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  1. Sleeping Dogs has issues on PS5, namely loading into a game: Would need a patch to fix I assume.
  2. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. In the end I had to contact the creator Clive Townsend to help me out. On mission 9, go to where the portait & paintings are over to the right of the map. Left from here is a work closet, go inside and look for a button to push...
  3. So I tried once more and instead went for a word that I had already got and then the troublesome word. Lo and behold that worked. Funnily enough the first word I went for was OCTOBER in U2. Thanks @damage_6-9 So if any word glitches for you I’d recommend what we did here.
  4. All of the other trophies unlocked fine for me except for And All That Jazz. It’s for finding CHICAGO on Get Your Kicks. I’ve had a quick look and no one else has reported this. I have removed & reinstalled the game twice in the hope it will trigger but hasn’t as of yet and I can’t think of what to try next. This is for EU version on Vita. Not sure if I will find a solution so stating this may just serve the purpose of confirming a glitch if anyone else has this problem.
  5. 2 new add-ons have been added: No End in Sight Double Impact Awesome!
  6. I know I'm the furthest along with the trophies according to this website but I'm totally stumped on the last one before the plat, the Shinobi Sleuth trophy (Collect all the intel). I have managed to find 24 but someone on the Steam forums apparently has 27 and the achievement still hasn't unlocked for them. I can list all the ones I do have if anyone wants me to. Here's some help on some of the other trophies: When you get to mission 9, if you go to the furthest left when up high and drop down you will find your crashed hand glider (an intel point) and a portal which leads to a couple new locations where you can kill a drone & complete capra. Look for the pink blob on the map of the title screen if you're not sure where I mean. The high vis jacket is right at the bottom of the map in the middle of a water section. You can't pick it up as far as I can tell, you just have to touch it. The rocket you just have to stand in it when the timer reaches zero, you can't get into the rocket until you finish a few missions and can go in the white door to the left of it. The CDs for Disc Spinner are scattered around the various floors in the main building L2 to B6. I only had to use 9 for the trophy to pop. Finally I used the following maps to get all the the codes and find the cheat room (which no longer gives you invulnerability unfortunately)
  7. The update is now out for this and doom 2 to download the add ons. Final doom is available to both and Sigil and No Rest For The Living is available for their respective game. Of course, no DLC trophies. As soon as they said that final doom would be available for both I thought it wasn’t a possibility. Still, props for the update.
  8. Split screen seperate profiles & trophies work for Rocket League. But the following don't: Goat Simulator, Monopoly Family Fun pack (and presumably the stand alone monopoly plus) You'd think all developers could have figured out to implement this feature by now!
  9. Great thread, keep it going as I'm sure it will be a good tool to many people. I can confirm the following DO support trophies for atleast two user accounts: Minecraft Tiny Brains Cel Damage That Trivia Game And unfortunately the following DON'T: Disney Infinity 2 Pixeljunk Shooter Towerfall Ascension The Binding of Isaac Could you put a symbol by games that have been confirmed not to support multiple user trophies? Thanks. Also I will try and confirm more soon, the quickest way it seems is to start a game with more than one player logged in and then see if the second player has a trophy listing entry for that game.