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  1. Right, so we've started up again and my trophies seem to be popping normally now thankfully. I forgot to mention I was the host when my trophies were popping weirdly, but I'm also hosting this time so I dunno if that made any difference. And while my trophies are popping as they should, I'm experiencing a very VERY large delay as opposed to my partner whom, again, has trophies popping normally and with virtually no delay at all. Starting to wonder if the game just has a vendetta against me after I said how atrocious its dialogue and voice acting was. 🤣
  2. Nope, none of them. The only data from the game I still had on the console was the install, it was sat on there since 2016, so around 7 years completely untouched. Just reformatting right now. One of my friends that we boosted the online with all those years ago, didn't have the same issue, nor did my partner, his popped fine after we did the 1st chapter together. I'll be perfectly honest, I'm kinda hoping it isn't reproducible, at least for me. I didn't find anyone else with the same issue, and even people I played with didn't. So I wouldn't blame others for not believing me and it would also mean a potential flag. Additionally, the only reason we tried the campaign was because at first we were trying to play Dead Space 3 together. Installed it on my PS3 no problem. My partners, 3 beeps and red light. His slim PS3, 3 beeps and red light and corrupted his hardrive. Fuck it, we'll play Inversion instead. Then all this malarky happens with my trophies. 😮‍💨 All on THE SAME DAY during my holiday.... It's like a freakin sitcom!
  3. Fortunately I signed out before they synced! Fuck it, I've just wiped all game data from my console, backed up my saves and I'll try again another day. What a nightmare. 😵
  4. But you were telling me a moment ago that it was just my PS3 overheating? From what I read in that, the posts that were complaining about it more recently were using the OG models. Either way, Dead Space 3 regardless of model, seems to just be utterly fucked. :/
  5. So my partner and I did the online multiplayer for this game a while back in fear of server closures. We just started playing the co-op campaign today, and finished the first chapter. My partner is player 2. His trophies popped as they should: Dude Bro, Chapter 1 However for me it just popped: Meatheads, Dude Bro, Chapter 1, Easy Going and Normal Guy. We've not even touched the campaign single player or otherwise, so why does the game think I've finished the game TWICE when I've not even SEEN past chapter 1 let alone PLAYED IT!!! I signed out the second I realised something seemed off, but have no idea if these fucked up trophies have synced. What the hell do I do?
  6. There was a system software update on PS3 consoles a while back. Can't remember which update it was, but it was a later update after the PS4 came out. Since then there have been a few PS3 games that simply don't work on older PS3 consoles. L.A. Noire was the one that caught my attention, but it is by no means the only game that's stopped working sadly. Seems like you've found a couple more. 😥 Boy do I wish that was what the problem was, it'd be an easy fix. Sadly no, and I'm not the only one with this issue with Dead Space 3: Bear in mind that's page 16 regarding this issue, and quite a few are from this year. 😥
  7. Much like with the PS3 LA Noire, Dead Space 3 does not work on the 60g original PS3 model. Not sure if it ever did, but it certainly doesn't now. You boot up and get as far as pressing the start button for it to install trophy data. At which point the console will do 3 beeps, power down and the red light on your playstation will flash. Every time. 😒 Has anyone made a master list for this sorta thing yet? Cos I'm wondering now just how many games this affects. Gna have to go out and buy myself another slim PS3 just so my partner and I can do the co-op together.
  8. Thank you. Like I said, I get that it's a volunteers thing and I appreciate that. There's a lot of games I've either stayed clear of or contacted the Devs about BECAUSE of this very thread. As I said earlier, I've been here watching Dark and the Dev for Guardian of Lore talking about potential bug fixes. Watched him do the same bosses over and over again in different ways, only to be disappointed in the end not seeing those trophies pop. It's taken the two of them a full week, with Dark almost exclusively playing that game to find all these bugs (and it's not just the trophies not popping btw). It was just pretty miserable after seeing him go through all that effort when basically everyone else had given up on the game, with someone else's name attached to the report was all.
  9. Oh no I get that, but you've gotta understand that I have been watching him play this game for days on end finding bugs, reporting it back to the Dev and working out ways to fix it when everyone else seemed fine with just bitching and whining that the game would simply 'never work'. Seeing your name pop up on the report just looks like you're taking credit for someone else's work. There's no way you can add his name to the report?
  10. Eerrrmm why have you noted it as you finding all the issues, when Dark_Overlord is literally in the Devs discord reporting all these bugs? 😂
  11. Nice, and thanks for posting the info. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for a sale. 🥰
  12. Glad to see that this game might actually be possible now! As a semi unrelated note, since Sony are now removing games that are considered shovel ware from PSN and are trying to do some quality control on their store, do you think they'll start telling Devs they have to ensure trophies are syncable and doable? ....... I know, I crack me up too! 🤣
  13. I have had this same problem with the game collection a couple of times now and did ask them about it They said that they receive all their games from a supplier, rather than order them manually themselves. So whatever the supplier sends them, that's what they sell. So this supplier, whoever the company is, is the one sending out reseals to websites to sell as new. Whether or not they're aware they're doing this, I don't think we'll ever really know for sure. I will admit I have noticed quite a few EU companies in the UK, especially limited print companies, have been giving me Y fold seals. I'm totally ok with that. However I don't think a Y fold seal is necessarily mark of anything official. I've received Y fold sealed games that have been in pretty shoddy condition and I'm not just talking about the cases, discs and inserts too. Had this happen at ASDA. Turns out workers were opening games with scalpels, taking the contents out and then resealing them like they were brand new. Not saying this happens everywhere or is all that common, but defo something to be aware of. See above. It does suck though, especially for those that prefer sealed copies as collectors. Personally I tend to keep my games sealed until I'm ready to play them, or if they have download codes in them but these days I'm way more inclined to open them the day they arrive to check for shenanigans. As for your comment about you and your partner, me and mine are pretty much the same. If we ever want something gaming wise, 9 times out of 10 we both want it. So we don't bother with birthday or Christmas presents anymore cos we're too busy buying looooaads of stuff all year round. 😂
  14. So just started the game. Clicked on 'Story' in the first set of levels, and received the trophy: 'The Hidden Secret #1: Find the hidden secret in world 1' Ok I haven't even started a level yet, but ok. Narrator finishes reading his lines, the first level loads up and.... 'Area 1: Finish Area 1' trophy pops. I haven't even set foot in the level yet. 🤣 Wtf is going on? Edit: ok seems like you get the trophies for finishing the area, when you START the area. Just started area 2 and got the trophy for finishing it. Additional Edit: so I just started up area 3, and got the trophy for finishing area 11, the narrator said his piece and then the area 3 trophy popped...... Trophies are just straight up fucked. 😑