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  1. I beat the tournament twice with the beast guy, no trophy. And since I didn't really see it presented clearly: The tournament is 15 waves, with a boss wave every 5 waves. Murmillo trophy unlocked after wave 5, the first boss. Retiarius trophy unlocked after wave 10, the second boss. Bestiarius should unlock after beating all 15 waves? Nothing yet for me though. You can keep playing of course after the trophies for the first two guys, I just quit out immediately and moved along. Bestiarius is at least the easiest person to play with. Just upgrade the panther and let him do all the work. For the bosses, I didn't even attack them. Just let the panther do everything, takes longer but it's safe. Get your shots in when you can or after activating the crowd thing and getting that temporary dizzy thing.
  2. Soo.... I went to my profile and I only have 11,544 trophies and level 59 when yesterday I had 20,972 trophies and was on level 86 (I can see that right now on my PS3). The only thing I did from yesterday to today was played an old PS3 game that's on my backlog. I've seen my profile go blank for a while saying that all my trophies were hidden when they weren't but this is.... so specific and weird. Any one have any idea or similar experience? Thanks!
  3. That seems to have worked! I made a random account, bought Blood and Wine off of that and I'm now on my disc version of the game and it says both DLCs are installed. Here's hoping it starts when it's supposed to. I was just an hour into the game without the DLC installed and it's now installed when I was ready to kill the griffin for the first witcher contract. But I'm sure it will. Thanks a lot, TomoTakino!!!
  4. Thanks for the links, Tomo. Unfortunately when I click on them and the page finishes loading the "Add to cart" button turns into a "Tell me more" button while it says "Not available for purchase". If I click on the "Add to cart" button before it finishes loading the page, a text box pops up that says: You are not able to purchase this product for the following reason(s): You have already purchased The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition That same box also pops up if i click on "Tell me more". I need to have the PS Store or something "forget" that I ever bought the Complete Edition because that's what's causing the problem I think. But it's still weird how I am able to download Hearts of Stone and all the other free DLC. Why is only Blood and Wine unavailable?
  5. I bought this game the week it came out. I played for a bit, realized I missed some trophies so just stopped playing altogether. I bought the Complete Edition in February or so and got 100% of the trophies. This game kicks so much ass I want to go back and get 100% on my original disc version. I was able to download Hearts of Stone but can't download Blood and Wine. Season pass isn't available either. Anyone know how to get that DLC for the original, non-complete edition? I'd hate to never be able to get 100% on this version. Especially since I'd probably plat the EU version too in a year or so!