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  1. You absolute legend! I've had this game sat on the shelf collecting dust for ages, i even went and bought the LE of it only to be really bummed out to find it was unplattable. I mean, it sucks that it could well end up being another RNG sadness fest to get said trophies, but hella glad you've found a work around! God i love a happy ending
  2. Just noticed that a game called Wizards: Wand of Epicosity is currently on sale on EU PSN at 75% off. The game is a cartoony looking tower defense game. However i can't seem to find the game listed on this site at all. PSPrices doesn't even link to a trophy list in general. I mean, it'd be pretty damn weird for a game released as of August 4th 2020 to have no trophy list. I even checked for other games with names that had 'Wizard' or 'Wand' in the title, and couldn't find it. Unless this is like a 'Skylar and Plux' / 'Clover Island' situation, i can't seem to find it on this site anywhere. Edit: So i've just noticed it's in the unsyncable list of games >.< I've just messaged the devs on twitter, hopefully i'll get a response
  3. My save data was consistently behind my journal data by about 20 days or so. My trophy unlocked when my journal hit day 100 as well, so the trophy defo reads your journal rather than what your save data says We were playing multiplayer, normal mode. At some point my partner looked at his journal and his journal was 2 days behind mine, even though we'd always play the game together and never did solo play. Like you said though, as long as the trophy consistently unlocks on the journal hitting day 100, i suppose we can take that as a win
  4. Oh no i completely understand what you mean in regards to cheaters. It feels like it's taken away from your accomplishment in a way. The fact that you did some of the hardest aspects of a game and EARNED those trophies, only for someone to swan along and unlock everything without putting any effort in is definitely frustrating and demoralising. I'm just not of the opinion that a less or more rare trophy makes the trophy any less 'worthy' if that makes any sense. I've seen people on here complain about how easy Ratalaika games are, and that it devalues trophy levels and to me that sort of thinking makes no sense if you are someone who enjoys playing games. As an example, i recently finished a game called 'Evan's Remains'. The game could be considered an EZPZ game, as there's no real skill involved, and if someone decided to follow a guide and skipped all the cutscenes, could be done within 30mins. But for me, it's a platinum i was happy to get and i couldn't care less if the platinum percentage is really damn high (i think it's in the 90%'s), because the game was just...... good. If we're talking story, REALLY good! And for the game to have such a high percentage in terms of trophies, mean nothing to me since it was just a damn good game.
  5. I'm personally not someone that goes for low percentage plats per se, i'm also not the sort of person that gets mad about trophies becoming less rare just because other people have managed to do them as well. Good for them, it's good to see that other people enjoyed the game enough or tried hard enough to get the plat. It does however bother me when i see people cheat at the game. You're posted example is quite clearly someone who's cheated in some form or another, so they'll get reported if you haven't done so already. So while i completely understand your frustration at seeing people cheat on something you played for legitimately, i've never understood the mentality of being upset that your trophies are no longer as rare as they once were. Edit: To clarify, i understand why you'd be mad seeing a trophy rarity go down because of cheaters. If however it's just that people have decided to go back and finish the game due to patches making certain sections easier, and legitimate players have made the plat less rare, if you were mad about that as well, i wouldn't understand it.
  6. I'll still end up getting this at some point, but not for the asking price of £30 (i'm assuming it'll be that much on the GB store, as price parity is just non existent on PSN). Gotta admit though, the trophy list is damn well lacklustre to say the least. Not fussed about no platinum, but the asking price for a game that was released back in the PS2 era as well as this incredibly lazy trophy list, it's gonna be a hard pass for me until it comes on offer.
