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  1. Honestly, I'm rather unhappy about just how easy of a platinum this is, the MP content aside. With my having just now completed all the various SP trophies, it's really quite depressing just how much they skimped out on trophies vis-a-vis completionism. For example, it should have been "Destroy *ALL* cult property in all regions"; "Complete *ALL* Clutch Nixon Events in all regions" (Yeah, okay, I'd have hated this trophy, but still); "Liberate ALL cult outposts in all regions"; "Complete every single in-game challenge, including combat & companion based ones" "Obtain all collectible items in all regions"; Maybe even a somewhat brutal 100% completion Gold trophy...? It just sucks to think I'll have my Platinum here despite having barely even touched the optional, additional content found in-game. I went full on when I started with John's region, just like I normally do, exploring every single inch of every building or location to make sure I didn't miss a thing - pretty much got 100% completion in his area. Then, when I moved on to Faith's...? I realized that was utterly pointless and a complete waste of time, as far as trophies go. And so I zoomed right on by in her region, leaving a plethora of content undone. Now sure, I can absolutely still do everything whether trophies exist as a reward for it or not. But, at least for me, trophies have always represented a mark of achievement for my OCD completionist qualities - proof positive that I endured it all and came out the other side. Without a trophy for it, the only verification I've got for spending tens of hours doing stuff is on a single save file that only I will ever see, and data that gets rendered null and void some ten years down the line, assuming a hypothetical PS6 doesn't have backwards compatibility with PS4 content/saves. It's really such a shame, too - if ever a game cried out for 100% completion, wherein there's countless hours of optional content crammed into every crevice and an incredibly rich backstory that permeates, beyond merely the main missions, rather into the whole entire game? Then surely, it is this one right here! So the fact they skimped out on having any "Do all of this" trophies, instead going with a "Just scratch the surface of most of the optional content"? Definitely disappointing to my mind. Now, but of course, while I say this there's always the chance that future DLC trophies will also tie in with base game activities, necessitating that one have done content already released as part of the base game in order to unlock it: Like, say, that hypothetical Achieve 100% Completion in Far Cry 5 trophy. (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and its The Da Vinci Disappearance, being the most obvious prior example of this methodology at play of which to draw from - and, I do believe, both games even were/are done, not just by Ubisoft in general, but specifically both coming from their Ubisoft Montreal studio/office/team. So, just perhaps, there's yet still hope in some future DLC to meet my desires in this regard...?) indeed, perhaps that would even be the best of both worlds, really: A platinum that's easily obtainable for anyone to get, at the same time having really hardcore and time consuming optional content completionist trophies for those OCD folks amongst us. Of course, as of now there's absolutely zero evidence this will prove to be the case, and it's seemingly much more likely that any DLC trophies will mirror the base game in their being relatively painless and uninvolved. I dunno, I suppose I've just gotten used to being rewarded for my completionist tendencies, especially by Ubisoft games of late - the Assassin's Creed series, Far Cry, etc. all usually being far more involved when it came to doing all the content and then having specific trophies as a reward for such activities; in lieu of this "stick your toes in the water and you're done!" approach that we see here in FC5.
  2. Any word yet on the next content push for this title? I've been keeping my eye out these past few weeks, as we near two months post-release. Still nothing, and absolutely no info I could find as to the when we might expect this future content. I'd have thought approaching some two months on and we'd have gotten Episode 2 by now - you figure there are going to be several such episodes released for it, so I wasn't exactly expecting some year long wait (or something along those lines) after Episode 1 came out to get to two. It'd be nice to resume this fairly intriguing story and well designed, even rather innovative, game, whilst still the story remains fresh in my mind. Particularly seeing as how I've already paid for it all, you always worry that the longer time marches on absent any updates, it might fall into the bin certain other episodic titles have: Either in the form of enduring outrageous wait times, or even the sheer and total abandonment of a title due to unanticipated financial/business realities in the interim between content, wherein a game is quite simply never finished at all. I felt somewhat reassured given the option to pay for it all up front was there that this wouldn't be like that -and still don't believe it possibly will be just so- yet all the very same, now two months on and still with zero word, hints or updates on Episode 2/further work on the title makes one feel slightly disconcerted, a fact made all the worse especially considering how much I enjoyed what game we've received thus far. I won't start panicking until it's been 4+ months like this, meaning late July or early August, but some news now would sure be nice!
