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  1. Yeah, really not thrilled with this trend. I cannot *stand* replaying games of a linear, story based nature. I already know everything that's going to happen, and everything coming gameplay wise. If I could *just* replay the gameplay elements, sans story, cutscenes or anything of the sort, and I *really* loved the game, then I can be down for it. Otherwise, I'll store my save game for a decade or so, and replay it years down the line in NG+. Having all these games releasing with NG+ trophies added to them is starting to suck, however. I'd much prefer moving onto something new and different, versus rehashing the same old same old.
  2. Yeah, I don't get this argument that the game is easy, thus it's high Plat %. Look, any adventure game, narrative, family/kids or point and click type game is a braindead easy Plat. You don't see folks flock to those. There are tons of 3-7 hour Plats. Likewise. This is a pretty considerable time investment of a platinum - 20ish hours. Me, unless the game is all sorts of crazy hard, I consider time over difficulty in explaining commonly Platinumed games. So, the fact this has an obscenely high platinum %'age, yet also a decent chunk of time investment required (plus demanding collectible hunts that have little to do with actual rewards ingame) tells me that so many are focusing on 100%ing trophies because they LOVE the game and enjoy playing it for as long as they possibly can! Because it is a GREATLY designed game! Look, difficulty-wise, this Platinum is little different from ANY Assassin's Creed game without MP trophies. Like, a mirror image - same difficulty, same timeframe, same collectible hunts, the works. You don't see AC often (ever) have itself a 50% Platinum on this site, or 11% rarity on PSN. You do here, because folks love being in this world and interacting with the gameplay the devs have crafted. That is the ONLY reason we see 50%. Now, were there a difficulty trophy, would it be lower? OF COURSE! But it'd also, assuming the same time were needed to plat, still be in the 25-40% range, because it would STILL be an awesome -nay, amazing!, even- game. Period.
  3. So people now own this - anyone care to enlighten on what's up with this game...? Worth price, content, etc.?
  4. I'd like to know one simple thing definitively - and I don't think it to be asking all that much, all things considered: A simple answer as to the current completion % of Episode 3 and Episode 4. Are they 10% finished? 60%? 90+%...? It *sounds* like it's in the realm of 50-60% done, if I had to wager a guess here. I'd assume the VA side of things is done - it has to be at this point. Since they should be 85-99% done with one and two months before they'd been scheduled to see release, I'd actually be quite curious what work remains to be finished here: Surely some bitter now ex employee has the answer to this, and what all went down around this. Altho Trump's favorite little tool of NDAs might be what stops such information from coming out anytime soon.
  5. Come on. Most of those employees moved to the SF Bay Area -insanely expensive!!!- for these jobs! Have some sympathy - they live paycheck to paycheck in a highly expensive area, just lost their jobs, their health insurance, their stability and their passion projects and professional community - supposedly there was someone who moved to SF for TTG in the past month alone. Sorry, but I *very* much feel badly for the former TTG employees - if you have an issue with that...? Tough. You don't know these peoples situations, and to say every single last one out of hundreds will land on their feet and be just fine is rather offensively narrowminded and thoughtless. Maybe one of them has a pregnant wife who now no longer has health insurance - or a sick child. Maybe someone who *isn't* a dev/coder -HR, art, VA, etc.- doesn't have a chance in Hell of finding a new gig anytime soon. Also: The fact TTG has now confirmed TWD's final season is *NOT* finished and will not release without an outside 3rd Party coming in and saving things...? Expected, but goddamn what a horrific company (the senior management, that is). Two goddamned months from being done - the whole damn thing should be 95% finished at this late date. If it requires a 3rd party savior here and now, they never intended on finishing it by mid December and this whole "Complete Final Season" deal was a forthright scam as the senior corporate staff tried to eke out as much extra $$$ as they could before the ship went down in flames. I mean, Episode 3 was a month out, Episode 4 two months - of an episodic release for the umpteenth sequel to a franchise on an existing game engine. Everything but the polish should have been complete on this - if it wasn't, more proof of corporate shenanigans to outright illegality on the part of the corporate/executive TTG staff. I simply cannot fathom that the final season remains in a largely unfinished state at this late date, yet that apparently is the case...? My God what a $#!ttily run company. Good luck to the senior management/corporate execs getting new jobs - their best bet will be avoiding making license plates in prison from the sounds of it.
