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  1. Alright, so kind of figured it would go this way. Got the typical response from Rockstar about backwards compatibility, blah blah blah. I’m not having it as I have seriously had my fill of the company’s greed. I took screenshots of the conversation so far and I’m planning on forwarding Rockstar’s lack of a response to as many gaming news outlets as I’m able to that haven’t yet reported on PS5 physical users being forgotten entirely. I really don’t know if anything will come from this, but I feel like I have to try. It’s very clear that Rockstar has no intention of doing the right thing for their customers anymore, as long as they can take their money and run with it. I’m sad that one of the old greats has become whatever it can currently be considered. RIP Rockstar 😢 If anyone is interested I’ll upload the screenshots here in a few, even if just for some entertainment from a grumpy gamer 😂
  2. I know the odds of Rockstar giving a single shit are astronomical, but I messaged support yesterday basically telling them this is unacceptable and asked what they planned to do to fix this for those gamers that were ripped off by the physical version. Might be a long shot but if enough of us make some noise on their support channels and with Sony, their hand might be forced. It’s just not right that the Xbox Digital/Physical versions AND PlayStation Digital versions come with cross-gen support but those that bought the disc to add to their physical collection are left out of the PS5 version. I don’t normally go around expecting ‘free stuff’ but in this case it’s be nice to have both versions. I would have bought a PS5 disc if it was available but Rockstar didn’t even bother printing those copies. Just definitely doesn’t sit right with me when basically every other cross-gen game out there has a free or HEAVILY discounted upgrade… meanwhile Rockstar and Take Two continue to do what they do best by having zero consideration for their fans whatsoever. I know I’m the idiot for even buying it in the first place and don’t have much room to complain since I did this to myself, but c’mon Rockstar… just try to do the decent thing for your fans for once… you know, the people that are literally the reason you still exist today in the first place.
  3. I’m actually pretty excited for this list! Most of the previous Farming Simulator games had very similar trophy lists, adding a few new things here and there but for the most part you knew what to expect from platinum. This one is very unclear on some of the objectives and looks like there’s much more variation in the list so I look forward to exploring the game and seeing what new things there are to do! As for those that don’t understand the enjoyment of these games- I used to be right there with you. After playing Farming Simulator 15 for a good few hours I ended up enjoying the series quite a bit and now have basically played each installment. There’s something nice and relaxing about taking a break from all these fast paced games we have today to go and plow a field, mow a lot, or do a couple jobs for the townsfolk. Definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but those that enjoy slow-paced games or just want a break from shooters and the like would likely very much enjoy the calming nature of these games.
  4. I didn’t have any issues within the game on my platinum run minus a few annoying minor graphics/gameplay glitches when fighting large groups of enemies. Is there a specific level the game is doing this on? This could also be something introduced with the latest patches and DLC, how recent were these crashes for you? I know when the game first came out people were having issues when resuming the game from standby mode, the game would crash a lot especially on Xbox One and PC- this problem very likely affects the PS4 build of the game too. One suggestion would be to possibly roll back to an earlier patch (Directions HERE). While there were a few gameplay issues here and there, I played the game within the first weeks it was out and never experienced a blue screen error. I haven’t touched it since the first DLC came out so that could be another matter entirely. Another solution would be to wait for a future patch, but it’s hard to tell how long you’ll have to wait and if it even fixes the issue for you. Hoping that it gets resolved and you’re able to finish the game! It’s a fun take on dungeon looting. Not quite as deep as Diablo, but there’s definite fun to be had, as long as the game functions the way it’s intended!
  5. Yep! Everything you do in the game rewards you with XP. Your level will increase across all modes. The only difference you’ll see between people is their play style, whether they prefer art, playing, creating, etc... Not quite sure if the XP is the same for playing/creating, etc... You will level up just enjoying the game though!
  6. Now that I’ve downloaded my previous purchases, I also noticed that the Mass Effect pack definitely isn’t there. Due to licensing, etc... I’m sure that they can’t have all of the packs that used to be on the store with a ‘new version’ of the game. The good news is you can still use it on the PS4 edition when you switch editions in the main menu, so not all is lost!
  7. If you go to the in-game store to the Minecraft-created packs, most packs that you’ve previously bought will show as purchased. From there, simply re-download each through the store and they’ll be in your game! I’m assuming this will work for all packs, I bought texture packs and mash up packs, all of which I was able to re-download from the store in-game. Happy playing!! EDIT: It seems not ALL packs from the previous version carry over.
  8. I would recommend trying to start a boosting session. I’m not sure how active the MP is but I’d imagine there’s hardly anyone playing. I tried playing AC Black Flag multiplayer a couple days ago and could only find one game mode, and it was always the same 3-4 guys I was playing with.
  9. I already decided that AC Odyssey will be one of the few games I’ll never trade in. I still enjoy it immensely every time I pop it in, which is every couple months. It’s nice to have some new quests to come back to every time I turn the game on. Most of the Lost Tales have been great, lengthy quests too. Really looking forward to new content, especially the Discovery Tour!
  10. Sorry for the late reply. Just to be safe, I backed up my 100% save and deleted it, then started a new game on a fresh file to clean up the runes, transferring my save back over once I earned the trophy. Sucks that we’ll never get a fix, but it’s easy enough to knock out on a quick easy playthrough, albeit slightly annoying to have to do it that way.
  11. Unfortunately you’ll probably have to do another full playthrough. I tried unlocking it VIA the menu but no matter how many times I finished them the trophy wouldn’t pop. The only way I was able to get it was by starting a new game and making sure to complete them as they show up in the levels. Luckily doesn’t take too long if you’re speed running but it’s still a pain 😕
  12. I would love if the MP is included in a remaster- I don’t get into a whole lot of online modes but I was straight addicted to this for an entire summer. One of my prouder platinums. Of course, if the MP is going to be a buggy mess with a ton of broken trophies like the PS3 version, maybe they should leave it out. I loved the MP but I don’t think it would be worth the headache for everyone again if they released it in the same state.
  13. I hearted you, I’m going to set up my PS3 and play your level on a couple accounts. I’ll make sure to throw another profile like at you with my alt account. 😁
  14. You’re still showing as a premium member for me, give it time to sync and if it isn’t working by tomorrow I’d get ahold of Sly.
  15. Nothing stupid about you! The game definitely doesn’t do you favors when it comes to showing you where everything is- I had multiple times where icons would disappear from the map and I’d have to google locations. I completely forgot about the delivery request tracker in the log on the map menu too, that makes it simple to track what you need. Anyways, congrats on finishing them! Definitely one of the biggest pains in this game. Glad to have platinum and be done with it, my memories of the game aren’t as fond as I remember.