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  1. Jesus. I was just watching a review of this game, trying to decide whether Paper Dolls, Deracine or this would be my next PSVR endeavor - the review said that it is 20 minutes of gameplay at best from one start to finish of the game. ... Wtf? How do you create a walking simulator for a game, and then only include 20 minutes of content?! Just... wow. Every dive deeper I go into this game - being on the fence about buying it, as a horror junky + VR junky who'll try almost anything like so, and faced with a decisive lack of such content - it manages to shock me ever more about just how seriously delusional the devs for this must've been. I mean, if your resources are *that* lacking as an Indie dev -that *this* is the best you can do with no spare hands on deck + a massive lack of cash- maybe just don't even bother wasting your time...? 20. Minutes. Long. I think that says it all - it probably took longer to read my two posts in this thread than it takes to play the damned game.
  2. Just out of sheer game design curiosity, but I wonder if Sony allows devs to upload trophies *without* any requirements as blank slates? I'd actually be pretty shocked if the PSN system would allow to just have a *live* trophy saving slots for upcoming stuff. You'd think, and based on everything ever released so far, that PSN would mandate any trophy having *some* requirement to go live. Likewise, I'd think they'd have something similar to prevent duplicate trophies - meaning Ubisoft shouldn't have been able to do multiple "Not Available Yet" bronze trophies. Curious if we're seeing something the system has long supported being used for the very first time here, with these blank saved spot trophies - since I sure don't recall anything like this for any other games up until now. I suppose it could be something Sony has recently patched in due to developer requests, but that seems rather unlikely in itself.
  3. Yeah, I'm a survival horror junkie and I think even I shall be skipping this one entirely. It just... it simply doesn't look good. Like, it *really* doesn't look any good! From the trophies alone, one can easily tell that the devs did this on a shoestring budget and were lackadaisical about it all, or else wholly inexperienced and shorthanded when it came to modern game development. Now as fans of such horror titles,.we're all but entirely used to finding games in a similar such state - It's just that this one really, *really* looks awful on the surface. Warning: Totally OFF-TOPIC reply regarding Resident Evil 2 follows: So as a BTWz to BV2016's slightly off-topic comment over RE2...? RE2's price is absolutely no big deal! Read more about the game and it's ongoing development as more details come out approaching launch/release day: Wherein Capcom is now known to have had a staff of around 800 (!!!!!!!!!) people working on the title. I mean that's just something that is entirely unheard of for any game "simply" being updated to modern consoles by a studio. A crew of a couple of hundred folks at the very, very best? Sure... maybe, for some Call of Duty type of game where money's no object, but even that is a difficult pill to swallow. Yet having nearly some thousand souls who are all actively working on it? That's just... wow!!! So as a result of this recent revelation right there, they've most clearly redone the whole game from the very absolute bottom all the way on up to the very tippity top - this is no mere "remake" or rerelease so much as a full fledged, entirely brand new Resident Evil title more in line with RE6 or RE7, or seen as something of an RE8. This, with the sole distinguishing caveat, however, how it just so happens to draw from a previous release and ever so *very loosely* follows some of the overall story/plot bulletpoints. My ultimate advice then, knowing we are still two whole months away from experiencing this firsthand for ourselves just now? Even so, get it, play it, love it: You likely won't have any regrets in the slightest if all the info/articles/previews released so far share any basis in reality. Don't let that price tag turn you away from so great an experience due to an underlying bias towards viewing remakes as something... far less involved/costly/worthwhile of an endeavor than any other "normal" contemporary AAA game. It should, at the very absolute least of all,.definitively wash out the ever so bitter taste of this title right here when you/we all finally get to do so!
  4. Yeah, I definitely do have to give the devs props on keeping tight to the two month release schedule. Very few episodic games manage to keep up any resemblance of a schedule five episodes in - these folks have without any problem whatsoever. So okay then, another week or so and this should be in the can! Thanks for the info - just saw the update on my PS4 and figured that meant a conclusion was imminent.
  5. Looks like the game will (finally) reach a conclusion in the next few days? I believe I got an update for it this morning, so I'd expect Episode 5's release is imminent if that's the case. What, probably Sunday for Early Access then Tuesday for everyone else? 8 months it took, but finally this'll be done and a nice Platinum for many to add, to boot!
  6. Out of two owners, one got six of the endings over the span of some 90ish minutes of time. I would therefore imagine that the involvement for changing circumstances is minimal, and quite clearly, manual save reloads/chapter selects are involved.
