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  1. Thanks for the reply! If anyone has any additional information it would be appreciated. I was reading some of the comments left on the guide and it seems the self destruct trophy used to be able to be done solo in a private match, and now it can't.
  2. I saw in the guide that only one trophy needs to be done in public, and that you can even get one trophy solo in a private match. Was just wondering if anyone who has played it recently can give any updated information regarding that. Is that still mainly accurate? I know some people have said some trophies have changed due to patches/updates. Wondering if the trophy list has been moved more into the public matches arena. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I know the guide only listed the two online trophies. However, I just want to double check and make sure that the rest of the game will be able to be completed offline when the servers go down. I know it's not a long game, but I'm not in the mood right now for a racing game. I just want to get the 2 online trophies done, and then work on everything else at a later time. Thanks.
  4. Intangibles are definitely a huge part of any sport. Kittle was absolutely vital to the 49ers post season run. Kelce always demands attention. So does Hill and Watkins for the Chiefs, and increasingly, Damien Williams. However, at the end of the contest a player needs the actual statistics of performance from the game in order to determine which player gets those types of awards. The most recent example that is the closest, I feel, is the Super Bowl before this recent one. Julian Edelman won the SB MVP in LIII. Brady had 262 yards, no TD's, and 1 INT. Certainly not his best game, just like with Mahomes. Edelman had 10 receptions, 141 yards, and no TD's. To me, that stands out more than Brady's game. I can understand Edelman getting it. With regards to Mahomes, no one was able to clearly overshadow his stats in the end. Damien Williams was close. If he would have had 150 yards rushing, with that 6.1 average, and had another rushing TD, I think he would have been a lock for the SB MVP. He had a great game, but it just wasn't enough to get that award. Like I said, not with how the league is weighted towards QB's. No one on the Chiefs D could get it, because no one had a monster game. It had to be on offense. No one on offense had a truly clear cut dominate game. Therefore, the voters went where they always do in the modern NFL, and went with the QB. At least that's my take. I'm not trying to convince you or change your opinion. I'm just sharing my thoughts on the matter. I just like talking football. It's always a long time this time of year until camps start back up in August. And no, I'm not really looking forward to the XFL, lol.
  5. I mean they could have, maybe, won last year. However, I don't think the odds would have been that great. That defense last year was terrible. They were 24th in points allowed per game and 31st in yards allowed per game. We of course will never know, but I would not have bet on them at all winning the Super Bowl last year if they would have gotten there. There's been a lot of talk in this thread about the "what if" aspect to all of this. I think for the Chiefs a majority of their decisions would be viewed as the right ones since they won the Super Bowl. I also realize in an 11 point victory it could have easily gone the other way. However, Reid and GM Brett Veach definitely made the right call to shake up that defense. Getting rid of the old DC Bob Sutton, Justin Houston, Eric Berry, and Allen Bailey. Trading for Frank Clark, signing Mathieu, signing Breeland, hiring Spagnuolo. With Mahomes and that offense, all they need is a middle of the road defense. Chiefs D was 17th this year in yards per game and and 7th this year in points per game. That is a fantastic turnaround in only one season, in my opinion. Kelce had 6 receptions for only 43 yards with one TD. I think that would be a huge stretch to give him the MVP. Mathieu only had 4 tackles, no sacks, no INT, no forced fumble, and no fumble recovery. Again, I think that would be a huge stretch to give him the MVP. You maybe could have made a case for someone on the defense. SF had scored points in all 8 quarters of the Divisional and Championship rounds. Chiefs D shut them out in the fourth quarter of the SB. Also, Garoppolo was 3 for 11 with 36 yards, and INT, and a 2.8 rating in the 4th quarter of the SB. Also, for all the talk of Mostert with the 220 yards and 4 TD's in the NFC Championship game, Chiefs limited him to 58 yards and 1 TD. I do realize the 49ers moved away from the run as the game progressed. However, there just wasn't a standout player on the Chiefs D. Frank Clark only had 1 sack, and Breeland and Fuller only have 1 INT a piece. Yes the NFL is weighted towards the QB position. That's just the way the game is now. That's why the last 7 league MVP's have gone to QB's. The last non offensive player to win MVP was Lawrence Taylor back in 1986. Since then it's been just RB's and QB's. Mahomes didn't have his greatest game, true. However, in the fourth quarter he was 10 for 17 for 141 yards with 2 TD's. He still finished the game with 286 yards and two TD's. The QB is the only position where they track how many 4th quarter or OT game winning drives they have engineered. That's the deciding factor right there. I'm fine with Mahomes getting the MVP, that's just how the league operates. The only person you could make a case for getting the MVP over Mahomes would be Damien Willliams, and it is an interesting argument. For all the talk about Mostert and his 220 yards and 4 TD's against GB, he ended with 58 yards, 1 TD, and a 4.8 average. All the buildup talked about Mostert running wild against the Chiefs. Also, the front four of the 49ers, and really the whole defense, was going to be able to bottle up the Chiefs at will. Williams ended with 104 yards, 1 TD, and a 6.1 average. I don't think anyone could have seen that coming. Like I said it's an interesting argument. Sorry about the lengthy reply.
  6. Chiefs are only missing the one potential Super Bowl from last year. Chiefs weren't winning any Super Bowls with Alex Smith as the QB. Just wondering, who are your three players?
  7. Rudolph TRIED to rip Garrett's helmet off, and was unsuccessful. Garrett ripped off the helmet AND took a swing with the helmet as a weapon. Garrett went above and beyond anything Rudolph unsuccessfully attempted to do. Rudolph isn't completely innocent, he'll get fined. However, only one person got hit in the head with a helmet. My guess is Garrett gets a 4 game suspension. I would really like it if Garrett was suspended the rest of the year. My ultimate wish would be for Garrett to get a year, 16 games, ban. Send the message that there's no place for this in the NFL. That's why I applauded the suspension for Burfict. The NFL does not need these types of dirty plays at all.
  8. I recently found some old notes I took when I played this game. Before I go any further I would say if you haven't bought this game yet, then don't. It was definitely one of those disappointments that I had to force myself to complete. Moving on, I wrote down the costs for everything as I was playing. Apologies if anything is incorrect. I can't even remember when I played this, but I know it had been awhile.Stork LVL 1 LVL2 LVL3= = = Fuel Tank 1000 1250 1500HP 1000 1250 1500Speed 1000 1250 1500It costs 8775 to purchase the ChassnyChassny LVL 1 LVL2 LVL3= = = Fuel Tank 2000 2500 3000HP 2000 2500 3000Speed 2000 2500 3000It costs 10050 to purchase the AnonzaAnonza LVL1 LVL2 LVL3= = = Fuel Tank 4000 5000 6000HP 4000 5000 6000Speed 4000 5000 6000So for everything you need 97575.Sorry in advance if all my columns are all over the place.
  9. Without a doubt for me, it's The Crew 2. I love the entire concept of the game, but the execution of that concept is horrible. This is probably the worst racing experience I've ever had. The cars drive like dump trucks, the nitrous basically doesn't do a thing, and pretty much everything in the game is so tedious.
  10. Please heart the level and myself. Thanks.