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  1. I don't have PS Plus (and will never get it as I don't play online and have a huge backlog anyway) and will never say no to claiming these free games when they drop. Granted, I'll never play these since I already played them on PS3, but here's hoping that this could be the start of Sony giving away some more games in the future.
  2. Two alt accounts. The first one was for trophy boosting when games had a trophy for a player from your friends list playing the game, and also for testing discs that I bought to check that they work (this was before they allowed deleting 0% trophy lists). The second alt account is a Singapore one so I can redeem all the DLC codes from the Asia English physical games I was buying.
  3. One of my local EB Games (Gamestop) was closing down and I picked these up on discount at okay prices.
  4. I agree Steins;Gate is the best one to start with (although Danganronpa was my first one, that one has more gameplay rather than a pure visual novel). Clannad is my all time favorite too. One thing I found was that a lot of visual novels has a slow start but persist and you will be rewarded with amazing stories.
  5. - Genkai Tokki Castle Panzers (finally found the Chinese subs version restocked) - World End Syndrome - Kotodama
  6. Sigh, I just bought God of War last week and was about to begin it. That's it, I'm not buying Spider-man until it joins the range and gets a permanent price drop since I have a huge backlog anyway.
  7. Too late for me as I ended up buying and playing the PS3 versions last month... I got sick of waiting... Still good for those who haven't played these as they are very fun!
  8. Many thanks, this worked for me as well!
  9. Gust is definitely releasing these too fast. I can't catch up!
  10. Hi. I posted a reply to the PS4 HDR problem and it worked for the OP. Hopefully it will work for you too.

  11. I actually have this problem too for my PS4 Pro on a Bravia and gave up on trying to solve it. Have you tried switching off HDCP in the settings? This solved another issue for me where the PS4 Pro wouldn't automatically change the input on the TV when I turned it on.
  12. Buy the PS3 and Vita ones. All the PS3 games have trophies (FF X/X-2, FF XIII-2, Lightning Returns). The PSP ones DO NOT have trophies (FF6-FF9, Dissidia, Tactics) as they are PSone Classics or PSP games. The Vita only ones have trophies (World of FF, FF X/X-2). The roadmaps you saw for FF7 and FF9 would be the PS4 versions.
  13. I platted the first one without ever playing a rhythm game and then this second one a few months later. I didn't think it was hard (I only had a little bit of trouble in the harder Hard songs and most of the Extreme difficulty) and I see you have played the Persona Dancing ones. I personally feel that Project Diva has a more natural rhythm gameplay compared to Persona Dancing and you only need to clear the songs on Hard for platinum so I think it is very achievable, around 5/10? It can be a boring grind though towards the end with the Diva Rooms as that has a time limit on how often you can give gifts to raise affection of the Vocaloids.
  14. If I could read Japanese, I would buy all the visual novels and anime based games available. For rhythm games, in addition to the ones mentioned and if you like anime then Miracle Girls Festival is super fun (uses the Hatsune Miku engine), and there's also Idolmaster Must Songs Red & Blue Board (uses the Taiko engine I believe). There's also the three volumes of Love Live but they are light on content as well Uta Kumi 575 and Hideboh Tap Dance Hero. If you haven't gotten the Asian English versions then the Super Robot Wars, Gundam Breaker and the SD Gundam series are great. For fan service dungeon crawlers there is the Genkai Tokki series, Omega Labyrinth (original or Z) and Dungeon Travellers 2-2. And lastly, there's the Phantasy Star series. These are just the ones off the top of my head that I would get and love to play, no guarantee that they are amazing games though.
  15. I'm just glad that we are getting Cold Steel III in a reasonable amount of time. XSeed's stuff may be higher quality but they take way too long (I would imagine releasing Cold Steel I and II when the PS3 and Vita were on the decline definitely did not help the games' sales). Here's hoping IV is not long after the release of III because I can't wait to experience the rest of Cold Steel's story.