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  1. πŸ˜‚...😟
  2. I hate this question because I don't want anyone to be coming back on me if they end up not liking it after I recommended it. This has never happened to me but i've seen it happen to others so that keeps me from doing it lol. I'll say this much, 85 hours later, its finally over for me lol(for now). Game was fun. Fun gameplay. Good story, good side characters/side missions. I like Jin's character growth through out the game. Boss fights(duels) had great presentation and could get pretty intense at times. Funny enough, they weren't a straight incline in difficulty, some of the earlier bosses were more difficult than the later ones it seemed. One of the best looking open world games i've ever seen even with its shortcomings here and there(can't wait to see what they do with the PS5 version). And it's great that it has arguably the best photmode ever so you can mess around with things. Spent hours doing so. I had planned on doing a Kurosawa mode run after the first play through but i'm going to hold off on that for a while since I put so much time into this game on first run. I may end up just waiting till PS5 or if we get a ng+ or something. One thing tho, there was too many inari shrine fox missions, way too many of them. I wouldn't have a problem with them if they led to cool locations but often enough they led to you going in between or under some rocks and that's it. F that lol. The Ghost stance was too op also. I just stuck to using my sword most of the time outside of catching runners(did go on a little stealth run there). Finished with the Platinum. I dunno, I can't put a score on this really right now. I've been going from 8.5 to 9 but in reality, a score doesn't really describe the feeling I got playing the game. I really enjoyed this. Most enjoyable open world game i've played in a while. Yes it doesn't do anything new when I comes to open world but it's so awe inspiring in it's visuals/scenery that it made forgot about stuff like that for the most part. Helped out by the fact that the combat is pretty enjoyable too. This is my game of the year so far. Then again, I haven't played much new this year so far because i've been pretty lazy on wanting to boot up something new. I credit this game for at least motivating me to break out of my shell. This is my favorite SuckerPunch game now I believe. Infamous 2 was my favorite before this. This game is significant for me and I think a lot of fans who enjoy it because we've been asking for a Samurai or what not game like this for a long time now and I believe SuckerPunch delivered on it even if it's not flawless. I think a lot of the positive reactions kind of feel this way. And this is not a recommendation, this is only my thoughts.;)
  3. My perspective is from Act 2 still. I've taken on 6 or more camps, some main missions and random fights. First about stealth as I messed around on the first camp, the enemy is definitely more likely to recognize a downed comrade. And they move around quicker too. Went faceoff against the 2nd camp. Didn't notice any difference in the reaction from the enemy during standoff. The enemy with the swords are definitely more aggressive and will likely punish things like an too early barrel roll or dodge.The archers still aren't much of a problem, they are about the same, just do more damage. I do feel like this difficulty more so pushes towards you making the decision to be in the right stance against the enemy type you're facing than the other difficulties did. Even on hard difficulty, I didn't care at all which stance I was in. In a way it kind of got easier too because they die faster. I haven't faced a Boss yet so I can't comment on that interaction. Nice update tho. Still hoping for NG+ like mentioned.
  4. Didn't want to create another thread but patch 1.05 is suppose to go live today. Includes a new difficulties. One called Lethal. Later today, patch 1.05 for Ghost of Tsushima will be released, bringing new combat and text options. This patch includes the following new updates: New difficulty level: Lethal – Enemy weapons are more deadly, but Jin’s katana is also more deadly – Enemies are more aggressive in combat – Enemies detect you faster – Tighter Parry and Dodge windows Patch 1.05 will also include the following new options in the accessibility menu: Lower Intensity Combat Lower intensity mode is meant to maintain the heart and feel of Ghost of Tsushima combat while relaxing several timing-specific elements. Combat is less intense, giving you more time to react. Stealth settings are more forgiving, and enemies take longer to detect you. – Most enemy attacks which are normally unblockable become blockable when Lower Intensity is enabled. Blocking with L1 will keep you safe from more attacks than standard combat, though some attacks must still be dodged. – Enemies break off their attack combos after damaging you, giving you a chance to recover before the next wave of attacks. In addition, your heavy attacks will interrupt attacks from Brutes, giving you another way to stop their combos. – Enemies will not attack you while you’re using Resolve to heal – Enemy awareness builds more slowly, giving you more time to recover after being spotted Text changes – Large Text option: Increases text size of subtitles, mission objectives and interact prompts by 150% when enabled – Added option to turn speaker name off when subtitles are enabled – New subtitle text color options in addition to white: Yellow, Blue, Red, Green Patch 1.05 also includes additional bug fixes.
  5. The internet is going to carry it forward. It's talked about everywhere lol. It's been a long time since an open world game kept me engaged in the world. I still have to stop myself from using photo mode so much. And the combat is one of the most satisfying in a open world ive played. Can't say enough good things about this game right now.
  6. Outside of some few things like for example the water at times and a couple of others, this game looks amazing overall in terms of open world. I've gotten 5gbs worth of photos already. I seriously need to stop doing that, i'm not even past act 1 because of that and running around the world doing side missions. I haven't been this impressed by an open world since looking at Red Dead Redemption 2 and before that, Horizon Zero Dawn. I prefer world of Tsushima overall over both those games even tho those games may be better terms of consistency. And this games loads hella I haven't seen an open world game like this on consoles that looks this good, that loads this fast.
  7. I don't really play games for trophies like I said before unless I really love the game and I anticipate that im really going to love this so im "slightly" disappointed that theirs no difficulty trophies. Still, it's no big deal. Transport me to Friday already lol.
  8. Oh man, the details happening here. From the visuals to the reaction to being cut. Blood not automatically disappearing as soon as it touches the ground. The tension it presents. I think im going to go on a blackout now as far as watching anything else lol. I've seen enough, just going to distract myself by playing Battlefield 4 or NBA 2k20 til friday gets here.
  9. Took 7 playthroughs and 2 complete restarts to get the platinum for this game because of the screws up times with the controls(controller). And when you make that mistake, it's instantly over, you can't can't close application or quit to menu quick enoughπŸ˜‚. I mean I did enjoy the game somewhat, but not enough to play through it that many times..smh lol
  10. These outfit customization options looking really cool from the little that's leaking online. And some of these gameplay gifs;).
  11. Cool stuff @Ghost. Was going to post this myself just now lol. I plan to use that mode on my 2nd playthrough along with the jp voices.
  12. Batman Telltale game. Man that game freaken sucks. I'm so tired of the Batman storyline. I 100% regret Platinuming that easy/do nothing game.
  13. Probably doesn't mean anything but I do expect them to return to it within one or two games. I love the series overall with 2 still being my favorite. And Saints Row being mentioned in a Infamous thread.......I just don't...