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  1. I can't see any save states. Do I have to start the game from scratch in Custom Mode or something? Edit: Ok, nevermind, you just have to copy your save on another slot in the main menu. That's nice.
  2. @enaysoft Description in game menus say that using Standard Mode (which has Save States) disable all trophies, so yeah. If u want platinum trophy you can't use Save States. Or cheats. You have to play in mode called Trophy Challenge - and there is no Save State. You have to finish the game in one sitting.
  3. @Jimmy947 In Turrican 1, when you start third level, go right till the end, and then up on these little platforms, that form a "pile" of sort - near catapults shooting at you from the right. Keep going up till you see a long platform on the left. Then just go left till the end - there is secret boss, pretty easy too (use beam on him - it's called flash in the control menu). Anyway, here's video (not mine) for visual reference. I left a timestamp for you. As for the Turrican II. You have to beat first level. Then, after collapsing floor, you will come to the waterfall, Keep going right until you will find area with many balls. The ones that interests you the most in this moment are the ones far to the right - you can stand on top of them. When you will shoot trough all of them, you're gonna start falling down. Keep to the left side of the screen, and then go left where is another boss. If you have problems with understanding me, here's video with timestamp. It's kinda hard to desribe it with words Pretty useful video tho, As for Mega Turrican I have no clue where secret level is.
  4. I have a question though. Does anybody know if I have to earn (for example) 50 lives and 1500 crystals during one playtrough? Or can it be done during multiple playtroughs/tries?
  5. Ok, i was thinking that there are some missions, that pop up during playing Chapter 14 in the main game - and only then. If not, I'm relieved.
  6. I meant these trophies. I want to know if my save file (from newest version 1.30) where my story mode is completed, will work with older version of the game. Because these trophies can be done only during Chepter 14. And I'm wondering if i have to start new playtrough because of the save files and different versions.
  7. So what if I completed main story, can I still get all Comrades trophies (including March 2018 update)? Don't remember if there is Chapter Select, and i didn't buy Royal Edition yet. Wanted to get 100% trophies, right now I have only platinum. Also, will my save files (from latest version) be compatible with the older version of the game?
  8. So what if I completed main story, can I still get all Comrades trophies (including March 2018 update)? Don't remember if there is Chapter Select, and i didn't buy Royal Edition yet. Wanted to get 100% trophies, right now I have only platinum.
  9. Glad to hear it ^^ Yeah, game is much better if you try to get trough the levels without killing anyone. It's a shame that there is no platinum trophy, but i guess it could be quite hard (like 5-stars for all levels, maybe speedrun).
  10. well, i got all candies in challenge mode after beating the game, and it worked. i didn't have to finish last level, trophy popped right after i picked up last candy. so it didn't glitch on me.
  11. i don't think so. i focused on getting 100% in all entries. i was worried once,cause i thought i have all keyblades and it turned out i need to beat last cup of dream eaters arena with another character, cause u need all of them for both characters. and i don't have all in-game trophies, so it's not necessary. i was just playig normally like any other kh game.
  12. well, i didnt have any issues with record keeper trophy. got my platinum in dream drop distance, birth by sleep and kh3. only dlc left, and australian version of the game (and dlc), so i will have every possible trophy in the series ^^
  13. so, i'm missing like 5 ability points or so, and i i have no idea why. i did all missions (29 in total), and found all hidden locations + did the puzzle with lucky items. is there any way to get more? i wish i could check how many points i have exactly, but i'm poor and i dont have enough source to reset my skill points. can i get more points by doing expeditions? or is there any other way to get more? i want to finish this game already and play something else. it's the last trophy i need for platinum.
  14. Hi, I have problem with Uncharted 4. Some time ago i hid it, but now I want it back on profile. I unhid it on PS4, but on my profile here it still wont show up. I tried to achieve some trophies, and then do the update. I tried to do this trough sony's site, but still same issue. Game won't show up on my profile. Somebody know how to fix this?
  15. Omg, it was stopra! I dont know how could I miss it. And I wasted my time But finally, thank u for this, otherwise I would still probably trying to get this. And I was starting to get really angry :/