  3. .... Wow. Okay, I was thinking about putting Far Cry 5 on hold, but... Movement via punching bag motions?!?? Yowser. I get it's an apes game and all, but still - movement by simulating a punching bag as their mechanic for traversing the world? That seems like an idea that worked much better on paper ("Hey, everyone will have to act and look like an actual ape! It is... Reality, but virtualized!") I became somewhat apprehensive of this when I just bought it, and for only $10, to see the game is only 4.5ish gig. For any modern game, that is lowballing it, but for a VR title? I won't say I'm sorry I bought it, as I'm all in if something is VR, and I especially won't say I'm sorry I bought a game I still haven't played yet - but, if such a thing were possible, I think I'd be saying it here. I'll reserve further judgement until I do get to it, but so far, not so good. I was hoping this might have been a quality attempt at working VR into a major IP with AAA level design, but it rather seems closer to another shameless exploitation of VR $$'s, which is such a shame - exploring Planet of the Apes in VR sounded like such a sure thing. Btw, glad my efforts back with Here They Lie proved helpful - as a huge survival horror fan, and a huge VR nut, I look back fondly on that title knowing I got the first 100% on the first real PSVR horror title (Until Dawn being more a rails shooter), but... Yeah. Definitely my first and last attempt at doing a VR game's collectibles guide! Wowser, was that not an easy experiment at the time. Doing a video guide might not be quite so bad, but a standard screenshot collectibles guide in VR? Totally different story. Lastly, yeah, one day I'll get around to the Paranormal Activity batteries trophy, just isn't a priority since I'd shelved the game before any guides were out there. The fact it is, at best, an hour or so for a gold trophy + 100% means I'll undoubtedly return to it one day, though, and it sounds like may even end up using your guide! (I guess we can trade off using each other's attempts at VR collectibles guides... Only fair, I suppose!
  4. Is everyone else getting it saying that your profile has been updated, after a lengthy delay at Starting, but it ain't updating crap...? Added a few more FF15 trophies tonight, but they definitively are not showing up at all for me.
  5. Late to the party, just noticed this thread updating my trophies. There is only one game for 2017, and I'm blown away by how I'm not seeing it on here. Seriously, this was *THE* game of 2017. Before I say what it is, all I can say is most of the folks posting on here must not have VR. Because, if you do, and you played this...? It was the first "holy ****" game to come to PSVR, and thusly, since I believe Vr is the future of gaming, this game represents a landmark moment in video game history. Resident Evil 7 Creeping around the Baker Mansion, in f***ing virtual reality?!?!? Don't get me wrong here, the Vr tech's resolution is at a nascent stage - but this game was the first to manage to compensate for the technological limitations, and half the time you felt you were right freaking there. Add to all that the fact that the basic game design - combat, mechanics, etc. - was prolly the best of the RE series so far, and the story was by far one of the single greatest gaming storylines (perhaps second to Silent Hill 2 - and yes, I'm a horror junkie), and this was the game of 2017. Btw, I'll place my bet now on the game of 2018, while I'm at it: Detroit: Become Human. I have a feeling that's going to be a revolutionary game in game design, and easily exceeding all prior output from Quantic Dream, at the very least. Edit: Wow - 4 pages long, only 2 other RE7 mentions!!!!! Wow. Anyways, I saw someone mention a game I must give an honorary mention to, because it was phenomenal, and most years, might have taken my #1 slot: What remains of Edith Finch. Might be largely a walking sim, but holy crap, that story was just... I bow before whoever wrote up that storyline. Such a magnificent game.
  6. I assume April 4th, which is... Wednesday... Is the global release for this, including on PS4...? Looks interesting, I'm probably into it, so I'll likely pick it up whenever.
  7. Eh, the Batman VR crap wasn't so bad. I'd go for it, if I were you - it's a few minutes at best. Now you wanna talk about hell for VR and collectibles...? F***ing Here They Lie. Man, I played that game before anyone got the 100%. I tried to compile a guide for it on PlaystationTrophies, in my first playthrough, so I and others could finally 100%. It was impossible. Fortunately, it was cumulative - I'd missed the VERY FIRST collectible. So my second go around, five minutes in and I got the first ever 100% for Here They Lie. But my experience from that taught me collectibles and VR do not go together. Hell, I still refuse to 100% Paranormal Activity and the batteries for just that reason. Four playthroughs, I never got all the batteries for the trophy, so screw it. Yep, VR and collectible related trophies suck hard, no doubt about it. It's freaking annoying enough in non VR games - I wish devs would just quit it with these 100+ collectibles for a trophy in a game. It makes me put that game off, and end up never playing it. I don't feel like playing a game and having to constantly look at some guide as I play, and I also don't want to spend 20 hours replaying everything to get some trophy I missed out on because I just wanted to enjoy the game. Bottom line, collectible trophies suck everywhere, not just in VR.
