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  1. Definitely will enjoy it if you’re a fan of Bithell and the Go games. However, trophies are tough and definitely require multiple playthroughs and experience with each level.
  2. Spent some time play testing this and can confirm it’ll probably take ten-fifteen hours for the platinum. Most of the work will come from the Tier trophies since each one is a playthrough with slightly increased difficulty. Excited to play through it for the trophies!
  3. Ch. 8-11 trophy on normal difficulty never popped for me. I’m now on chapter 13 and just realized it. Anyone else have this issue? I’m going to try and replay chapter 11 to see if it will pop, but if not, any suggestions?
  4. Played this on Switch, gave away codes for Steam for it before, and spoke with the dev at one point. It's a fun game, and surprisingly tough at times, but this trophy list is doable. Oh, and Nolan North a.k.a. Uncharted himself is one of the main voice actors.
  5. @jackmadrox If you are struggling, I'd be happy to help you on PSN. I don't win every match, but I almost never get sniped in this game (and I'm not the one sniping, since I love the close quarter shotgun). It's a learning curve for sure, but I've found that dark sight, along with a good set of headphones, goes a long way in making sure you survive. Either way I'd be happy to help out the Hunt!
  6. I actually struggled quite a bit with the Eyeball Dancer's final phase. The rest of it has been pretty easy so far. I'm in the desert now, and the endless waves of enemies does get a little old. Otherwise really enjoying it. Looking forward to the final boss.
  7. Hey, only a few of us playing this so far, but has anyone found some of the parry windows for enemies with projectiles to be a bit difficult? I've got most other enemies down, but it seems very difficult to get in close and get a good parry in for flying enemies who launch projectiles. Any tips from those who are playing?
  8. Thanks @Undead Wolf I really enjoyed doing it. I saved video and may upload it to walk others through who wish to do the same! Still wish there were a few more options, but overall I think it turned out well!
  9. I went a familiar route
  10. Both of the quite good at... trophies seem glitched for me on Vita. I've gone to that island several times, clicked on the "flowers" when presented, clicked on the boat when the "flowers" were presented in two separate storylines and although dialogue and such prompted, no trophy pops. Anyone else with this issue?
  11. I'm almost at the final boss. I've played all HouseMarque Games, loved Ruiner, and just finished Mr. Shifty; I've also played both Hotline Miami games. Are there issues? Yes. Is it difficult? Yes. But worth every penny to me.
  12. Interview with the dev of the game here for those who bought it and want to know more about the game and info behind it. https://spoti.fi/2QGtKEA
  13. Yea I had same issue. Nothing pops.
  14. Just talked about this game a bit on a Playstation Podcast called weR1youR2, that episode is out Monday. I like it a lot, but not at first...