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  1. Thank you so much!
  2. Is there a list of where all the cards are somewhere? Thanks!
  3. Bumping to say the most recent update fixed it! I just withdrew items from the box and got it.
  4. I'll give that a try, thanks! I still haven't been able to get the third item trophy to pop for me and it's dampening my interest in the game (petty, I know, but it's driving me bonkers to be missing that one trophy!). I'll try again with a fresh file on my roommate's PS4, too now that we have the patch. This is so effen annoying.
  5. My vita is downstairs and I am not, but I'll download it on my vita or roommates PS4 in the morning and report back if it fixes it
  6. I tried on both, so I don't know if that made a difference but: I played on Vita, and saved and quit before earning it. No three items trophy. I played on PS4, I took one monster candy, and when I took my third item I got the trophy for four items. I really hope there's a patch realized because this is really pissing me off I tried deleting all the app data on both the PS4 and my Vita and still no freaking third item trophy.
  7. Not the candy. I skipped the candy and didn't get the trophies.
  8. I had quit my game and came back. I accidentally missed the candy, and my third item would have been the pie. Got the pie. No trophy for third item? This is on my Vita. Not sure if I restart on my roommates PS4 if it'll fix itself since it'll be a fresh file or if I got screwed somehow. EDIT: loaded my roommates PS4 and I was able to get the four trophy by getting the spider jug. i never got the one for three items. ???
  9. i quit and I didn't get a trophy for item three when I went back. I don't know about four yet. Wil it work if i start over on my roommates PS4 tomorrow? I'm kind of annoyed right now. 😒
  10. Hi! I am looking for a walkthrough that lists the moves and whatnot in the form of "triangle, square, circle, X" because high kick/low kick/etc is hard for me to keep straight. Is there one out there? I have been googling and I haven't found anything. Kind of frustrated.
  11. Yeah, I'm taking a break to get unannoyed, then I'll go back and try it again. I just need that one and the costume one.
  12. UGH UGH UGH. The one I am struggling with right now is the one for all of Yu and Rise's bond fevers - I cannot for the life of me seem to pass Signs of Love (TK Mix) on hard. Even with all the power ups. GAH.
  13. Yeah, what I could. What I was trying to say there and failed was that I bought it in my US account and so I'm screwed there. I can't link my PayPal to my EU account and so I'm trying to figure out how to get DLC. But, yeah. That said, I bought some of the DLC from the US store .I won't be doing a platinum this weekend as we have annual inspection on Tuesday so I'm busy. However, I'll costume some characters and upload my own screenshots this weekend for non US members. I am SUPER stoked for the Persona Classics Set 2 DLC... AKI CHIE. AKI CHIE. AKI CHIE. AKI CHIE.
  14. Yep. I screwed up and when I bought Tales of Graces F online, bought the EU edition. Couldn't figure out why my US DLC wouldn't work. Oh. That's why. So. Yeah. There's that. Same thing here.
  15. Some V8 Splash shit.