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  1. Go for Uncharted 2. It's the last one you need in the home console set.
  2. OH BOY this is my favorite game of all time so here goes. ROLLING: rolling has invincibility frames. Learn to dodge THROUGH attacks instead of away from them. This the most important thing to get down when it comes to the souls games and why so many people have trouble with the series when they start. 9 times out of 10 you are safer rolling past an enemy then away from them. It is very important to learn when in the animation you are invincible and for how long. The blood starved beast becomes a joke when you can confidently dodge roll. PISTOLS: pistols can stagger and give you an easy kill option for bigger enemies. The blue guys with lanterns and cloaks are the easiest enemy to parry/stagger with your weapon so if you need practice on those guys to get some of the timing down. The blunderbuss has a shorter range but staggers slightly easier. The pistol can shoot a longer distance and makes staggers a little safer but with a smaller hit box that can be side stepped. I recommend the pistol since the longer range makes parrying more safe and the only enemies who can really dodge a bullet are hunters which there are very few of in the game. BLOOD VIALS can be farmed early on by going down the gated stairs to the left of the first lantern you encounter in the game. The gate is opened when you open it from the opposite side, accessible by going down the stairs in the building near the cleric beast. Through gates after the lantern spawn and down the stairs kill the 2 big guys with bricks receive 2 blood vials each (parrying is your friend when it comes to these guys). Once dead go back up one set of stairs and into the building (kill the guy in the back of the first floor in a wheel chair for some bullets), up the stairs and on to fight some WereDoggos. Lead them into the entrance of the building you just came from and they should get stuck on the door frame. Poke at these guys until dead, receive 3 vials each. Continue you on to the Cleric Beast lantern to the left and take down the fool with a brick and his birb buddies. Use the Cleric Beast lantern and repeat if necessary. You should get 12 vials per run. WEAPONS: I recommend the Sawblade since almost everything is weak against its damage type, its fast, and it can stagger your enemies pretty easily so you don't have to worry about getting hit mid combo. The Hunter's Axe is also good with the long arm R2 charge being good for crowd control. The length keeps you safe and it makes it possible to cheese Gascoigne from behind the tomb stones. The Threaded Cane is the worst of the trio since you can usually get hit mid attack due to low stagger and the weapon does so little damage later on in the game. Stats: Bloodtinge ever so slightly affects your pistols and a few weapons and you are generally better off not investing in it for the single player. Arcane affects magic items and a few weapons, this is best left alone until you hit the hard caps of your Skill and Strength stat unless you have an item you really want to try out. You can never go wrong with Vitality so when in doubt level that stat up. Skill and Strength just boost damage. Soft caps are the point where the stats stop being as beneficial to level up followed by hard caps where it hardly benefits you at all to level up that stat. You should probably focus on a new stat when you hit one of these points. The points where you should switch or stop leveling are as follows Vitality: 50 (hard stop) Endurance: 40 (You stop gaining stamina after 40) Strength and Skill: 25 (Soft cap) and 50 (Hard cap) Bloodtinge: 25 (Soft) 50 (Hard) Arcane: 25 (Soft) and 50 (Hard) DLC: Better left off until the end game before the final boss Chalice Dungeons: Save them for the end of the game and just try and try again my dude. You have to use the chalices earned at the end of each dungeon to create continually more difficult dungeons until you get the Phtumeru Ihyll Chalice. Beat the final boss in this dungeon and you are golden. The defiled chalice will be the hardest part of this platinum, your health is cut in half the entire dungeon so bosses can pretty much one shot you. Look up Defiled Chalice bosses if you want to decide now if you should try to go for the platinum. Platinum: Look up the umbilical cord locations before you begin a playthrough to avoid having to replay the entire game you only need to consume, yes use like and item not just collect, 3 of the 4 in the game to . You can also use cloud saves to avoid multiple playthroughs if you want. TL;DR Learn to roll THROUGH attacks, Sawblade is really good, save DLC and Chalice Dungeons for end game, look up umbilical cord locations before starting and use them before final boss to avoid multiple playthroughs. Cloud saves can give you the platinum in one playthrough.
  3. Chulip has one of the most unique sounding soundtracks in gaming. The music is weird but really good. The full OST is amazing but this song best summarizes what the soundtrack is like.
  4. If you download the DLC for Digimon you should be able to get some of those missable medals. I missed a few chapters, but finished the DLC and never had to go into new game+.
  5. Everyone on this site is so high level. I used to consider level 20 to be high level until I hit that point. Now it seems like almost everyone is level 30+. My baseline for trophy levels comes mostly from the profiles on the front page that load whenever you sync your trophies. How do you guys feel about your level compared to others on this site? I've been trophy hunting for a while now but haven't really been serious about it for the most part for reasons such as school and work. It's always been fun for me mostly because of the extra challenge trophies give when compared to the vanilla game. The longer I trophy hunt the easier it is to take each game down one by one, now I feel like i'm at my peak. What really gets me going is the competition of trying to overtake people with higher trophy levels, that is when I hit my stride. My current goals are to hit boost my level past 2 people in particular. Colin Moriarty and Greg Miller. They are the most prominent voices in PlayStation right now so I feel like beating them would be something to brag about. I'm dude_zavala, long time gamer, long time lurker, long time trophy hunter.
  6. I hate that trophies get no love from the devs and sony. Trophies for not accomplishing everything and occasionally and more increasingly not have trophies tied for a full 100%. I hate that we don't get trophies for classic titles. I hate how easy trophies are becoming.
  7. I think Jeremy Dunham (can't remember if it's him or some other former IGN employee) does this. He's been getting at least 1 trophy a day for a few years now.
  8. I don't really care about backwards compatibility unless there are trophies for those games. I keep all my consoles and don't plan on trading in my PS4 regardless. As it stands right now we are getting trophies on every classic game that's released on PS4. I think I would prefer them to not include it so they don't put that in jeopardy. I'm still holding out for Chulip with trophies!
  9. Go for Mirror's Edge. Take the challenge!
  10. I got $10 but I almost have another 1000 points and can almost claim another set of rewards so I should hopefully have another $20 by the end of april.
  11. Can I add Final Fantasy VII PS4 instead of Dark Cloud? Have it at 2%
  12. I know I'm late for this but can I still enter? Here are my 5 PS4: 1) Dark Cloud: 46% 2) Life is Strange: 7% 3) Valkyria Chronicles: 0% 4) Yooka - Laylee: 24% PSVita: 5) Root Letter: 1%
  13. Mirror's Edge, difficult but it'll be so satisying to finish👌
  14. I owned the Wii U along with other consoles so the ports and remasters don't do a lot for me. It's nice seeing support for Nintendo by 3rd parties but I'm not about to go rebuy games a year or more out for the Switch especially when it doesn't have a trophy system. I will pick up Smash though.
  15. Resident Evil 6, just a little bit of a grind left. Listen to a podcast with the game on mute and boom.