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  1. First and foremost, anyone thinking that a game with the word Unicorn in the title would be a sweet easy trophy list, is going to be in for a rough time. With my experience with it so far the game is pretty damn punishingly difficult, which is not helped by the camera or the janky combat. If you're just looking for boss strategies, give this persons video some love. While i personally would not agree with them that this game is 'amazing', i have to bow down to their mastery of the game. I'm now going to list in nice bite size chunks, things i have learnt about the game that i'm hoping will make life a little easier for people going for the plat. Please bear in mind, this will be updated as i am still currently playing the game myself: 1. There are two characters you will be playing as and you're going to want to level up your characters quite a bit in the starting area. The max level is 50. Probably don't try and max yourself out in the starting area, but don't do what i did and immediately take your elf character to the caves. The enemy placement, swinging axes and boss there are all pretty brutal at low level. So get grinding. 2. The max level for weapons is 5. For the elf character, i'd defo recommend upgrading the bow asap. It does a smaller amount of damage than your blade, but you're going to need it for upcoming bosses, and keeping yourself attacking at a distance is a must for some fights. (Will be updated) 3. Your characters have their own separate inventory, red gems (currency), level and skills to get them through the game. So don't go thinking you have a ton of healing herbs with one character and think that you'll be all good, the other character will not share the inventory, weapons or character level. Treat them as their own separate entities. 4. Quite a few of the earlier enemies i've noticed can be stun locked with the basic 'square' attack. 'Triangle' hits harder, but tends to be so slow that you'll end up getting hit in the process. For smaller enemies that move quickly, just stick with your basic 'square' button. 5. Sometimes, undead enemies will explode! No idea why, and it doesn't happen all the time, but if they fall to floor and start flashing red, get out of the way! 6. Not sure if this is true or not, but appears to be the case for me. The goblins shop seems to have a permanent stock. What i mean by this is, if he has 5 healing herbs to sell you and you buy them all, they are GONE for good. He doesn't seem to restock, and unfortunately this is one of the few things that does carry over between characters. If he has 5 herbs and you buy 3 with the elf, then get control of your human viking back, the goblin will only have 2 herbs to sell him. 7. Personally, i barely ever use the X button to kill an enemy off. Invariably there is something lying on the ground, and my character will pick the item up off the ground rather than killing the enemy, causing me to take damage. Additionally, if you do manage to kill the enemy off with X, you have a brief moment of invincibility, emphasis on the BRIEF part. By the time the animation has finished, i nearly always get hit by something else in the area. 8. Be careful when back tracking. I have no idea how respawning enemies works in this game. Most of the time, you'll kill a group of enemies, and they'll only respawn when you leave the whole area (go through a loading screen) and then come back. However this isn't always the case, and you may find that turning a corner and coming back respawns them as well. So always be on your guard. 9. If you thought the Spider Queen boss was hard, it's got nothing on Ulfrstorr the wolf! His range to hit you is IMMENSE. You may look like you're about 2 feet away from his attacks, but it really won't matter, he's still gonna hit you. Lots and lots of dodging involved and personally i'm not even bothering with the blade, just the bow. When he jumps up top to start healing himself, use charged shots constantly. During his second phase he's gonna start charge attacking, you get hit by one of those, it's pretty much game over as it will take around 3/4 of your health off you, and leaves you very little time to heal yourself. The attack is telegraphed, as he will do a small hop backward and then charge, getting the timing down to dodge it is another matter altogether what with the games god awful hit detection. He's also got a wolf breath attack with 2 variations; one of them does a small amount of damage and knocks you back, leaving you wide open to be attacked. The other wolf breath, the one he charges, i'd love to tell you what it does but i've not been hit by it yet. However given how much damage his charge attacks does, i'm going to go ahead and guess that it's a 1 hit kill. 10. After beating Old King Wulfric, you may be at a loss as to where to go. Head back to the broken statue of Tyr, the one that's in the same area with Durin and the area where you first meet the scorpion enemies. The statue will call you over, and ask you to make the blood of Fenryr, go make it and then head back to the statue to enter the arena. This was the first time i was truly racking my brains as to where to head to next. After getting the 2 handed sword, in the same area down at the bottom where the giant locked gate is, there is a plinth with a symbol on it. This is what you use your new sword on to get to the next area. Seriously there are no hints at this point in the game to indicate any of this :/ I will update this post the further i get into the game. No i will not be writing a guide, i really don't have it in me
  2. Thank you very much for this Just started the game and had no idea it was this punishingly difficult, and would rather not have to do multiple playthroughs.
