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  1. Good timing on my part - was just coming to check to see if Ep. 3 had released yet, and whatta ya know, it releases just 50 minutes before my check-in! I was going to wait until Episode 5 (still haven't touched 2 yet.), but I don't think I will hold out any longer. I'll go ahead and do 2+3 now, then put off 4 until the final chapter, 5 comes out. But it just isn't worth waiting until November or December to do the full on binge first time through playthrough - as it is, four months have already passed since I did episode 1 (where does the time go?!). Glad this released, and we've gotten past the halfway point for episodes. Here's hoping episode 3 was half as good as the opening episode of the game!
  2. Wow, I'm sorry, but this game is a PoS. It was bugged. No trophies would unlock. The CD and pea soup proved it. So I shut the game down, restarted, and poof! Trophies started unlocking again. The demon hands... man, I'm not sure I'm going to get it. I've got very little space for my VR. I dunno if I got it when the trophies were bugged, but I've done chapter 2 way too many times... any tips for that? Having these trophies bugged, and doing chapter 2 at least 6 times for the 100% when it was bugged, has killed me for this game. Edit: When does the high five trophy unlock, anyway? At the hallway with the demon hands, or at the end of the chapter? It'd at least be nice to know when I need to reset having failed to evade them.
  3. Alright, I'm confused. Chapter 2 - in that file folder, it shows 100%. so that means I've 100%'ed the Chapter, right? Got the chess artifact and everything - but no trophy. This game is really bizarre and poorly ported for the PSVR, but I still want to 100% the trophies. Edit: Oh, I totally forgot to mention. After I 100%ed Chapter 2, the CD appears. I put it in, listen to it... so shouldn't I have that trophy for listening to my CD? It's almost like the game is borked and it won't unlock any trophies right now. The CD one should be a simple put in and unlock, and I cannot obtain that trophy, either.
  4. Yeah, not even remotely scary. Like... at all. Zilch. Nada. Weeping Doll was scarier, and that was just scary in the "Wow... so... this is... a game?" I've never seen VR controls this bad in my life. Ever. They. Are. Horrible. I mean, you can't even believe how bad they are for the PS4. Then I thought - hey, this is a port, and it *VERY CLEARLY WAS NOT MADE FOR THE DUALSHOCK* controller. So, lets just use the Move Controllers, since, two hands, that it seems made for. No Move support. Of course. And holy crap. One option lets you change hand dominance from grip with right to left. Awesome, right? Yeah... except... you can only *GRIP* with the left. The controller still only moves the right hand. Even though you can now only grip with the left. Because... that makes total sense, right? This is one of the worst cash-in IP known name exploitations I've ever witnessed. It makes the junkiest junk on Steam that is only recycled resource whoring cash grabs look like a AAA release. Mind you, I say this not only as a huge VR fan, but an even bigger horror one. Look at my games list on my profile - this is *my* niche right here. Hell, I loved the recent Exorcist TV series. No game should be more up my alley than this, so let my extraordinary negativity over it speak volumes. Easily one of the worst games I've ever had the misfortune of playing. And I spent, not $10 or even $20, but $30 goddamned dollars on this junk? Holy crap did I get taken for a ride and a half. Do not, and I repeat, do not waste either your time or your money on it. Maybe - just maybe - it is better on PC. I'll give them the benefit of that doubt. But this PS4 port is just... it's so horrible, both in a "wow this is bad" alongside an immensely frustrating mechanics sense, that you can't even find enjoyment in the badness of it all. It is simply that god-awfully bad. Edit to Add: Mind you, now knowing I was right on this breakable glass item for a trophy, and nothing else, mind you I spent 15 minutes doing everything trying to break the damned thing: Drop, throw, slam, you name it, and still never got it to break. I mean, it is a breakable glass item, and they put a trophy in for breaking all three in this one chapter, and this one is impossible to break. And breaking these glass items was really the most gameplay the first chapter had! Look, I'm sorry if anyone that worked on this game comes across this post, but this was just plain... wow. Paranormal Activity VR wasn't great by any stretch, but at least they *tried*. I mean, you can tell the devs put their heart into it and just weren't provided much in resources/$$$. The same can't be said here. Even the plot makes zero sense, so far: Ooh, I'm a police detective who is now gonna be an exorcist, but all the exorcists headed for the hills, so I'm a detective trying to figure out how to be an exorcist, except I'm nothing more than a police detective. By myself. Playing at being an exorcist. One who just so happens to find all the magic items he needs, but which apparently didn't save the exorcists -ya know, religious priests with, oh, I dunno, exorcism training and shit- from being gobbled up by demons. But the demons were nice enough to just leave everything I need right before my eyes, cause demons are all thoughtful and stuff like that, so that Mr. Cop whose only training is with a firearm and tazer, whose only house of prayer is the local donut shop or bar, can go do some excising. Fun times.
