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  1. Well we have seen similar, you know what you are doing. Here we go Aliens : Colonial marines
  2. Self explanatory, i will start azlanslayer
  3. Battlefield v , death from above is holding me back
  4. have killed everyone in the book store, but she will not give the prompt for her jokes. Restarted checkpoint several times, but to no avail please help disc version, not been patched to 1.01
  5. Many thanks, 4 more to go.
  6. I would give the jumbled name of the country first, then the second person arranges the jumbled name, and then post another jumbled country name of his/her own. And the chain goes on. example: NACADA User 2: canada NACHI user 3: China and so the chain goes on. now try to guess what country is this an easy one to start DIANI
  7. So do not insult others then. I am loving this game, most fun i have had for ages
  8. your* you*
  9. Anyone else experiencing problems ? https://twitter.com/hashtag/psn
  10. Do not bother, it is very boring
  11. The Saboteur and Mafia 2
  12. Sly cooper thieves in time, as you get 2 for 1
  13. WTF

    To be honest its a very easy game. Hardest part is being able to get the 8 players need for mp
  14. are these still possible to get, i see people are earning them still, but i cannot connect It says servers are offline for me. No point carrying on if i cant get those 3 Pay it forward Is there anyone else bravo old chap they are the 3 in question also darksiders.com/status is down for me
  15. Never worked for me either, now it works fine.
  16. I suggest you try harder.
  17. just had the 100% completion glitch on me, pissed right off now. Nevermind Quicksaved at 92%, redone last few missions trophy popped
  18. im pretty sure we have not.
  19. Medal of honor is better, harder and cheaper IMO
  20. I do not think so, but im not 100 %
  21. I have never encountered that before On topic i still cannot get online with ps4
  22. Still cannot get online PS4 UK
  23. If that were true, why would they release Screeners of 3 of their own new movies ? Fury, Annie and cannot remember the other