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  1. Decent month. Waiting to see what Asia gets(besides the expected Bloodborne).
  2. I was hyped at first. With Byking being the developers, ive lowered my expectations. I'll at least keep an eye on it.
  3. Im on board. Im mean, id rather have a new X game cuz I loved that series more but a little at a time i guess. At least they are finally moving on mega man. Im definitely getting that X collection too of course.
  4. Truant Pixel released this last week for free. Its what im using currently. They'll be releasing a PS2 Legacy dynamic theme next week as well on Wednesday($2.99).
  5. 1. Video 2. Neon 3. Smoke 4. Concrete(flatout sucks)
  6. I'll take the quick menu improvements. I guess I can call that a small win. Overall, I just find this update to be trash.
  7. Uh oh I see Master requirements this Really looking forward to playing this. I don't know exactly when next week or so how much i'll be able to play it because of my work schedule tho but it will be no.1 in priority.
  8. Nex IncarnateComplete all trophies
  9. If I were rating the difficulty of the platinum it would be a 4 or something. The reality is that your first impression in this case likely won't be your last. The game is a blast, i'll just get that out the way. Everything I love about twin arcade shooters. Still once you learn how to properly use the mechanics everything opens up on the trophy list. What im saying is given that things like not having to beat Master or having to 1CC it, it keeps the game from being in the 8,9,10 range in difficulty. It not having Master requirements other than the first world makes a huge difference in how I view the trophy list now that ive platinumed it. Feel like Housemarque cut a lot of people a break here. Theirs only two bosses that legitimately can stand in your way and thats Architect and Supreme AI on veteran. Again, fantastic game that sadly seems to be flying under the radar and given that this is Housmarque, thats kind of surprising. I expect Matterfall to be just as good of a game and hope it doesn't suffer a similar fate.
  10. Uncharted 2(Credited for me taking somewhat of an interest in platinuming games. I wouldn't really call myself a trophy hunter but this game made me realize I had an at least an active interest in certain instances.) Transistor(Im a sucker for sci fi and this delivered. Cool setting, interesting story, good gameplay and awesome soundtrack) Infamous 2(still my favorite Infamous game) Devil May Cry 4:SE(The added characters and other improvements makes the second experience much better. This is my favorite Devil May Cry game in terms of gameplay. Still hate the backtracking as much as ever tho😡) Split/Second(Loved the concept of the game. Loved the game itself. Sucks that we are never getting a sequel😞. RIP Black Rock Studios, Disney didn't deserve you) Final Fantasy XIII-2(Yes, I enjoyed this game. Despite my gripes about aspects for the story, I do like the time travel. The gameplay was good to me and I loved the soundtrack during it. I still listen to the soundtrack every once in a while). Yakuza 0(Fantastic story, good leads, hilarious substories, cool villains, over the top gameplay, good mini games, lively cities. hmm, what else?) Nex Machina(Expected nothing less than greatness from Housemarque and they delivered. I expect the same greatness from Matterfall) Driveclub(Hard to describe my love for this game. Sadly I don't think any racing game this gen is going to give me the same feeling I got playing it. The love and care put into this game threw out its time post launch disaster and before the devs got shutdown and eventually bought just put this in a special place for me. It wasn't more so the platinum for me, it was more so the 100%. The journey was well worth it and probably won't be topped for me this gen by any other racer) Horizon Zero Dawn(I loved the gameplay. Setting traps and things like that was endless fun for me. Created some awesome and sometimes hilarious moments. Story gets really good later on in the game. Id say this is GG's best effort in terms of story too)
  11. Yeah its pretty cool, i ended up getting it. I also looked into those avatars which look pretty cool to me. Down side is that you have to buy it in the bundle which is $5. Though you do get 31 of them. I may end up getting it anyway. Got this free on the japan store(not my vid). Also has a 9s version you can download.
  12. Me too, its a nice feature to have in general but id rather been able to use my hdd to upload any of my pics plus theirs no background music option and the default blue tiles and white icons just kills the overall look.
  13. This is turning out to be a very special quarter for the PS4.
  14. I'll find that activity feed post useful. Custom Backgrounds, meh. I say that because I prefer dynamic and plus you can't change those icons which kills it for me. I want to know what the other features not revealed are. I know name change isn't one of them as I figured something like that would have been part of this post.
  15. I would hold off on getting these for now. Mine has a right ear buzzing sound and the mic on this is poor. Many folks are having similar problems including theirs going completely out on one side or the other. Hopefully sony can fix some of these thru a firmware update. Seemingly clear to me why the delay happened. Its disappointing because they feel more like they are more quality built in comparison to the golds and elite. Both which are fragile and break at the hinges or above the hinges because of the cheap plastic used.