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  1. Have you earned another trophy and synced to update your account at some point after making the spelunky correction?
  2. As mildly amusing as the disputer and her merry band of friends are, can we please just close this dispute? They're clearly not interested in actually resolving this (because they cant) and it's getting pathetic
  3. Hide your game, earn another trophy, sync your ps3, update your account. Transferring game data, even your own, is against leaderboard rules
  4. It's entirely up to the person being flagged whether or not they want to handle their flag with a mid privately via PM, or publicly via dispute. Having their profile scrutinized can help determine the person's intent.
  5. Tough one.. although the disputer's reason isnt very believable considering the grey area of his quoted post, I think the flag needs to be judged on the timestamps and whether or not his profile has other issues.
  6. Make the session and add a note that it's a placeholder day/time until you have enough people. Keep bumping the session forward until you have enough people. Add players to a group chat until there's enough people joined, then schedule a day/time Cross post your session to other gaming site forums
  7. Majority of my ps3 backlog ended up getting ported or remastered on ps4, so I've been pretty content with just abandoning my ps3 when the ps4 backlog started to grow out of control. I figure that as I continue to work my ps4 backlog, more of my ps3 games will end up getting redone
  8. Having the platinum for the game or not bears no relevance to you having other illegitimate trophies.
  9. I'd put money down that you're one of TurtleJeff's johns, and B1irvine will be here shortly with screenshot proof.
  10. Someone mentioned that those price increases were more like bringing underpriced numbers in line with where they were intended to be (due to inflation/ market issues) Dont forget the cost to market & ship. That'll eat up the $18 difference easily.
  11. And the year before that, Sony posted a net loss of 1.26 billion. These companies operate on loss/gain cycles. Just because they made money this year doesn't mean they aren't recovering from last year, or building a safety net for next year
  12. Perhaps it's only a matter of time? What will you do if the other 2 cave in?
  13. Like this? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2017/5/23/15681020/get-even-release-date-delayed
  14. @A-Rebirth, I think the game Get Even came kindof close, in the fact that it portrayed a teenage girl being held hostage. Wont say more to avoid spoilers Edit Also the first Max Payne dealt with some borderline events
  15. That, I cannot answer because I'm not very familiar with steam. I would venture a guess that steam is: paid by advertisements paid a portion of what they sell doesnt have R&D costs to (re)cover doesnt have shareholders to cover doesnt have the same type of workforce to pay doesnt directly host the servers you connect to/play multiplayer on utilizes P2P hosting more readily I may be wrong, but I dont think you can fairly compare steam to Sony's PSN