  5. What are you breaking it against? This third glass item? Like, I swung and swung at the radiator, for several minutes, and no go. We are talking about the glass jug found behind the secretly movable painting, correct? Because it just would not break for me. Likewise, my first time, the wine just broke by my grabbing it - nothing else. The second time, it took some doing. Clearly, on top of some of the worst controls I have ever seen for a VR game, their physics/collision engine sucks hardcore.
  6. I just did everything, picked up everything, and got it on my first try. now, what about Bull in a China Shop? Theres the wine bottle, the glass on his desk... but the trophy still won't unlock as I am playing, unless it does so at the end of the chapter. There are a bunch of glass objects you'd think would be breakable, but try and try - and I literally worked up a sweat trying - and no break. What am I missing, if anything? is the bottle from the painting breakable? I could *not* break it, and i tried everything! oh, and did you pick up that weird figurine on the altar that appears? Otherwise, I dunno how you missed 100% - pick up every piece of paper, play every tape, get every item - including turning the statue in the corner to face north, which unlocks an item to come out of it... otherwise, everything is right there.
  7. Seems like they'll be doing a Telltale like schedule, meaning roughly every 2-2.5 months. So... July-ish for Episode 3. October/November for Episode 4. Episode 5, January 2019. Disappointing that the whole thing wasn't pretty much ready to go, and we could've had it complete by the end of Summer. I am not sure whether I'll save it for when I can just run through everything all at once or not. I'm not a fan of a story this deep having such lengthy interludes in between, as you forget half of the context whilst playing, so I will probably be saving it all up until Episode 5 releases towards the end of the year.
  8. Uhh... This is wildly a first for me: Trophies unveiled, but *absolutely ZERO* anything else about the game. Period. Google it: No info, previews, summaries, official page, Tweets, videos or trailers, or anything else of the sort. It's like the game that doesn't exist, save only every trophy site showing up for search results. So, then, much like I said: What is this game? What genre, info, release date, VR or no VR, etc. Due to the total black hole on this title, I can only assume we're looking at some asset pilfering money grab by someone in their mom's basement, because I can't really say as though I've ever come across any game that has trophies announced without any other word/media out about it. Not a good foot to get off of, that's for sure!
  9. Okay, so I have zero interest in this game - fair warning. That said, I just *had* to post the second I saw this trophy: Pulled a Macron (Defeat Marine Le Pig) holy crap, most awesome trophy *ever*!!! I just freaking love it: Such originality, wit and cunning humour, all just for a simple trophy for a DLC for a game most folks will never hear of. It's *almost* enough to get me to pick this up, for a game/genre I usually wouldn't play if it were a PSPlus freebie! Must. Have. Pulled A Macron! I don't believe my trophy cabinet will ever truly be complete without it.
  10. I was one of the first to comment on how I didn't find the trophy images appealing, but come now! Lazy and an indication the game will suck is insanely hyperbolic. If anything, my problem is the art style and the light colored on white background scheme. But for Pete's sake now, the rarity is when a dev focuses on trophy artwork and uniqueness, because most all don't. Why? Because most all devs realize that ain't no one that's going to give those trophy icons a second glance, because they flash on screen for seconds at best. I consider myself a trophy aficionado, and even I don't find myself going over my trophy collections my mouth agape as I take in the next Mona Lisa that I *earned* - in a video game! Trophy imagery does not matter in the slightest, and it has absolutely no bearing on overall or generalized game quality. How do I know this for certain? Because this is a Quantic Dream David Cage game, they clearly didn't spend much time on the trophy art, but this is a dev that is obsessive over every last element of gameplay and story, with branching arcs of story/game that is absolutely inconceivable having to design for and around. Not just that, but they spent an inordinate amount of time in development on this particular title - crap, years ago I was expecting this to be a mid-2016 release at the latest. This appears to be their masterpiece in complexity and depth to gameplay choices/branching story elements. They've spent *years* upon *years* working on this, far longer than most any other title for PS4 save a Square Enix game. Therefore, calling this game itself lazily done and writing it off entirely, sight unseen and having never played a second of it, just because they took a break during trophy *icons* time is simply insulting to the amount of effort and time they spent developing what'll surely be a gaming masterpiece.