  6. I thought it was an halfway to April Fools headline when I read that Telltale was a goner. Like others said, there was ZERO notion this was anything even possible. I mean... Stranger Things. Wolf Amongst Us S2. Etc. Etc. Etc. There's really only two options here: They gave out every dime they had buying rights to IP, expecting that acquiring the rights to those AAA IPs would bring new rounds of investment to actually complete the products they'd already promised. Investors saw the halfassed financial management of the company, running on fumes and prayers, and laughed hysterically at giving them any more $$$. Or... (and prolly, sadly, more likely) those at the very top engaged in some serious fraud/embezzlement, and prison time is probably next up for them. I really think that's the only possible explanation for the sheer absolute suddenness of it all. I mean my God, TWD had 2.5 months until it was done. If things were rough, you'd expect them to finish it, pray that sales for the final season might save things, but at least wait until after the holiday season. This sudden shutdown really screams to me someone stole a ton of $$$ that no one knew about, until they did... and this. Props to Ubisoft for the offer, at least. A lot of people give Ubisoft a lot of $#!t, but I've always felt they put out decent enough products and seemed to be heads and shoulders above all other "major" studios when it came to fostering and creating quality atmospheres for game developers/workers with their various studios. Hell of a lot better than an EA, at the very least. Here's hoping the TTG folks land on their feet - at least the ones with vision, and not whoever was responsible for the very vanilla, unchanging, non-interactive direction of the stuff Telltale put out. Still, what a shocker this news was. What refunds? I've yet to see jack about refunds - a couple dudes had success EARLY begging Steam, until they started rejecting it. Telltale CLEARLY doesn't have any money to be giving anyone any refunds. Let alone any employees to process them (evil lol). Sorry, but that $$$ is gone, gone, adios! No episodes 3+4, no refunds, nada. I'd say start the class action now if you want to see your $$$, but again... it no longer exists, as TTG studios no longer exists. Unless you are invested in some Minecraft Netflix deal (huh?), it's beating a dead horse.
  7. Yeah, I didn't even notice that when I posted this... was more concerned with what I'd have to do to 100% this, but now that you mention it, they indeed are quite strikingly beautiful in their design. Really some of the better looking trophy tiles I've seen so far, almost! If they put half as much thought and effort into the game as they did the trophy imagery, comparatively speaking to other games, this could just be a truly stellar little VR game! I see it listed as 12/31/18 here, but this is out tomorrow, Tuesday the 18th, at least in the US, correct? Can't wait! Altho I've still gotta get to Spider-Man, too - so it might be a few days before I move on. Haven't started it yet, dunno if I will today or just wait and play this first, tomorrow. Choices, choices! *******SECOND POST - GAMEPLAY LENGTH+COST******* Eek! I just checked after posting... two folks already have this. One has all save the two collectible trophies. I see a total playtime of about two hours it took them to get it all done. I dunno, two hours is *REALLY* pushing it for time from start to end of a game. If this is over $20... I hate to say I'd wait, but two hours total is on the extraordinarily short end of things, assuming there's little replayability - and since this seems more narrative and story driven, I'd have to say there won't be a ton of replayability to be found here short of getting those two collectible trophies down and 100%ing it. Anyone have any ideas what the retail for this is supposed to be at release yet, in the US? Two hours... like I said, eek!
  8. Looks like a decent enough list, sorry not to see a Platinum here, however. Been looking forward to this since E3, as Elijah Wood has surely worked on some decent enough things over the years, the concept sounded cool, and I'm a VR junkie. 11 story related trophies. Two "all collectibles" trophies. One rare event encounter/trigger/discovery. All in all, sounds like a simplistic trophy ride to allow for enjoying the game more and trophies less. This, assuming the video+audio logs aren't too much of a pain to find/require replaying the entire game to unlock the trophy.
