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  1. Platinum #146 Dark Souls The Dark Soul All trophies obtained. Congratulations!
  2. Platinum #145 Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Two Thrones Obtain all other trophies
  3. Actually not, but I played the game twice because the Revisionist Trophy (Discover both endings) just doesn't unlocked when I reloaded my save game and played the other ending. On the second playthrough it worked. For the Remembrance trophy you should check this site: I had no trouble with the other trophies, except the 3 shards I missed x) Your welcome ^^
  4. In my personal opinion I would rate it a 4/10, cause I had a little trouble with some trophies (I Am Complete, Revisionist, Remembrance). But actually it's not that hard if you get used to the combat mechanics. Collecting all shards was kinda annoying for me, cause I missed 3 at the end of the game and you don't want to look all over the map again to find the missing ones. >_< I hope this helps you at least a bit, if you still got some questions, feel free to ask. ^^
  5. I preordered a physical copy and got it on release for 37,99 €. It's actually okay for that price, at least I had some fun with it. ^^ Btw. the trophies are okay.
  6. Platinum #144 Fade to Silence Eclipsing the Eclipse Obtain all trophies
  7. Platinum #143 God of War (PS Vita) Trophy of Zeus Unlock all God of War® Trophies
  8. Platinum #142 Borderlands (PS4) Borderland Defender You have defeated all bosses and are a powerful force to be reckoned with
  9. Platinum #141 Slyde Hooah In it for life.
  10. Platinum #140 Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Warrior Within Obtain all other trophies
  11. Platinum #139 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Prince of Persia Obtain all other trophies
  12. Platinum #138 Bound by Flame (PS3) Platinum Trophy Win all of the trophies in Bound by Flame
  13. Platinum #137 The Bard's Tale Master Bard Unlocked all Trophies!
  14. Platinum #136 Driveclub VR Virtuoso Collect all of the other Trophies.
  15. Platinum #135 Jack N' Jill DX • EU (PS Vita) Platinum Jack N' Jill Get all the trophies