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  1. I'll do this eventually - meaning sometime this year. Didn't realize there *still* wasn't one posted for it as of yet. Seeing how SH is by *FAR* my favorite game series of all time, I'd consider it a badge of honor having the Guide for the last release in the series proper under my cap. I've long put off Platting it, however. Because... I already did. This was the last game I played before my first PS3 died on me - never was huge into early online PSN, so I had just never uploaded my trophies earned... from this, and like ten other games I lost 7 years or so ago. Whenever I do get back to it and redo everything, again, sometime this year, I'll make a point of doing the guide up for it as I go.
  2. It is incredible games like this exist. This, that Mayo game... whatever. You see a ton of these types of games, and I have zero respect for their PSN. I can't imagine wanting to "show off" a profile that, while at least is a high leveled PSN, it's largely filled with BS. Me? I like looking at my list with games I like and have committed myself to. I like looking at my PSN to see it as a glimpse into who I am/what I've done gaming-wise. It almost becomes a "story of my life" as these things start going on/accumulating for a whole decade and longer. I look back to see the last trophy I got before my mom died unexpectedly - then the first one I got after she died. It really does... or, at least, it *can*, if not filled with clutter like this... offer a window into one's entire adult life (since I'd expect this trophy/achievement tracking deal from Sony will, at the very least, last another 10-15 years or so - for nearly a 25 year portion of one's life). But I digress/ramble on. I was looking at folks who played obscure games I also was into to find other stuff I might've missed. Then, I saw this, and... well... at first I'd hoped I found something else I might enjoy, but then, I mean, a 97.5% Platinum rarity...? Isn't that kind of, you know... embarrassing? I have been bothered enough by having Spider-Man be so utterly common. But a 97.5% rating?!?!?! All I can say to that? WOWSER! Different strokes for different folks, I rather presume. But still... 97.5% folks. Just... wowser.
  3. I'm not creating a new topic for this, but I decided to engage with Capcom's whole RE.NET deal for the first time. Good lord Almighty can you get lost on there - what they track... what they've tasked staff to create, code and specify... it's utterly incredible! But my question: Is this $#¡t for real? I found one challenge for RE2 this week as such: Take damage 5 times or less Counterattack 3 times or less Clear the game on Standard or Hardcore My deal? You can further specify to show who completed it on either mode. Is it for f**king real that, *already*, 514 people beat Hardcore taking damage 5 times or less/fewer than three counterattacks? Or that, again, *already*, 55 people beat Hardcore with an accuracy score of over 95%?!? Clearly, I find this $#¡t incredibly insane - makes me feel like a total loser just getting the Plat, considering the difficulty much of the stuff up on RE.NET entails. I mean... wow. Simply wow. Considering Capcom *is* tracking all of this, a glimpse at that sites stats/tracking shows just what a true, genuine 100% of the game could actually have been. I know Ubisoft has something similar with the Assassin's Creed series (actually, I think they do it for most all their games. I seem to recall now my Far Cry plays were similarly tracked on their Club Ubisoft or whatever it is). It's fascinating to see what a hardcore Platinum/100% could have been/currently is on their data mined sites. I thought I was pretty hardcore with RE7 - meaning I thought I did near abouts every damned thing possible. But... not even close, according to their site. Whilst on the topic, a quick ? for those who have been aware of/using the site - all my RE gameplays have been on my same PSN account, on my one and only PS4. Why, when I just signed up for it, is it only showing RE2 and RE7, when I Platinumed RE1 Remake, and have played much of RE0+Revelations 2? I mean, everything should be altogether - I never did anything I'm aware of to add those two games to be tracked somehow, which I (apparently) didn't do with the others? But yeah, I'd especially like to get my RE1 data up there, since, again, I did Platinum it. Neat to see all these wild stats up and available. I mean how f**king crazy is it that, in just under a week already, 1,106,212 Leon's have been eaten by the Alligator (I at least contributed 0 times to that one!), where the Alligator has gained some 77,435 tons of Leons, gaining the entire weight of the Titanic in only 3 days and still needing 147k tons to reach the weight of the Harmony of the Seas. Jesus, just how much spare time does Capcom staff have... how many employees/resources/man hours have they devoted to putting all this crazy data up there?! I mean really now! Tracking the number of times Leon got eaten, then figuring out his weight, then comparing the global collective numbers to all these massive real life things? Insane. Simply, positively freaking insane.
