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  1. While were done with the game, we replayed the first few levels in World 1 while I was hosting. Eventually Best Friends popped for me.
  2. I still need to find those missing chests. I will have a look where you found yours.
  3. I have the same issue. Completed the game via online co-op. Also Wonderplane. When I want to play solo, Wonderplane is not listed at the Travel menu. So annoying, want to get the 15rh time trail so I can try to achieve the String It Together trophy
  4. Yeah, try it again, hopefully it performs better. Like I said, for me it's playable, but there are a lot of small bugs: cannot grab items, frame skips, rocket won't launch in world map. Sometime the hotboxes feels kinda off. It's a really nice game and I'm enjoying it, but it would be great if they fixes these annoying issues in online multiplayer.
  5. Yes, it's laggy sometimes, but it's not unplayable, not even close. For me the first and third boss fights were a bit laggy and when I'm throwing the other player it skip some frames sometimes. I'm not the host.
  6. I'm playing online coop with a friend. He's hosting the game. When I've aced a level, eg. not dying, it does count for Amazing Ace but it doesn't count for Best Friends, which I think isn't correct. Best Friends already popped for him. I think it will count for Best Friends when I'm hosting the game.. haven't tried it yet. Can you replay a completed level multiple time to get Best Friends? Anyone else experiencing the same?
  7. This fixed it for me. Trophy Cabinet is gone though.
  8. Yesterday evening I also faced this issue. First it was telling me that I did not obtain any trophies and I was level 1, but I remained my leaderboard positions. As of today the leaderboard position is also gone. I already changed my privacy options to nobody and back to anybody, but that did not help. Let's see if my profile will restore when I'm obtaining a new trophy..
  9. The new DLC "The Bad Seed" is out now! The previous (free) DLC did not had trophies. Will this DLC have trophies?
  10. I've played this on my Vita. I did not need to restart the game, like other in the thread. It feels like this game is not finished. A lot of glitches. - Sometimes you need a javelin to proceed and you will simply not get it from an enemy, so you're stuck. - The menu looks strange, the dark item is the highlighted item.. - The chase level: the enemy glitches to each and everything when he's pursuing you - Loading the levels or returning to the checkpoint feels like the game is freezing To be honest, I really dislike this game. Good that I bought it when it was on sale.
  11. I got it. I needed to hit select. I'm playing this game on my Vita.
  12. Thanks for the help! I've the crystal item, but I don't know where I can see where to get the missing card. Can you tell me where I can see that?
  13. How do you get 'Card Completionist'? I bought all the Mystery Cards from Chester. In my card library there a a few undiscovered, how do I find these cards. I've beaten all the Joustus players. Missing cards are: 23, 36, 41, 42, 51, 62, 100, 116, 125, 126, 136.
  14. Same same, but different. The cards feats can be quite annoying imo, especially if you don't like the game. Overall a good DLC, but not the best one imo.
  15. In Cavern of Joustus in need to beat Blazorb, the orb with flames. I have beaten him a few times but the red flag does not appear. Is there something special I need to do?