  7. Yep. Gotta agree - wtf?! This one goes right up there for the most freaking bizarre trophy requirement+title I've ever seen before. I mean, who hasn't dreamt of adding a Major Cannibalism trophy to their cabinet over the years...? It's long since been every gamer's dream of doing so, one now, at long last, brought to fruition! Yummy!
  8. These asshats at Konami MUST rerelease Silent Hill 4: The Room. I've been dying to replay that - shit, I haven't played it since it came out almost 15 years ago. Loved it then, but it'd be 100% new to me today. I still own the game on PC, PS2 and XBox (I don't and never have owned an XBox. Just bought it for the different cover.), but my PS3 Fat died long ago, and altho my PS2 still works, its disconnected and I've never felt like trying to do what I'd need to to play the game today. Besides, I want trophies when I replay it anew. On top of that, SH1 with Trophy support? Absolutely. Shattered Memories. Origins. Jesus, come on, Konami - you won't release any new games. Keep your doors open by rereleasing stuff you've already done - it ain't that hard.
  9. Yeah, really not thrilled with this trend. I cannot *stand* replaying games of a linear, story based nature. I already know everything that's going to happen, and everything coming gameplay wise. If I could *just* replay the gameplay elements, sans story, cutscenes or anything of the sort, and I *really* loved the game, then I can be down for it. Otherwise, I'll store my save game for a decade or so, and replay it years down the line in NG+. Having all these games releasing with NG+ trophies added to them is starting to suck, however. I'd much prefer moving onto something new and different, versus rehashing the same old same old.
  10. Yeah, I don't get this argument that the game is easy, thus it's high Plat %. Look, any adventure game, narrative, family/kids or point and click type game is a braindead easy Plat. You don't see folks flock to those. There are tons of 3-7 hour Plats. Likewise. This is a pretty considerable time investment of a platinum - 20ish hours. Me, unless the game is all sorts of crazy hard, I consider time over difficulty in explaining commonly Platinumed games. So, the fact this has an obscenely high platinum %'age, yet also a decent chunk of time investment required (plus demanding collectible hunts that have little to do with actual rewards ingame) tells me that so many are focusing on 100%ing trophies because they LOVE the game and enjoy playing it for as long as they possibly can! Because it is a GREATLY designed game! Look, difficulty-wise, this Platinum is little different from ANY Assassin's Creed game without MP trophies. Like, a mirror image - same difficulty, same timeframe, same collectible hunts, the works. You don't see AC often (ever) have itself a 50% Platinum on this site, or 11% rarity on PSN. You do here, because folks love being in this world and interacting with the gameplay the devs have crafted. That is the ONLY reason we see 50%. Now, were there a difficulty trophy, would it be lower? OF COURSE! But it'd also, assuming the same time were needed to plat, still be in the 25-40% range, because it would STILL be an awesome -nay, amazing!, even- game. Period.
  11. So people now own this - anyone care to enlighten on what's up with this game...? Worth price, content, etc.?
  12. I'd like to know one simple thing definitively - and I don't think it to be asking all that much, all things considered: A simple answer as to the current completion % of Episode 3 and Episode 4. Are they 10% finished? 60%? 90+%...? It *sounds* like it's in the realm of 50-60% done, if I had to wager a guess here. I'd assume the VA side of things is done - it has to be at this point. Since they should be 85-99% done with one and two months before they'd been scheduled to see release, I'd actually be quite curious what work remains to be finished here: Surely some bitter now ex employee has the answer to this, and what all went down around this. Altho Trump's favorite little tool of NDAs might be what stops such information from coming out anytime soon.