  9. Should be getting pretty darn close to Episode 4 releasing right now. Next week or two, I'd say, assuming they stick to their pace so far and encounter no delays. I also rather hope that Episode 5 won't be on the same two month release window. It'd sure be nice to have them wrap the story up and not be forced to wait frustratingly whilst forgetting half the plot. Or... for folks like me, so we might all get to enjoy the game and "binging" the story. I'm at a point now where I'm just saving episodes 2, 3 and 4 until 5 is launched, in order to offer up a far more satisfying experience. Quite unlike Walking Dead or other such Telltale episodics, this game was clearly best designed to be enjoyed all at once, not broken and split up across nearly a year. The experience I had with the first and only episode I've played so far showed me a game whose storyline+gameplay were intended to be a one and done deal, not episodic. Indeed, I'm rather curious why they did go the episodic route. Here, rather than Telltale or Life is Strange, it seems to me the developers might've been strapped for cash and needed an influx of investment ASAP in order not to abandon the game due to brokeness. In fact, it looks rather certain to have been the case - the genre and game mechanics, the story itself... none of them lend themselves to episodic gameplay. So it's quite a shame from my perspective that they were forced to go such a route: This would have offered up a *far* more positive experience minus the episodic nature of it. Between it being split apart just so from purely a gameplay perspective, to the frustration and loss of enjoyment when factoring in forgetting half the story/becoming quite detached from the game's world in the interim months... bottom line, suffice it to say that things surrounding this game would have been a much more pleasant and enjoyable sort of experience had they scrapped the episodic concept and done a straight up, one and done release.
  10. Most unnecessary DLC'ed trophy ever...? Sure gets my vote for it! Months after release, post all DLC releases, and they add a *ONE TROPHY DLC* NG+ Hard mode silver trophy!?!?!?! Wtf was Ubisoft thinking? F*** that. Game is way too long and way too not replayable for me to even consider trying this, Mars weapons or no Mars weapons. Either include this from Day 1, or, even better still, DON'T INCLUDE IT *AT ALL*!!!! Still, makes me feel better about this game and completing it. I'd been putting off the MP trophies, cause... MP Farcry 5 sucks hard... so now I can sleep soundly knowing I'm just gonna skip them all. I just *REALLY* hope this isn't some new Ubi thing - I can't even conceive of this c**kblocking me from Platinum/100%ing Assassin's Creed games. This would *REALLY* suck over there. May this utter nonsense be a one and done deal, forevermore!
  11. Glad I'm not alone here. This sounds and looks like horror, which is 100% my "thing", but I've *never* seen anything like this. There isn't even a whisper about this game - NOTHING about it exists. I even tried to narrow crap on Google - limiting results to the past year, month and week. You do week, and only this site and ExoPhase trophies lists show up. It is 100% like this game does *NOT* exist. Nothing from any developer, no trailers, no news, nothing in an upcoming release list, nor even any gamers talking/posting about it. Utterly and completely bizarre, especially seeing as how this has now been completed and gone gold to such a point that the trophy list was uploaded to Sony's servers. Color me even more intrigued by the sheer mystery of it. It is indeed a door. A door to... nowhere!
  12. Good timing on my part - was just coming to check to see if Ep. 3 had released yet, and whatta ya know, it releases just 50 minutes before my check-in! I was going to wait until Episode 5 (still haven't touched 2 yet.), but I don't think I will hold out any longer. I'll go ahead and do 2+3 now, then put off 4 until the final chapter, 5 comes out. But it just isn't worth waiting until November or December to do the full on binge first time through playthrough - as it is, four months have already passed since I did episode 1 (where does the time go?!). Glad this released, and we've gotten past the halfway point for episodes. Here's hoping episode 3 was half as good as the opening episode of the game!
