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  1. Eh. Could be that a rant is one thing, but being an ass to the first person to respond (with a fairly innocent response imo) is another. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Pretty much, everything @enaysoftsaid Go back to basics and just have fun
  3. Realistically, people like the trophies, not the so called game. To say otherwise is delusional at best. Using your veiled insult as an example, if the toystore had hundreds of barbie houses with the only difference being color of the house, to the point where you'd have a hard time finding anything else without digging, said barbie house could be the equivalent to shovelware. To say it doesn't affect others is disingenuous. If it wasn't a problem, psnp and Sony wouldn't be making changes due to them. I don't know if the OP question was serious, or intended to spawn another debate, but the answer is pretty obvious.
  4. Digital is the future! Honestly, starting to hear this kindof stuff happening more lately..
  5. It's not a public event. It's a private carry (keyword: carry, not a boost) and he's free to boot or exclude whomever he wants, for whatever reason, regardless of whether you, me, or anyone else from the community agrees with it. Posting in the forum or sessions section doesn't by default make it 100% open to the public (unless Sly, the site authority, says otherwise)
  6. I think there will be a (to be determined) number of people that stop buying these if it goes from X platinums to 1 platinum with X-1 DLCs. Definitely won't have the same allure to some people.
  7. It'd be funny if it was a top secret experiment in applying the shovelware filter to the leaderboard and you were the guinea pig
  8. Vandal Hearts (PS3 digital only) Shining Force 1 & 2 (part of the sega collections)
  9. Stroke Hard with a Vengeance
  10. No. The more info that's out there, the better chance hackers have of finding a way around it. If you know there's a speed trap on a highway, you know how to avoid it.
  11. No, what's really annoying is you keep trying to push your agenda. The conversation was had, and was ended for the time being - you just don't like that it didn't go your way. This was answering the question This is baiting the argument from the previous thread that got locked because you just dont stop dude. You're going to keep going until you start getting warning points. That's all I'm going to say at this point.
  12. Dude, just stop already. The other threads already ran their course. Your not-so-subtle attempt to bait an argument really isn't appropriate here.
  13. You did your rant post and vented. Don't be an ass to @Property_Damagebecause you decided against putting the 2 guys guys that were bugging you on ignore. Not that that's an excuse for those guys' behavior, but you have tools at your disposal to handle that kind of stuff. You kindof did it to yourself dude.
  14. Shush you, no logic allowed in this thread. Let them continue to ignore that making changes to the current leaderboard was already ruled out, and Sly already did his 1 wake up per decade to toggle the front page. It just keeps going in circles
  15. In my opinion, there are generally 2 types of profiles with shovelware. 1 is the top tier of the leaderboard playing them to retain their position. 2 is the almost exclusively shovelware profiles For 1, even if you filtered it out, the remaining sheet mass of games will likely prevent you from finding anything new. Think needle in a haystack For 2, if you filter it out, you aren't likely to find much of anything else. For the people in between 1 and 2, the amount of shovelware shouldn't be enough to prevent you from trawling their list. If you want to look through someone's profile, you're going to have to put some effort in. A front page filter was needed due to the tidalwave drowning out everything else. A profile filter is not, so just stop already.