  11. Oh yeah, there can be absolutely no doubt about it: Blind first playthrough, all the way!!! Me...? I can't even imagine, nor fathom, destroying your enjoyment of narrative art at it's very best, by going into this anything but 110% blind. I mean seriously, folks, do yourselves the favor: Don't submit to temptation, and go into playing Detroit blind and spoiler free. The reward you shall receive for doing so is 1,000X greater than saving yourself, at best, a handful of hours just for some trophies. These games were meant to be enjoyed by a virginal brain, you best believe! And furthermore...? A: There are no All Endings trophies, which means there's no reason to spoilerize yourself ahead of time. B: (and more importantly still) We are looking at a reported 8-9 hour max playthrough. I mean, come on now! 'Tis one thing when you're talking about some TLoUs ludicrously long game - this is only several hours in length, and was furthermore intended+meant to be replayed several times in order to explore all narrative choices/storylines. The primary game length aspect for Quantic Dream titles is in replaying them, for an entirely and totally different experience each time around - kill some of your PCs early on once over, then have them survive the whole game the next. But, take it from a hardcore Quantic Dream fanboy here, and do not engage in *any* real spoilers or walkthroughs on your first experience for Detroit: Become Human. You just seriously can't even put into words the experience that you'll receive when you witness a masterpiece in storytelling unfolding before your very eyes that first time through. Commit to spoiler-freeness, and be prepared for something truly special! Like I said, this list = no "All Endings" trophy means there's now 0 reason to spoilerize yourself here - just don't you dare do it!
  12. So then, *finally* this list gets disclosed! Seems like I've been waiting forever to see this pop up on the site/anywhere. Looks like a great little trophy list to me! Been into this game since before it was even announced - I'm a *huge* Quantic Dream fan. Have been ever since Fahrenheit. By far, far and away, without any question whatsoever, my favorite developer. Period. They have yet to release a title that I didn't fall crazily in love with, although Beyond wasn't my all time fave by any consideration. Heavy Rain, alternatively, is easily in my top 5 games of all time list - a masterpiece, plain and simple! So consider my bias appropriately, as I say: THE ALL CAPS TROPHY NAMES SUCKS, IN THAT ANNOYING/IRRITATING WAY. NOT COOL, QUANTIC, NOT COOL AT ALL. I'm also not totally into the trophy icons, themselves. These things aside? Awesome list, it seems. Cool there's no All Endings gold this time around, as that can get slightly annoying, depending on how much repetition is involved. I'm curious about the collectibles magazine silver - I enjoy a good collectibles hunt, so it's all cool, but I do wonder how many/how involved we're talking about just here. As for all the rest? It seems pretty standard fare for a Quantic release; no surprises or shocks. Looks like it won't be an overly difficult Platinum, which is always on the plus side of things. Supposedly a 25ish hour Plat, which sounds just perfect to me - I am *SO* looking forward come Friday morning, as this is going to be an insanely awesome weekend of my first new Quantic Dream fun in going on a half a decade just now! Wowsers - it's really been *that* long since Beyond: Two Souls was released? Craziness! Need I even say it...? Count me in - this is an insta-buy for this cash strapped soul; and not even the slightest restoration nor pause in doing so. What a wicked cool concept in a fantastical genre with an incredibly awesome game design, done by the masters of this art form. Just so, so, so a GOTY for me this year, if nothing else (assuming no KH3), that I can't even believe it's only some 24 plus hours away right now!!! The anticipation for this is positively killing me!
  13. As a huge VR fan, and even bigger horror fan, a quick glance at this name/genre and it sounded right up my alley. An even faster glance at the trailer, and... Yeah. A guaranteed "no way in heck am I paying for this crud!" But then I look at the trophy list - omg!!!! And, like that isn't bad enough, is that *actually* a trophy that requires you spend real world money in their little marketplace crap?!? I cannot fathom this, a trophy with that requirement - is there a way around spending real cash, or does this game have a trophy that necessitates you spending money on top of the game purchase? If so, just... Whoa. And, even that aside, a look at the trailer for it... Wow. Why can no decent devs develop some decent horror games around VR? It is such a no-brainer! How we haven't had much since RE7, going on 18 months ago, is mind blowing. This sure won't break that trend.
