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  1. I got it from this sale and downgraded the game to 1.00 to be able to unlock the unobtainable trophy. As someone who has dumped hundreds of hours into Farming Simulator, it’s essentially a knockoff version of that with much worse graphics, tons of misspellings, few licensed products, and less fun. However, the platinum isn’t horrible and the game is not totally awful.
  2. Also can confirm progress it cumulative for puzzles, I accidentally did Mahjong for the third scene on my Hidden Object run and got the trophy upon completing Hidden Object scene three!
  3. Did this in under 30 minutes using the creative exploit. -Load in and use exploit to dupe 2 x 64 villager eggs and 64 chests, close app -Load in and place 6 chests, use exploit to dupe two full inventories of coal and put in first chest, close app -Repeat with coal twice more (way more villagers take coal than anything else), sticks, paper, wheat, string, and leather -Once you have six full or almost full chests (I just picked six, you could do more and do stuff like carrots and wool and dye), copy your save -Load up the copied save and grab your villager eggs, half an inventory of coal, and then the rest as needed -Spawn a villager and trade with them if you can (only bother with tier one), if not spawn another -Save and quit, delete this copy of the save, copy the save again, and rinse and repeat Using only 52 villager eggs I was managing to get 90-120 emeralds per go. With two stacks of 64 you should get about 150. Happy trading!
  4. Yes, that’s how we did it!
  5. Finally got it without deleting my save, used Snowy Village seed and swam forward for about 30 seconds into the icy biome water and got it!
  6. Despite the trophy description, you don’t actually have to complete the entire raid, just the last boss, as long as there are 8 people. Using matchmaking, you can find someone who is on the 3rd boss (Lucy and Buddy) or the final boss (Razorback). After that, leave the lobby, and it will save your progress to be at that boss. HOWEVER, you will only be able to resume this progress as host once. When host, whether you die, complete the raid, or back out, you will be reset to the first boss. So, my solution for this was to switch off hosting with a co-op partner so our progress was always saved. If I’m hosting, and 3 people leave or we have a very bad group, he would back out, and then host from the final boss again, and rinse and repeat with me becoming host next. One additional tip: you can actually matchmake players once you load in if someone leaves, but you seemingly have to do so manually. Go to the social menu, click stop finding agents, and restart finding agents, and 9 times out of 10 we got a replacement player instantly. We never successfully got a new player while in the raid without doing that. You do not have to complete the first three bosses! I can try my best to answer questions, but my loadout was just a level 500 LMG and Rifle, no special talents or gear bonuses. As long as you watch the SAM turrets on the last boss, and get at least 2/3 people who know what they’re doing, it is rather straightforward!
  7. Just an FYI, I did NOT get the trophy from leveling skill events up to 6. My current accolades for the trophy are as follows: Vehicles-Performance Racer 7 Events-Tour 10, Single 7 Gameplay-Overtaker 9, Show Off 7 Game Modes-Skill 6 So, the only one that would feasible be causing the trophy not to pop is skill events. Has anyone successfully popped it with only having their level 6 accolade be skill events? Got it as soon as I completed a random tour event, so can confirm it works without Bikes main game or DLC. THANKS!
  8. Worked amazingly for me! I am about 75% of the way through on the DLC and was only level 3 in races and level 3 in overtakes. I used the first Switzerland event (38 seconds but can be finished it around 22) if anyone was curious. Thanks!
  9. For what it’s worth, I was struggling badly on the Ignition DLC. I am terrible at racing games, as it is. But I wasn’t crashing, but just couldn’t seem to get the turns as fast as the ghost, and was almost always at least a full second above time for Lykan Hot Lap. My braking assist was on low, and after shutting it completely off, I got almost a half second under par on my first try!
  10. Worked for me! Thank you!
  11. i have both skin deep, 100%, and zoologist and never found the parakeet. not needed
  12. Definitely top 5 in terms of difficulty. The final shift for Chilly Bowl took about 9 hours and about 8 hours for SubSolutions. Never did I feel like it was impossible— just that I needed more practice to master it. There’s also a huge “luck” component on whether you get simple or complicated orders coming in. As promised, here’s the fifteen restaurants I mastered. -Max Wieners -Biggs Burgers -Eaty’s -Chilly Bowl (avoid at all costs!!) -Chinese Food (slightly tricky, I’m sure there’s easier ones) -Breakfast & Breakloose -Pizza That -All the Sports Grill (final two levels can be tough depending on which orders you get; you’re screwed if you get tons of burgers) -Pie Right (took about 3 hours to get the final level) -Slammy’s BBQ (very simple) -SubSolutions (HELL) -The World Tour -Oooh Organic -Poppers & Crunchies (sooo easy. did all levels on first try) -The Deep All You Can Eat Sushi Nest and Planet Blue are two easier ones you can sub in. My only issue was the final levels for them don’t unlock until skill level ~85, and I was impatient (finished at skill level 76) You can easily grind skill level by playing CSD Stress Mode with only chicken strips, but very tedious. I had about 180 gold medals when I finished all these, and got to 200 bronze by playing Zen Mode (infinite waiting time, each level is about 7 minutes, but you can only earn bronzes). Only other gold restaurant recommendation is to avoid Contrast Coffee at all costs! Burrito is another one that isn’t worth the time. Also, learn to master salads. They pop up in like half these restaurants and being able to churn them out will make life so much easier. Bonus: Platinum Screenshot
  13. Finally got the platinum. I’m the only one, so far. I would consider it for sure 9 or 9.5/10. Took me about 85 hours. I’ll update this with more detail on which restaurants/shifts I did when I get back to my console.
  14. Not sure when it was delisted, but just noticed when I went to redownload. Not an issue if you’ve already purchased the game, but it’s not longer available on the US store. Quite possible the servers going down will follow. The former link (click Buy Download to go to the store). https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/jeopardy-ps3/
  15. I had a VERY similar issue with cigarette cards. Met the guy, walked inside, and mailed every set of cards simultaneously. It checked off all the checkboxes for “X set sent” but not “all sets posted”. I fixed it by finding another full set and mailing them, and then the quest marked as completed. Perhaps could be a last ditch effort on your part to redo the request?