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  1. +1 for unique excuse?
  2. That sounds like a hell of a hassle, but it might be the best way to shut this down. Screenshots might work? That is of course, unless a flag team member comes around and says it isnt necessary. Your history has condemned this into a witch hunt it seems...
  3. There's this dispute too Could be why it seems familiar?
  4. Perhaps you'd think differently if you read the part where I answered his question and he responded back to me aggressively and with false accusations. In that case, it is necessary because it seems he didnt bother to understand what he was reading
  5. Only some are 1 time missions. There's a few repeatable ones once you clear the unrepeatable sets. Edit: In addition, you can always call them to you for fighting guards to level up
  6. The server shut down. You can no longer obtain flags from the online portion. It's in doubt because people aren't sure if the 20 flags trophy us completely unobtainable. You can obtain 8 fixed flags offline and purchase up to 10 dlc flags. The uncertainty comes from allegedly offline flags (different from the fixed flags) drop at a very rare rate. Nobody has been able to confirm whether they actually drop
  7. Put the game out and move on, and people complain they dont support it enough. Put the game out and continue to release content at a steady rate for a year, and people complain it's never-ending. Fuck people Edit: this was not directed at the OP, but people on general. Plenty complain about Warframe and Rocket League for the same reason.
  8. Agreed. While each AC has the same basic premise, there's usually something new or tweaked from one game to the next. Additionally, each game has it's own scenario and setting, and adds some sort of progress to the framing story (started with desmond). They at least experimented with different things from settlement building, horseback & ship combat to co-op, sidescrolling, and rpg elements. What has fifa done besides roster update and milk the cashcow?
  9. When it asks you to connect to the server, you have to skip. Shouldn't be any issues playing offline
  10. Try posting the reason you were flagged
  11. 🤦‍♂️ Dragon age was covered in your other dispute. Same reasoning applies to borderlands. These should be lifted soon, just sit tight.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, didnt you have another dispute recently? That could be why this got flagged 'after 5 years' - once you pop up in the public dispute arena, people will comb through your profile to find other issues.
  13. Fail. I've only got 1 to add to the pot. I was supposed to be off today. Life/work interference for the lose
  14. This should be enough to lift the flag. @Naks, just sit tight until a flag team member sees the dispute