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  1. Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice on PS3! Very nice job, I bet the grinding was painful. I wish I had the energy to try to get that one too.
  2. After around 500 hours I finally managed to get Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's platinum, might be the most time consuming I tried until now. At least I enjoyed the trip, loved the franchise since I was a kid playing MHTri on Wii and wanted to honor those times with World's plat.

  3. What do you mean in point 4? Is there a way to get those small crowns granted from an event or any mission?
  4. What a shame. I loved this game when I played it in NDS and was very surprised to see it was on PS4 in the sales. Glad I checked before buying so I didn't get dissapointed, I guess I will replay it in NDS someday.
  5. Also, can anyone confirm if you must reach until you can do the arena fights in hard difficulty or can you do it in normal? (it's a pain if I have to defeat hell house in hard again for this)
  6. So no need to finish the chapter, right? Thanks, I also forgot to fight with Aerith, so I'll go back and do her fight before I reach chapter 17!
  7. Easy plat for a very enjoyable game. It's a shame that you can't get the 100% if you don't own a VR set and getting the plat with base trophies leaves you with a B rank for the game.
  8. Gravity Rush on VITA, unless you enjoy using the backside screen and those mechanics (which I did not and found actually frustrating even though the plat itself is not that difficult)
  9. The Nominees Gameplay: Persona 5 Royal - Confidants Guide Shovel Knight- Spector of Torment - All Collectible Locations Walkthrough The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - Overall Walkthrough Demon's Souls - Full Trophy Walkthrough Niche Children of Morta Trophy Guide Moonlighter Trophy Guide DLC Kingdom Hearts III - reMind DLC Trophy Guide The Binding of Isaac Rebirth - The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ DLC Trophy Guide Formatting The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - Overall Walkthrough Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Trophy Guide Imported BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Trophy Guide 真・女神転生 III NOCTURNE HD REMASTER Trophy Guide Original Content Persona 5: Royal Trophy Guide Trails of Cold Steel IV Overall Walkthrough GOTY: Trails of Cold Steel IV Overall Walkthrough
  10. "Entwined" Collect all other trophies. (1.41%) Finally managed to get all trophies for this games, it was a very nice challenge and got some ultra rares!
  11. I can see now why the rarity is higher in Japanese versions, I guess fanbases interested in those games are more dedicated like @Han_the_Dragon and @ladynadiad suggested, and I certainly realized that guides for games that are Japanese-only at first (or always) are very well made up and takes a lof of effort to write. I specially noticed this while using some Trails of (Kiseki series) guides.
  12. Since some years now I have been platinum games in their Japanese version because now that I have a high understanding of the language I prefer to enjoy game in their original version. I have noticed though, that usually games that exists in several region have different percentages for the same trophies. It caught my attention though that Japanese versions usually are more commonly obtained that versions in Europe or America, I think it's curious, so does anyone have any guess of why does this happens?
  13. Mine was Hajimari no Kiseki! Very happy to plat the last entry of the Trails series! I'm also looking forward to getting plat in all of the other entries.
  14. The day Nihon Falcom decides to produce their Trails and Ys games for PS5 only. Fortunately I can't see that happening any time soon.
  15. Hey I would like to have a review too! By the way, very nice content and good idea! Just to let you know: I play many games in their JP version because I study Japanese and I want to practice