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  1. Seems like Drawn to death is now officially drawned to death! Haha.... You will be greeted with this screen: However I cannot confirm this for the Asian version with the Asian trophy list!
  2. yay beated him first try and what did I do? cheering my 3 level 99 partners from the side line. Also I find the credits scene after you beat him great. [Everyone was Kenny all along]
  3. I'm looking back at the twitter but: There seemed to be no update to the standalone comrades since its release right? So in the 3/4 months the only thing they added to the assumely more live servicy comrades is 1 additional boss. Why even bother splitting.. But hey atleast it is a meme boss, might as well just jump on an getting my ass rekt because he is obviously gonna be overpowered as heck. For the memes!
  4. The post above you describes it flawlessly: and yes you can get 100% but:
  5. Man I would have to agree, Playing Kirusu as my first character after buying and downloading the EU store version (since the NA physical version doesn't work with EU DLC) -> Bam Maximum Level popped. Played stage 1 with Kirusu, somewhere in the middle of the stage I switched using L... bam Who's your type? popped. I mean for maximum level I can understand in a certain way, but who's your type? really? Welp that means I'm gonna go further into the story, wondering if I suddenly have a popped 100% since this has happened already with 2 trophies after only 2 stages...
  6. Yes, ranks don't matter... ... but regulary checking and seeing that my "efforts" is rewarded by "passing" someone is nice to see. ...In the end, the games you play define you as a gamer/ trophy hunter...
  7. #89 Senran Kagura Bon Appetit! (PSVita) Thank You for Cooking!! Date Achieved: 15 March 2019 Rarity: Uncommon (33-34%) Enjoyment: 6.5/10 Eeeccchhhiiii!!! But I like this one the least in comparison with the other ones I platted. Something with mindless action replaced by rythm game while the grind is as much as the other games. And felt way more tedious because of this, but eh let's rate it for the early experience.. The most important thing from every rythm game is obviously the music and while it fits the characters it is a bit of a mixed bag. The 'serious story' is ditched for the heart missions as a story mode and I frankly forgot about all of them. The echiness is still here and debatable even better, I like the different stages of a song that if you win them the SK selling point shines. Hanzo is best character undabatable, but the perfect bonus seemed really generic with the same stuff for every character and just feeled forced. Most painfull in my playtrough was playing the stories on easy, reason why is that Daidjoni's song on normal can be such a painfull experience. And I don't want to get stuck on a 'random encounter' if I don't do so well. But I like the grinding for ninja arts lv 15 and when I did it once, I could have consistently done it. You could say you will be a master of THE best girl in the game.
  8. The glitch was possible for 2k17 and (early) 2k18; then they patched it. 2k19 is patched as well and you cant restart it again.. Sucks pretty hard that you didnt had it since every trophy is unmissable...
  9. Add me to Jonin. Got the Estival versus and shinovi versus plats on vita.
  10. These kind of topics make me wonder. While I think these topics are not neccesary since there already is a big thread with PS+ games were all the discusions are happening. It is nice to have a sort of disclaimer at games that are in this months (or past months) PS+. Is it possible to put PS+ disclaimers with months on the psnprofiles trophy lists? It is nice for "new" people to see what then next games are/ not able to accidently buy when it already was announced. and for people like me that skipped some months in the past, to use the trophy lists to find games they have in their evergrowing online (PS3/PSVita) library
  11. #88 Drawn to Death (PS4) I talked to Amy. For like an hour. Today was a good day. :)' Date Achieved: 2 March 2019 Rarity: Ultra Rare (1-2%) Enjoyment: 7/10 And another soon to be unobtainable platinum in the bag. I wished I had played this in it's prime when it was free on PS+, it definently looks like a fine MP game. But, to be honest, this game was just doomed to be shutdowned. But about my experience: I like the quake' ness' of the gameplay. Were it is fast paced with jumppads, weapons and power ups laying on the ground. But everything is a bit janky in my opinion, it isn't as sleek as say quake. The servers are crap, even broken for 2 weeks after I had just started.. But hey, atleast the art style definitely has it's charm. But overall this game would be fine back in the day when it was living.
  12. #87 Late Shift (PS4) Platinum Trophy Date Achieved: 25 February 2019 Rarity: Common (68-69%) Enjoyment: 6.5/10 Hey an interactive movie, so I can be very quick about it. I did 3 playthroughs of this to achieve the plat. [blind, all ending, last scene] The movie screams decent/average, acting is decent, plot is decent, sound is decent. It doesn't have a high point as well as nothing is really bad. Decision can throw you into another scene, but doesn't really matter a lot in the end. Would I recommend? eh, if you like interactive movies then sure why not, try it!
  13. #86 Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4) KINGDOM HEARTS III Complete Master Date Achieved: 15 February 2019 Rarity: Rare (16-17%) Enjoyment: 8/10 With KH3 finally being released, the wait is over! But honestly I disagree that this is the best KH game. I had fun with it, the game is impressive, especially in a graphical standpoint. There are actual people walking and doing stuff omg! However I got a few gripes with this game that made me love KH2 FM more then this entry. First of all, the worlds are now to big. Which sadly takes away the fast world to world stories of KH2 and takes ages to complete. The problems I have with that is that some worlds are just to generic in this game. Worst case I feel like is Arendelle, do you want to wander around in the snow for like 3 hours. But even Corona feels sluggish and generic enough that even rapunzels cuteness couldn't save it. But hey once you get trough to the end of these worlds, you with an awesome ending, but then you also realize that the past 20 hours was pointless in the greater story... Another gripe is that magic is way to easily abusable and the game is pretty easy in comparison with KH2 on normal. The post game doesn't provide to much challenge as well, since the only secret boss in this game was really easy to beat. The battling post game is pretty lackluster in general for that sake, but that was also the case in KH2 (not final mix version). But where does the game shine, since I butchered the main game to be worse then KH2? Well! Every mini game is well done and provide challenge getting the respective trophies. And then we have cute little chef and his easy/fast cooking minigames, I just love it. And oof the pirates of the caribean world is sick, ship battles, hunting treasure, I love it. But how could I forget the for me best improvement: The gummi ship this time around is more like a RPG system with a sort of open world, which I like way more then the pointAtopointB missions of other KH games. Also Actually felt some happiness after I beated that Swarzgeist with my still semi-working donut ship. Other bosses are roaming and when your fighting them to collect loot, I don't know, it is just well done. I think when final mix rolls out, this game has the potency to be better then KH2 FM, but it missed the mark a tiny bit for me.
  14. Seems like the connection issue is fixed again. for anyone that wants to try!
  15. just what I remembered, but after searching I couldnt find it either. Don't know were I got that idea from... editted.