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  1. Source? Also, what exactly is their involvement? This sounds more like a spat amongst the developers
  2. Is this a ps4 HD remaster of the ps4 toy soldiers game or something different? I was under the impression that it was a remaster of the other game with the glitched challenger trophy (same developer), but the trophy list here is completely different
  3. @Beyondthegrave07 @Starrk_01 Previously completed Plague Inc, but they recently added DLC trophies. If I do the 3 DLC trophies and re-complete the 100%, would that count?
  4. 16 Sodium atoms walk into a bar... followed by Batman
  5. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/5265-mount-blade-warband/1-platinum-trophy https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/4854-sword-coast-legends/1-collect-all-other-sword-coast-legends-trophies
  6. Ironclad Barricade Entrench Shrug it off Defend (can swap for any +block card) Body slam Put up barricade asap Preferably have 4 energy, if you only have 3, I suggest getting metalisize instead of defend Use shrug it off to either replay entrench if you need to build up your block, or use it to replay body slam if you're on the offensive.
  7. I suggest Ironclad defense hand for anyone struggling with this. Relic swap at the beginning to a 4th energy relic (I had the one that gave enemies 1 strength) and build your deck around high block, barricade, body slam. Barricade + entrench + flame barrier + shrug it off + body slam is a damaging combo if you can get it. Can throw in metalisize and thunderclap also. Final boss landed 0 damage
  8. Get them while they're available, or dont. Stop necroing this thread
  9. Oxenfree has a physical copy via LRG
  10. Yeah, ignore one of the CRT members that would be applying the results of this theory to future RLtW flags. Genius! On topic - I feel that, with the sheer popularity of GTA, someone would have tried this already, but best of luck
  11. Incoming ZJ yhe Ball 2 Level 1
  12. Similar to call of duty and battlefield, fortnite etc. They aren't playing it a second time, they're playing it continuously. My point stands. Majority of the people playing those types of games past %100 arent trophy hunting and could care less if the trophies autopopped. It's a problem for a relatively few people.
  13. Under the assumption that they're continuing their ps4 game where it left off on ps5, then autopop wouldn't affect their fastest milestone unless they completed the ps4 version and then upgraded to play the game a 2nd time, causing a complete autopop. I think, realistically, the number of people playing a game a second time are specifically doing so for the trophies on ps5, in which case, they're probably going to want to autopop and go as much as possible. The ones that are replaying for enjoyment mostly dont care about the trophies or milestones. The number of people bothered by a ps5 upgrade inadvertently giving them a 1 second milestone is likely very few and very far in between.
  14. Doubt caused by mixed and inconclusive messages we've gotten from company officials. Depends on what works best for their (current) business model. Depends on if they want to do the right thing for players in general regarding long-time multi platform games or if they want to corner the market on Bethesda properties. Also depends on how much of a PR headache they're willing to put up with For me personally, I have a mountain high backlog. I can live without the next fallout or elder scrolls
  15. Well, that's because the part of your original post that I quoted came across that way. Could just be the way it was worded. I just hope their plan backfires and they'll change course to just being timed exclusives