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  1. Just noticed that this game is getting a physical release, but it seems no one on PSNP has finished the game. The percentage rating for it on PSN itself is pretty high mind you, so is it just that no one on here has really attempted it yet? From what i'm reading from Steam users, it's really damned hard >.< Not only that, but from what i can gather from people who have it on xbox, it probably shouldn't have been released in the state it was in. Not because the game was glitchy or broken in any way, but because the times the game requires some of the challenges to be finished in, are the sort of times that would make world record speed runners blush. Any one have the game and care to comment? I'm a physical collector, but i don't really wanna play a game that appears to be impossible right now. EDIT: Apparently the achievements are possible on PC and Xbox, can't comment for Playstation though
  2. I personally treat Genshin Impact as though it were a subscription service. I pay for the Welkin Moon once a month and nothing else. No battle pass, no paying more for extra primos for 5 star weapons, none of that. Since the Spiral Abyss changes what's on it every so often, i would say keep building your characters until a challenge comes up that's a bit better for your team. I've got through all 12 floors a couple of times now, but i'll be the first to admit, sometimes the setups they put in there, are far harder than others. I've played this game literally every day since it came out, and the amount of free primo's you get from opening chests, doing challenges, playing the new updates etc. should be more than enough for getting some decent 5 star characters and plenty of 4 star constellations. Remember, when it comes to your five stars on the pink wishes banner, you initially have a 50/50 shot at getting the banner characters, if you fail that 50/50, your next 5 star character on the pink wishes banner WILL BE that banners 5 star, so you can kinda plan ahead on which 5 star you want. Having said all this, people who are free to play, have managed to do all 12 floors with just the basic 4 stars and traveler, so fortunately the game is not 'pay to win' as such. People have already made suggestions on team comps, so i'll just throw in my two cents when it comes to damage dealing. Razor is an absolute powerhouse if you slap loads of physical damage bonus stuff onto him, forget his electricity, physical dmg is where it's at. And here's the part where i'm gonna get a few people telling me how shit i am for using her, but don't underestimate Xinyan. Much like Razor, i've slapped physical damage on her as well, since her pyro damage really isn't that good. But that initial hit on her ultimate, if you're close to the enemy, can do a huuuuuge amount of damage. Couple that with the fact that you can get her to do it almost constantly, and it gives you a shield, she's my frontline and center fighter, and i have almost every 5 star character going at this point. Plus you can get her for free right now with the current event going on, so don't sleep on her You'll get it done eventually, it's a ball buster to be sure, but if you get someone like Xinyan that can shield you from up close Maguu Kenki attacks, you can get right up in his face and there's nothing he can do about it. Also don't forget to try and time your r1 dashes when he attacks, you do get split second i-frames, and that has saved my ass on more than one occasion. I second this. Corrosive is massively unfair, and i didn't really even bother doing Spiral Abyss at all when it was introduced, even with Kokomi as healer.
  3. If you check on Hoyolab, they have an interactive map where you can check off chests and Oculus' and the like. It doesn't cover all of them (i use about 3 different maps to find everything), but it should help you keep track of what you do and don't have, and maybe you can find some of the extra stuff you're missing 100% on the in game map doesn't mean much, you'll find you'll have 100% in Liyue and Monstadt as well, and you'll still find chests
  4. You are correct yes. When you go to the Sacred Sakura Tree, at the bottom it says something along the lines of 'The Sacred Sakura has reached max level for this version of the game' provided you now have it at level 40. Basically, it's just gonna be a case of carry on playing the game as you would normally do until the next update. Astounds me that the unobtainable trophy (used to be trophies), were sat at 0.1% on PSN literally on the day of Inazuma's release, stupid cheaters :/
  5. A game that was certainly not to everyone's taste, but personally i loved it, and it has a really neat and thematic ost
  6. I notice this a lot when watching subbed anime. I don't speak Japanese and would never claim to, but when you've been watching and playing things that are in Japanese, you do pick up on an odd sentence or two. What i don't get is that you would have thought developers would have understood by now, anyone that was interested in a game like World End Syndrome or the Yakuza series, probably has some sort of knowledge about how honorifics are used in Japanese culture. Persona 4 in my opinion got this one right by still using honorifics like san, chan or kun. Pretty much anyone that's into Japanese culture, will understand what those honorifics mean, for those that don't there should probably be some sort of mini encyclopedia for them to use. I can't even remember what game it was, but i remember one having something like this where it explained nuances in Japanese spoken language, or item names that would never have translated well into English. So the item and location names were still the Japanese names, in phonetic English, but then when you checked the encyclopedia it explained how to pronounce it, and some info or history behind it. (It's gonna bug me that i can't remember which game it was now ) English translated manga does this a lot, so why can't it be the same for games? Instead we get terrible localisation jobs, where really, it would better if the language was kept the same but an explanation was given. This way, you can stay true to the translation and maybe even educate people a little in the process. To me, something like this can change the tone of a scene entirely, and sometimes even affect how you view a characters personality. The World Ends With You Neo seemed to do a lot of this, and almost every character in the English localisation talks like absolute shit to each other, and they all seem like real arseholes. But then when you read a translation, they seem a lot mellower and don't talk to each other acting like everyone other than themselves is a moron.
