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  1. I'm just tired...

    1. charxsetsuna


      Everything ok?

    2. Deadly_Silent-Xx


      Thanks for asking, I'm actually fine. Life is just sometimes exhausting.

  2. Cloudberry Kingdom - The levels become harder and in some levels I need a lot of tries but I've reached level 312 so far. The "impossible" end levels are near. x)

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    2. Hemiak


      Nice work. I was around 274 when my ps+ ran out :/

    3. NotAFoxAnymore


      I'm still on like 77 ;u;

    4. Deadly_Silent-Xx


      I'm in 319 now, this lvl seems to be a joke, it's so ridiculous hard. :S Made for an A.I. , not for humans :S

  3. I just started Cloudberry Kingdom, I hope I am able to complete it :S Otherwise it means goodbye 100% completion. x)

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    2. Lord_of_Ra


      Wish you the best of luck on this one. Show the game who's the boss man.

    3. zatanna_52


      Good luck; I hear that game is very difficult.

    4. xZeroJin


      You can do it. 100% completion is the way!!

  4. I've finally made it, DMC 1 on DMD!

  5. Yes! Only DMD Mode left for Platinum x)

  6. Devil May Cry HD is the next game. This could be harder than actually thought. x)

    1. TimDoubleday


      I replayed it not too long ago, Tried to, anyway. I'm horrible at DMC anymore. Had trouble with even the lava spider boss. Didn't remember it being that difficult when I played it all those years ago.

    2. PSNP is crap i left

      PSNP is crap i left

      It's not that difficult :) My Hard playthrough was a breeze. Don't know about DMD though. Should still be okay as long as you have lots of items and a strategy going into it.

    3. Deadly_Silent-Xx


      I think I just need to get back in this game again, I played it on PS2 years ago. :)

  7. ICO is done, Platinum #45 will be Crysis :)

    1. Jak


      Nice job. Crysis is next? Awesome.. pretty fun game.

  8. Going for Platinum #44 ICO!

    1. MortalRikku


      Good luck awesome game :)

    2. Roster13


      Good luck !. The speedrun trophy is a little tricky

    3. Deadly_Silent-Xx
  9. Risen 2 will be my next 100%, I hope it's good x)

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    2. Deadly_Silent-Xx


      where also nicely done, because they let you skip sidequest or find new ones (but you needed to be pretty good in it [unfortunately :S]). Well about the trophies, I would say they are okay, just the 2000 kills took a while. ^^ If you have some questions about my opinion, feel free to ask. :D

      PS: I hope my english is okay. x)

    3. zadorvp


      Good to hear :) You're English is fine ^^

      If you ever want to try Risen 3, it's got some improvements (the dodging makes escaping enemies pretty easy too if you want to get some distance), but is still very similiar (easier to get glory though). New mini-games too (beer drinking is still there, but no shooting)

    4. zadorvp


      Your English* xD

  10. Metro: Last Light is awesome!

    1. Kulzyc


      One of my best FPS Games ! :P