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  1. The game got toned down some in the 1.4 patch for one.. At first I couldn't figure out what changed as I ran through Biome 4 to test it but I made a fresh start and I then I started to notice more about the difference in what/where enemy spawned and some their aggression changed. I ended up with less surprises and some rooms no longer seemed to spawned malformed versions of enemies(or atleast I didn't run into them as often anymore). The small rooms just started producing empty rooms with ether in their place. You combine that with the collectibles spawn rate changes and now you have an easier game. EDIT: And the game in a way's difficultly was always at least a little exaggerated. People were just freaking out more so at the thought of dying and losing their equipment while having to start over from Biome 1 or 4. The game plays on that fear and consequences but in reality things like those are more so mute/a thing of the past once you truly understand the system.
  2. I can confirm that Scout log 35 is no longer missable. In fact it spawned in front of me next to that artifact machine at the start of biome 4. I deleted and loaded the save again and it appeared again in the same spot. It could spawn somewhere else in biome 4 but for me it was always the same(did it 5 times). Also, I didn't notice any changes to the balance in my run through of biome 4 off tops.😄 So I can't tell if the game got anymore difficult or easier and the guns I picked up seemed like the same. It's been a minute since i've played. I'll probably do it again tomorrow from biome 1 and make my way through the game.
  3. Patch 1.4.0 is set to release on Monday, June 14th at 12PM (GMT+3) Reminder that if you have the automatic updates turned on, the game will close while in rest mode in order to install the update. Patch Notes: Highlights: Platinum: Added support for replaying certain Act 1 & Act 2 Trophies Platinum: Added support to retroactively award Trophies which cannot be replayed Platinum: Added additional locations for Scout Logs 9, 34, 35 & 46 to appear more often Platinum: Fixed an issue where 1 Cipher was sometimes unobtainable for Biome Survey Trophies Platinum: Fixed an issue where some Activity Cards displayed an incorrect count UI: HUD labels for items are now hidden when Selene is firing a weapon UI: Fixed an issue where 2 actions could be mapped to a single button after switching controller presets Cinematics: Fixed a rare audio sync issue in the secret ending Audio: General mix improvements across the experience Audio: Improved surround sound setup support across the experience Audio: Added more DualSense haptics across cinematic moments for deeper immersion Audio: Added DualSense haptics when using the Icarian Grapnel Audio: Improved the dynamic range recommendations system Audio: Allow users to override the dynamic range recommendations Audio: Allow users to change audio output from the game menu Game Balance: Balance: Various bug fixes to certain artifacts, parasites, consumables, and when certain malfunctions can occur in the early parts of the game Balance: Players no longer receive parasites as rewards when players avenge their corpses Balance: Enemies, Weapons, and Bosses - difficulty adjustments in all Biomes for a more balanced gameplay experience Misc Bug-fixes: Fixed an issue where Hyperion may drop the Key out of reach Fixed an issue where Ophion may become invisible if the player uses a Reconstructor during the fight Fixed weapons not being found in Biomes after scanning but not collecting them Fixed an issue where Selene could jump impossibly long distances Fixed multiple issues where Selene may become trapped in a room Fixed a rare freezing issue when teleporting in Crimson Wastes Fixed occasional frame rate drops when using the Electropylon Driver Performance improvements, crash fixes, and multiple minor bug fixes Im personally going to load my save that I couldn't get Scout Log 35 to respawn on to see if it works.
  4. The crazy thing to me is that they may not ever make a proper God of War game for the PS5 with the vision Cerny talked about. Same thing with Horizon(well this has a better chance it would seem).
  5. Yeah, it's easy but eh I don't mind, .
  6. Does nothing for scout log 35 unfortunately lol. I went ahead and deleted my save file and started all the way over just for this one scout log so I can get the last survey trophy.
  7. i'm pretty close to that i think. It took so long for Scout log 14 to spawn. And i'm just now finding out Scout log 35 actually seems missable. If you don't pick up that scout log and go past biome 4, you're f'd as that particular room never spawn again from what i've seen people say. Funny thing is I don't remember the room at all nor of course whether I picked it up. I'm usually keen on picking up things like that, especially if it's just sitting there in the middle of the room like that easily viewable lol.
  8. I'm just going to stay on vanilla since I haven't had any problems while on it(thus far) and update when I need that online trophy lol.
  9. lol. Maybe Sony should have sent them codes/copies out at least 3 weeks in advance. I'd hate a reviewer life and have to try and rush through games in order to get reviews out.
  10. This new administration(Jim's) is quite something. I mean that in a negative way.
  11. Still looks decent despite the changes. Sucks we got to wait that long of course but it is what it is.
  12. Kinda like this format more than past years. Show flows better without crowd and having to go up on stage and stuff lol. The Last of Us II brought it home with game of the year, congrats to them. I expected them to win that. Personally Ghost of Tsushima is my game of the year(followed by Hades). I can't speak on The Last of Us II as I still haven't played it but I will soon hopefully. Ghost took home a couple with Player's Voice and Best Art Direction so you know i'm happy for Sucker Punch.
  13. Day one.......if I can get a PS5 by then lol. Housemarque never let me down.
  15. and Hades!. Ghost of Tsushima was willed in for The game of the Year category by the internet 😂. Happy for Supergiant game, they are A1 devs. All of their games been fire. And Sony trying stacking the deck with multiple games. I dunno who's going to win game of the year. Competition is tough this year. Obviously im rooting for and Hades tho. Both made it in a good amount of categories too. Cool 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim made it in as Best Narrative nominee. I need to boot that up already. I'll try to do so after I finish Darksiders Genesis. Hopefully i'll have a PS5 by then.