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  1. Good to have a official discord! However it now seems more like a replacement on older (outdated) features that existed. #general -> a sleeker looking chat #new trophies -> is something what was implemented for facebook and twitter (from what I know of) but again sleeker and more potential for discussions and stuff. I guess the #announcement could be nice to give site updates. Is the idea in the end to also have more chats? like for example boosting? I know that the ordinary trophy discord channels have them and it could/ should be nice if this discord also has it imo. But I understand if the idea is to not do that and have this discord purely for site related stuff!
  2. From what I see. If you didnt play the game and/or dlc. total points will show. if you did play them, total points will be replaced by progress. If you look at a game that you didnt play, you will see; as well as dlc you did play.
  3. That other thread: Also; meeeeeh they delisted the DLC's; rage buy from hong kong activated and hoping that that account thingy still works; I can still get the 100% since I already got kitty got wet :3
  4. #97 Trover saves the universe (PSVR) Platinum Trophy (Thanks for your money suckers) Date Achieved: 5 July 2019 Rarity: Uncommon (40-41%) Enjoyment: 7.5/10 This game is nailing its selling point of being a comedy adventure game. This next to the great use of VR immersiveness. Gameplay wise it's nothing to write home about and without VR it kinda feels a bit sluggish and you won't get the full experience. If you have a VR laying around and like these kind of comedy games. I will hugely recommend playing this game!
  5. I mean maybe they could have used another colour to indicate Since all of these trophies "doesn't seems quite right" upgrade to black; all staff black quality.
  6. 100% #33 Licky the lucky lizard lives again (PSVita) Date Achieved: 5 July 2019 100% Completion: 58-59% Enjoyment: 6/10 A freebie and it still is. The game itself is, obviously, nothing to write home about. However its good for half an hour. Trophies itself aren't that hard. Especially with the upgrades you get!
  7. After a long while I achieved the plat 2 new "server shutdown" games. unfortunately I didn't like them both. One for being competent but a tad boring and uninteresting, and the other one for being a terrible mess, but atleast I'm done with both... #95 Starblood Arena (PSVR) StarBlood Legend Date Achieved: 28 June 2019 Rarity: Rare (1-2%) Enjoyment: 4.5/10 After buying my VR I thought that I will go for this plat as my first one because of the server shutdown. My general reception is that it is basic as basic can be and that it could/would be a nice launch title, but nothing more. I had fun in my first few matches, but then it just became boring. Why is it bland? There isn't that many customization options other then perks that such minor advantages that it doesn't matter. So it's basically the same 9 characters without much differing you will see, and you see them for many, many matches. Next to that the maps aren't that interesting, the winning strategy (spamming mines since they are OP) will always be the same. (Ultimate) Burn circuit (the single player mode) will repeat the same 5 maps/modes for all 9 char (times 2). But I had fun in my first few matches and I still like the invaders mode. Do I recommend? No but as a trophy hunter you should still get it before the servers goes down. #96 Operation 7 Revolution (PS4) Platinum Date Achieved: 29 June 2019 Rarity: Rare (2-3%) Enjoyment: 1/10 Honestly there is no redeeming quality to be found here... Korean F2P/P2W crossfire-like game anno 2018 which is bland in all rights but.. With the lag/ bugs/ glitches in this game and shitty/grindy and badly translated trophy list to top it off just makes it 10 times worse. The only top notch quality to be found here are the voice lines my controller is spouting on max volume (yes that is still a thing). "I shall swallow your soul" , "You know what your problem is? ... ME" and "killing spring" being my favorites.. Also the optimistic being called godlike after a extremely high 2 kill streak feels pretty good.
  8. 100% #32 Shakedown Hawaii (PSVita) Date Achieved: 25 June 2019 100% Completion: 21-22% Enjoyment: 9/10 So I finally got around to play shakedown hawaii and what a damn masterpiece. Not because of the gameplay (that is solid by itself), but because of the whole ideology that the game pushes! The ideology of you, being a CEO, trying to find the most scummy ways to make profit for example: Misleading advertisement, lootboxes (in a more gaming sense) and all to become the eco darling richest person of hawaii. And a lot more all in a jokely way, which I just can't describe other then I had my laughs, really fun game; highly recommended.
  9. A broken system is what sony brought to life with the lack of QA for trophy lists. An evolution were there are a lot of devs that abuse this lack of QA from sonys part for some quick buck and thereby destroying the once setuped system with structural rules by putting in trash. With that there are some results. The standards are hereby lowered that if you want to be competitive, you need to play these trash games. I am not competitive enough to do it, but the high profile players do and if you refuse then you need to be happy seeing profiles with 6 stacks passing you easily... Therefore a seperated ribbon system eliminating high percentage games (&stacks?) while still maintaining the current leaderboard is the best of both worlds! then you can chose which you like best.
  10. I like the idea of a ribbon system, especially the effort ribbon. However I would do the calculating way a little different. - I would push the percentage to 80%. to moreso eliminate only the garbage games. - I would eliminate stacks. PSNP already have a system for recognizing games on different platform/regions. Fairly the amount of stacks is even worst then the easyness of a game. For this idea: + eliminates stacks of easy games ( 6x 74% will only count as 1x) + eliminates autopopping ( and putting litterally no effort in it) + If you played the game 1 and then doing it for a 2nd time due to stack you would put a lot less effort in it. - eliminates the superhard games. They would still require a lot of training and effort. I will see what comes out of this.
  11. There is 1 mode (adam grab) with a minimum of 4 players,. 8 players to lock the lobby if i remembered correctly. excellent for xp boosting. However, most of the misc trophies are in modes with a minimum of 6 players.
  12. The dutch one just litteraly says. 12 months stay the same price (price) 3 months stay the same price (price) 1 month will be increased to (price) so for us atleast the only thing changing is the 1 month sub. I would guess that all euro countries will be the same...
  13. Great I was just typing a post, but now I can't be a part of the drama touche
  14. So now we got it confirmed that both glitched trophies has been fixed. Both Competitor (will pop when you play a league match) And the Flaming Speed trophy (will pop after your team defeated the fire giant before 10:30) Are fixed and can be obtained again after 4 months of nothing Here hoping that all trophies are achievable now and that non are glitched with the latest patch!
  15. Congrats to both of you and good luck! But as with some earlier posted opinions, I hope @DaivRules doesn't abuse his new mod status (but I feel like he is smart enough realize that ). I am certain that @Beyondthegrave07 is a great one to have! Drama on this site mostly comes to somebody showing an opinion and opposing people doing a counterargument. Obviously the bad mouthed people should be filtered out. But censoring is never a good thing and I hope that the new mods, even though they might have already picked a site in the past, try to be as neutral as possible and, just like steve and parker, don't engage (too much) in controversy.