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  1. Making my EU account on my PS4 as primary worked!! Thanks!!
  2. A game came out recently with EU and US version of both PS4 and PS5. I bought it from the PS5 first with both my main US account and a EU account. After getting the platinum for both versions on PS5, I went to my PS4 to platinum them again. No problem downloading on the US account but when I went to my EU account to download the game from the PS4 and then went to switch to my US account to have the trophies count for my main US account, it said: Cannout use the content. This content can be used only by the following users, who have a license for it. If you want to use the content, purchase it from PlayStation Store. Is this new? Is there a workaround? Thanks
  3. So I got my last cigarette card in free roam but no trophy. And it autosaves immediately so I can't go back to some save that has a few left to get. I exited out of the game and even got my last few collectibles (whose trophies popped just fine) hoping that the cigarette one would come too but it didn't. Anyone else experience this? Any work around? Or am I just fucked?
  4. You're probably hoping for a solution to your problem but unfortunately I don't have one. I encountered the same thing and only wished it happened as late for me as it did for you. I completed the first episode and missed two chapter trophies, 2 and 4. I saved my completed episode 1 save to the cloud and replayed the episode and just finished chapter two again and... no trophy again. I don't know what to do again except try a third time. Another post I think said they had to play an episode six times or something. This game sucks. Edit: I earned it the third overall time I played it (meaning I replayed it twice). I quit out to the main menu of the game and then quit the game completely and made backup saves via either the cloud or a USB stick once the chapter started and when chapter 2 didn't work that second time I just reinstalled the save to try again from that chapter. Chapter 4 worked on the first retry and since I cloud saved the completed episode 1, I can now reload that onto the system so I won't have to replay the last chapter of episode so that'd be my advice: Replay the episode and cloud save at the start of chapter 3 and if it doesn't unlock, get the save from the cloud and try again.
  5. I just got done beating every character with 96 coins collected in total (as shown on the win screen). I've also beaten levels while playing as 12 different characters and I'm still missing 8 trophies plus the platinum. Even the simple stuff like get a fire power up didn't unlock after playing one game. Basically this whole time I can unlock trophies in one game but then nothing after that. I thought it was because I kept turning the music down so I left it as is when coming back into the game but that didn't work. For example, I didn't get the trophy for playing 1P vs 2P until the 4th time I tried it, each time with closing out the game completely and coming back. I have 96 coins collected but am still missing the trophy for 3 coins in game. I've played multiple games with getting 3 coins in just that game alone but still nothing!! The only gold trophy I have is for getting 7 stars in game so it kinda sorta logs games over multiple stages but not really. Anyone else experience this crap?
  6. I just completed the final mission in the quest line, Army of the Dead, where I purified the totems and killed Zog and upon completing the mission and closing out the mission over screen, the trophy didn't pop. I fast traveled somewhere and that didn't work. I quit the game and loaded back in and that didn't do anything either. Anyone encounter something similar with trophies not popping when they should? Any work around? I'd hate to do that mission again as I just really didn't like it but I may have no choice. I don't even know if that'd do anything. Luckily, I backed up my save to the cloud about two quests back in that line but... I don't know.
  7. So I finished the Borg world (Castle in the sea) and got to Lurking Horror boss. I killed it and after collecting the jewels, I was waiting for the crystal to drop and stood underneath it jumping rapidly. I used to do that with Castlevania games.. Anyway, in the middle of my jumping, I fell through the floor and went into the loot room. I don't know if this would have popped the trophy as I already had it but what it did do is complete the world with NO crystal!! Then it went back to the world map, the world "blew up" and now I can't get back into it. Anyone else encounter this? My crystal count is still at one on the top right of the world map when it should be 2. I don't even want to finish the game if it'll all be for nothing since you need all 5 crystals for a trophy. I'll just play something else unless someone has seen this or has a workaround. Thanks!!
  8. Soo.... I went to my profile and I only have 11,544 trophies and level 59 when yesterday I had 20,972 trophies and was on level 86 (I can see that right now on my PS3). The only thing I did from yesterday to today was played an old PS3 game that's on my backlog. I've seen my profile go blank for a while saying that all my trophies were hidden when they weren't but this is.... so specific and weird. Any one have any idea or similar experience? Thanks!
  9. That seems to have worked! I made a random account, bought Blood and Wine off of that and I'm now on my disc version of the game and it says both DLCs are installed. Here's hoping it starts when it's supposed to. I was just an hour into the game without the DLC installed and it's now installed when I was ready to kill the griffin for the first witcher contract. But I'm sure it will. Thanks a lot, TomoTakino!!!
  10. Thanks for the links, Tomo. Unfortunately when I click on them and the page finishes loading the "Add to cart" button turns into a "Tell me more" button while it says "Not available for purchase". If I click on the "Add to cart" button before it finishes loading the page, a text box pops up that says: You are not able to purchase this product for the following reason(s): You have already purchased The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition That same box also pops up if i click on "Tell me more". I need to have the PS Store or something "forget" that I ever bought the Complete Edition because that's what's causing the problem I think. But it's still weird how I am able to download Hearts of Stone and all the other free DLC. Why is only Blood and Wine unavailable?
  11. I bought this game the week it came out. I played for a bit, realized I missed some trophies so just stopped playing altogether. I bought the Complete Edition in February or so and got 100% of the trophies. This game kicks so much ass I want to go back and get 100% on my original disc version. I was able to download Hearts of Stone but can't download Blood and Wine. Season pass isn't available either. Anyone know how to get that DLC for the original, non-complete edition? I'd hate to never be able to get 100% on this version. Especially since I'd probably plat the EU version too in a year or so!