  13. Wow, I'm sorry, but this game is a PoS. It was bugged. No trophies would unlock. The CD and pea soup proved it. So I shut the game down, restarted, and poof! Trophies started unlocking again. The demon hands... man, I'm not sure I'm going to get it. I've got very little space for my VR. I dunno if I got it when the trophies were bugged, but I've done chapter 2 way too many times... any tips for that? Having these trophies bugged, and doing chapter 2 at least 6 times for the 100% when it was bugged, has killed me for this game. Edit: When does the high five trophy unlock, anyway? At the hallway with the demon hands, or at the end of the chapter? It'd at least be nice to know when I need to reset having failed to evade them.
  14. Alright, I'm confused. Chapter 2 - in that file folder, it shows 100%. so that means I've 100%'ed the Chapter, right? Got the chess artifact and everything - but no trophy. This game is really bizarre and poorly ported for the PSVR, but I still want to 100% the trophies. Edit: Oh, I totally forgot to mention. After I 100%ed Chapter 2, the CD appears. I put it in, listen to it... so shouldn't I have that trophy for listening to my CD? It's almost like the game is borked and it won't unlock any trophies right now. The CD one should be a simple put in and unlock, and I cannot obtain that trophy, either.
  15. Yeah, not even remotely scary. Like... at all. Zilch. Nada. Weeping Doll was scarier, and that was just scary in the "Wow... so... this is... a game?" I've never seen VR controls this bad in my life. Ever. They. Are. Horrible. I mean, you can't even believe how bad they are for the PS4. Then I thought - hey, this is a port, and it *VERY CLEARLY WAS NOT MADE FOR THE DUALSHOCK* controller. So, lets just use the Move Controllers, since, two hands, that it seems made for. No Move support. Of course. And holy crap. One option lets you change hand dominance from grip with right to left. Awesome, right? Yeah... except... you can only *GRIP* with the left. The controller still only moves the right hand. Even though you can now only grip with the left. Because... that makes total sense, right? This is one of the worst cash-in IP known name exploitations I've ever witnessed. It makes the junkiest junk on Steam that is only recycled resource whoring cash grabs look like a AAA release. Mind you, I say this not only as a huge VR fan, but an even bigger horror one. Look at my games list on my profile - this is *my* niche right here. Hell, I loved the recent Exorcist TV series. No game should be more up my alley than this, so let my extraordinary negativity over it speak volumes. Easily one of the worst games I've ever had the misfortune of playing. And I spent, not $10 or even $20, but $30 goddamned dollars on this junk? Holy crap did I get taken for a ride and a half. Do not, and I repeat, do not waste either your time or your money on it. Maybe - just maybe - it is better on PC. I'll give them the benefit of that doubt. But this PS4 port is just... it's so horrible, both in a "wow this is bad" alongside an immensely frustrating mechanics sense, that you can't even find enjoyment in the badness of it all. It is simply that god-awfully bad. Edit to Add: Mind you, now knowing I was right on this breakable glass item for a trophy, and nothing else, mind you I spent 15 minutes doing everything trying to break the damned thing: Drop, throw, slam, you name it, and still never got it to break. I mean, it is a breakable glass item, and they put a trophy in for breaking all three in this one chapter, and this one is impossible to break. And breaking these glass items was really the most gameplay the first chapter had! Look, I'm sorry if anyone that worked on this game comes across this post, but this was just plain... wow. Paranormal Activity VR wasn't great by any stretch, but at least they *tried*. I mean, you can tell the devs put their heart into it and just weren't provided much in resources/$$$. The same can't be said here. Even the plot makes zero sense, so far: Ooh, I'm a police detective who is now gonna be an exorcist, but all the exorcists headed for the hills, so I'm a detective trying to figure out how to be an exorcist, except I'm nothing more than a police detective. By myself. Playing at being an exorcist. One who just so happens to find all the magic items he needs, but which apparently didn't save the exorcists -ya know, religious priests with, oh, I dunno, exorcism training and shit- from being gobbled up by demons. But the demons were nice enough to just leave everything I need right before my eyes, cause demons are all thoughtful and stuff like that, so that Mr. Cop whose only training is with a firearm and tazer, whose only house of prayer is the local donut shop or bar, can go do some excising. Fun times.