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  1. just started, an it seemd like there is not a single player online edit: after adding all (even the red) regions, some matches could be played.
  2. dumb question, how to keep track of how many daily orders one has completed ? couldnt find it ingame.
  3. hey guys, I just started playing destiny (bad timing i know) and dont have much experience yet, but im a bit concerned about that trophy. So since doing this solo seems to be nearly impossible after the patches, would it be possible as Team? With a group of people lvl 40 and light 300+ would this be possible or would it still be really hard? Is crota after the patches still the best raid to try to get the trophy (team or solo)?
  4. If my completed savegame is from the current game version, will the glitch work? Because after deleting the Game there will be a version missmatch between the new savegame and the old savegame? Can anyone confirm?
  5. Hey guys i am little bit confused of the "Premade" Trophy and the things i have read about the trophy on the internet. Do i need 4 Human Hunters in the same Match and same Party? If not, do they even need to play Evolve or is it enough just to have 4 different players regardless of what they are doing in a party and i can solo a match against the bots? How did you archieve this trophy?
  6. I got this trophy on Friday 9:20:40 PM (German Time UTC+1). There are some players online, mostly after 8 p.m (UTC +1).
  7. Thanks for the information IMaySlayLizDaw94. I tried it myself now and it seems like it worked! Every dlc and every bonus content can be downloaded seperately. Very Cheap way for Vanilla DA:I owners to get all dlc/bonus content!
  8. Hello, the DA:I GOTY Edition is now on Sale (at least in the Euro/Ger Store). With PS+ DA:I GOTY will cost 15,99€. The DA:I GOTY Content standalone cost: The Descent (14,99€) Trespasser (14,99€) Jaws of hakkon (14,99€) Spoils of the Avvar (4,99€) Spoils of the Qunari (4,99€) Deluxe Upgrade (11,99€) so its 15,99€ for the DA:I GOTY or 66,94€ for each content individually. If I buy the digital DA:I GOTY Edition, can I download the DLC Content only and play the already installed "Vanilla" DA:I with all DLC's and my current Savegame? Or Is the DA:I GOTY one big Download pack? Has anyone already tried and can confirm? Thanks in advance
  9. I had the same issue this weekend. Tryied everything, trophy wouldn't pop. Had to do all the challenges again. After beating it again, the trophy popped.
  10. Hello, I hope someone is still playing this game Can somebody maybe add me as friend (PSN: Realliferulor) in Motorstorm RC and send me some challenges? None of my friends does own this game and as far as i know it is not possible on PS Vita to do that with a second account :-/. This is my first forum post, please excuse if this kind of posts is not allowed, but i couldnt find a rule against it in the forum rules. I am located in Germany UTC +1 if you want to meet online or something. Any Help would be nice. Thanks in advance