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  1. Alas, this is the final nail in the coffin. It was an excellent console and I still have a huge backlog of games to play on it so I have no regrets buying it.
  2. Well, my (already low) completion rate has decreased again. Wished I didn't sell my copy now (and I had already put off playing the game til late 2016), never expected a game to get this many updates...
  3. I got excited when I saw "Tales of Crestoria announced" thinking it was the next mainline game but then I saw smartphones... I didn't even realise that Tales of Link and Rays were shut down! I only briefly played Link but it wasn't my thing and gave up soon afterwards. I won't even bother downloading this one as I just can't keep focused on mobile games.
  4. A bit pricey but happy to grab the following two.
  5. When this happens to me, I do either one of the following in order: 1) Keep on going with the thought that once I finish this I never have to do this again and can move onto another more fun game 2) Give up for the day and try again the next 3) Give up for good as it is a waste of my time and I can use this to enjoy another game A lot of the times, I end up going to 3) since I have too many games and grinding for the same thing for another 15 hours means that I could have finished another entirely new experience by then.
  6. Parents bought me a PS1 and so naturally it was a progression... but it was only until PS3 where I started to really appreciate the exclusives and for me, PlayStation has the biggest range of different genres including my favourite: JRPGs.
  7. The following arrived earlier this month - Atelier Shallie Plus - Code Realize Future Blessings - Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk - The Idolmaster Must Songs Red - The Idolmaster Must Songs Blue
  8. I absolutely detested this game. I hated the combat, the enemies that takes too many hits to die (ended up throwing them off the ledges whenever possible), the huge amount of backtracking (I swear 50% of the game is backtracking and doing puzzles for the 5th time) and the stupid decision to make the game more "dark" and "mature". I gave up after completing the first playthrough. I actually enjoyed Two Thrones a lot more and really liked Prince of Persia 2008 and The Forgotten Sands.
  9. Hopefully this means it is more likely to get the Dusk trilogy! (I still haven't played those three yet...)
  10. What a coincidence, I just recently bought the trio too! (along with Super Robots Wars X)
  11. YES PLEASE. I would love to play this game as so many people loved it and I didn't want to buy an Xbox 360 just for one game or import the Japanese copy (as understanding the story is half the fun for me).
  12. These four arrived today
  13. A shame to see this but not unexpected. To be fair, I have noticed that new physical releases has been getting more and more rare. However, it was great to get games that were not released in my country at all due to being refused classification (Australia) like Valkyrie Drive, Drive Girls, Gal Gun etc physically, games that I wouldn't have been able to play otherwise. This news just spurred me to buy Muv-Luv now and will most likely be my last physical Vita games.
  14. I played when it first came out and still playing now. It's getting more and more boring since the same Pokemon keep spawning but I keep at it out of habit. I like the gym change as it meant I was able to earn coins without battling gyms (I usually piggyback off another player's hard work and put my Pokemon in the free slots, they usually aren't attacked for a day). I never raided so it is nice that you can start getting Legendaries via research rewards now. The grind is so bad after Level 30 and like someone mentioned earlier, earning levels doesn't have many benefits. Only spent $1 early on to expand my bag and that was using Google survey credits
  15. Yes! My favourite JRPG ever, here's hoping that the third one on PS4 is localised soon. Other games if you like JRPGs/Visual Novels (that I have played and really liked): - Danganronpa - Steins;Gate - Ys - Digimon Story - Utawarerumono - Root Letter - Tales of Hearts R - Hatsune Miku - Zero Escape