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  1. I don't think it's that hard. I saw some comments on this thread from people who made it in less than an hour. I took 1h40m, and I'm not even good at fighting games. I hope the invasion comes back soon for those who are not over yet.
  2. I killed all enemies on the camp, the cutscene animation appeared, the npc's became available inside the camp and it appears as "completed" on the map, but I didn't got the trophy. Has anyone else had a problem with this trophy? From what I've read here and in other forums, it seems to be quite common for this game's trophies to bug. Can I get this trophy in new game+?
  3. Dirt 5 - Rubberbanding (Drive 1,000 miles) - PS4 and PS5 Need to check every hour. I consider it as online because the best tracks to farm are online. But you can get this trophy offline.
  4. Exactly what I do in score attack. I always end up with somewhere between 12k and 19k points. I think in the end it doesn't matter which way you play, they're both easy.
  5. But winning the platinum medal in score attack is very easy. You only need 5000 points. Even if you don't do a good run you already get 7k to 8k points.
  6. Realize that this decision doesn't make sense, as they kept the name of a game with GoldenEye 007: Reloaded, instead of putting James Bond in front too. I believe that each game should keep its name as it was conceived, not how it sounds prettier or organized. The same goes for other games like Shift 2 Unleashed. If I were to be part of the club, it was certainly the game I would put in the letter S, as it has a certain importance for me. But I can't because someone who doesn't even have anything to do with the game's IP decided they don't want the game's name that way? It doesn't seem right to me.