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  1. Back on topic, is there a known set time limit? And yeah, kind of lame that it's time sensitive.
  2. 🙈🙉🙊 Just stop dude, it's pathetic. I dont know what's more sad - someone cheating all those games, or someone wasting their time trolling the leaderboard
  3. Do your crafting and modding in front of codsworth at sanctuary and he'll love you for it. Doesnt need to be human companion
  4. You wont be able to default see sessions or join them through the site if the game isnt on your list. Instead of waiting on someone else and trying to join by contacting them to hold a spot for you, I'd suggest to just load the game onto your profile with the trophies at 0% and go with your original idea of hosting. 0% is enough to see/create sessions and also able to delete the list if you end up getting no where with the game.
  5. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  6. Your profile is so jacked up... why did you even... Waste of time
  7. I hope you're ready for the "get gud" and/or "find some friends" posts.
  8. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  9. Are you sure it's bugged? I ran into an issue with it until I climbed the tree to get close to the umbrella stuck in the branches. Edit The objective took me to the mission area, but then nothing happened until I got right on top of the umbrella
  10. A little more detail if you could please, for those of us that know little to nothing about this. What specifically renders this unobtainable?
  11. Unfortunately, even though it's (probably) not your fault, the trophies are still considered illegitimate and against the rules of this leaderboard. To reappear on the leaderboard, hide your game, earn any other trophy, and update your account here. Edit: after reading yuri /sigh. Stop lying, stop cheating, please stop wasting people's time with fake disputes. Hide it and hope nobody finds any other games to flag. 3 flags and you're out.
  12. Are you certain you finished all the homestead missions? Best I could find (until I get to that point in my game) is Norris' 4th mission should appear around sequence 8 or 9. Completing that should insure all the ores availability
  13. @Rodrigo_PGDC, did you recently change your PSN username?
  14. @dokkanexpert, it's cheating as defined by the rules of this specific website leaderboard, whereas your examples given likely aren't. Just to clarify: it doesnt matter what you or I consider to be cheating, only what the site creator does. Is it a harsh punishment for (I'm assuming) a first offense? In my opinion, probably. Does my opinion on this matter? Probably not. Maybe it'll get whitelisted one day with the hacked lobbies autopops as a chunk of those weren't the players' fault/intent on either. Save yourself the recurring headache and just walk away from this thread. Someone please re-close this Edit - after reading below post- By "walk away from this thread", I should also include to stop posting about the decision in other places. You can accept it and move on, or leave the website/forums if it bothers you that much
  15. Will it be FiveInchDeep up his ass? 😂