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  1. oh god damnit Last year they released a physical version of shantae and the seven sirens. Thinking it was cool to have it physical I bought it. But seeing the collection including this game and with 'limited run games' in the end. I am pretty sad for the purchase I did. But where I mourn for my useless ps4 copy. I think it's pretty cool to get a full shantae collection on ps5. The first game didn't even hit ps before I think. Here hoping they atleast have seperate lists and not everything mashed toghether in 1 shitty list.
  2. RE4 VR definently. Remake not sure. Or VR version is the remake, which it definently could be.
  3. oh damn, that's a pc classic right there, although I never played it. perfect opportunity. Also this one costs money (and it deserves it).
  4. These call of duty sales are like always stupid again... Come on Activision put cod season passes not bundled with the main game on sale for like 20-30 or something. I don't need the games and 44 euros is a pretty high price for old and dead dlc.
  5. A puzzle from sweden 😇 Seems like only the dutch call these kind of puzzles like that. Didnt knew it was a country thing. https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/854558098019311170/ I found also pics where it is called clues-in-squares crossword puzzle in english?
  6. This one requires to have all the puzzles done and with word search you still need to fill out the grid, which can take a bit. The rest doesn't require that and is more focused on completing certain puzzles. Which the guide tells and therefore those Plats are very fast. I won't call it an impressive Plat though. Its just grind, you have to either like word search or have the patience to go through this grind. In my opinion, Word search is the shittiest magazine puzzle ever as it requires almost no skill of figuring out. In the end every dummy can finish a word search, but not everyone can finish a Swedish puzzle or a sudoku.
  7. Yes, I will ask sony for advise on rpg's I would like if that artwork with cloud was the trophy icon. this indeed seems kinda lazy.
  8. The only measurement you can really do is take everyone into consideration, but it would probably get into an avarage of a few years since a lot of people (including me) tend to play the game a bit, leave it for a few years and finish it. thus the Stat is very saturated. I think best way to check is the advise of @DrBloodmoney number 50 is not no-life gaming, like the top but also not leaving it be to complete it later. I think that should form a nice average.
  9. Since the previous one got deleted since it looks similair to the PS4 list. What about the DLC trophies XD. Very exited to play FF7 remake for the first time. I waited until reintegrade released so that I can get the best experience and also the intermission DLC. The DLC seems to be quite in-line with how the main list structures.
  10. Can people make it for me too?
  11. this was 'reconsidered' at this date. And that it will atleast run until that date. There was no hard shutdown announcement, but it would be the safest to finish the game before that date. As the game literally has only 1 map, the season is over and not reactivated and lucid is focusing on destruction all stars. You could say they would decide to shut the server if they would 'reconsider' it.
  12. you need to: 1. find someone with a score on the leaderboard. 2. beat their leaderboard time/score with just a tiny bit and send the challenge. 3. they will receive it and beat your time/score with just a tiny bit and send a challenge back. 4. you receive it and need to beat their new time. that way you beat an opponents challenge. Also with the trick from this thread you can help multiple people and I already count 4 people that are interested. would be nice if these do the trick and help fellow trophy hunters as well
  13. and even then, if you don't have anyone to play with then you can 100% find a random person on gaming session and that could be fun as well (if you are not mic shy). His comment makes no sense whatsoever
  14. go for titan fall 2, it is considered a hard trophy but with enough trying you will get it
  15. Switch > vita when on the move and at home any day and I don't think it makes sense to buy multiple systems with the same use. Therefore it's hard to give it my recommendation. Only when you really want to trophy hunt or really want to play a certain exclusive (which honestly is not much, but there are some good ones indeed) it can be justified. But otherwise I would buy a switch or stick with the playstation mainline. Do note that I love my vita and still play on it, need to finish a lot of games on it. Regarding the trophy hunting aspect, there is nothing really wrong with the system and games itself. Some games will feel more unnatural then others. If you are scared for that then you can always go for the PSTV.