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  1. I feel like dynasty warriors next (vita; 0.8%) is also mentionable. yes it will take a lot of hours just grinding all relations, yes you need to do a level on the 'hardest' setting. but it isn't all that bad. Hardest part of it is finding atleast 2-3 people (closeby) with a psvita and this game for 4 levels that you need to finish in adhoc play (it is doable with 2; I recommend 3; 4 is optimal)
  2. I have been playing for some time and slowly but steady liked the game more.. But I indeed see as well why the online mode is alot faster for farming EXP. This is a imo guide on what to do, as easy as possible 1. Finish the first few missions (clear tutorial) 2. Hire new members; I recommend: - 1 person with troop exp (needs to be leader) 50% exp bonus - 1 person with the experience field ability. - I also recommend field heal and mental heal, altough less needed. As for the team itself I recommend - The valkery class; her battle moves needs to be the spike and the three spikes (dont know what there called) and when unlocked the ability 'cost down' you get 2 moves in. Alot of times it instant kill an enemy. - 2 ranged units 2 melee (pretty . With 3 melee trying to hit and place was annoying (especially first turn). with 3 ranged, you are spungy asf. If you dont have enough gold, the online mode gives you ton of gold when you completed. skip a round then. 3. Make a war contract with a faction (under policies). I choosed the big one, they win a lot. 4. Now go to war. 5. when in the map battle an 'ambush' troop first so you can get tp. then before a structure. activate the experience field ability. go and battle for that structure. It gives you like 3 battles per and your experience field skill is still active. rinse and repeat till the operation is over and start another war.. This is the xp farming. 6. when you are leveling up. make sure you upgrade your equipment in between war operations as well. 7. after the war for the day is over, go to 'the capital' and then the 'plaza' an eldery will be there giving you a flag... rinse and repeat. Hope this can help some people starting of, since I had a tedious experiencw in the beginning as well.
  3. Thanks for the info @Dragon-Archon ! Guess I will just play online as much as possible, since I dont want to be left with the idea of 1 sudden unobtainable trophy. I did buy the 10 flags pack for assurance, so I should be good.
  4. I checked both EU and NA store, but I only count 10 flags... (still 10 is better then nothing)
  5. Game has been on PS+ (february 2018) for vita and PS4. No reason for me to skip it. I will see how far I can get.. Thanks for the mention of this. Seems like the guide writer might also hint at a bug ? " Flags can be accumulated in many ways. They can very rarely be found as Quest rewards. They even turn up during Infiltration-type Quests in Treasure Chests. They can occasionally be found as part of post-combat rewards during online wars. The most reliable way of obtaining one is by forming a contract with any of the 4 nations and talking to the civilians and soldiers in the Town Square of a Capital City. This will net you one flag per day. However, it's been reported that this last method doesn't seem to work every time. If that applies to you, then the best way to obtain flags would be to fight battles in online wars. " The sudden jump of "well if this does not work, then play online" eh. maybe @acasser / @Dragon-Archon can clarify?
  6. Yay they changed the trophy list so it will be ' harder and longer' .. aw they just added 2 grindy nonsensical trophies I hoped for a more 'fleshed out' trophy list, but not like this..
  7. great, just saw the trailer and loved ZX (advent) back in the days. Now if there were only a rpg package with atleast Megaman command mission & the battle network serie we would be golden :3
  8. its still on the eu (dutch) store.
  9. If you are dedicated enough and have a good partner. you could get it in a week time. However the 25 daily quest completion one will require atleast 22 days. 3+ 1 quest each day
  10. Made one myself now as well: https://vita.lbp.me/v/sd5t0 Message me if you have downloaded it so I can return the favor.
  11. Level 51 in fishing... oh boy
  12. oh help: https://twitter.com/PlayHotG/status/1164635854448615430?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1164635854448615430&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fpublish.twitter.com%2F%3Fquery%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2FPlayHotG%2Fstatus%2F1164635854448615430%26widget%3DTweet 'Hand of the Gods' will shut down 1st january 2020, but they are granting you 100000 Runes for packs (idk how many that is, but I assume a lot). I wanted to plat it and it didnt seem like a terrible list; a trophy to look out for though is the ' grand champion' trophy. Normally, boosting was the best option, but tbh with it probably been a bit more active I would assume its harder to find each other.. Trophy list: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7256-hand-of-the-gods
  13. eh, I guess I wouldn't call myself really a scientist anymore, with me working in a more business oriented area. But I did graduate from university in chemistry, so I do have my fair share of lab experiences, like SPP synthesis and much more.
  14. But it's very toxic; I mean 100% of the people that dies has been exposed in one way or another to dihydrogenmonoxide -> That can't be a coincidence Memes-aside F. dihydrogendioxide :/ fun fact: One of the common uses of piperidine is in the SPPS (solid phase peptide synthesis). which is a very fast method of making custom peptides of compounds with an N- and C terminal like amino acids. Here the piperidine eliminates a protected group which is needed so you don't just get a chain of the same compounds, because that wouldn't be dandy. The reaction itself is pretty easy to atleast understand, if you're interested I recommend a short read on that.
  15. Since you dont have the penta kill trophy AND ra doesn't have any long term ability. I can 100% say that you didnt kill 5 people with A SINGLE ACTIVATION of your ability, which is needed for the trophy (otherwise it will be a lot less rare and I would have gotten the trophy over and over again) If you want to do it legit. You can try the trophy guides strategy by picking ullr -> use his form change ability and try killing people with his auto attacks while staying in 'axe form'. This way, the form change ability will still be up and an auto kill will count as an ability kill (since your ability is still up. However I do say that the guide is already 3 years old and I dont know if Ullr is changed in any way.