  7. What sort of problems are we talking about here? I've got all the Yakuza games so far, and i knew something was up but didn't know anything about Yakuza 3 specifically. Kinda disappointed with myself for getting World End Syndrome now, i try to avoid getting games that drag political and social views around when they weren't present in the original text. It's why i flat out refuse to buy the new World Ends With You. There's a difference between localising something for the sake of being able to understand a different culture and its subtext more easily, and straight up re-writing things to fit whatever it is the translator FEELS the text SHOULD be. I never bothered buying Red Strings Club for Switch either, because the game basically calls you a piece of shit for advancing the story the way it forces you too. I don't mind a bit of tongue in cheek humour, and poking fun at me from time to time, but the fact that games like that call you an asshole (not just in the context of the game but irl too) is a bit much for me.
  8. Unfortunately it seems as though someone may have to play the guinea pig when buying this then, as i can't find any mention of anyone saying that this version is fixed. I mean, i really hope it is fixed, but given what people were saying about how to dev reacted to people asking him to fix it, i won't hold my breath. Which is a damn shame given how good the game is supposed to be :/
  9. So the devs have put out a physical EU version of this game, and i've not seen anywhere if they've mentioned a fix for the currently unobtainable trophies. Anyone any info on whether this physical is actually gonna work, or are we talking about another unfixed cash grab for those of us who like to collect physicals :/
  10. I literally just got the trophy about 10 mins ago, huzzah! Well if you really wanna go for the trophy at some point, i followed a lot of this guys strats: I didn't do any of the risky business of sliding through enemies hands, and i didn't even bother phasing through the door in chapter 3, but the hook thing i tried and got that to work on only my second try Here's the txt version of how to do it, and it was surprisingly easy, i nearly dropped the controller when i realised i'd managed to get the first bit of phasing through the wall holding the hook I nearly quit on it myself toward the end of chapter 2, where you have to cut the handsy mans arms off. Had a bit of a rage quit a few times, a good cry (i'm a girly girl pansy pants and i reserve the right to do that when i'm mad haha ) but got back on it after a half hour or so and Bob's your uncle, i got it done. Not gonna lie though, it's a ballache, but hell if i can do it i'm sure there's plenty of others including yourself that can do it too! I've just got the DLC to do on the first game and then i'll move straight onto the second. You have no idea how relieved i am to hear that there's no speedrun in the second one EDIT: God fekin dammit! When you start a new game it deletes all your concept art. Guess i'll have to do another playthrough of it at some point soon. I'll be damned if i'm leaving this game half finished!
  11. Same, and thank you Fortunately you can cheese this one a little with save backups, although i'll admit the checkpoints are pretty wack I just can't get the enjoyment out of it like you and others do i suppose, to each their own. Though it's been nice hearing opinions from everyone here without it devolving to, 'maybe you're just shit at speedruns and that's why you hate them, git gud', which sadly has been the response when i've brought up this topic on other forums :/ I'll continue watching people speedrun stuff though. While watching the speedruns for this game, there has been many a moment where i've thrown my hands up in the air and said 'no f***ing way!', but i'll be damned if it ain't impressive. I keep track of Karl Jobst channel on youtube, because some of the new record breakers on there for games that have been around for almost 2 decades is just nutty to me. So i'll keep appreciating from a distance. Oof guess i'm showing my age with the Joe Bloggs thing huh?