  8. Yeah, really. As a huge VR fan (I've reached a point I have a hard time playing games that aren't in VR), there's hardly any decent action adventure or horror VR games as of yet. I mean, non wave shooters or other low quality genre titles are by and large it. So to keep seeing people say "Damn, VR only?! That sucks!!!" is incredibly depressing to me. VR is the future, and an entirely different experience, that, even in these earliest days and low quality hardware available, is amazing. Please, enough with attacking the few decent VR titles that come out for being in VR! Since PSVR released, there have been maybe 15 high quality, non formulaic wave shooter games to come out - it's hardly like VR is stealing every title from non VR owners. As for the trophy list, I concur, the difficulty trophies aren't a huge plus. And I find the onslaught of speed run trophies... Lacking. Hopefully those times are pretty easy to obtain, and won't require hours and hours of honing perfection to achieve, otherwise this Plat could be a bit of a bore/grind.
  9. Pretty laughable mistake, especially when related to something that should've been all put a copy+paste affair (meaning one list, repeated three times). It *proves* nobody who developed this merely even *glanced* at the trophy list prior to submission. You don't get *ANY* easier than a numeric (and as numerals, not spelled out, even!) list that goes Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level... 8?!? Clearly, as much an indication to save your hard earned cash and stay faaaaaaaaaaaar away from what is seemingly a train wreck as proves possible, short of the dev embarking on a world tour personally knocking on everyone's door and telling them to keep their money. Really, this is one of the more egregious and unforgivable mistakes I've yet to personally witness in a video game. Yes, it might seem exceedingly minor, that's true - but if you can't spot such a blatant mistake on something so utterly simple, and so very, very public, then what prayer does the code the game runs on/assets&level design have? It's a small wonder we haven't had a spate of PS4's melting and burning houses down the second they merely encounter any code for this game. QA? What's that?!?
  10. Awesome, just got it... Can't wait! I mean, I seriously find the whole Elizabeth Adams/Motherly Embrace deal freaking bizarre, to me. Still convinced the Devs stalked me or something along those lines - my mom, Elizabeth Adams, died two years ago. So clearly, this game is something incredibly special/ridiculously absurd for me personally. Excited to play it, and, with their season pass/two days early deal, I guess next time around I'll be joining you in the early access for episodes thing. Thanks again for the info!
  11. 11 people now have the game on PSNProfiles, but it ain't up on the US store as of 3/10/18 at 2am Eastern... What's up with that? What region *does* in fact have it just now, so I can get into playing it ASAP?!
  12. You have to run through all the credits. I can totally understand a few who aren't aware, do so, refuse to kill Mana Beast again. (Edit to add: It's like 5-7 minutes from kill to End Trophy - I went and did something else, leaving it run, because... Boring + pointless waste of time alert!) But when one trophy is required to get another, yet the one that requires it has a higher %, that defies all logic. INTERESTINGLY, I checked on my PS4 as I got my plat, and Sony's trophy % is correct - all Weapons at 9 has higher % than Guide Completion. So it's just this site, which still doesn't make any sense - no one on this site should have Guide Complete unless they have all weapons at 9. Something ain't right.
  13. Oddly enough, I didn't. Next was an Orb, too. Fortunately, I'm done and Platted, so this less than enjoyable return to one of my fave games is at an end. As icing on the cake, the final boss fight sees... A crash! Right towards the end, no less. Here's all I want to know right now: Exactly what freaking bugs did the long brewing 1.02 address? Seriously. Because it sure didn't address the sole bug 99.999999999% have encountered, and which *almost* is game breaking (and would be, were it not for the quick and easy bandaid of autosaving every zoning.) The only bug fix that was *supposedly* fixed I ever encountered was the half black screen deal. You'd think anyone with sense would have put all hands on deck for *this* bug - character colour's changing is groovy and all, but nothing has higher precedence than one which utterly crashes the game. No less, one that nearly everyone experiences and which is encountered at an utterly obscene rate. I'd be mortified if I had been on the programming staff for this remake, and especially for the 1.02 patch. They didn't reduce the frequency 1%.
  14. I was just reading through this, and I wanted to address two things. Although I didn't try it, I'm sure this is the case: You might not need to upgrade the weapons for *this* trophy, but you assuredly do for the Guide Completion. Secondly, why *is* there a higher % with the Guide than All Weapons? That makes absolutely no sense, yet it remains the case today - the reason I popped into this thread was noting just that fact, as I overlooked my trophies now nearing the Platinum for it (everything done save for killing the last two bosses! Whee, no more farming!!!!!!!)
  15. Trilogy pack with platinum for the US version digital store, you're saying is up now..,? I'd eventually like to stack these with the 100%'s whenever I get around to it, so not having to deal with my Jap/EU accounts would be nice in order to get the trilogy Platinum trophy from the US store. Edit to add: (Arin1979, looks like you're an "EU'er" - so you didn't buy from the US PSN store, then...? But CJL73185, does appear to have been a fellow US player) Bottom line, has the US PSN Store's AC Chronicles been changed to properly have the Platinum trophy, or is it still merely a damnable stacking of the three 100% games in the trilogy?