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  1. I got the new device password and entered it for my main account on my main ps3. Is that the same password that I will enter on my Vita now? How do I get my main account logged in on my second ps3 now?
  2. Visual Novels? If that's what you meant, what ones do you enjoy? That's always a genre I wanted to explore, and the Vita seems like a perfect platform for it. Thanks!
  3. So it seems like the base list and the list for set 2 are okay when playing on a ps4. At least in terms of getting the trophies to unlock. Is that safe to say? Or is that a bad assumption?
  4. This caught my attention. Is this process how you were able to get the base list and the additional expansion set done to 100% for the ps4? Did you play the entire train sim trophy list on your ps5? Did you have digital or disc? Not sure if that matters. Did you have the train sim world 2020 collector's edition? Did you always have the game fully patched? Sorry for all the questions. I have no problem committing to the time of getting everything done. I just am interested in trying to get a somewhat guaranteed process for getting the trophies done. What you talked about above seems promising.
  5. I have read an estimate of 10-15 hours of boosting to get the online for this done. Do you agree with that?
  6. That sounds like a great strategy! Thanks for sharing! Would that same strategy also work for getting the credits to collect all the cards and sets? I don't know why, but there's something about those cards that is preventing me from trying this before the server shutdown. Are the cards trophies difficult, annoying, or time consuming to get? Thanks!
  7. Can everything basically be done in a private match now that this game has received so many updates since launch? I know there's the one trophy for 100 quickplay matches which has to be done in the legit MP. Can you do the explosive trophy and the pred parkour in private? Can you get the rank trophies in private? Any trophies glitched by doing them in private? I've seen some people think that the modifiers in private matches might be messing with some trophies. Can you load up a private match without changing the modifiers and thus not messing up any trophy progress? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. I see the guide only lists 2 online trophies. What about the condors? I see people saying that today is a good day to attempt the condors. Do those random favorable conditions come from being connected to the servers? Or could you be completely offline and still get good conditions for the condor because the random favorable conditions come from within the offline component of the game? Thanks.
  9. Is it safe and secure to go online for this game? Respawn last tweeted about the security issue on the 9th of Sept. They consider the issue closed. Any recent players for Titanfall 2 run into anything weird or crazy, etc. Apologies in advance if anyone thinks this is too much of a "scared of your own shadow" type post. I just didn't know what to make of all this security vulnerability talk when it started. I just want to make sure it's alright to go online and not have anything happen to my console or my PSN account or whatever. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the replies! It sounds like it is worth trying before the special event ends. If I don't get the suit, do you think I would still be able to complete the parkour challenges? I'm hoping to just focus on the missions to open those areas needed for the challenges, and I just don't know if that will be enough to complete the challenges with only 3 to 5 hours of gameplay in. Once again, thanks for the information!
  11. Thanks for the information. Does the game allow you to upgrade your character to make the parkour easier? Do you think I would be able to do this if I just play the missions required to get to the parkour? Could a low or mid level character, ability wise, still be able to get the challenges done? How long do you think it would take to get to the point in the game where the parkour challenges are available? Sorry about all the questions. Been looking at this game for awhile.
  12. That's awesome to hear! I have that game done but I certainly hope that everyone can get it before it's too late. I don't mean to change the direction of this thread, but who at EA were you in contact with, and how were you contacting them? The community is trying to have our voices heard and for EA to bring back the Fuse servers that EA closed without notice. Any information you could provide for us to better get in touch with EA would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I'll second that idea. It's sounds good. Perhaps if more people see that then it could lead to... Absolutely!!! The above is really the only option we have. Keep posting everyone!
  14. Governments are starting to notice, and that's good. However, it's not enough right now and it vastly needs to improve in order to allow the consumer some measure of protection. The only thing I've read about government intervention has been regarding loot boxes, no other issues. Now, I could be wrong and missed something. Regarding broken games, I can't help but think of Cyberpunk. From what I remember it was the retailers and Sony that pulled that game, not anything government related. Again, I could be wrong. Just because governments are starting to get interested with loot boxes doesn't mean a whole lot to me. Again, it's a start, but I would argue that officials are pretty much out the the loop and ignorant about the games industry. Again, that's just me. That's the problem. That's why gamers have no real voice. Gamers can't do anything about it, the gaming media doesn't care, governments don't care, nobody cares, etc. That's why these issues persist. Nothing ever gets done and nothing ever changes. That's why these game companies just keep doing whatever they want with no repercussions. You're absolutely right. That's why lawyers are horrible. Of course this issue isn't going to a court. I would love to see how a judge would interpret the 30 days, however. The word may has nothing to do with the 30 days part. It says 30 would be given and a notice would be posted. I would hope a judge would see that and see how clear and simple that is to understand. Again, probably not. EA needs to do better and copy the Activision text from the back of the box that someone recently posted. With wording like that you could probably do anything you wanted, lol.
  15. That's okay. We've forgotten in this society, and in the world, that it's perfectly alright to agree to disagree. You can still have a good spirited discussion even though you may not see things the same. If you go back to my post, this is what I said. "EA is, without a doubt, one of the worst game companies in existence..." I said EA is one of the worst, not the absolute worst. I don't view 5 minor victories as being worth much when you compare it to all the other horrible decisions and consumer practices that EA has exhibited and continues to exhibit. However, you are absolutely right about Activision. I swear it's an unofficial contest between those two as to which one can be the absolute worst gaming company and lower the bar even further in their race to the bottom. I can understand the likes of Transformers and James Bond getting shut down, because now you dealing with a licensing issue with another intellectual property. With that being said, and I will hold Activision's feet to the same fire as EA's, they need to issue proper notifications for the server closure as well. That's what this whole discussion is about, at least for me. I don't expect servers to stay up forever. I also don't think Fuse is the greatest game ever created. However, no notice was given despite the fact that EA had said in two different places that 30 days would be given. Before Sony pulled a u-turn on the PS store closing, they gave a 90 day notice. Rockstar gave 90 days notice for Max Payne 3 and LA Noire, and gave 6 months notice for GTA 5 on the PS3. Again, this is about fairness. Game companies have every right to shut down servers for whatever reason they deem necessary. However, they should be required to notify their customers, the ones who spent money on a consumer product, when these servers are coming down. If a government or a law could force these companies to issue notices like it, I would 100% support it. Again, this is a 180 billion dollar global industry, and these companies need to be forced to start acting in a consumer friendly manner. Some entities like Rockstar and Sony decide to do the honorable thing, and let their customers know. Others like EA and Acitivision don't treat us gamers with any amount of fairness. In addition to the other anti-consumer practices they exhibit, they just shut servers without any warning whatsoever. They just look at gamers as walking dollar signs and nothing more.