  7. I'm currently going for the 100 days survived without finding Timmy trophy, 'Bad Father'. From what i can gather from people posting on these forums is that the trophy pays attention to days survived listed in your journal and not your save data. I've also just learnt that if you die, it resets your journal back down to 0 days survived. Now, according to my save data, i've survived for 67 days. According to my journal i have survived for 88 days. Does anyone know why there is such a disparity between my save data and my in game journal? To clarify the situation a bit further here's some extra info about my playthrough: 1. I've only ever played it multiplayer, and only with the same person every session. 2. Neither of us have died at any point during our playthrough. 3. We have not entered the lab or saved Timmy. 4. We have spent days in caves without sleeping and sometimes outside in our camp without sleeping. 5. I have always been the host. 6. Whenever we saved, i let my partner save first, and then i save after. He leaves the game, and seconds later i quit the game. It would be more understandable if the journal had less days survived than the save but, here we are. The only thing i can think of is that the save data counts the amount of times you've slept as opposed to how many in game days you've survived. If anyone has any idea as to why this is happening, please let me know
  8. I noticed a number in the bottom right hand corner of my screen, after the initial title screen. It shows up when you're in the title menu New Game, Load Game etc. I have 2 save games, one at chapter 14 and the other is my cleanup save at chapter 10. My number at the bottom right of the screen is: 58,271 Anyone have any idea what this number is? I can't really think of anything in game that would correlate to this number. Could just be a player specific profile number, but i just find it a little weird since there's no online function for the game, and usually numbers like that either refer to seeds or to make it easier for players to find each other. * shrug *
  9. I just got done with my first playthrough, and managed to get a majority of trophies and reloaded my last save to change a decision to get 3 of the endings. I'm going through a second playthrough now, but i'm keeping my eye on two different walkthroughs: One of them is a guide on trueachievements, which lists how to get all your trophies in a very basic and easy to understand manner. The other guide is from neoseeker which is an excellent in depth guide, especially if you want to know what different options through gameplay that'll give you different dialogue results. I would HIGHLY recommend a completely blind playthrough at first, since this game is a real trip, and you'll probably wrap up quite a few trophies while you're at it With that being said i have a few hints, tips, and trophy warnings i want to give people before you start this slightly flawed masterpiece: This game has NO CHAPTER SELECT. It also does not change save slots, and i haven't found a way to change save slot once you've started a playthrough. The game also frequently autosaves. Bear this in mind when you go for a trophy playthrough, as certain decisions and actions can be accidentally screwed up due to RNG, and can potentially mess up your chances at certain trophies. Grab a USB stick or your Playstation+ and keep a backup if you know you're about to enter a potentially trophy breaking run. There is a levelling system of sorts in place. For anyone that's ever played a Call of Cthulhu board game, you'll probably be quite familiar with the skills at your disposal. This is also where, in my opinion, the games greatest flaw lies. Your skills of Investigation, Spot Hidden, Occultism, Medicine, Psychology, Eloquence and Strength have set levels they can reach, the maximum level being 5. However they also have a percentage listed, and it's the percentage that's the real kicker, especially in regards to skills like Spot Hidden and Investigation. You see for every action that requires a 'check', it turns into a game of RNG. While you may have your investigation skill at level 3 of 5, it doesn't really mean much of anything when in reality you only have a percentage chance of unlocking something using that skill. If you fail that check, the game autosaves and you've just screwed yourself out of getting into that locked door/chest. I wouldn't worry about this during your first blind playthrough of course, just play the game how you'd play it if you weren't taking trophies into account When doing your second playthrough, i'm being recommended by many guides to max out your Spot Hidden skill first and foremost, then follow up with Investigation. Obviously, this does cut short quite a few dialogue options that you can only have access to with higher levels in Psychology or Eloquence. Spot Hidden however, can also work on a percentage from what i can gather. Certain guides are saying you only have to get the skill at a certain level in order to see the hidden items, but i have found this not exactly to be the case. In one of the earlier investigation scenes, i knew where i hidden item SHOULD have been, and i had put every skill point thus far into the Spot Hidden skill, and the item still did not appear. I reloaded the check point, and lo and behold, suddenly the item was there, so this also appears to work on a percentage basis. And no, plenty of items are literally unobtainable unless you boost that Spot Hidden skill. So even if you know where the hidden item SHOULD be, you can't see it or pick it up without that Spot Hidden skill boosted. My last point in regards to skill points, revolves around Occultism and Medicine. Right at the start of the game, you're asked to put some skill points into your preferred stats, as a nice little boost to start the game with. This is the ONLY time you'll be allowed to allocate skill points into Occultism and Medicine. If you want to boost Occultism and Medicine further, you'll have to look for books and other items during your playthrough that will automatically give you points in these skills. When you complete your very first playthrough, and reached one of the endings, you'll be able to reload the last chapter to change your final decisions and (more than likely) obtain 2 other endings. If we're talking trophies, the rarest ending, is probably the one that you're missing and will require another playthrough. This game is an absolute blast, and as i stated, defo give this a blind playthrough first. You won't regret it, especially since the game isn't particularly long, and it doesn't feel like much of a chore to go back to to get the rest of your trophies Edit: I just finished my second playthrough and got the 'Nameless Cults' trophy as my final ending. I'm going to try and keep this as spoiler free as possible, since i don't want this spoilt for anyone. There seems to be a massive amount of confusion regarding what gets you certain endings in this game, and some people have done pretty much the exact opposite to others and got access to the same 3 of 4 endings. For all the