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  1. Hopefully this means it is more likely to get the Dusk trilogy! (I still haven't played those three yet...)
  2. What a coincidence, I just recently bought the trio too! (along with Super Robots Wars X)
  3. YES PLEASE. I would love to play this game as so many people loved it and I didn't want to buy an Xbox 360 just for one game or import the Japanese copy (as understanding the story is half the fun for me).
  4. These four arrived today
  5. A shame to see this but not unexpected. To be fair, I have noticed that new physical releases has been getting more and more rare. However, it was great to get games that were not released in my country at all due to being refused classification (Australia) like Valkyrie Drive, Drive Girls, Gal Gun etc physically, games that I wouldn't have been able to play otherwise. This news just spurred me to buy Muv-Luv now and will most likely be my last physical Vita games.
  6. I played when it first came out and still playing now. It's getting more and more boring since the same Pokemon keep spawning but I keep at it out of habit. I like the gym change as it meant I was able to earn coins without battling gyms (I usually piggyback off another player's hard work and put my Pokemon in the free slots, they usually aren't attacked for a day). I never raided so it is nice that you can start getting Legendaries via research rewards now. The grind is so bad after Level 30 and like someone mentioned earlier, earning levels doesn't have many benefits. Only spent $1 early on to expand my bag and that was using Google survey credits
  7. Yes! My favourite JRPG ever, here's hoping that the third one on PS4 is localised soon. Other games if you like JRPGs/Visual Novels (that I have played and really liked): - Danganronpa - Steins;Gate - Ys - Digimon Story - Utawarerumono - Root Letter - Tales of Hearts R - Hatsune Miku - Zero Escape
  8. Some good titles but shame no Atelier games I wanted the Dusk Vita versions to drop a bit more... On the plus side, Danganronpa V3!
  9. Yes! With Shenmue 3 announced a few years ago I hoped for this and was worried that we had heard nothing. Having heard how this game was ahead of its time, I am looking forward to playing it.
  10. I feel like they used to do a Japanese game sale one another another but it has gone all quiet for the past few months. I have been hanging out from some Japanese games to go on sale for so long! I have bought nothing from recent sales and that doesn't change with this one, surprised that my PSN wallet has been at $0 for so long...
  11. I ended up giving up after the first dungeon and boss because it felt so tedious. I watched the whole thing on Youtube and it was a better use of my time (the one I watched was around 3 hours long, included all the cutscenes/dialogue but skipped the actual boss battles). Hard Mode is presented in the game like it is an awesome thing but it just means excessive grinding/padding, the lack of a Compendium made fusions a huge pain and relying on chance and the fact that you need to be prepared before heading down the multiple levels to the boss because you cannot change up your party members right before a boss were my most hated aspects.
  12. I never thought this day would happen considering it has been months since the game has been released. Now I can put this game back on the list to eventually start...
  13. Sucks that it is banned (expected for Australia but not the UK). Makes me feel better that I had already imported the Chinese version before the English announcement.
  14. I will play until I finish my backlog, I'm so close with only five left! At the rate I'm playing, probably around August 2018. My PS3 has lived a good life but it is time to move on.
  15. I think Sly Collection is cross-buy only in Europe. I bought it on AU PSN for the PS3 digital version and the Vita versions shows up as free.