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  1. Platinum #110 Stardew Valley Iridium Seal This priceless treasure is the mark of a truly great farmer! Grandpa lives inside...
  2. Platinum #109 Life is Strange: Before the Storm Bring on the Storm Complete all other trophies
  3. Platinum #108 Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Champion of Ivalice Collected all other trophies.
  4. Platinum #107 Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Platinum Unlock every Trophy.
  5. The Walking Dead: Season 2 (PS4) All 40 Trophies November 18th 2017 • Completed in 1 day, 6 hours
  6. Platinum #106 Goosebumps: The Game You Can't Scare Me! Earn every Trophy.
  7. Platinum #105 The Bunker Platinum Trophy Acquire all trophies
  8. Platinum #104 Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan Platinum Unlock every Trophy.
  9. Platinum #103 Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Platinum Unlock every Trophy.
  10. Platinum #102 Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood Platinum Unlock every Trophy.
  11. Platinum #101 Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek Platinum Unlock every Trophy.
  12. Platinum #100 Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren's Call Platinum Unlock every Trophy.
  13. Platinum #99 Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart Platinum Unlock every Trophy
  14. Platinum #98 Dark Arcana: The Carnival Platinum Unlock every Trophy.
  15. Platinum #97 Clockwork Tales: Of Glass And Ink Platinum Unlock every Trophy.
  16. Platinum #96 Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Agent 47 Collect all trophies for Hitman GO: Definitive Edition.
  17. Platinum #94 Eventide 2: Sorcerer's Mirror Platinum Unlock every Trophy. Platinum #95 Lara Croft GO A true adventurer Collect all trophies
  18. Platinum #93 The Walking Dead (PS3) The Walking Dead Earn all trophies in: "The Walking Dead"
  19. Platinum #91 The Walking Dead (PS4) The Walking Dead Earn all trophies in: "The Walking Dead" Platinum #92 Eventide: Slavic Fable Platinum Unlock every Trophy.
  20. Platinum #88 #89 #90 Sound Shapes (PS4 PS3 PSVita) You've Gone Platinum Complete all Death Mode and Beat School levels.
  21. Platinum #87 Tales From The Borderlands We Had Fun, Didn't We? Complete Tales From The Borderlands
  22. Hitman All 69 Trophies September 27th 2017 • Completed in 3 months, 2 days
  23. Platinum #86 Lego Ninjago: Nindroids Master of Ninjago! Collect every trophy
  24. Platinum #85 Destiny Guardian Lord Obtain all trophies in Destiny.
  25. Platinum #84 DRAGON QUEST HEROES: THE WORLD TREE'S WOE AND THE BLIGHT BELOW Glory Hunter Awarded for successfully acquiring every trophy.