variables there are in the game, from what i can gather, there are only 2 variables that should really concern you. Your sanity And saving Drake. You need have Drake alive and well for one of the endings, there's no two ways about it. One of the endings will be available to you ALWAYS, no matter what options you pick. As for the other 2, for me i'm pretty sure it comes down to Sanity. High sanity for one and low for the other. So obviously for one ending, do things that keep your sanity high: No looking at certain books, no speaking R'lyehian, picking the options that go against what Cthulhu would want, being polite and generally not being an asshole. And for the other do all the naughty no no's. Read all the nasty books, speak R'lyehian at every given opportunity (you need to do this for a trophy anyways), be an asshole, and look at and do all the naughty things that you think an evil, mind bending, ancient deep sea god would want you to do. As an aside i did read something that might be a little worrisome for those going for certain trophies. Remember how i mentioned that the skills play a percentage game? Now, while this didn't happen to me, i did read a guide writer that said this happened to someone, so be forewarned! Much like the game XCOM, percentages, even when they're 100%, don't mean shit! The guide writer mentions a certain locked chest in late game, and when the person tried to unlock said chest with 100% maxed out Investigation skill, they failed the lock....... This particular locked chest has a trophy attached to it, and the game autosaved after he failed the lock. So just be sure to back up your save before unlocking pretty much ANYTHING! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
  10. @B1rvine Contacts at Sony? Surely that would breach GDPR if they're giving you access to peoples account information physically or verbally? In any case, thank you for the reply and the honesty telling me how exactly you're getting some of this information. And yeah, i'd imagine a team of 10 people on the same account would make it rather difficult to distinguish a cheater from a team. I can only imagine the headache that incurs Mine and Darks arguments were not directly made about the guy who was flagged, but more about the principle of using times that can be proven to be incorrect, and judging by the amount of people that have posted in this thread, it's not really a small amount. I'm sure i could go through your list and find a few missing times and discrepancies here and there, but i wouldn't want someone to use those very potentially incorrect times against you. If it had been mentioned (the dispute in the original post) that the guy he paid had been caught and removed 3 times already, i'm not even sure any of this thread would even be here. Also kinda curious as to how you know that : A. He paid someone B. Who the guy he paid was C. How the paid guy cheated it But for you to say that because all of your times through 50 games are spot on, on a site that has over 70million users, with god only knows how many games on it, seems a little disingenuous to say that ALL the times for everyone should be correct.
  11. So let's say i report him for all of them, because it says his playtime is only 30mins, and it's impossible to get all those trophies in that 30mins?
  12. Mind if i give you an example and you could give me a rough outline of how you'd go about solving it? Dark_Overlord is my partner, and we both played Helldivers together. A game that we're both planning on going back to at some point. We literally sit in the same room, he has his back to my screen, and if i look to my left i can see everything that he's playing. My timer tells me that i've played it for 23.93 hours. His timer tells him he's played it for 30mins. Neither of us have cheated at the game, we played it together in the same room at the same time, but our times played stat tells everyone else a different story. Now, if I decided one day in a weird fit of rage to accuse him of cheating, and flagged him for it, how would that go down? Would you go by time played, my word, other methods or all of the above? Edit: I may also add that no neither of us cheated it, and no i'm not going to flag him for it. Just figured i'd add this in an edit as i realised if you only read the first line, it looks super weird and looks like i'm accusing him of cheating
  13. I'm sorry, but hearing things like that just make me think shady back door shit is happening How do you know someone has CFW on a playstation? How do you know their times have been messed with? How do you know more than one person has access to that account? Without an explanation or proof, i can't just accept being spoon fed someone telling me 'just believe us'. I'm also not understanding how people could avoid being caught if they knew all the methodology?
  14. No you're right, so is anyone from CRT gonna tell me? There's no backup evidence being shown to anyone during disputes. If disputes are made public, why isn't the evidence? It's like having a trial, and only showing the evidence to the judge and not the lawyers or the jurors
  15. I'm probably gonna tap out of this soon because it seems like quite a few people aren't bothering to read the everything that anyone is typing, and just picking the bits they wanna read. One of the measures that CRT uses to catch a cheater is the PSN playtimes. PSN playtimes have been proven to be incorrect on a number of occasions. If more evidence other than PSN playtimes was used to back up a dispute then there would be no issue. However in disputes, i've seen plenty of people that have been flagged or banned based on playtime alone, and THAT is what's not right. Banning or flagging someone based on one single piece of evidence that's a 50-50 shot on whether it's true or not, is not a good system of proof to catch a cheater. Not showing how they catch cheaters is a major flaw imo. We're back to the age old 'you can just trust us'. I've also seen disputes where two people have had the same issue, and both been flagged. One of them was let off while the other wasn't, cos the CRT team just knew one was lying and the other wasn't. How do the rest of us plebs know this? We don't. And we'll never know. Cos we just have to trust people that won't show their methods * shrugs * Edit: Another question i don't know the answer to. I didn't realise that you could have multiple people playing on the same account and that that was not against PSNP rules, i've literally just learned this today. So let's say 2 people are playing on the same account, one is online and the other is offline. They're both playing the same game, that has the same trophy list. If one of them pops a trophy, and then the next trophy can only be obtained in around 1 hours worth of more playtime, but the other person gets that trophy a minute or so later and they both sync the account. Wouldn't this make catching cheaters almost completely impossible? I just find it odd that PSNP allows multiple people on the same account when it would just make their job of catching cheaters 10x harder :/