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  1. 120 for the year.
  2. Judging by the wording of the patent, it seems like original developers not required. They aren't recoding the games for trophies, just running checks against an emulated version. If anything, I would think original studio gets some kind of payment/royalties for putting the game on plus
  3. According to his imdb biography, he's legendary lol https://m.imdb.com/name/nm10414921/bio?ref_=m_mn_ov_bio
  4. Well, this has already spit out almost a thousand plats.. In short - no, it isn't right, but nobody cares.
  5. You can sync a game at 0% trophies, just have to sync it to your trophy list before earning anything. Usually just entails starting the game. If you earned trophies and are holding off on syncing, you can try zero loading it on an alternate account and use that to create a session
  6. One other thing to note @GingiBengi Psnp has no official affiliation with Playstation. It's a 3rd party site with a (arguably broken/outdated) leaderboard that gets very few, if any updates. If you're not interested in chasing the leaderboard, you can leave the game unhidden and use a blocker if the red flag icon bothers you (im sure someone can provide a link) Build your profile for you. Don't let other people or websites with arbitrary rules ruin your experience. That being said, if you do want to chase the leaderboard, you'll have to hide the game.
  7. Honestly, backwards compatibility is a junk reason to get Xbox considering you stated you have the older ps consoles. Do you really want to buy the newest console for old games? Console availability.. depends. Spend a little more (because of world situation) to get what you (might?) really want, or settle for something you may not really want just because it's available? I've seen varied arguments about gamepass, but I'm biased, so I'll refrain from that one The new Xbox exclusives - aka the Bethesda buyout - would be a half decent reason if you really must have those at the expense of losing the PS exclusives.
  8. Same. My guess is that the two posts above yours were made in the server shutdown thread and were moved to here. When posts get moved from a thread you're following, your notification is still attached to them.
  9. Might be a bad disc, but before you replace it, try to delete and reinstall and check for patches/fully update and just to be sure, are those fully included on the disc, or do you have to download some episode before they run?
  10. Disregarding the fact that this site receives very few updates and changes, so making this request will likely go no where. Disregarding the fact that your privacy isn't actually violated because no real information about you is disclosed and you're just as anonymous to everyone else here as you were prior to hiding digital icons. Disregarding the fact that this is dumb and shouldn't need an explanation, but here it is nonetheless: You voluntarily submit your psn profile data to this site when you sign up, and you're free to delete your profile or make it private at any time. Psnprofiles attempts to display your profile accurately. You hiding trophies causes your profile to be inaccurate. The site simply marks your profile for the anomaly - that's all, and it's right to do so. The H simply means the profile youre viewing is fully disclosed. It doesn't show what you're hiding or why. It doesn't care. Other people making assumptions is a people problem and could be remedied with a C icon for actual cheaters, but that's moot since we don't get much in the way of updates TLDR - your privacy isn't being violated
  11. Good ideas can't exist without bad ideas. Anyone complaining about how the site is run can... simply leave?
  12. It's an invasion of my privacy for this site to list how long it took me and in what order I've completed games too. This site is like a stalker with a notepad recording everywhere I go. That's only for me to know There, that should get me 10's of 10's of views. Also, last I checked, when you hide a trophy list, you yourself can still see it. Technically, it's never truly hidden so chew on that.
  13. Nothing yet, except the announced exclusivity of the next elder scrolls. Whether that changes again by the time it releases in 2050, is anyone's guess. For me, the conflicting company statements is enough for me to doubt anything they say
  14. They said the same thing with the Bethesda purchase and look what happened. I think anyone believing what they say at this point deserves the disappointment that will likely follow
  15. If you had read my post correctly, you would have noticed it was in response to someone else claiming so. No, this thread has nothing to do with bugs and glitches. It was made by someone who did no research and cant understand why after 5 days, there was no plat. A product of our instant glorification society, "why isn't it done already, what's wrong with it" Also, you're apparently half wrong. Someone else posted that at least jne memo is bugged and not fully obtainable. This thread is pointless, but hopefully the OP will learn something from posting it. Should probably be locked before devolving