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  1. Was playing through the game and suddenly my whole vita froze.. Apparently there is an issue with the physicai version that crashes the game when you try to enter the forest jail. InXile is already notified and since this is on a pretty urgent/big companywise scale, I suppose that a fix will come (if it can be fixed) But for now it is better to let it sealed.
  2. The first release from Redartgame (limited run company: https://www.redartgames.com/ ) just came in. So what do I think. From the looks of it the quality is definitely good, better then some limited run games stuff that I get (Paper perfectly fits!). No damage whatsoever. I think the back looks really plain with no text and just 2 photo's I also do think that the shipping can be better due to just having a carton box with 2 large air cushions and the game on the bottom. But the quality is atleast OK so it is safe for me to maybe buy more stuff from them. Mostly interested in demetrios and Riddled corpses EX. As for this game.... .... .... .... .... It literately crashed my whole vita before I finished the first chapter, what on earth. Fast Edit: lol when I was looking at the site I came across this: hahah...
  3. 100% top 1 worst game of 2018, The devs were disappointed/hated with the game that it was thrown in the furnace 2 weeks after release and giving everyone a refund.
  4. This, I feel like the best way to tackle these games are playing it first on casual both on PS3 and PS4 versions. This due that way you can grind in the in between time, beat the super bosses on easy and in the mean time learn a few tricks for the harder difficulties. you will see in that time, that for example leaf bracer is overpowered in kh1 and since you already got experience beat dif spike riku more easily, same with kh2 and dif spike roxas. I guess collecting everything in CoM is more doable in easy mode? That way its less frustating. If there are superbosses then an extra casual playtrough wouldnt be the worst thing. safes you a lot of frustating + you can do the new playthrough really quick. but hey I didnt start Com YET. --------------------------------------------------- Also sign me up keyblade wielder, I got kh1 + kh2 ps4 plats.
  5. First plat of 2019 is a fact! #85 Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4) A Little Help From My Friends Date Achieved: 7 January 2019 Rarity: Common (68-69%) Enjoyment: 8.5/10 I guess this is an enjoyable TT game. The story starts with a big bang and slowly but steady comes into conclusion. This with a lot of drama in between. The big positive of this game is that I felt like choices in this game mattered. Atleast more then TotB, Batman and GoT. Next to the great cast that guardians of the galaxy has. However screen tearing and other problems still occurs a lot in this TT game. The infamous "chapter 3" glitch happened to me as well, luckily I didn't had to restart the whole chapter. Also I found the graphics to be the ugliest of them all. I rate this higher then GoT due to more meaning in choices and story in general. However I feel like Tales of the Borderlands is still better due to its charm and the ending.
  6. or this..
  7. Threadname is not correct and wroten with all caps... Also it's not them bringing back old games. devs had made these remakes a long time ago and decided they wanted to have a physical release. But I do say that certain sort of games peaks my interest too, mainly: - anticipated greatly received indie games. (Think bastion and more recent val-11a) - weeb games that never released physical in the west. - games that I like to try after seen gameplay. -Older games (depending on game though). But cant think of a must be lrg'ed though
  8. Might as well put in the most spoken glitch for the last few months that you can only do on version 1.00 -----> twisted metal. pretty much making twisted mode a cakewalk, while it is almost impossible otherwise.
  9. Profile is visible again as well. Since it took a while updating and my ranking is now "soon" assuming people got deleted or something? anyway, fast fix!
  10. Same also checked everything, Probably a sync issue with PSNprofiles since psntrophyleaders works fine with updating. Also thank god I'm not the only one
  11. #84 Persona 4: Dancing All Night (PS4) Dancing All Night Date Achieved: 15 December 2018 Rarity: Uncommon (29-30%) Enjoyment: 9/10 I guess this would be a really big erratum on this game since my thoughts completely shifted. Difference being that I finished my first playtrough and platted it. So I am more familiar with the music and Since that was back in april, I kinda have a nostalgic feeling towards the music. And seeing that the newer dancing games have less stuff in general all counts towards my better experience with this game. Previous time, I said this game is OK, basically saying that the story was decent and gameplay is OK, but my look at such a game kinda changes. First of all the music is more matched to rhytm games then the P3 and P5 dancing games which makes it easier to make better songs. In general I feel like P3 and P5 dancing has a few good songs, but consistently decent. While P4D has consistently good songs. They even let me enjoy that Junes song, because it is so happy toned and with nanako in the background. Characters are also much better in this game purely since dancing in these games are supposed to be sorta lighthearted Obviously persona 4 is in general a lighthearted game in comparison to the darker toned P5 and serious toned P3. It also helps that persona 4 does not have socially awkward/ easily embarrassed characters. I disliked fuuka for example. Lastly the characters just fit more together like friends and less like business partners. Last point is that I feel like the dancing choreographic is more well done in P4D then P5D and P3D. This probably comes because of the more action fullness of more zooming and colorful intersections. I also notice that I focused on the middle more then P3D and P5D for reasons I cannot explain. If you wanna buy a persona dancing game then I highly recommend this one, this is the more fuller experience. However I do say that P3D and P5D looks nice due to making with PS4 in mind. As an example for the dancing choreographic, I compare the 2 "heaviest" dancing songs together in P4D and P3D: Which one does more match with the music, I say the P4D one since you feel tha powah. And sure it could be that they use Ken as the main dancer, but then they should have used akihiko or something. But thats just my opinion, every have there own preferences
  12. Don't know if this is the way sony do things but... Since the lrg release of senran kagura bon apetit, trophy list under is used but with english translations. So guess that language is now on the servers as well. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3204-デカ盛り-閃乱カグラ
  13. But is still isn't cheating. But it does let you look like a cheap. On another note: hey we have this thing called "gaming sessions" there you can create sessions were other people can join. A thread like this is not alowed on this site. ... waiting for an admin for the more official response.
  14. The AI are extremely good in healing, however due to "leveling up" when you "level up" they end up gear that are waaaay to weak to not do a significant thing other then healing. With AI it is more chance to get healed, but really need to survive for a longer period. with other humans it is like 2000 x4 attack gg
  15. STOP WITH THE SPAM BOIS. It's pretty easy to understand, since people like me will die hard on certain never even played games to get all mp trophies before shutdown. For example I had no intention into platting twisted metal before the shutdown was announced. I heared about it, but never played it, I had no connection with that game before the announcement... After us people the only other people who cares are the die hard community. And those die hard connections are not connected to each other, like we do with trophies. About the trophy-less games though, you can sorta find out yourself. First go to this page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_PlayStation_3_games_released_on_disc (there is also probably a digital version) and sort it on release date. The older the game, the less likely it is to have a trophy list. Search on google for that specific game with "servers?" and badaboom you know your answer.