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  1. If Konami follows this up with a Suikoden collection, they can start to be forgiven.
  2. He's a witch and a necromancer. So.. he has to be burned at the stake in the middle of a church.
  3. Dont try to argue business/logic in this thread or the other 100page one where it's been beat to death. Either you hate Sony for shutting down the old gen stores, or you're labeled a Sony fanboi
  4. I accidentally started on normal and had to restart on hard. For the trophies "use X actively", I assume there's a hidden counter? Do you know roughly how many times the skills have to be used for it to pop? I feel like I use fire arrow whenever it's available and nothing popped for it yet.
  5. @MMDE Do you know if there's any benefit from completing a campaign on normal before hard? Does anything carry over?
  6. Dude, you're like a small child trying to argue completely irrelevant things, but since you're so hellbent on my ps3 profile, go look up @ajpaldino you twat. I didnt call you an idiot or make a false accusations. Just said "memory" doesnt serve as proof. A few examples have popped up since then, so it seems you were indeed correct. This whole debate is now moot, it's now time to stock whatever pre-ps4 games and dlcs that have been on the back burner
  7. At no point did I say "playstation quality", but yes, for its time, the ps3 had, and still has plenty of quality. However, it's old. Past its prime. Outdated and abandoned doesn't equal no quality, it means people have largely moved on to bigger and better things. I have plenty of ps3 games on an old and retired account. Stop making assumptions, it only makes you look foolish. And if you know anything about the ps3 infrastructure, then you'd know why it's less likely (note: not impossible) that ps4 will follow the same path. You're still blasting away at the company for not keeping the ps3 up...when they havent done anything to take it down. Ps3 is 15 years old. Ps4 is 8 years old. I welcome you to come back in 7 years when they dont shut down and complain. Until then, we're done here.
  8. It doesn't help that your arguments/counter-arguements are laced with vulgarity and insults towards anyone not towing your line. Regardless of the content of your argument, it's almost impossible to take you seriously. Again, everyone is taking a dump on Sony for half a dozen things they haven't done. The only thing they did was close down an old avenue for the ps store, which they announced would be closing. There's a (small?) possibility that some (a relatively small? amount of) content may have been removed in the process due to an outdated and largely abandoned ps3 infrastructure. There's no actual proof (yet) of the lost of content, and proof may not be possible at this point, but that does not warrant the amount of shit-slinging throughout this thread.
  9. Please dont take offense to this, but you're relying on memory which may or may not be accurate. Without actually providing which content specifically is available on the webstore and not the console (which likely isnt possible if the store is gone), we cant definitely say Sony is on the wrong for that. IF that's the case, then foul on them, but without the proof, it's only conjecture
  10. No, because the 1 or 2 times I've needed to contact support, it went smoothly and without issue. You appear to be making your experience with a multi-region issue (which in of itself is likely to affect a relatively small amount of people) that they had trouble addressing the norm. Regardless, they announced closure of the web store, and as far as I know, still havent made any actual content unavailable, which is what spawned this mess if a thread.
  11. Viewable, or purchasable? II'm asking because I've only used the store via console and phone app. If delisted (I'm assuming delisted because you mentioned delistedgames site) content was purchasable through the web store, that sounds like a huge oversight. If it was only viewable, then... nothing was really lost?
  12. What lack of quality are you referring to exactly? If I'm not mistaken, they've only removed the web store (which was previously announced) and everything is still accessible through the console store (the quality of which is an altogether different subject) If I'm not mistaken, nothing, as of now, has been effectively removed or made inaccessible. If/when that changes, then your concerns have merit.
  13. Actually, that point he made is probably closer to accurate than not. No one on this site hinting trophies is an "average" gamer. We're a small niche group. The average gamer is indeed pushing fornight and call of duty and gunning for ps5, not older consoles and games. Although, I heard somewhere ps3 is still very mainstream in 3rd world countries?
  14. Correct, it is region based. Use https://psnprofiles.com/sessions to make a session and include your region to improve your chances of finding someone