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  1. I would love if the MP is included in a remaster- I don’t get into a whole lot of online modes but I was straight addicted to this for an entire summer. One of my prouder platinums. Of course, if the MP is going to be a buggy mess with a ton of broken trophies like the PS3 version, maybe they should leave it out. I loved the MP but I don’t think it would be worth the headache for everyone again if they released it in the same state.
  2. I hearted you, I’m going to set up my PS3 and play your level on a couple accounts. I’ll make sure to throw another profile like at you with my alt account. 😁
  3. You’re still showing as a premium member for me, give it time to sync and if it isn’t working by tomorrow I’d get ahold of Sly.
  4. Nothing stupid about you! The game definitely doesn’t do you favors when it comes to showing you where everything is- I had multiple times where icons would disappear from the map and I’d have to google locations. I completely forgot about the delivery request tracker in the log on the map menu too, that makes it simple to track what you need. Anyways, congrats on finishing them! Definitely one of the biggest pains in this game. Glad to have platinum and be done with it, my memories of the game aren’t as fond as I remember.
  5. Thanks for the round shot strategy, guys. I too can confirm that’s the easiest way to get this done. What a pain in the butt mission
  6. For the most part, I enjoy when devs add a new game plus trophy. New Game plus, as a feature, can be really neat if the developers implement it well- like people have said, look at games like Dark Souls. I’m on my NG+4 run on Dark Souls 3 just because I absolutely love those games, and they tend to get a lot tougher with new enemies and harder-hitting move sets each time you ‘restart’ the game. I’m all for playing a game again with all the goodies unlocked on the toughest difficulty, the NG+ playthroughs end up being speed runs most of the time. That being said, however, there are a few games that got New Game Plus that I don’t know if I ever plan on going back to or even trying for- the Amnesia collection and Far Cry 5 being prime examples. TLDR: NG+ with ‘new features’ to make the game ‘fresh’ is what I prefer, but I’ll gladly play through a badass game like Horizon or Spider-Man again if I had to.
  7. Even though that isn’t extreme save ‘hacking’ with a hex editor or hacking program, it’s still a flaggable offense on this site. Anything that you do with your save game outside the established systems that Sony has in place (e.g cloud saves, save transfers, etc...)is usually frowned upon and will get you a flag on this site if people are able to catch it. Hopefully there’s some kind of way to get the trophies that won’t result in flagged profiles. We all understand how annoying it is when a 100% list on our profile gets trophies added to it... especially YEARS after the fact!
  8. Like everyone else said, thanks a bunch for the guide! Tried this a couple years back and gave up because of the quirky control scheme. I’ll have to pick it back up and give it a try with this excellent guide. Congrats on the fastest time!
  9. Thanks for giving away the extra codes! My guess is, of course, 324!
  10. Thanks for posting! I’ve always wanted to try the games, now I have the perfect opportunity to play through the first two. Just have to dust off the Xbox One!
  11. Well, I was thinking about starting it and going for the plat, but I don’t know if July will be enough time to get the platinum for the amount I play. I love VR but it unfortunately makes me really motion sick, so I can’t play more than an hour at a time a couple times a week. Best of of luck to anyone going for it! There’s plenty of time, it’s just super grindy!
  12. I have also been enjoying the game quite a lot. It absolutely, 1000% has its issues, and some are so frustrating I have had to put the game down now and again to take a breather. That being said, however, I’ve been playing a LOT of Fallout 76. In fact, I just earned the platinum a few days ago with 160 hours of gameplay, and now I’m closer to 175 hours of game time. The reason I’m enjoying the game is the same as many others- I have been consistently playing it with friends and grouping up. The world in the game is amazing and detailed, being ranked only behind the Capital Wasteland for me. Everything else absolutely has its positives AND negatives, but I’ve been enjoying the game as it is. Perfect? Not by a LONG shot, but if you’re a Fallout fan, then you might still squeeze some enjoyment out of this game.
  13. As long as the quest isn’t essential to the storylines already in the game, this doesn’t bother me. It’s likely a short quest with a crappy reward if you’re already a high level. I imagine the quest will be similar to the pre-order bonus quests in the AC games, adding like 30 minutes of extra content. At least it’s only 40 units. I won’t bother getting it since the game already has a ton of content that I’m not even close to done with.
  14. I hit level 100 a few days ago and my trophy popped almost immediately. The steps I took specifically to make sure it would pop: 1) I made sure that I ‘leveled up’ in the Pip-Boy at level 99 until the ‘level up’ prompt disappeared. 2) I made sure I was in a server with no active nukes, and tried to make sure I had a stable connection with as little in-game lag as possible before I leveled up. 3) I made sure NOT to be in any locations with a huge amount of enemies, players, and object density. That means no Whitespring, no Top of the World, no Watoga High School, etc... I got my character as close to level 100 as I could without going over the threshold, server hopped to a quiet server, and travelled near Vault 76 to farm low-level enemies until I hit level 100, and DING! I’m not saying that this is a guaranteed way to ensure that the trophy pops correctly, but I took every precaution I could to reduce performance heavy areas when leveling up. I’m really sorry to anybody that the trophy didn’t pop for- especially with Bethesda continuing to nerf every way of getting XP quickly. The slog to level 100 can be a really boring one, and only seems to be getting longer.
  15. Scratch that on my previous comment as people said- I didn’t know you could advance your time like that. Thanks for the correction, @TheYuriG. It wasn’t any intention of mine to mislead, I was just attempting to be helpful based off of reading the trophy descriptions. I’m tempted to pick up the game and finish it out, I played the hell out of it anytime I went over to my friend’s house and absolutely love the series. I just don’t have the time that I used to 😩