  12. I was more talking about the idea of a speedrun in games akin to Little Nightmares specifically. I'm no fan of speedruns, but in certain games i understand why they would necessitate in a trophy or in game goal. Games that are more like arcade action games, that would give you a higher score depending on how fast you finished it i could understand. Free running games like Mirror's Edge, they make sense because of the goal of the game, RUN RUN RUN. RUN as fast as you can through a city scape, speedruns fit perfectly here. And i don't think i really need to bother bringing up a game like Sonic The Hedgehog, i mean 'Gotta Go Fast' is the aim of the game. Even frantic FPS games i kinda get it, something like the latest Doom entries pride themselves on you being able to dispatch demons brutally and quickly. But an atmospheric, stealth action, horror? That's when the idea of speedruns as a trophy or in game achievement confuses me. No offence meant to any speedrunners on here, but i'll be honest, speedrunners will speedrun ANYTHING! I mean people speedrun games like Granny and House of Caravan, because they can. But seeing it in a game like Little Nightmares as something that the devs deliberately put there, even knowing what it was that they made, knowing that the time and effort they put into fine tuning the mechanics and overall game feel was going to be pointless when they put that speedrun trophy in there, they did it anyway. And i just don't get it
  13. I've always said that i find speedrunners to be in a league of their own, and for pretty much the exact reasons you've listed here. I mean, just now i used a glitch where you have to hold buttons in a certain combination, and use a moving hook to phase through a wall, and i've basically skipped a full minute or three by doing so. The fact that someone managed to think of doing it in the first place is incredible to me! I think my major issue with it in a game like this, is that it's specifically tied to a trophy that any joe bloggs (myself included) would try because it's literally rubbed in your face. Speedrunning for me, is a community of its own. Watching people shave off those precious few milliseconds, to push themselves further up the ranks and closer to that world record is fascinating to watch, but is mostly done by people that enjoy doing speedruns on pretty much ANY game, and not because the game itself has set it as a goal. The fact that the people that made this game, set it as an in game achievement as opposed to people attempting speedruns simply for the fun of it, or because it's their hobby is my problem. I would assume there's probably a relatively sizable chunk of trophy hunters who are also speedrunners, like yourself. But i also know there's a sizeable chunk of us on here that are trophy hunters and not speedrunners, and i fall into this category. But now i have to play in the mindset of a speedrunner, which is something i personally hate doing myself but love watching others do. I like taking my time with games, oogling every last detail in the art design, dissecting the story, getting immersed in the atmosphere. I find that a little hard to do, when i'm phasing through walls and doors and throwing myself into the xmb screen every 5 minutes >.< I noticed this a lot in the kitchen section, chapter 3. You're lead to believe a lot of the time that you cannot be seen under a table, but by god those mutated chefs must have x-ray vision or something because i was being spotted under tables in my first run constantly. Now in my speedrun, i barely use cover at all, which kinda feels like the purposeful intention of the mechanics of the game are lost >.<
  14. So i've enjoyed Little Nightmares, bought the Little Six edition a while ago and noticed spoilers being posted for the second game on youtube, so figured i'd finally get round to playing it so i don't get things spoilered for me. The game overall is very atmospheric, unnerving, portrayed as a horror and one of the main mechanics is stealth. It's a, show don't tell, in the way that its narrative works (something i very much appreciate in a game like this), and a lot is left to interpretation. There's plenty of background imagery that helps you piece together what's happening and opens up the lore of the game so to speak. There were plenty of tense moments of gameplay, where i was holding my breath hoping i hadn't been spotted, and realising that any corner i turn could mean the end of me. So why the hell, would anyone think, that a speedrun trophy is a good idea? It completely and utterly defeats the purpose of pretty much all the mechanics and overall feel of the game entirely. The haunting atmosphere is now lost, while i'm having to pelt my way through sections that would normally be suspenseful and heart pounding, i'm now just not giving a damn because i'm too busy timing myself through sections of the game. The mechanic of stealth is now lost, as you really don't have time for it anymore, making your sneak button essentially useless. My feelings of uneasyness, fright and intrigue have instead been replaced with aggravation, irritation and boredom as i yeet myself to my xmb to re-download my save from my USB. For those who don't know, you can get to checkpoints in the game by lighting the little lamps or candles, quitting the game and then backing up your save to either PS+ or a USB stick. That way, if you die or you make a major cock up and waste a load of time, you can just re-download your save and try again. Personally i feel speedruns should be left for games that have a more frenetic feel to them, or better yet in my personal opinion, not added at all Sadly for me, this is now yet another game that while i had my enjoyment out of it, that enjoyment feels somewhat tarnished by this less than stellar decision to add a speedrun to the game. Not to mention that this speedrun is pretty damn tight! I've been watching a speedrunner play the game on Switch in 39mins or so, which is damned impressive. But when i went to look at the PS4 leaderboards, there were people there listing times of over a hour and they were in the top 50! So yeah, dunno if i'm in the minority here, but i feel like speedruns in a game like this one feel out of place and indeed a little experience ruining :/
  15. As far as i'm aware it is still possible to obtain the trophies for both the PS4 and Vita versions, although the vita servers have been shown to be a little temperamental from time to time. As for obtaining cups, just try your best at each challenge. You'll probably find that you're better at certain events than others, for me personally, i was really good at the falling ones. I think i got 2 platinums in my entire time playing the game. You'll find there are about 4 people on the servers that constantly compete against each other, and take up all the top spots of every challenge (seemingly because they have nothing better to do than have a dick swinging contest on Rayman Legends of all things), so it will take you a while, but just keep at it. Just try and get the bare minimum of a silver each time, otherwise the game could take a substantially long time >.<