  4. Interested in mobile, except for when it comes to FF8 (A *very* sore subject with me: FF8 was always one of my faves). But yeah, Square has seemed pretty clueless ever since FF15's developmental period. The FF7 remake is gonna be the next Duke Nukem vaporware - never, ever to be released... until 15 years down the road! (Hint to Square: Resident Evil 2 Remake, anyone? Announced - I think…? - shortly after FF7 was...? Now *there's* how a remake gets (re)made! Acceptable developmental time. Adhering tightly to the original,.whilst possessing a great deal of originality all to itself. Eagerly awaited and beloved by fans now that it's here.) Methinks they're more into being the publisher and mobile company, now far less into developing original games for original IPs all to themselves. With Life is Strange alongside others, a journey into the episodic seems to have suited them. New quality games, on the other hand? Not so much. Even so!!! Don't you dare compare them to Konami (*spits on Konami's cold, dead rotting corpse*)!!! Those asshats have sat on Silent Hill, my very all time ever favorite series and IP, for countless GDed years now. All the more, they taunt the fanbase by giving just a fleeting taste of PT - received to some of the highest acclaim *ANY GAME EVER!!!* had received. And for a DEMO! But then, Konami fu©ks everyone over. And then, for the MGS fans, kicks Kojima to the curb like a cheap hooker. Why? All to make glorified slot machines for their destroyed IPs. Seriously: They've devalued their IPs in Castlevania, Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid *SO* much, that good luck ever trying to recoup some cash in any future fire sale intellectual property auction.
  5. I cannot rate it because it isn't in VR. This game and world would've been epic playing it in "person" with VR. And they even used the RE7 engine which already supports it! They should've never shown me what was possible by having RE7 in VR, because I don't think I can ever play another survival horror title which doesn't support virtual reality gameplay. Aww, who am I kidding? Beggars can't be choosers, and the contemporary survival horror scene represents some seriously slim pickings indeed. About to start it now, but oh how I wish it were marvelous VR... oh, how I surely do wish!
  6. I'll sit on this until proper reviews come in. I'm way too easy when it comes to VR - I'll pick up games I'd never otherwise dream of buying. Likewise, I'm huge into horror, and often lament on the lack of PSVR horror so far. But this... seems a stretch. It looks/sounds like it's going the lighter/halfway comedic route, rather than an actual thrillingly horrific immersion. Trophies *definitely* look to be another 85% plus obtained Platinum, depending on the collectibles being problematic or not. If it's Here They Lie or Home Sweet Home like, shoot for maybe 40-60% commonality. Based on the looks of things on the surface, it's hard to tell just how hard/missable the devs might've buried the collectibles in the game - the fact there are three gold trophies tied to them makes me think this could actually be a much harder Platinum to earn than most might otherwise think. You literally only have gold trophies for that and completing the game - the fact there are enough collectibles as to make three separate "Collect All *****" trophies really does sound like this isn't going to be the utterly "mindless Plat" someone else mentioned it might. Of course, that has zilch to do with whether or not this is another trash VR-sploitation of some guys tossing various publicly available assets into a game engine they licensed and making a buck off another VR walking simulator. Which, like I said, waiting for a review.
  7. So a year plus in now... It clearly will not be coming to the US. So I suppose then two questions exist for me: Is it possible/how to get this trilogy (DQ I, II, & III) in the US? I am assuming per the comments above I can't just use the old "create another PSN profile to access a foreign PSN store" to buy + download the three on my US PS4. Am I to assume that you actually must first beat DQ XI, the Japanese version, in order to receive and redeem a code to download? Because, as one who doesn't personally speak Japanese, that might be stretching my limits. Which, I rather suppose, leads perfectly into my next question… If I *could* manage getting them on my US-based PS4, just how feasible is it playing the three PS4 rereleases as an English, non-Japanese speaker? Doable, or so awkward and problematic as to make gameplay (Not following along with the story, but merely just playing the game without self-defeating myself through boneheaded mistakes by way of linguistics…?) pretty much the next closest thing to impossible as it gets? It's just that it really sucks there are trophies now for the first three DQ games, yet I find them out of reach and all but inaccessible. Dragon Warrior I was the game that got my 6-year old self into RPGs for the very first time ever - indeed, it was my very first RPG ever! It was a natural leap from being crazily into Zelda as a six year old to seeing this on the shelf and taking the plunge. Now, some 30 years later, I'd *really* love showing off my passion for the series by having these three games 100%'ed on my PSN account. Heck, I just played and beat DQ1 on my tablet via an NES emulator (it's okay! I still have my Dragon Warrior 1 cartridge+manual, so I'm all good legally speaking!) in 2018, just to replay it before XI reached our shores. The fact the Erdrick Trilogy is on PS4 and has trophy support is so freaking tantalizing and torturous that it hurts. Hopefully that pain can transform into ecstasy if there is *some* reasonable way of getting this right here. But... based on the hints lying around this thread, that don't sound too promising right now.
