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  1. Server maintenance or closed??... I thought that HR will be closed in December the 8th.
  2. It's still alive I'm really close to finish this online. So... I recommend you to finish until June is OFF
  4. I have finished "coop missions" alone... It's not very hard.
  5. Thanks... I'm going to try this weekend
  6. Can you tell me a "tutorial" about "GameSpy"? Thanks
  7. anyone has tried about "X-link" or some similar app??
  8. No DLC to download??
  9. We need to "reedit" the guide in the main page XD... Anybody knows the owner of this guide to tell him?
  10. This Platinum Trophy is "OBTAINABLE" again... So... go for "with my devil dogs"
  11. EA is updating servers to PS5... That's the point... LOL hahahahaha.... I'm very happy to help you, guys!!!
  12. Less than 5 or 6 minutes must be the match... remember that. Conquest is more faster getting flags Confirm all the guys who get the trophy XD... there are a lot of people getting right now
  13. You have to try "when anyone is playing"... or "randoms" can fuck the trophy killing you So... few people, and "finish the match QUICKLY" before it crush "again". Let's go!!
  14. So... you "never", "NEVER BOOST" a session for a trophy?... Never "grind kills" an online CoD or another game?? Is not that cheating?... You don't play "like the challenge of the trophy said"... How much Hypocrisy!!
  15. There is a "new dlc" and 100% is not a free game now. So... you have to "pay" to get 100%. Oh my god!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