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  1. I understand, but most people put time and date as a placeholder. So, I still recommend to create a Game Session.
  2. There's a section called Gaming Sessions, you can repost it there https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  3. I just finished Veteran. I tried the smart bomb strategy, but I didn't work for me. I used the rocket launcher to kill the two drones attached to the Architect and then hit the Architect itself. In the third phase, with the purple skulls, I focused on the purple beam drone and the Architect.
  4. I also missed one harvest point but I got it eventually, the one I missed was in the north west area. Imo it's a lot easier to run around at the world map then go through all the dungeons again. Too bad the guides I found are in complete; not all dungeon area are listed.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, I got that one. Thanks for mentioning though. I think I miss like 3 or 4 chests.
  6. FWIW, I finished Moxxi's DLC yesterday. I did it together with a friend online. We used only fire SMG (Hellfire) and a corrosive revolver, both elemental X4. Most bodies will disappear because of the elemental effects. We didn't experience any crashes. Before this method we did it with all kinds of weapons and the body parts remain on the battlefield which caused a crash.
  7. I'm stuck at the chests. I currently have found 99,1% of the all the chests. At the world map, I got 100 coverage and I got all the harvest points. I don't see any chest icons anymore at the world map. So I think I got all the chests at the world map.. So, I think I've missed 3 or 4 chests. I did everything in my Ng+, story wise I now need to go to the final boss. I already picked up the chest behind the fountain in the last area before facing the final boss. I found a guide with chests in the dungeon, but the dungeon is not fully visible in the guide so it's not very helpful imo. https://m.imgur.com/a/itALo Does anyone know a visual or textual walkthrough to get the chests? Found these guides on the internet: - https://m.imgur.com/a/a8Xdy - http://huteikigame.blogspot.com/2012/10/ps-vita_18.html?m=1 - http://ito.cside.com/kamonet/game3/ysc_psv/map_003.html I really want to finish this :-)
  8. Nice verzameling aan trophies! Je stats zijn solid, nice man

  9. How did you solve it? According to your acquired trophies, you got the Socialite trophy. I'm playing this game on my Vita. No issues with trophies so far and I also got the Socialite trophy.
  10. The game also glitched for me (I got the EU Vita). I was fighting the last boss when the game canvas panned to the bottom. Suddenly I saw the credits, I think, and the trophy popped for beating the game. But no trophy for beating the real and boss. Hopefully I still can get it. I need to start over because I cannot continue my previous run. Would be nice if the developers will look into this. Does anyone had the same experience I had? If so, is it still possible to acquire the real end boss trophy, even when the trophy for the endgame already popped? Update: Finished the game last night. The trophy for the real end boss popped! Although I had a rough playthrough: - Sometimes I could not progress to the next stage in the area, the pointing finger animation did not appear - I could proceed to the door which end the level at the Hospital 1-3. Although I really like the game, but there are some annoying bugs.
  11. You need to have it in your possession and NOT use it, i.e you're not allowed to die and be revived. If you defeat the HotK it will pop.
  12. Haven't played this game for a while, but I just got the trophy. It's kinda silly that I missed this one because the monster spawn immediately when the boss fight starts.
  13. Thank you for your reply. I just started my NG+ playthrough so I will encounter Mustrum "soon". If I mess up again, probably I can encounter it at Boss Rush.
  14. According to the guide I'm missing one boss, Polestol. Where can I find it?
  15. I had the same issue; trophy did not pop after playing 5 maps. To fix this: 1. Delete Profile Save (backup first) 2. Start the game and chose SnapMap 3. Press triangle for search and search for KFADVXWV 4. Play this map 5 times in a row 5. The trophy will pop 6. Restore Profile Save from backup