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  1. Thanks @HuntingFever I was aware of xp exploits involving other players, just not the specifics. I didnt want him to hide it before getting a proper response.
  2. Dont hide the game just yet. Give the CRT team some time to review the dispute. There's a chance it may be lifted if it's a commonly used xp exploit.
  3. You forgot the part where he said he preferred a list of meaningful trophies vs "just complete the game" trophies. He in no way said "no plat, no buy"
  4. Time settings dont affect trophy timestamps
  5. That's unfortunate then, because the lack of group-centric content early and mid game kindof turned me off long before that point.
  6. .... I soloed Tera. The story, every dungeon required for the plat, and the world bosses, even the level 68 bosses. I didn't really see anything that screamed group play up to that point, which was disappointing. It was an ok game, but lacking as an MMO though. What about NeverWinter?
  7. Apparently, the OP isnt among those few people then, because they already claimed glitches and adjustment the ps4 clock, which is far more believable.
  8. Fallout shelter doesnt have a debug menu
  9. Actually, someone in this trainwreck of a debate did mention Japan, but the point stands. It originated there, it's acceptable there. To operate in other markets, there will be times they're forced to abide by different standards. People arguing "dont take away my right to pick this game uncensored" dont seem to understand that they aren't entitled to it and that Sony, MS, Nintendo etc also have the right to not publish any material for any reason they want. If they feel something will cause them more trouble than it's worth, then guess what's going to happen.
  10. It's not irrelevant. It's acceptable in Japan, where it originated. If they want to publish it in other markets, they have to abide by the local standards. And I never said it causes people to do anything. I said it's designed to stimulate certain urges (ie big boon anime girls causing arousal), so try again.
  11. The crux of your argument is "they aren't real so it's ok. Also it's acceptable in japan" correct? Well this isnt Japan. As I stated, real or not, it's still designed to appeal to a certain, currently unacceptable/tabooed behavior. Something like GTA has it's share of controversy too, so dont think it gets a free pass. However, it's still allowed because western society is largely desensitized to violence I suppose. Same reason we have mafia movies, but porn movies are stigmatized. The line was drawn at kiddy porn because the majority said so. If you don't like it, you're free to go somewhere it's accepted? Or you can keep throwing rocks at the wall and hope it cracks one day.
  12. Devil's advocate means I'm not supporting your argument, but neutrally speaking: A 17yr old (and possibly 16) is a bit more believable than a 12 yr old based on the current standards of society Dont hide behind the "it's fictional" arguement please. Just because you're not going to go out and molest a minor after playing/watching, it's still designed to stimulate that same urge, regardless of whether or not it affects you personally. Bottom line is, the platform holders get to decide what is run on their platform and they're the ones that deal with the consequences whether those are angry customers or over the top social media protesters. They're going to pick whatever gives them the lesser headache
  13. Are you seriously asking why a distinction has to be made between a nearly legal minor and someone years away from legal age?
  14. Eh... devil's advocate: Someone should probably make the distinction that there's a world of difference between a 17yr old (who is borderline legal and has a decent chance of already being sexually active at that age) vs a character that looks like she's 12. The line has to be drawn somewhere. Not going to try to say where the line needs to be drawn, but I believe Sony, MS, and Nintendo each have the right to decide what rules their platform will abide regarding publishing and censorship. It's their respective companies, and they're the ones that have to deal with consequences either way.
  15. Congratulations on starting the new year off by being an arse.