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  1. Rudolph TRIED to rip Garrett's helmet off, and was unsuccessful. Garrett ripped off the helmet AND took a swing with the helmet as a weapon. Garrett went above and beyond anything Rudolph unsuccessfully attempted to do. Rudolph isn't completely innocent, he'll get fined. However, only one person got hit in the head with a helmet. My guess is Garrett gets a 4 game suspension. I would really like it if Garrett was suspended the rest of the year. My ultimate wish would be for Garrett to get a year, 16 games, ban. Send the message that there's no place for this in the NFL. That's why I applauded the suspension for Burfict. The NFL does not need these types of dirty plays at all.
  2. I recently found some old notes I took when I played this game. Before I go any further I would say if you haven't bought this game yet, then don't. It was definitely one of those disappointments that I had to force myself to complete. Moving on, I wrote down the costs for everything as I was playing. Apologies if anything is incorrect. I can't even remember when I played this, but I know it had been awhile.Stork LVL 1 LVL2 LVL3= = = Fuel Tank 1000 1250 1500HP 1000 1250 1500Speed 1000 1250 1500It costs 8775 to purchase the ChassnyChassny LVL 1 LVL2 LVL3= = = Fuel Tank 2000 2500 3000HP 2000 2500 3000Speed 2000 2500 3000It costs 10050 to purchase the AnonzaAnonza LVL1 LVL2 LVL3= = = Fuel Tank 4000 5000 6000HP 4000 5000 6000Speed 4000 5000 6000So for everything you need 97575.Sorry in advance if all my columns are all over the place.
  3. Without a doubt for me, it's The Crew 2. I love the entire concept of the game, but the execution of that concept is horrible. This is probably the worst racing experience I've ever had. The cars drive like dump trucks, the nitrous basically doesn't do a thing, and pretty much everything in the game is so tedious.
  4. https://lbp.me/v/qzbhcm3/activity Please heart the level and myself. Thanks.