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  1. Done both GO games last week #65 Hitman GO: Definitive edition (PSVita) Agent 47 Date Achieved: 13 April 2018 Rarity: Common (70-71%) Enjoyment: 8/10 Fairly simple game that can get really difficult in the chapters later on. It was a fun timewaster in the train while also not too long. Puzzle can be cleared fast and/or can be really difficult. The extra challenges given was what made this game enjoyable for me, thinking outside of the box. Sometimes I was stuck for a time and when you solving it gives a great feeling. There was also not really a mechanic that they put in that I didn't like unlike Lara Croft Go #66 Lara Croft GO (PSVita) A true adventurer Date Achieved: 19 April 2018 Rarity: Common (79-80%) Enjoyment: 5.5/10 I just didn't like this game as I wanted to after platting hitman GO. The positive is that the game looks great for what it is. Nice graphics and animation. Also the first 5 chapters has the same end goal; to get the atlas from beyond which I like together with the constant introduction of the queen of venom. This is what makes the game flow really great. But damn the game doesn't flow great between levels, because the loading times are insane. And I know that the PS4 version has loading times that are instant, but as a GO game I like to play it on the GO. Next to that the collectibles are just boring and doesn't give me that extra feeling challenges in hitman GO did. Lastly I also hated some mechanics ESPECIALLY the cave of fire creatures. It was OK, but definitely not as good as hitman GO.
  2. You can just factor out the total completion time right. Just take the 2 examples from you. The factor I would be using is 100. So that makes 100/100 = 1 and 60/100= 0.6. Then 1x20=20 and 0.6x15= 9. The first one will still be a fair grind, but the second one changed to a fair grind (15%). But to be honest then your just looking at the time it tooks and I think that aint bad.
  3. PSN: Mvp-Bumperklever. Would like to D4D my 3 things to get the sharing trophies.
  4. I got these ones in the last few months. Asdivine hearts and broken age were in the mystery pack of LRG, not the ones that I wanted the most but I am atleast happy that it wasn't a game that I already had :3. Semispheres and unepic were both from eastasiasoft. I love unepic and heard that semispheres is an easy plat. I like how full they are in comparison to LRG releases. I picked up gal gun and little deviant at a retro convention. Probably paid to much for gal gun, but really like the package. oh and little deviants was also overpriced at 3 euro's next.. (I'm still waiting for bunny must die from strictly limited games)
  5. He meant that you could still play them offline; all kz3 dlc trophies could only be obtained online while modnation racers has 1/2 trophies
  6. I'm in! I do have superhot though, but would really love to win keep talking and nobody explodes. Thanks for the giveaway!
  7. While I don't want to judge the first picture since there always is atleast one guy going into the km and the preciseness can also be a coincedence. The second pic though. I guess it is taken from a get as many lums in the time limit challenge and that is definitely hacked. Way to much to be even possible. Indeed interesting that there are also hackers in this game, mmm...
  8. Yea, why isn't that happening already?
  9. Is there any region where you can get this game + dlc for cheap? In my country it's like 10 euros (could get this one cheaper 2nd hand) + 30 euros DLC.
  10. #64 Ratchet & Clank (PS4) The Hero of Heroes Date Achieved: 8 April 2018 Rarity: Uncommon (26-27%) Enjoyment: 7/10 It was a fun game, but is definitely lacking the quirkiness and charm in comparison with the older ratchet & clank games. First of all, who thought 30 FPS with blur in a ratchet and clank game was a good idea, I really hated that and made the game less enjoyable for me. The game also give us things like robotized characters, which just makes the game lack the charm and quirkiness of older entries. Atleast the graphics of this game looks great and the gameplay is solid. Solid, but nothing more.
  11. And even with the server that shut down, it is still possible to 100% the gane
  12. For the grades: Starting grades -> previous month -> this month S Rank 69 -> 73 -> 74 Netto +1 A Rank 48 -> 48 -> 50 Netto +2 B Rank 17 -> 17 -> 17 Goal: 5 Netto 0 C Rank 21 -> 23 -> 21 Goal: 10 Netto -2 D Rank 27 -> 26 -> 26 Goal: 15 Netto 0 E Rank 45 -> 46 -> 48 Goal: 20 Netto +2 As for the games: Killzone 3: C Rank -> A Rank. Was able to finish all mp trophies before server shutdown and oh man am I relieved, it was really hard to find people that are motivated enough to help you with the trophies. But thanks to all the people that helped me through this journey of shitty servers. Probably will not plat this due to a lack of interest for this game. Ratchet & Clank PS4: NEW -> E Rank. OMG Ratchet & Clank on PS+, no way, let’s play it then. Didn’t came far, but I am planning to atleast finish this game in april. Wipeout HD: New -> A Rank I was also able to finish all mp trophies for this game. Luckily enough these trophies are actually pretty easy, however I must say that some campaign events were even hard to get a bronze in . I’m maybe (probably) not good in racers like this, but I really liked the style of the wipeout series. I probably will not plat it (unless I got the patient to get every event gold and want to know the game inside out). But it was nevertheless fun to play. Digimon Cyber sleuth story: C Rank -> S Rank Finished the game from chapter 16 where I left of and was also able to finish everything this month. I do like the game and if I see hacker’s memory for a cheap price tag (on vita) then I will definitely buy it! Hitman GO definitive edition: NEW -> E Rank Eh.. Will try to plat this game in april. But hey it is already from E to D rank now :3 I will probably plat Hitman go and finish Ratchet and Clank, I also recently started playing runner 2 again, but eh I don't know...
  13. #63 Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth (PSVita) Perfect Sleuth Date Achieved: 31 March 2018 Rarity: Very Rare (7-8%) Enjoyment: 7.5/10 I like the nostalgia rush it has given me with digimon, but I do think the game itself has its flaws. Digimon was 1 of the big 3 in my childhood, but was always the one that was shoved under the sand by pokemon and yu-gi-oh. And while the other mentioned were doing great most of the time, digimon was always the one I heard the least good stories from. So I am glad that with good performing games like this game, the next order and hacker's memory digimon can put itself back in the market. Another thing was that I played Digimon world dusk alot on the DS and this game reminded me a bit to that game too. I think the main problem with the game (and also the reason why I just stopped) was that the game was easy and then there is a boss with a huge difficulty spike. This just remains for the entire game, easy random encounter fights that a child of 3 years old can easily do, to spamming items and cheesing the harder boss enemies. Also the moves had also an impact since it was spamming the strongest attack most of the time. With the megas you will get more competitive moves, but that's really late. But tbh I can go on and on about things that just missed the mark a little bit, that still doesn't make it a mediocre game. The end game with super bosses and offline arena were pretty cool. The story was good and all the other features where all OK implementations, nothing more, nothing less. I like it, I recommend it, I will buy hacker's memory when it is cheaper, but do know that it has it flaws, but therefore also has it charm :3
  14. With glorious GOTY games like this you can make money on any platform. However, I guess it can be harder on steam though since of how saturated it there is with these kind of games. Also seeing how many people at this forum are talking about this average garbage great praise deserving game, makes me wonder if it would make more money on psn then steam. Maybe a great market arise since the quality control is definitely lacking imo, who wants to make a game?
  15. I guess you could still do botzone in kz3 with the dlc maps, but can't actually earn trophies in it. But I assume that they will delist the dlc soon right..