  13. Come on. Most of those employees moved to the SF Bay Area -insanely expensive!!!- for these jobs! Have some sympathy - they live paycheck to paycheck in a highly expensive area, just lost their jobs, their health insurance, their stability and their passion projects and professional community - supposedly there was someone who moved to SF for TTG in the past month alone. Sorry, but I *very* much feel badly for the former TTG employees - if you have an issue with that...? Tough. You don't know these peoples situations, and to say every single last one out of hundreds will land on their feet and be just fine is rather offensively narrowminded and thoughtless. Maybe one of them has a pregnant wife who now no longer has health insurance - or a sick child. Maybe someone who *isn't* a dev/coder -HR, art, VA, etc.- doesn't have a chance in Hell of finding a new gig anytime soon. Also: The fact TTG has now confirmed TWD's final season is *NOT* finished and will not release without an outside 3rd Party coming in and saving things...? Expected, but goddamn what a horrific company (the senior management, that is). Two goddamned months from being done - the whole damn thing should be 95% finished at this late date. If it requires a 3rd party savior here and now, they never intended on finishing it by mid December and this whole "Complete Final Season" deal was a forthright scam as the senior corporate staff tried to eke out as much extra $$$ as they could before the ship went down in flames. I mean, Episode 3 was a month out, Episode 4 two months - of an episodic release for the umpteenth sequel to a franchise on an existing game engine. Everything but the polish should have been complete on this - if it wasn't, more proof of corporate shenanigans to outright illegality on the part of the corporate/executive TTG staff. I simply cannot fathom that the final season remains in a largely unfinished state at this late date, yet that apparently is the case...? My God what a $#!ttily run company. Good luck to the senior management/corporate execs getting new jobs - their best bet will be avoiding making license plates in prison from the sounds of it.
  14. I thought it was an halfway to April Fools headline when I read that Telltale was a goner. Like others said, there was ZERO notion this was anything even possible. I mean... Stranger Things. Wolf Amongst Us S2. Etc. Etc. Etc. There's really only two options here: They gave out every dime they had buying rights to IP, expecting that acquiring the rights to those AAA IPs would bring new rounds of investment to actually complete the products they'd already promised. Investors saw the halfassed financial management of the company, running on fumes and prayers, and laughed hysterically at giving them any more $$$. Or... (and prolly, sadly, more likely) those at the very top engaged in some serious fraud/embezzlement, and prison time is probably next up for them. I really think that's the only possible explanation for the sheer absolute suddenness of it all. I mean my God, TWD had 2.5 months until it was done. If things were rough, you'd expect them to finish it, pray that sales for the final season might save things, but at least wait until after the holiday season. This sudden shutdown really screams to me someone stole a ton of $$$ that no one knew about, until they did... and this. Props to Ubisoft for the offer, at least. A lot of people give Ubisoft a lot of $#!t, but I've always felt they put out decent enough products and seemed to be heads and shoulders above all other "major" studios when it came to fostering and creating quality atmospheres for game developers/workers with their various studios. Hell of a lot better than an EA, at the very least. Here's hoping the TTG folks land on their feet - at least the ones with vision, and not whoever was responsible for the very vanilla, unchanging, non-interactive direction of the stuff Telltale put out. Still, what a shocker this news was. What refunds? I've yet to see jack about refunds - a couple dudes had success EARLY begging Steam, until they started rejecting it. Telltale CLEARLY doesn't have any money to be giving anyone any refunds. Let alone any employees to process them (evil lol). Sorry, but that $$$ is gone, gone, adios! No episodes 3+4, no refunds, nada. I'd say start the class action now if you want to see your $$$, but again... it no longer exists, as TTG studios no longer exists. Unless you are invested in some Minecraft Netflix deal (huh?), it's beating a dead horse.
  15. Yeah, I didn't even notice that when I posted this... was more concerned with what I'd have to do to 100% this, but now that you mention it, they indeed are quite strikingly beautiful in their design. Really some of the better looking trophy tiles I've seen so far, almost! If they put half as much thought and effort into the game as they did the trophy imagery, comparatively speaking to other games, this could just be a truly stellar little VR game! I see it listed as 12/31/18 here, but this is out tomorrow, Tuesday the 18th, at least in the US, correct? Can't wait! Altho I've still gotta get to Spider-Man, too - so it might be a few days before I move on. Haven't started it yet, dunno if I will today or just wait and play this first, tomorrow. Choices, choices! *******SECOND POST - GAMEPLAY LENGTH+COST******* Eek! I just checked after posting... two folks already have this. One has all save the two collectible trophies. I see a total playtime of about two hours it took them to get it all done. I dunno, two hours is *REALLY* pushing it for time from start to end of a game. If this is over $20... I hate to say I'd wait, but two hours total is on the extraordinarily short end of things, assuming there's little replayability - and since this seems more narrative and story driven, I'd have to say there won't be a ton of replayability to be found here short of getting those two collectible trophies down and 100%ing it. Anyone have any ideas what the retail for this is supposed to be at release yet, in the US? Two hours... like I said, eek!