  3. Just started doing the online for this recently, and i'm having a lot of the same issues. The A.I. all seem to swap between being completely brain dead or OP as all hell, and usually not in your favour. I'm currently trying to win a match as Mimosa, who is a healer first and foremost, on a zone control battle. The enemy is getting characters like Vetto consistently, and i'm the only person in my team that's actually trying to catch the zone...... as Mimosa........ Anyone who has played the game can tell you that that is batshit insane, but sadly that seems to be how it goes whenever you play as a healer or support character. I've had matches where my A.I. has had Magna during a chest hunt, and has had him sat in the far left back corner of the arena, hitting baseballs into the wall. Yami, frequently, stands at long range and swings his sword around in the air like he's trying to be a long range attacker like Gauche. Fana has jumped on and off her salamander over and over and over again without ever firing a single fireball. Mimosa refuses to put down her healing flower orb. On the enemies side, don't even get me started on character like Luck. Sweet Jesus, the amount of times that smiley little fucker has blasted me with his triangle move in the space of a few seconds just goes to show how much this game favours the enemy A.I. The enemy Charmy, throws down a bounce pad with 0 cooldown, bounces constantly and throws down her sheep from one end of the arena to the other with infinite range. Julius when you play as him in nigh on impossible to play as since a lot of his moves require him to stand around absorbing time, so when you play as him you'll invariably get 1 hit K.O.'d I think i'll stop there, but you get the picture. All the online if you're relying on the A.I. is luck based. About the only way to get most of the wins on the online i've found is this: Hope you get the treasure chest hunt mission. Immediately grab a cloak that turns you invisible. Use it, run and grab the key, and immediately run to the chest. Rinse and repeat
  4. So i just got the full wardrobe trophy to pop by filling it with anything i could find, and then put everything into my inventory so that there's no slots left. The full wardrobe trophy has popped, but the fill inventory is not. As an aside, good lord this game is bad. I mean, i get that the proceeds to the DLC purchases are for a charity, but not even the Natwest Bank game Island Saver was this invasive about its DLC, and that was actually a really fun game. This on the other hand, is just awful :/ Edit: Sell Things trophy for selling a dozen items isn't popping either. How the hell does anyone manage to get this game to work?! Edit 2: Ok scratch that, nothing is popping anymore, am i just fucked? Edit 3: Ok i think this is going to be last post about this game now. After buying 30 or so items on one save file (this includes individual items and duplicate items), and not getting the buy things trophy, i deleted the game a started up a new save file. I bought a total of 8 different kinds of seeds and the trophy for buying 12 items just popped....... Essentially what i'm saying here is either; Don't buy the game to begin with or if you do, do not expect your trophies to either pop or make sense when they do because it seems to me like the game is broken as all hell and will only work if it feels like it.
  5. Starting to sound like the game is a bit broken and not that much fun to play Yeah think, i'll give it a miss unless they fix those trophies.
  6. Or could no one be bothered to play through the game twice? Looking through the trophy list, it seems like all the trophies can be obtained with one playthrough apart from the ending trophies, where you either have to pick or the other. Seems no one on this site has the bad ending, but 8% or so have the bad ending on playstation network. Just wondering if anyone knows if this trophy is legitimately possible, or if it's just that no one could be bothered getting it? It's currently on sale now.
  7. So while i was playing, i jumped onto the XMB to see what trophies i still needed. I pushed up on the analogue stick to go to the bar that had the trophies icon on it, only for the playstation to pull me back to hovering over the start Far Cry New Dawn (i still had it open), and then a blue screen hit me with a pop up that said something along the lines of: 'Data Corrupt. Please Rebuild Your Database' The only option i had was to exit using 'O' so i did, and nothing seemed to be amiss. Only until a few hours and play sessions later when i realised i should have earned a few more trophies, specifically a story progression one and the one for unlocking all the perks. Only i had no pings. Turns out my playstation has been popping them in the background with no pictures and no pings :/ I'm rebuilding the database now, so i'm hoping this will fix it. Apparently Far Cry 5 and New Dawn have a habit of telling you your data is corrupt, but it's more often than not on the digital version. I played Far Cry 5 and New Dawn as physical discs, i had no issues with 5 that i remember, and with New Dawn this has only happened once. Just posting this here as a warning to anyone who likes to keep their trophy pictures. If Far Cry tells you your data is corrupt, save your game, quit out and get rebuilding your database!
  8. EU/UK can be entirely different. Germany got its own seperate version. While at the time EU/UK were one and the same, the region listings for games could be completely seperate. Have you got a UK PEGI rated version of one and a German USK rated one for the other? So let's say you bought the German disc, but you bought the DLC on an account that was anything other than the German store. You wouldn't see the DLC because you've used a German disc and a different store for the DLC.
  9. Anyone else have this issue? I finished all 3 games, and then went back for trophy cleanup in order of the trophy list. I got to 'Demonology' and nobody explained how the trophy was popped. It was then i realised that the trophy should be UNMISSABLE if you simply finish the 'One Night in The Woods' game, which i did. Aaaaaannnnddd no 'Demonology' trophy :/ However the trophy for getting to the end of it 'Deal With The Devil' did. Kinda worried that i'm gonna get flagged for this one since it SHOULD be unmissable :/ Edit: Found out the problem, you have to interact with all the demon statues correctly the first time. If you do something like say, light the fire on the wrong one or put water in the chalice for the wrong one, it invalidates the trophy.
