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  1. Good chance disputer read "hacked trophies" for the flag reason and responded to that instead of posting the reason.
  2. 5+13+18+14 = 50 Youre good Just add 36 (5+13+18) to your X/191 challenge going forward and as long as it matches your stats number, you're fine
  3. Are you 100% positive you triggered an autosave after collecting the 300? Also, was the 500 challenge saved already? If your missing 300 was spillover, it wont count (ie you had 480/500 and collected 400 in one shot, you still start the 2000 challenge as 0/2000, not 380/2000)
  4. Are you sure it's not a 1TB drive with 175gigs for reserve space? 825 seems like a very unusual number
  5. PSNP doesnt have access to your account. Popping the platinum before completing the game never raised an eyebrow for you? Seriously? It's not a common occurrence and was only a year ago. And then you went full retard...
  6. The below is how you can check if you're affected. 1 main save and 1 backup should be more than enough. Question 2 - ignoring the collectables wont really help. Just have a backup save with both, the 500 and the 2000 challenges done, and play the game like normal. Every so often, verify that your stats match up, and update your backup save. Question 3 - just leave and re-enter the stronghold Question 4 - clearing an area helps, but you can still get killed by a patrol coming by or fall damage.
  7. Well.. Sony owns your account in the sense that if you break their rules, they can terminate your account, and PSNP doesnt have any access to your account other than whatever information you have available to the public. That just leaves you. You didnt actually add anything to the dispute. What you need to do is explain how you got two non-dlc trophies 1 and 2 days after popping the platinum. Off the top of my head, I can only think of 1 game where this is possible because a non-dlc trophy was added to the list after the game was released, and it's not Burnout
  8. The reason is edited timestamps. Probably has something to do with running 2 consoles or... editing timestamps. The CRT are on a better position to determine which
  9. That's not accurate. The 3 trophy thing is a guideline in place to deter abusing the flag system. It's not exactly a 100% set in stone rule
  10. That isnt accurate. Earning trophies from multiple games at the same time is cause for a closer look depending on other circumstances. Case by case basis.
  11. Mine got to a point right at the end of the last DLC where it was crashing every 20 steps. Took a lot of patience and slow advancing and saving every minute to finish it
  12. Other people having access to your account is the kiss of death. If you didnt do something shady, there's a chance one of them did. Also, if you're moving save files from one device to another without syncing first, you're likely creating impossible timestamps, which will get you flagged
  13. What's the size of your save file? At a certain point near the end, the save file gets too big and causes crashes
  14. The locations wont equal straight up because the challenges are tiered. Try reading this and see if it makes sense to you Yes Couple hours gametime to advance to the point where you can get your first crew going. They accumulate at a varying rate while you're offline, but generally 10ish an hour with a single crew. You can advance the story further to get more crews to get a faster scrap rate
  15. You had 5 years to do it if you cared that much about it. Stop acting like a spoiled brat and take responsibility for your (in)action. You were NEVER guaranteed any server down notice in the first place. Dont compare it to another company because it's irrelevant. Every other excuse you made is a cheap copout. It takes 2-4 hours of story gameplay to get to the point where you can make the scrap crews. After that, it accumulates while you're offline. All you have to do is log in every other day to collect it. If you cant or wont do that, then you dont get the trophy. You can check by comparing your locations and scrap completions. If they match up, you're good. If they're off, you're glitched. Glitch happens if you die before autosaving after completing an area