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  1. You "get a grip dude", your bias is showing. You cherry pick 'other' movies that did well, but ignore the ones that didnt. You have a source for your claim that Sony got nothing from civil war & end game? If not, then you have no idea what their deals entail. Why shouldn't Disney seek some compensation/creative control over their (marvel's) creation at a point where spiderman and potentially other characters related to him can be affected by crossovers and the mcu?. At the end of the day, spider man, and venom, are still owned by marvel, not Sony. Sony only has the movie rights. - which is probably also why there's no merch % - they signed off on the deal in the first place. Plus you act like none of those points are negotiable. Whatever, it's like talking to a wall, so I'm done. Have fun
  2. They're caused by using a save file, even if it may have been your own save file from a different system.
  3. This right here. If this is true, Disney is foolish. The timing is dumb, considering the original avengers are done. Unless Disney has an ace up their sleeve with x-men & fantastic four. They may also want Sony to go back to running spiderman, because if Sony drops the ball and Disney reacquires spiderman, then they've brought everyone back home, so to speak
  4. Correct, legally, it works as you said. However, clearly Disney feels differently and whether they're right or wrong as to whether they're owed something for their (marvel's) creation, they're attempting to leverage their asset (the MCU) to get what they feel is fair. Hence the failed deal
  5. No one is arguing against that, but you cant fairly say Disney is owned nothing. Sony/Fox etc didnt buy the characters, they bought the rights to use them. Those rights revert to the owner (disney) if a movie isnt made every X years. You can't say spiderman, and by extension venom,isnt enjoying more popularity after joining the MCU. Surely that should be worth something. If we dont know how much their asking for, we shouldn't be bringing out the pitchforks just yet
  6. Is it though? They are still marvel characters in origin. Disney now owns Marvel, are they not entitled to something? The question is, how much are they asking for, and how much is reasonable?
  7. 😳 😍 💥
  8. I wonder if finally bringing the resistance trilogy to ps4 is now in the works.
  9. Good job necroing a thread with hakoom's name on it. This never ends well.
  10. It would be believable if say, for example, you had episode 1 trophies out if order, but went back and replayed them before jumping to another episode. But that isnt the case here - your stuff is all over the place, as if you randomly replayed chapters from episode X and Y in the middle of playing through episode Z. Your best bet is to try to google for other cases like this, but you're probably going to have to hide it in the end because there's just to much inconsistency with the trophy order to even attempt a coherent explanation.
  11. This isnt a case of "I completed an episide and had to redo chapters of that episode to fix unpopped trophies". Your chapters and episodes are all over the place dude. Unless youd like people to actually believe you stopped halfway between episode 3 to go and replay a chapter from episode 1 and stop halfway through episode 2 to to replay chapters from episode 3 for example
  12. Damn, they still have 34 unnounced titles
  13. GTA: Driving Essentials
  14. Instead of posting 2 polls that dont seem to be getting the desired results, and posting in 2 of the other 3 threads related to speed running and not getting any answers (I'm not sure anyone can actually answer your question because it's all relative to your abilities), might I suggest playing it on a dummy account and seeing for yourself?