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  1. You're right. They just appear in the Biomes. I only need one more in Biome 2 and the I got the platinum. Unfortunately, you don't know which one you're missing. Saw this video about trophy breaking glitch, but Housemarque has patched a lot already, so I don't know this is still the case.
  2. I already have the underwater one in Biome 3, thanks. Will give it another shot tonight!
  3. Ok, I'll defeat the final boss again, let's see if it's there. Do you need this one in order to find the small Xenoglyphs? I need 2 at Biome 2 and 1 at Biome 3.
  4. I'm looking for Xenoglyph AST-AX-021: Thousandth Test (the vertical tablet with the translation tiers). I have 1 - 20 which you can see under Databank --> Xenoglyphs. Where to find this one? Anyone know in which room it spawns? Is it after the final boss?
  5. Got this trophy yesterday, no issue it just pops.
  6. Alright, so I can just continue and do the house sequences later. I was confused you can enter the house multiple times because of the trophy progression is telling you 0/1. If you can enter the house 6 times, I was expecting 0/6 in the trophy progression. PS: I see you finished it in just a few days, awesome!
  7. I've read that there are 3 house cutscenes in biome 1 and biome 3. I've seen the first cutscene. I've beaten the first and second boss but haven't seen the house's second and third cutscene yet. So my question is: can I still watch the second and third cutscene? Or did I locked myself out due to I've beaten the second boss? Second question: If I beat the third boss I won't be able to go to the first 3 biomes, right? Is it possible to watch the house cutscenes after I've beaten all bosses and I'm able to return to the first 3 biomes? Currently I'm having a good run in the third biome. Before I continue I want to know what to do without possibly locking myself out for this trophy.
  8. This guide is really helpful! I overlooked two chests in Forest of Dawn. Now I got the platinum.
  9. While were done with the game, we replayed the first few levels in World 1 while I was hosting. Eventually Best Friends popped for me.
  10. I still need to find those missing chests. I will have a look where you found yours.
  11. I have the same issue. Completed the game via online co-op. Also Wonderplane. When I want to play solo, Wonderplane is not listed at the Travel menu. So annoying, want to get the 15rh time trail so I can try to achieve the String It Together trophy
  12. Yeah, try it again, hopefully it performs better. Like I said, for me it's playable, but there are a lot of small bugs: cannot grab items, frame skips, rocket won't launch in world map. Sometime the hotboxes feels kinda off. It's a really nice game and I'm enjoying it, but it would be great if they fixes these annoying issues in online multiplayer.
  13. Yes, it's laggy sometimes, but it's not unplayable, not even close. For me the first and third boss fights were a bit laggy and when I'm throwing the other player it skip some frames sometimes. I'm not the host.
  14. I'm playing online coop with a friend. He's hosting the game. When I've aced a level, eg. not dying, it does count for Amazing Ace but it doesn't count for Best Friends, which I think isn't correct. Best Friends already popped for him. I think it will count for Best Friends when I'm hosting the game.. haven't tried it yet. Can you replay a completed level multiple time to get Best Friends? Anyone else experiencing the same?
  15. This fixed it for me. Trophy Cabinet is gone though.