  8. Hmm... sounds like something they did desperate to try and increase the # of active players for online multiplayer? An unusual move to begin with - but when you factor in the fact that the Story Mode single player is not playable, and the fact that the multiplayer allows for the free folks to join against those who purchased the title…? Well then, that sounds like just about the most straightforward of admissions that the servers were all but dead, and so they literally would do about anything to improve that experience for paid players - literally anything, up to and including giving the whole damn thing away for free! I've yet to take the plunge toward buying/playing this, but have been on the fence about it for a while (But, I must concede, the odds of my doing so rapidly approach zero: Between RE2 Remake, KH3, and then still having to get through AC Odyssey, Dragon Quest 11, and a smattering of various horror titles both VR and otherwise... well, it ain't very likely I'll have the empty wide open space in my game queue such as to manage and get around to this anytime soon). As such, and given this bit of news here, I must say it is very much scaring me off from ever considering it: S-E, in essence, is coming out and saying the game is all but an absolute disaster for finding matches/other players online. So... are the servers truly that bad as this here move would surely make them seem? Does this game represent a case where one best stay FAR clear of it, for the simple fact that the server population is on life support in an all but comatose state? Or rather, is there still a somewhat decent playerbase that yet remains for the game, making a purchase in the foreseeable future something that's not necessarily a huge blundering mistake as one launches the game and enters the world, only to immediately discover a veritable ghost town replete with tumbleweeds blowing to and fro? Because... I gotta say: Giving only the multiplayer away for free just does not strike me as the move that any healthy, successful endeavor would ever dream of taking for itself - let alone coming less than even a full year from the initial release date of the game.
  9. I would've possibly checked this out with a reasonable time to Plat I might target before trial's end. 100+ hours? Whether or not trophy support is retained in such a trial period gets rendered rather moot well and good. A shame they don't just make the full game free permanently. Heck, give folks only the weekend to get it for free, then, if not, they simply missed out. Definitely NOT a fan of these temporary timed deals - ones that seem to be popping up increasingly more often of late. I'm like insanely anticipating Resident Evil 2 as a huge horror nut, and even there the obsession with limitations in timing drove me mad. This and that are, admittedly, apples and oranges, yet even so, I'd far rather be given full reign as to do what I want when I want, not have to try and cram as much gaming down my throat as I can on someone else's timetable. So... thanks, but no, Sony.
  10. I'm not creating a new thread for this ?, but it does somewhat fit with the topic: Lets say you are boosting definitively - how are some folks getting *those* times on 100%ing the game? My God, one guy even got it in under 5 hours - *every* DLC trophy *and* every base one! Roughly 15 folks 100% in 10 hours or less! What's the deal here - two DLCs Guide+Roadmaps are about ten a piece, plus two others summing at 3 ish. 23 hours - Plus one other DLC absent guide - plus 40 for the base. So I'd just like to know if this game *can* be a 10-15 hour haul -assuming boosting goes well- rather than a 60+ hour slog. It'd move up considerably in my ever lengthening queue if it were a 10-20 hour 100% within reasonable confines (meaning boosting = OK! Folks that have planned out in excruciating detail, mapped saves to get the most trophies in quickest times, etc. = not even remotely worth it) May I just add: There's ZERO question these are all totally legit 100% times, so don't think I might question that here or even waste one's time questioning those times in a reply.
  11. Yeah, I put off even purchasing this until all content is released. I've realized episodic games and months between content just didn't work for me - and I especially wasn't going to plunk down my cash like a couple weeks within Telltale going under. But I cannot imagine having played the first LiS as anything other than a straight shot, immediate start to end story. Of course, I couldn't have imagined I'd check up on this title a week into 2019, and absolutely nothing else has been released for it yet. What, four months between first and second episodes, just to start? Yeah - totally not regretting my call to wait on this one. I'd have to replay Episode 1 a second time just to remember what the hell was going on in the story.
