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  1. Do you really think anyone here needs you to tell them "and that's ok", as if they're children? Everyone here is aware if how online games work, but you dont seem to be aware of why people are upset. The features they disabled were unnanouced and this action fly in the face of what po eople have come to expect from CDPR. People are voicing their distaste for the situation in hope that we'll be heard and have this addressed. Nothing more, nothing less. You may want to read up on what happened to Marvel Heroes Omega, completely different situation. The developers of MHO were robbed of their livelihood by a greedy CEO. They were forced to shut down the entire game early and leave without paychecks. CDPR and Gwent are both still alive and well.
  2. Instead of patronizing people here, why dont you post something helpful trying to contact CDPR
  3. Feel free to use this as a template. To CDPR and whomever else it may concern: CDPR has long been lauded as a much beloved and highly respected developer among the gaming community for their work on the Witcher and their general goodwill and fair practices towards their consumer base. Recently, it was announced that CDPR would be shutting down Gwent on consoles, and gave us a very generous 7 month heads up. CDPR also announced that they were shutting down crossplay a few days after said announcement. Unfortunately, alongside crossplay, the arena and (a couple days later) ranked progression were also disabled. These features were not included with the announcement and caught your console userbase completely off guard. We understand shutting down the game on the least popular platform and greatly appreciate the 6+ months advanced notice. We do, however, feel that disabling features that affect our ability to complete (100%/platinum) this game without fair warning is underhanded and below the CDPR standard of quality. We implore the powers that be to please reverse this decision and allow us to participate in arena and ranked progression for at least another month. Please allow us the courtesy of a proper server/feature shutdown notice. At the very least, please give us 1 last update altering the requirements for the affected arena and ranked trophies so that we can acquire them with standard matches. Please consider the damage this will do to the CDPR reputation and potential negative impact on future sales. It isnt too late to undo this, please. If funding is a concern, re-enable microtransactions for an influx of sales (always happens when server closures are announced) or give us an estimate and give us a chance to crowdfund it. Please allow us another chance to fully enjoy this awesome game and obtain the Gwent platinum. Sincerely
  4. 6 plus the platinum. 4 are arena related, the other 2 are rank 20 and playing a ranked match And it's weird because rank was still working for a couple days after they disabled arena. There's really no good enough reason for them to disable these features and worse yet, to ignore us for almost a week now
  5. Try earning another trophy and sync, then update your profile here
  6. Message them on twitter and/or their forums. Every single person that contacts them helps
  7. Are you saying you did 50 levels in litterbox mode, glitched the stats, then did 1 level in objective and it popped both trophies at the same time? (10 levels and 50 levels in objective) That should be easy enough for someone to test out.
  8. Reviewers and influencers often get a copy of most games days and weeks ahead of release and are able to obtain and sync trophies, so really, who cares?
  9. I even suggested to them to turn microtransactions on for an influx of sales or that they allow us to crowdfund the cost to support it for another month. No response
  10. Make some noise on their forums https://forums.cdprojektred.com/index.php?threads/gwent-ask-a-dev.8684150/
  11. That happened to me this morning, reconnect the game and it should work. Everybody affected by this (and even those that aren't would help too) should contact them via email, phone, website, forums, Twitter etc. Any available method - every single person that contacts them helps. Dont just post here where theyll never see it, if you guys want a chance to fix this, make the effort to contact them
  12. I think people (myself included) are clinging to hope because CDPR has previously touted their goodwill with gamers. If enough people reach out to them, they're more likely than other developers to change things At the very least, they could support it for just 1 more month (proper notice) or maybe give us a chance to crowdfund the cost?
  13. Nobody said the world is ending. People are rightly voicing their distaste with what CDPR did. It was a dick move to disable things without a proper announcement.
  14. Better hurry before they deactivate that next
  15. I'm already decided to pass on thronebreaker and cyberpunk unless I buy it used. I wasnt super interested in.it to be honest, but would have bought it to support cdpr - now I'm less inclined. Still hoping they reverse course on this