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  1. So to confirm: Buy the game again, then import saves. Thank you and good luck to anyone else in this unfortunate predicament. Cheers!
  2. T4NK_XVII sorry, I wasn’t clear. I am referring to “PS5 Digital Console” PS4 disc version of game to PS5 Digital Console.
  3. Don’t have PS5 Disc version. Was asking about PS5 Digital
  4. Did you need to purchase the full digital version or just the DLC?
  5. Anyone transfer a PS4 disc version to a PS5 Digital? Curious if trophies migrated as well.
  6. I second using Spider-Woman, much easier to control
  7. I wasn't referring to "every young people", just that typically they have a larger network of friends via other social networks such as facebook, instagram, etc. Perhaps they go to school together, attend the same church, or play on the same sports team.That is what I am jealous of.
  8. This is a good idea, and it could even be voluntary as some folks prefer their privacy.
  9. I have the same situation with FIFA 10....stinkin Ultimate Team...
  10. So many solid points and certainly good to hear folks in a similar situation as me. Im going to certainly friend some folks and hopefully others will do the same. We can use this topic for now to collaborate further and post what games we are playing. Personally I'm playing Fifa 15 and Destiny at home on ps4, At the office is my ps3 and I pass time grinding on Kingdom hears 1.5 : Chain of memories.
  11. Where are all the gamer dads?!?!? I have been a gamer since the 90's and still manage to find 6-10 hrs a week to enjoy some gaming time. My problem is that I all the games I enjoy playing have turned social and require online collaboration with random people. This site has certainly made my experience in getting those MP/Online trophies better. However I must admit I do get jealous of the young kids who have a network of friends that they interact with on and off line. I'd like to promote that those gamers who fit a similar build reach out and post here. Perhaps form a sub-team or clique perspective we can get something started. Throwing the dice that perhaps there are a few of you out there.
  12. I agree this site has been very useful with the "Popular Games" table and "Gaming Sessions". I was just hoping to see something more definitive. If someone finds something hopefully they will post it here. Larcen is his name
  13. Is anyone familiar with way of finding the current traffic load for games within the Playstation network? I know that naturally newer games tend to always have a strong amount of traffic on them, but what if I want to play an older one. How could I determine (outside of turning the game to an online mode) of seeing how many active gamers their currently is? Thoughts??
  14. I'm with several others of you who needs to know more about it before I drop some cash on it. Its not like I have issues with the PS3 anyways..
  15. Curious what everyone thinks about the NFC East race? Down to one game Cowboys @ Redskins. Predictions?