. But there are plenty that were fun to platinum. 

    3. MikeCheck--


      @rolltideroll157 Yeah, your list is amazing. Nice job. I picked up Raw Data as it's on sale for $7.99 currently. Any tips?


      Blood and Truth was an amazingly fun game, same for Walking Dead, Farpoint but tbh Iron Man isn't my cup of tea.


      I haven't played The Inpatient so I'll look into it.

    4. MikeCheck--


      Also, why no trophy cabinet?

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