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  1. OK, so I've been chatting to the dev and apparently we'd need to get ahold of the publisher for the console version of the game. Which is: Joindots! So I'm gonna head over and send them a tweet Fingers crossed! EDIT: Wow...... so this was an enormous rabbit hole that I didn't know I was diving head first into. I'll spare you all the details but I'll make one thing abundantly clear. The poor guy that developed the game, cut him some slack. He has been screwed over royally by everyone else involved, and he really can't do anything about it right now, if EVER on the console version of the game. It's a legal minefield of publishing and IP rights that we won't see anything about at least for the next 6 months or so, but he's doubtful much will change with the console version as technically the 'Ultimate Edition' was not of his making, just the base game. So yeah, the console version probably isn't getting fixed, but I'll be buying the physical copy of the game and probably play it on a dummy account. I'll update this topic if anything new happens or if joindots get back in touch.
  2. Psyonix Spotted Shark Joindots GmbH JB Gaming Immersion Games SouthPeak Interactive Circadian Indie Game Right so Monster Madness Grave Danger must have been confused with this title here on PSNProfiles. So off the bat we can eliminate: Immersion Games and Psyonix. SouthPeak Interactive went bust in 2013 BEFORE this title was released. This leaves us with Spotted Shark, Joindots GmbH and JB Gaming. Spotted Shark is a subsidiary of Joindots GmbH. Circadian Indie Game is what you get if you go to the Discord for the devs on the Steam forums. The studio is listed as Spotted Shark but it says to join the JB Gaming discord and leads you to Circadian Indie Game discord. I'm willing to message Joindots GmbH on their twitter account, however is there any chance someone can test the S Rank trophies on this game again? Someone has managed to get them in 3 levels, but not the rest, and the game has had a couple of patches just AFTER that person earned the S Ranks. The patches were out for EU: 23rd July 2018 18th January 2019 The patches were out for NA: 23rd July 2018 and never received a second patch Any takers?
  3. My partner messaged the devs a while back. It turns out they don't have a PS4 dev kit, they got someone else to port it for them, so they can't actually do anything about it :/ So unless anyone is willing to buy the devs a PS4 dev kit, I think this one will forever remain broken
  4. I've personally never been a fan of online play in general, especially not PvP. Don't get me wrong I've had some damn good fun with friends like on Vermintide and especially more recently Remnant From The Ashes, but I'm mostly a solo experience gamer. Could just be my generation I suppose. I'm 31 now and grew up with mostly either solo experience games, or went round to friends houses to play stuff like Crash Bash, Smash Bros or Mario Kart. When it comes to multiplayer, most of it I do with my partner. It's easy for us to communicate, there's only the two of us so it doesn't take much to coordinate our efforts and if one of us messes up, there's not much of an argument. Maybe not making online trophies history as a whole, as some games heavily rely on it for their 'fun' aspect, your Call of Duty's and Uncharted (3's trophies were practically 50% online), but maybe giving the online and single player separate trophy lists, kinda like how Prey did with its 'Typhon Hunters' mode. I'm not a fan of multiplayer random aspect either tbh. Then again I'm also one of those weirdos that's not keen on games where you 'create your own fun'. I mean, I paid for a game to be made by people that know how to create a fun game, why the hell would I buy and play a game where I have to make my own fun as well?
  5. Holy hell that's great news! Don't get me wrong it's been a helluva wait, but at least it's fixed. Errmmm what? I take it the game can't cope with how fast the players are moving and just craps out then?
  6. So my partner just tried to buy a triple pack bundle of games and the bundle is called 'Short & Meaningful Bundle'. He used our home computer and psprices to find the bundle just fine, but when it links to the store page it says 'this content cannot be added to the basket'. After failing to buy it on the web store, he used the Playstation store on his PS4 instead. The page for the bundle itself took quite a while to load, and had just a - where the price should be for a bit. Eventually it loaded up. He entered in his details, purchased it and the second it said downloading it threw up this error: CE-32996-9 It also said that his database was corrupted and it would need to rebuild the database. PS4 seems to be working fine, but I'm curious to see if this is just random happenstance, or if there is something wrong with this bundle? We use the UK store.
  7. Just bought the triple pack of 'Focus on You' on PSN, which includes the game and 2 DLC packs at a 70% discount (using the UK store). I stumbled across a post on Reddit about a guy who owns the game, and was wondering if anyone has noticed this being an issue in any other version of the game: Either way this is some shady shit for a company to be doing in the first place, fortunately i guess you can still earn all the trophies and play the game, just not to its fullest extent. Seriously, what kind of company makes you pay to talk to girls?........ Oh wait
  8. Ok, so the devs never messaged me back. However, it appears someone on the EU version of the game has now got the 100%. With that being said, the trophy 'Not Enough for Two' was the one that was stopping people finishing the game. 1 person on the EU version now has it, yet the American version still has that one trophy as the elusive 0%. I'll try messaging the person with the 100% and see how they did it
  9. Nope. I had no response from either, so it would seem that this one is likely, not getting a fix. Shame really :/ I still don't see how Sony, or anyone for that matter, can get away with luring people into buying a game by putting it on sale, while knowing full well that the game does not work as it should do. Surely that's like knowingly advertising a product, saying that it does 'x, y and z', but you know it doesn't do 'z'? False advertising much?
