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  1. I'm just going to stay on vanilla since I haven't had any problems while on it(thus far) and update when I need that online trophy lol.
  2. lol. Maybe Sony should have sent them codes/copies out at least 3 weeks in advance. I'd hate a reviewer life and have to try and rush through games in order to get reviews out.
  3. This new administration(Jim's) is quite something. I mean that in a negative way.
  4. Still looks decent despite the changes. Sucks we got to wait that long of course but it is what it is.
  5. Kinda like this format more than past years. Show flows better without crowd and having to go up on stage and stuff lol. The Last of Us II brought it home with game of the year, congrats to them. I expected them to win that. Personally Ghost of Tsushima is my game of the year(followed by Hades). I can't speak on The Last of Us II as I still haven't played it but I will soon hopefully. Ghost took home a couple with Player's Voice and Best Art Direction so you know i'm happy for Sucker Punch.
  6. Day one.......if I can get a PS5 by then lol. Housemarque never let me down.
  8. and Hades!. Ghost of Tsushima was willed in for The game of the Year category by the internet 😂. Happy for Supergiant game, they are A1 devs. All of their games been fire. And Sony trying stacking the deck with multiple games. I dunno who's going to win game of the year. Competition is tough this year. Obviously im rooting for and Hades tho. Both made it in a good amount of categories too. Cool 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim made it in as Best Narrative nominee. I need to boot that up already. I'll try to do so after I finish Darksiders Genesis. Hopefully i'll have a PS5 by then.
  9. Wow that’s extremely impressive. Big ups to Bluepoint and SIE Japan putting in so much work remaking this. It really shows in these trailers and screenshots. Looking forward to playing this.
  10. 💩🤢 This webstore is so trashy. Somehow this is Jim's fault.
  11. The progress cards is totally built with completionists in mind on here. Going to specific parts to complete something is cool. I dunno tho it seems like some of it is more so something 1st party will take advantage of while 3rd party will maybe in the beginning but later on feel like it's too much extra work or something? I dunno if i'm looking and guessing something like that right but overall I do like the UI. I did get a little worried about some of this because it looked information heavy and something that will cause your PS5 UI to lag online but I watch the Digital Foundry video and they said something about the caching system taking care/helping out of some of that?! I dunno we'll see I guess. So I suspect next they are going to focus on showing off the create button in their next showing. I also want to see what the customization options are.
  12. She definitely got that KOF vibe in her gameplay and favors Vanessa similarly in looks. Definitely going to play her. She's a bodyguard for the President of the United States lol.
  13. That would mean some of these developers need to answer some questions because it looked liked cross-save maybe was a Sony issue but this seem to say otherwise(unless im not reading this correctly lol).
  14. I wouldn't put it past Jim. Sounds like a Jim move.
  15. I don't quite know what to think other than it spices things up a little so i'm all for it right now lol.