  14. Honestly, I'm rather unhappy about just how easy of a platinum this is, the MP content aside. With my having just now completed all the various SP trophies, it's really quite depressing just how much they skimped out on trophies vis-a-vis completionism. For example, it should have been "Destroy *ALL* cult property in all regions"; "Complete *ALL* Clutch Nixon Events in all regions" (Yeah, okay, I'd have hated this trophy, but still); "Liberate ALL cult outposts in all regions"; "Complete every single in-game challenge, including combat & companion based ones" "Obtain all collectible items in all regions"; Maybe even a somewhat brutal 100% completion Gold trophy...? It just sucks to think I'll have my Platinum here despite having barely even touched the optional, additional content found in-game. I went full on when I started with John's region, just like I normally do, exploring every single inch of every building or location to make sure I didn't miss a thing - pretty much got 100% completion in his area. Then, when I moved on to Faith's...? I realized that was utterly pointless and a complete waste of time, as far as trophies go. And so I zoomed right on by in her region, leaving a plethora of content undone. Now sure, I can absolutely still do everything whether trophies exist as a reward for it or not. But, at least for me, trophies have always represented a mark of achievement for my OCD completionist qualities - proof positive that I endured it all and came out the other side. Without a trophy for it, the only verification I've got for spending tens of hours doing stuff is on a single save file that only I will ever see, and data that gets rendered null and void some ten years down the line, assuming a hypothetical PS6 doesn't have backwards compatibility with PS4 content/saves. It's really such a shame, too - if ever a game cried out for 100% completion, wherein there's countless hours of optional content crammed into every crevice and an incredibly rich backstory that permeates, beyond merely the main missions, rather into the whole entire game? Then surely, it is this one right here! So the fact they skimped out on having any "Do all of this" trophies, instead going with a "Just scratch the surface of most of the optional content"? Definitely disappointing to my mind. Now, but of course, while I say this there's always the chance that future DLC trophies will also tie in with base game activities, necessitating that one have done content already released as part of the base game in order to unlock it: Like, say, that hypothetical Achieve 100% Completion in Far Cry 5 trophy. (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and its The Da Vinci Disappearance, being the most obvious prior example of this methodology at play of which to draw from - and, I do believe, both games even were/are done, not just by Ubisoft in general, but specifically both coming from their Ubisoft Montreal studio/office/team. So, just perhaps, there's yet still hope in some future DLC to meet my desires in this regard...?) indeed, perhaps that would even be the best of both worlds, really: A platinum that's easily obtainable for anyone to get, at the same time having really hardcore and time consuming optional content completionist trophies for those OCD folks amongst us. Of course, as of now there's absolutely zero evidence this will prove to be the case, and it's seemingly much more likely that any DLC trophies will mirror the base game in their being relatively painless and uninvolved. I dunno, I suppose I've just gotten used to being rewarded for my completionist tendencies, especially by Ubisoft games of late - the Assassin's Creed series, Far Cry, etc. all usually being far more involved when it came to doing all the content and then having specific trophies as a reward for such activities; in lieu of this "stick your toes in the water and you're done!" approach that we see here in FC5.
  15. Any word yet on the next content push for this title? I've been keeping my eye out these past few weeks, as we near two months post-release. Still nothing, and absolutely no info I could find as to the when we might expect this future content. I'd have thought approaching some two months on and we'd have gotten Episode 2 by now - you figure there are going to be several such episodes released for it, so I wasn't exactly expecting some year long wait (or something along those lines) after Episode 1 came out to get to two. It'd be nice to resume this fairly intriguing story and well designed, even rather innovative, game, whilst still the story remains fresh in my mind. Particularly seeing as how I've already paid for it all, you always worry that the longer time marches on absent any updates, it might fall into the bin certain other episodic titles have: Either in the form of enduring outrageous wait times, or even the sheer and total abandonment of a title due to unanticipated financial/business realities in the interim between content, wherein a game is quite simply never finished at all. I felt somewhat reassured given the option to pay for it all up front was there that this wouldn't be like that -and still don't believe it possibly will be just so- yet all the very same, now two months on and still with zero word, hints or updates on Episode 2/further work on the title makes one feel slightly disconcerted, a fact made all the worse especially considering how much I enjoyed what game we've received thus far. I won't start panicking until it's been 4+ months like this, meaning late July or early August, but some news now would sure be nice!