  10. Thank you! I tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible, so it didn't ruin the experience for people who just needed a little helping hand I'd love a second game as well! The guy that does the artwork for the game Jerome Jacinto is pretty active on twitter, he goes by sinto_j on twitter if you wanna follow him, and he still posts some Ghost of a Tale stuff on there from time to time.
  11. Well...... I...... Touché. Additional: To add insult to injury, my partner and I just hacked one of those armoured trucks, escaped from the police and the mission would never complete. We've both had to quit our games and restart it again just to get rid of the damned thing.
  12. So my partner and I have been trying to do the online invasion trophy, and boy howdy to Ubi love to feck with their players on an epic scale! We both have the online invasion functionality still open so we can invade each others games for the trophy. For starters we're both showing as online so we should be able to see each other on the friends menu in game...... Nope. According to my game my partner is online, and I don't even exist on his friends list. Off to a rip roaring good start. Try again. This time we can see each other. Partner tries to invade my game again literally seconds after me booting up my game. Failed. Turns out someone was already in my game, before i could even whip out my phone menu so it was blocking him from invading. Said person who has invaded me, isn't even a friend of mine, it's a complete random. How the hell did this person get in my game at the same time i booted up? Next we try Dedsec Co-Op missions. Oh look there's a couple on the map, we'll head to one of those and do that co-op mission. Didn't count. Why didn't it count? Oh because that's a Dedsec Co-op mission not a Dedsec Co-op mission.......... You need an ambient one to turn up on the top left of your screen, not one that's already on the map. Alright, we'll do that then. Start stealing something out of the back of the van, get it and need to escape. Coolio. 4 random players one after another all show up in my game to try and steal the package from me. No warning that people were entering my game, not anyone I've ever played with before. I get that Ubi want a seamless online functionality, but when it's seamless to the point where other players who have maxed everything out and have all upgrades, weapons, vehicles etc and can literally waltz into my game with no warning and fuck up everything i'm doing in a matter of seconds, I think that's a weeny bit too seamless. I've done most of the online now, and have subsequently switched off invasions, and online almost altogether. I just don't get why game modes like this with online, aren't put in a completely separate game mode because, while I'm doing all of this online malarky, I'm getting phone calls from characters about mainline story missions whilst having my head caved in by rando's on PSN. I can't say it's 'ruined' the Watch Dogs 2 experience for me, but I have found all this online stuff a little off putting :/
  13. I personally really enjoyed it myself, but each to their own. Though i'm not sure where you're getting the all DLC's are horde mode thing. I mean, one is a high score zombie survival thing while filming movies. One of them is a full stealth mission in Vietnam. And the other was an entirely new map where you shot aliens on Mars........ I'm not sure how much more varied they could have been?
  14. I'll add your info to the original post
  15. Ah my bad, must have been the way I read it >.< I'm not really blaming the warehouse workers as such, I'm just saying that if we notice problems at my 'insert generic retail store' here, we're supposed to report them to our bosses, but then again if you don't know what you're looking for or have no interest in the items you're handling, I can see it very easily slipping through the cracks. I think I'm finding it more annoying now, since I've been going through a bad string of them at the moment. I ordered a PS3 copy of Awakened Fate Ultimatum from an eBayer called Music Magpie. My partner said we should take the risk since an English EU copy is pretty pricey these day. Music Magpie are god awful for quality control, and never post pictures of what they're selling AT ALL. I told him it was just gonna be a German copy like everyone else is selling and lo and behold, German box. Got a decent discount for it though, since no where did they mention that the box was in German on their listing, so at least we have a physical copy of the game. At least this time it was for the correct console unlike Cursed Crusade and Alone in the Dark. Told us they were both EU PS3 copies. Cursed Crusade was PS3 and American. Alone in The Dark was XBox360 Had this issue with GAME in the UK, always use generic pics of what they're selling. I'd bought and brand new copy of Sly Cooper 4 Thieves in Time, thinking maybe it'll be open but the copy will be new. Opened the box..... Tea ring stain mark where someone had been resting their mug on the manual, scratched disc and the DLC code had been used. Needless to say I wasn't much impressed given that i had also had to pay delivery on the damn thing as well :/ When I go to GAME these days, I asked for a SEALED copy. If it's not sealed or doesn't have the EU Playstation tear strip at the bottom, for the most part, I just won't buy it anymore.