  12. God, I'd totally never thought about how we could have Fatal Frame series on the PS4 and with trophy support until I read this first post to the thread. I officially hate you hardcore, OP - because it will *NEVER* happen with whatever deal Nintendo has where they essentially now own the series exclusively. It just ain't something that is even remotely possible, that they'd go and allow Sony to have the series again in any capacity. But... oh... Crimson Butterfly on PS4 with trophies?!? Ohh... what a dream. And I'd also kill to have Silent Hill 4 in particular on the PS4. There's just no way of realistically playing it save hooking my old PS2 back up, and I've just never felt compelled to do that. But having that with trophies alongside the SH 2+3 rerelease a few years back... it'd sure be a nice way of reviving the IP, even just a little bit. But really though, some serious hate for the Fatal Frame reminder. Something that I'd never even bothered to stop and consider, and something that won't ever transpire. Thanks for that.
  13. Jesus. I was just watching a review of this game, trying to decide whether Paper Dolls, Deracine or this would be my next PSVR endeavor - the review said that it is 20 minutes of gameplay at best from one start to finish of the game. ... Wtf? How do you create a walking simulator for a game, and then only include 20 minutes of content?! Just... wow. Every dive deeper I go into this game - being on the fence about buying it, as a horror junky + VR junky who'll try almost anything like so, and faced with a decisive lack of such content - it manages to shock me ever more about just how seriously delusional the devs for this must've been. I mean, if your resources are *that* lacking as an Indie dev -that *this* is the best you can do with no spare hands on deck + a massive lack of cash- maybe just don't even bother wasting your time...? 20. Minutes. Long. I think that says it all - it probably took longer to read my two posts in this thread than it takes to play the damned game.
  14. Just out of sheer game design curiosity, but I wonder if Sony allows devs to upload trophies *without* any requirements as blank slates? I'd actually be pretty shocked if the PSN system would allow to just have a *live* trophy saving slots for upcoming stuff. You'd think, and based on everything ever released so far, that PSN would mandate any trophy having *some* requirement to go live. Likewise, I'd think they'd have something similar to prevent duplicate trophies - meaning Ubisoft shouldn't have been able to do multiple "Not Available Yet" bronze trophies. Curious if we're seeing something the system has long supported being used for the very first time here, with these blank saved spot trophies - since I sure don't recall anything like this for any other games up until now. I suppose it could be something Sony has recently patched in due to developer requests, but that seems rather unlikely in itself.
  15. Yeah, I'm a survival horror junkie and I think even I shall be skipping this one entirely. It just... it simply doesn't look good. Like, it *really* doesn't look any good! From the trophies alone, one can easily tell that the devs did this on a shoestring budget and were lackadaisical about it all, or else wholly inexperienced and shorthanded when it came to modern game development. Now as fans of such horror titles,.we're all but entirely used to finding games in a similar such state - It's just that this one really, *really* looks awful on the surface. Warning: Totally OFF-TOPIC reply regarding Resident Evil 2 follows: So as a BTWz to BV2016's slightly off-topic comment over RE2...? RE2's price is absolutely no big deal! Read more about the game and it's ongoing development as more details come out approaching launch/release day: Wherein Capcom is now known to have had a staff of around 800 (!!!!!!!!!) people working on the title. I mean that's just something that is entirely unheard of for any game "simply" being updated to modern consoles by a studio. A crew of a couple of hundred folks at the very, very best? Sure... maybe, for some Call of Duty type of game where money's no object, but even that is a difficult pill to swallow. Yet having nearly some thousand souls who are all actively working on it? That's just... wow!!! So as a result of this recent revelation right there, they've most clearly redone the whole game from the very absolute bottom all the way on up to the very tippity top - this is no mere "remake" or rerelease so much as a full fledged, entirely brand new Resident Evil title more in line with RE6 or RE7, or seen as something of an RE8. This, with the sole distinguishing caveat, however, how it just so happens to draw from a previous release and ever so *very loosely* follows some of the overall story/plot bulletpoints. My ultimate advice then, knowing we are still two whole months away from experiencing this firsthand for ourselves just now? Even so, get it, play it, love it: You likely won't have any regrets in the slightest if all the info/articles/previews released so far share any basis in reality. Don't let that price tag turn you away from so great an experience due to an underlying bias towards viewing remakes as something... far less involved/costly/worthwhile of an endeavor than any other "normal" contemporary AAA game. It should, at the very absolute least of all,.definitively wash out the ever so bitter taste of this title right here when you/we all finally get to do so!