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  1. And you need to be a pro or have an online pass with that.. Enough information on the forums but: - Win while you are host, makes easier to take turns imo and you are 100% in the safe. What did happen to me and many others that wins with team mates of the host also got a win... easy count when you are not host IF it registered. Also you should be the one to farm kills when host. Also always go for wins and not kills. If you kill every win you will easily get it before having all wins. - You need to get a gold medal with all campaign tracks on the hardest difficulty to unlock the last car. An easy way to do this is to have the physical version and the online pass. So you can activate the infinity ammo glitch. Another thing is just to be pro, but hey thats difficult as well seeing the time frame... But another thing is that the online pass is gone - use the perma ks 3 + 4 upgrades when available. ks3 makes you have mega gun bullets after having 3 kills without dying. Will make killing a lot faster. ks 4 will give you x2 missiles. Making the hard to farm power missiles (low spawnrate) being a grind at best. - Create a gaming session and find dedicated people that can help you. We had a group back in the day, but I already left that, so I cant help you with that...
  2. tss this game is already goty. I mean it has a physical release! https://limitedgamenews.com/2018/11/05/youtubers-life-nintendo-switch-ps4-xbox-one/
  3. Well, While I do still think that it is possible. This is just a bit too risky now.. I actually wanted to do this next to/after FF15, but if hackers just go out of there way to annoy THs by making the plat unobtainable in a case that I have no control in achieving the plat... I am not going to do this anymore... Shame, but hey props to the people that are close and are going to finish this nevertheless.
  4. #80 Black Mirror (PS4) Every Trophy accomplished Date Achieved: 10 November 2018 Rarity: Common (59-60%) Enjoyment: 6/10 I can be really fast about this game. The game itself plays as a good thriller story, the gameplay is pretty basic but competent for a game like this. But the constant technical issues, tearing, crashing and long loading times gives a really bad experience from a technical point of view. But with only 4-8 hours you can't be in the wrong to try it, especially if you bought it in the HB playstation bundle.
  5. Yea, and that "something else" had a trophy connected with it. Volition broadly stated that it won't be achievable after character upload thingie is shutdowned. While it is still pretty easy to do offline...
  6. This was also the case with SR 3, but it was still possible to do after shutdown.. Never 100% the devs
  7. WhY nOT PlaY On pHoNEs?
  8. Because mobile is next gen gaming and the new C&C game seems amazingly popular. But on a more serious note: if they put something relevant like overwatch on mobile, people will say that it is a nice addition or something. but doing it to a game that needs a new sequel and then butcher that idea by making a mobile only game as the NEW NEXT DIABLO made by a studio who only does diablo ripp-offs... not the brightest idea.
  9. For everyone wanting to boost Twisted metal without the online pass be warned! You can still boost on digital since it include the online pass, but they arent different entities so you cannot play physical online with that version. You need to finish the campaign with golds on twisted difficulty to get the last vehicle. You can try do it legit, but believe me that is damn hard, since this game is damn hard. With the IA glitch (that you can only do on physical) it will become really easy... Now with the online pass gone you cannot do this glitch to get the warhog for online, since you will need the online pass to connect the physical version to online to unlock which is necesarry to potentially unlock it on digital! Normally the warthog could carry over from physical to digital. So you could just boost digital, do the glitch on physical and unlock the warhog on digital and physical [after unlocking it in online on physical] This is atleast my understanding from what @ZeroGi said to me :3
  10. From my memories I got the tactic from the .org guide.I also saw a video but don know it for sure. Check there for a prob bette explanation. Your starting items (rookie) are easiest to awaken since you only need 1 awakening material. You can open the golden chest at the 2nd floor of infinite dungeon really fast and easy. Start infinite dungeon at B1 => go to B2 break wall and open chest => Dont get the material = restart infinte dungeon. Get the material = go to floor 10 to end infinite dungeon without quiting.
  11. Indeed the first one had an insane $1 tier, but this one is meh. If you gonna buy it then atleast buy the BTA. Ah really, will add this to the main thread even though I think that they always do this. It sucks though.
  12. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/thq-nordic-playstation-bundle-2?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_2_layout_type_threes_tile_index_1 It stays up till 13 NOV. All games are PS4 and you can apperently also redeem it with EU accounts now, so not only NA. See the support page for participating countries. Also be aware that you will get 1-2 codes. You cannot trade/give/sell away the keys from games you dont need/already have. $1 - Locks Quest - Giana Sisters Twisted dreams Director's Cut BTA (beat the average) - This is the Police - The Dwarves - Red Faction 2 - Black Mirror (high percentage) - Destroy All Humans 2! $15 - Titan Quest - Darksiders Warmastered Edition - Sine Mora EX (Infamously Hard) - Battle Chasers: Nightwar Some pretty great games, but mostly old games.. Would probably go for BTA just for this is the police, giana sisters, red faction 2 and Destroy all Humans 2!. I am not sure about Titan Quest, sine mora EX and battle chasers for an educated 15 dollar buy. I also saw the dwarves a few times while randomly scrolling, good?
  13. I don't get it, you were searching for the russian rayman origins right? No way that it is the same as the polish version... Unless a polish person can read the following: Выиграны ВСЕ трофеи в игре! ОБАЛДЕТЬ! Since all trophies in that version are with those characters.
  14. #79 Playstation All-Star Battle Royale (PS3) All-Star Legend - You´ve Only Done Everything Date Achieved: 27 October 2018 Rarity: Rare (12-13%) Enjoyment: 5/10 Huh funny, I actually wasn't planning for this since I already platted this game back in June 2016 for Vita. But I had a sudden urge to play it again for server shutdown and then at 21 October I finally decided to just do it. Thanks to @Calcimer_LDN94 for being a really nice guy to just boost with me in such a short period. My enjoyment rating back in the day was a 7/10 which is imo way to high for this game. The game itself isn't all that bad, but the mechanics are way less superiour then smash/ brawlout or even kunfu panda. It's way more fun to just hit an opponent and make them weaker instead of make you stronger and do a super move which is the only way to kill. But the main annoyance is that trophy list is garbage. Since this list will test your state of mind. 20 playthroughs for 20 bronze trophies through that dreadfully boring arcade mode; No thanks. But I found my old thoughts to be funny aswell :3 #26 Playstation All-Star Battle Royale (PSVita) ... All-Star Legend - You´ve Only Done Everything This is a rip-of from Super smash bros from nintendo. yay The game many people were hyped about but turn out to be not what they expected. I think this game is oke , but I dislike the way you defeat enemies in this game. Also some level 3 attacks are just so OP. I don´t mind the character selection because I think that is fine. The arcade battles are just a grind to get rid of, nothing special. Still a fun game to play online!
  15. What is the discussion point? Is this "interested" for a discussion or just complaining on devs? Feels more like a status update. To make a whole thread about this is pointless. Actually my comment even makes less sense since it was just an assumption, I don't actually know what the point is... Of this thread...