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  1. I think I got 18 total(easy, normal, hard, extreme combined). I can't remember the exact one for each ticket on easy. The last one I need on easy, I think you need to reach 500k. That means you need to get lucky with the bottom supplement that lets you fight for a chance to get 10x(double down 5) or whatever and you need to do that more than a few times(of course you can't get hit but even then I think theirs a item that allows you to take one hit in this scenario). EDIT: I should clarify. Your supplements do not negate your items. So you can say put double down 5 and still use an item that restores you health.
  2. lol It definitely seems like that AI ramps up on random. The fortune teller thing, I was a little annoyed because I only really wanted the ex6 colors for Kolin and Falke. No luck despite getting a bunch of tickets thanks to beating it on on all the levels. I got some ex6 costumes for Akuma, Zangief and a few more. I think I have one left to get on easy and 1 on extreme. I got Cammy costume but I don't play Cammy so . Im not spending my FM on that fortune teller, luckily I can control my gambling habits. I use to make it to the low 90's, most of times i'll fail at around 87. My problem usually boils down to lack of concentration after a while and i'll have that one slip up. I didn't use most methods, I just used Karin at the time since she was my main and then Kolin when she came out. I ended up completing this with Falke tho, I did use one continue. The items and stuff kinda kills the challenge of getting it but i'll just keep trying to get it the old fashion way now that I have the trophy to at least say I was able to do it without Its not even a challenge imo anymore due to the items you can use. FM can be used to continue and it only cost 800 and you get full resources plus the supplements and items at you disposal.
  3. Well, your nightmares are over thanks to the new update(for those haven't beaten it yet).lol
  4. I think Days Gone will be moved. Anthem will sale a bunch based on hype and is on 3 platforms. Regardless of whether its good or not, that's what most people will be talking about and I don't think that's good for Days Gone. Sony should move it.
  5. Id call it grounded more so than generic. Given SP's claim on research on and accuracy for this game, I believe this looks kinda like what one should expect.combat wise.
  6. Wow they should have shown some of that footage during the initial It looks really good.
  7. My top game shown at their press conference. The atmosphere was crazy. I liked the combat and the last scene was so intense. Looks like SP really did their homework.
  8. Platinum Games, im automatically hyped
  9. This trailer made me the happiest yesterday. I keep replaying it.
  10. Decent month. Waiting to see what Asia gets(besides the expected Bloodborne).
  11. I was hyped at first. With Byking being the developers, ive lowered my expectations. I'll at least keep an eye on it.
  12. Im on board. Im mean, id rather have a new X game cuz I loved that series more but a little at a time i guess. At least they are finally moving on mega man. Im definitely getting that X collection too of course.
  13. Truant Pixel released this last week for free. Its what im using currently. They'll be releasing a PS2 Legacy dynamic theme next week as well on Wednesday($2.99).
  14. 1. Video 2. Neon 3. Smoke 4. Concrete(flatout sucks)
  15. I'll take the quick menu improvements. I guess I can call that a small win. Overall, I just find this update to be trash.