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  1. Would you kindly point out the constructive part of your criticism? Because by definition that requires suggestions of improvement. All I'm getting from your posts is 'I can't copy what you did to a T because of the game mechanics and for this reason your video is in no way helpful.' If that's how you feel then fine, 3 other people have thanked me for the post and said it's helped them but don't kid yourself about being constructive haha. Or do! What I'm learning is I need to get some thicker skin, and be okay with people being however they're going to be. You're right I could edit the original post with equips but the video is more useful I feel because it is where the attachments are shown to be effective. Good luck with the trophy bud!
  2. If it didn't help you, sorry. You aren't the only one playing the game however and the video wasn't made for you alone. If you read the first post of the thread, all I aimed to do was show what possible obstacles a player might be faced with later on in the game and what my strategy was to dodge those obstacles. Maybe some people are unsure of which attachments are good for this objective and the video proves the usefulness of the ones I chose.
  3. There's no audio because I turned it off to listen to PS4 Spotify since hearing arcade plinks and crashes was tiring after hours of play. There's no commentary because I didn't think you needed me to say 'turn right here and dodge this pillar'. The world updates yes but as many players like Kavatus have found, the obstacles populating later regions are a shared element and if people who haven't made it that far yet can know what to expect, they may not crash as soon when faced with a new obstacle like I did many times. Thanks, I used Jump Storage 2, Turning Jets, and Magnet 2
  4. Hey, so I've finally managed to get the King trophy and I recorded it too. This might help to show some techniques with handling some of the more daunting obstacles or at least help some in preparing for whats to come in the later regions.
  5. Hey! I recorded a video for today's level for the Yeager Trophy. You can try and follow my path to get the 3 portals I used for regions 1, 2 and 4 (you'll have to follow a similar path in region 3 to get the same spawn for the portal in region 4). Unfortunately I'm at the mercy of Youtube's 'processing' and it'll take who knows how much longer to be posted. Here is a link that will lead to the video once it's been processed. Currently the level will remain active for 13 more hours! Good Luck!