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  1. The day Nihon Falcom decides to produce their Trails and Ys games for PS5 only. Fortunately I can't see that happening any time soon.
  2. Hey I would like to have a review too! By the way, very nice content and good idea!
  3. Well, at least it's relieving to hear that they cared enough to fix it
  4. Very good method, works perfectly!
  5. Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana platinum. So happy to get one more platinum from Ys saga. Now just Ys IX Monstrum NOX left! (If only I had PS4...)
  6. It was Ys Memories in Celceta, in fact I actually just bought the Vita just to play that game (later falling in love with the console)
  7. 30th platinum get! And I also happened to level up!

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    2. KirFreecss


      Thanks everyone!


      @TangrakNor It happened to be Va-11 Hall-A for PS Vita, I didn't specifically choose it but I'm more than happy to have it there because I really loved the game :)

    3. TangrakNor


      Game doesn't ring a bell for me, so I watched a trailer. Looks somewhat interesting, but my eyes hurts a bit ^^

      At least you had fun with that game, that's all what counts, onward to the next milestone!

    4. KirFreecss


      I took a look at your profile and saw you actually platined some visual novels, so if you really are into the genre I would recommend it to you. Plus, if you like cyberpunk, that's it. And it's not very long.

      And thanks! Next I might try to finish Catherine's plat on Vita!

  8. Here I am some weeks ago, we found this tengu mask in the club room while we were doing winter cleaning.
  9. Leone from Akame ga Kill! I give that 9/10! Maybe if it was Akame I could give a 10 😜
  10. The Witcher 3, you must've spend a looot of hours to get one. Perseverance and patience are good.
  11. Love the song, and I really love the animation they use.
  12. This one is suposedly the last of the Rebuild of Evangelion series, which right now consists of 3 movies. As you say, the first of the movies is exactly like the anime (exactly from episode 1 until 6). The second movie follows up with the anime at the beginning but there are major changes in the storyline. The third movie is complete new stuff. I'd say these movies are just an alternative history, but there are theories out there saying that it's actually the sequel of the anime.
  13. So the new Eva film is coming to cinemas this June, what expectations do you have? will this be the finale of the new movies?
  14. Ys Memories of Celceta. I could say I just bought it because of this game (and Lacrimosa of Dana later) because both were Vita's exclusive at the time. Would do the same again, if you're into japanese games Vita is great.
  15. Everything being speculation and seeing what happened to PSP, I'm more on the side that as long as PSN exists trophy syncing por all platforms will be safe.