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  1. Managed to solve the problem with a bit of save game trickery. Made a manual save and copied all days gone saved data to a USB drive, cleared all days gone saves from the PS4, started a new game thinking i'd be starting from scratch for the trophy but i noticed the stats in trophies via the game menu was showing everything as complete but surviving isn't living was 0/10 (must be checking trophies you have), so I quit the game, copied only the last manual save back to the ps4, and loaded save via the game and pop goes the trophy and a shiny new platinum.
  2. The surviving isn't living trophy hasn't unlocked for me despite having 10/10 in the menu. I must of rescued what seems like 20 survivors via random events and also have 100% for the protecting the weak story line, I'm currently at the end game cleaning up a few hordes to get to 45 upgrades and don't want to have to delete my saves and start all over again (new game still tracks the stats), anyone else encounter this and have a work around the problem, or am I going to have to start again for just this trophy.
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