  10. So this time i re downloaded the save, entered mission 3-1 quit to main menu, quit to XMB, reloaded and went to the mission giver, then started the process from redownloading the save off my USB again. I also changed things up a little by NOT speaking to the mission giver on the initial re download of the save, since we know that the mission giver will always give me the same mission upon re downloading the save (because of the seed), which will be Perform a 2160. Aaaannndd once again, the results are not promising Start - Will be perform a 2160 Reload in game after XMB quit - Perform a 2160 Re DL Save 1st - Will be a perform a 2160 Reload in game after XMB quit - Perform a 2160 Re DL Save 2nd - Will be a perform a 2160 Reload in game after XMB quit - Perform a 2160 Re DL Save 3rd - Will be a perform a 2160 Reload in game after XMB quit - Perform a 2160 Re DL Save 4th - Will be a perform a 2160 Reload in game after XMB quit - Perform a 2160 Re DL Save 5th - Will be a perform a 2160 Reload in game after XMB quit - Perform a 2160 Re DL Save 6th - Will be a perform a 2160 Reload in game after XMB quit - Perform a 2160 Sufficed to say that at the very least this exploit doesn't work on the current update or possibly not on the PS4 in general. Either that or i am the unluckiest RAD player to have ever lived, which is entirely possible since i had to do around 60 or so runs just to get one of the bosses to appear >.< Unlucky for all of us however, as it seems there is no way to cheese the system, and the mindless grinding continues. Sorry to anyone who was looking for an easy way out like i was, and by all means if you want to test this out for yourself go for it. Additional things to note while doing this was, i attempted to fudge the system further by doing different actions during each run to mess with the RNG. Like killing or not killing certain enemies each time, falling or not falling off ledges etc. And the music is not seed specific, it changes every time......... pointless, but interesting
  11. OK, so after more runs than i can count, i still haven't managed to get all the missions from all the factions to even appear, let alone be able to complete them. By far the most annoying of these is doing the tasks for the Vestigial. They only have a pool of 3 quests to pick from, and i have never ever clapped eyes on the one where they ask you to open a chest for them. So i went searching to see if there was a way to cheat the system a little, to see if there was a way to force them to change mission without having to do an entire run just to get back to 3-1 and 3-2. I couldn't find anything on Playstation trophy sites, but i did find something on an XBox forum. Technically if you reload your game in any given run nothing should change, since the game runs on seeds once you start a run there should be no way to change it. Someone on the XBox forums however said there was a way to break the missions givers a little. Save your game in town, then back it up to a USB stick. Go back to your game and attempt the level. If the mission giver appears and doesn't give you the mission you want, quit IN GAME, and reload the save. The mission giver should then re pick from their pool of missions and you have a chance of getting a different mission without having to start an entirely new run. However they also mentioned that quitting in game, and reloading the save within game only allows them to change their given mission once. At that point you then have to quit out entirely, re-download your save and try again. So i've been testing this and so far the results aren't good news Start - Perform a 2160 Reload in game - Perform a 2160 Re DL Save 1st - Perform a 2160 Reload in game - 2160 Re DL Save 2nd - 2160 Reload in game - 2160 Re DL Save 3rd - 2160 Reload in game - 2160 Re DL Save 4th - 2160 Reload in game - 2160 Re DL Save 5th - 2160 Reload in game - 2160 Re DL Save 6th - 2160 Reload in game - 2160 Each time i reloaded in game, i simply quit to main menu and pressed continue run. I'm now going to test if quitting to the XMB in between reloading each run affects it differently. I don't have high hopes, but we'll see
  12. Wouldn't mind knowing myself as i'm currently in an argument with Funbox Media. They are currently claiming that the ONLY titles of theirs that don't work that they are aware of is the Warhammer titles, and the rest is merely only distributed by them and not published (not really the point) so it's not their problem. Playasia have recently signed a contract with them, and i'm trying to warn them away from Funbox :/
  13. I hate to say this, but he's posted a video to prove that it is entirely possible. If a casual player does this without knowing that your site treats it as CFW, then that means there's a flaw in the system of the site. This could potentially mean that dozens of people have been banned on this site simply by playing on two consoles, syncing one and not the other, and then going back and syncing the remaining trophies. The way this site works is the problem not the players. Granted there are definitely people who use CFW on this site, and get called out for it, and rightly so, but this seems like an oversight in the way the site runs. You're potentially banning innocent people that just played on 2 consoles, and to me, that's no bueno, especially when people like this can PROVE that it's 100% possible.
  14. OK so i know this game as already been through a bit of censorship, but can anyone tell me how bad the censorship is on the PS4? I noticed they've covered up a character or two a bit more, and reduced cleavage size for whatever reason :/ I mean, i'll probably buy it on the cheap for PS4 digitally, but if a physical ever appears and the Switch versions isn't censored/less censored, i'd buy that one.
  15. Yeah, think i'll just sit this one out and buy DJ Max Respect instead Like i said, i like my rythm games with a bit of challenge (Deemo, Project Diva games) but not to be either so damn difficult that you have to be the type of person that almost solely plays rythm games, or literally impossible because the trophies don't pop. Thankies muchly for the response and info Shadow_Kisuragi