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  1. Battlefield v , death from above is holding me back
  2. Many thanks, 4 more to go.
  3. So do not insult others then. I am loving this game, most fun i have had for ages
  4. your* you*
  5. Anyone else experiencing problems ? https://twitter.com/hashtag/psn
  6. Do not bother, it is very boring
  7. The Saboteur and Mafia 2
  8. Sly cooper thieves in time, as you get 2 for 1
  9. WTF

    To be honest its a very easy game. Hardest part is being able to get the 8 players need for mp
  10. Never worked for me either, now it works fine.
  11. I suggest you try harder.
  12. just had the 100% completion glitch on me, pissed right off now. Nevermind Quicksaved at 92%, redone last few missions trophy popped
  13. im pretty sure we have not.