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  1. I would imagine destiny 2 autopops everything as well in regards to cross save so I would assume from ps5 - > ps4 as well. There save is all on the cloud. I only see it happening ps4 - > pc
  2. I give my hype to Deathloop and Kena. Those 2 games look amazing. Though we have seen them a lot before this state of play.. The rest is see how it turns out (returnal & solar ash) to please let it die (FNAF). Cq nothing exciting to see here, worst state of play ever and way inferior then last weeks Nintendo direct. (which is saying something). ver gt
  3. So I got a group to get together and do all the ad-hoc stuff in all the games we can find. In my search I came up with the list below. I am wondering if there are more then the ones I listed below: Dead or alive 5+ Epic Mickey 2: the power of 2 Dynasty warriors next Looney tunes Galactic sports Micheal Jackson The Experience HD Modnation racers No Heroes Allowed: no puzzles either Table ice hockey Table top tanks Street fighter X tekken Orgarhythm Deemo: The Last Recital Danball Senki W
  4. Jumps like that doesn't happen often, but I see your the point that you want to make. The proposition of OP is rough. since the difference between a 0.99% and a 1% trophy would be 40 points X sort which is insane. But people in the past made some formula's in the main thread (see the first page). Here the points aren't stairs, but a nice curve or a stairsystem with smaller ranges. The concept and elaboration for a basic rarity leaderboard are already there. There is even already a hidden rarity leaderboard.
  5. If we are talking bout EZ peasy stack plats, proposal against the cons: ~ plats with > 75% rarity with stacks that all have > 75% rarity count as 1 list. So UR time consuming ones are safe. ~ 2 stack with both but different list (fe Rayman legends). The one with the most points counts. ~ lists with combined games (danganronpa 1&2, zero time) do not count for this stacking rule other then when the collection got identical stacks themselves. There are many ways to implement a leaderboard of some sorts with the aim of stacking at sight. But before implying random leaderboard rules to make the system more prestigious. let's first start with a rarity leaderboard on the frontpage with the most fitting formula that counts all lists. (like all the other trophy tracking sites these days).
  6. Wouldn't be the first time both trophies were glitched
  7. You can make a thread of the smallest things. 😂 And overanalyze this by a lot.
  8. On the contrary of the above posts, I become really motion sick with blood and truth. The best and easiest recommendations are all rythm games like beat saber. You will not get motion sick by those. 'teleporting games' are fairly easy on it as well. Batman VR is a perfect example.
  9. A very rough summary. Yes they are achievable, but Lbp 1 will probably take longer
  10. Found lbp 2 and vita to be really easy when you just utilize automatic level links and click bait titles. another thing is that people need to play it so they will still have to do it in game. the only adventuous thing of the site is that you can put levels in the qeue. But Lbp 1 will be a lot more challenging. for example I gave my level a hearth with all my alts within seconds on the site, but if I want to do it without the site I need to finish the first 3 levels with each alt. It is obviously doable, but it costs more time in lbp 1 now.
  11. Didn't know what this is, but 1 post further and they explain that it is a port of a shitty F2P mobile game. Scamming the Nintendo e-shop with their "high standard price" and therefore very large discount. With that in mind. Just don't buy it on full price! Their on a streak looking at that lizard girl Vs cats game
  12. The splitting line is hero ( Evo 1) and powerlevel (Evo 2)
  13. Yea, this is specifically for the vita physical edition published by eastasiasoft. Great that they patched this!
  14. My name is mayo. It has humour that most people don't understand
  15. To make the circle fully round again. This can also be said about a indie publisher with no bad reputation.