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  1. Agree to disagree, to an extent. I suppose in a customer service field, s/he should ere on the side of caution with regards to joke/sarcasm. Some people (such as myself) will see that staying in character/light hearted humor while still getting the message across. To others (like yourself), who are already pre-aggravated by the piss poor state of their release are basically getting insult added to injury. I want this trilogy in a playable and %100 able capacity because I want to get these games too. At least you're in a better position than those of us that got screwed by CDPR and Gwent. At least Mafia has a hopefully coming soon patch.
  2. Well yeah, obviously they fucked up bigtime with both mafia 2 and 3. By all means, be pissed at the guys in charge for that. Just gotta remember, the support guy has no control over it. Even though it is a little tongue-in-cheek, he did say "upcoming patch announcement", so light at the end of the tunnel at least 🤞🤞
  3. So... the support had a little roleplay fun while telling you they're working on a patch. Get a sense of humor?
  4. I dont care about the leaderboards, so I'd totally be up for that, given the circumstances. Too bad I dont think it's possible?
  5. What's with the recent wave of questions asking if so-and-so game is/will be free? This is like the 4th or 5th one this week
  6. While I %100 agree with what you're saying, I do have a question: Isnt this game largely dead? If the game doesn't have a sizable playerbase, you're not likely to find anything but boosters. IF that's the case, you kindof know (or should know) what you're stepping into, and it's stupid to complain about it (even though the merit of your complaint is spot on)
  7. What if it's some made up post midgar episodes that take place in between part 1 ending and part 2 beginning? Assuming it doesnt take away anything from part 2 development of course. Just something to keep people engaged?
  8. They could easily add pre-ff7 game start dlc episodes for aerith, barrett, and tifa
  9. There's something seriously wrong with you people comparing optional micro transactions to people shitting on lawns and to sex trafficking
  10. Has anyone tried to do the digital 1.0 downgrade to see if broken trophies would pop?
  11. I cant for the life if me remember game that happened to. I just remember it inciting a digital vs physical debate, because they could block your digital content on a whim if they wanted. To clarify: they didnt just block you from downloading it, they actually blocked access to the already downloaded game (could possibly get around that by being offline maybe?)
  12. I'm surprised they didn't reverse the transactions. It happened once before where a game was listed free by accident and Sony did something to block access to those who downloaded it
  13. Verify that your system settings dont put your controller or console into sleep mode for inactivity
  14. Nobody said that except for you. @pokweystated why your trophies look suspect. Your job now, would be to explain how those are possible or at least post your flag reason. If you do have trophies autopopped by a hacked lobby, intentional or not, they're still illegitimate and will remain flagged. A flagged game means you will not appear on the leaderboard. If you wish to continue this dispute, follow the above directions. If you don't care about the leaderboards, then you dont need to do anything. If you wish to drop the dispute and reappear on the leaderboard, hide the game, sync another trophy, and update your profile here.
  15. The only way for this to be proven legitimate would be to duplicate it on another account (most likely with a recording). If it has a chance to pop as you described, it would probably take many, many attempts. As it stands, your trophy log with Infamous and Bioshock just before this make your story hard to believe. A CRT member will address this eventually, but I wouldnt get my hopes up. If you're not bothered by the leaderboard, you dont need to hide the game. The rest of the website would still be accessible to you. I kind of question the OP's capacity to cfw, but can anyone confirm/deny if a pre-server down save file would pop this?