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  1. They are removing war stories on 7 December. Check the front page. Takes like max 5 hours to get all but one trophy done. You need a tier X tank for one of the trophies and that requires such an amount of grinding (~100 hrs) that it is hard to get it before that date. Luckily you can also buy one now that normally isn't an option (black Friday week). Which gives everyone the option to obtain with no grinding needed. (but it does cost you some money). When you have a tier X tank you can do that trophies within minutes.
  2. For the people that wanted to do the world of tanks trophies but didn't know if they could grind to a tier X tank fast enough (100 hours of grinding) before the shutdown. You can now straight up buy the Tier X tank, this is probably up due to black friday, so it will be gone soon. You can buy these from the tech tree. Buying the tier X tank will cost 15750 gold this will translate to roughly 60 euro's
  3. 1. I believe regarding the auto-popping that it only checks if you should have unlocked them. 2. I thought a trophy like gambit trophy popped regardless of owning the dlc. It worked from PS4 -> PC atleast.
  4. Just like previous year I reached the range of around 25 platinums. Games I liked and recommend Games that have an UR status JANUARY 2020 1. Singstar PS4 EU 2. Singstar PS3 EU 3. Singstar PS3 NA 4. Singstar PS4 NA (Honestly one of the worst grinds I've been through x4) 5. Nippon Marathon FEBRUARY 2020 6. Word search by POWGI MARCH 2020 7. Sims 4 8. Battleborn 9. Goat Simulator (I played this one on PC when it just released and it was pretty fun, but it lost it's magic for me when I replayed it) 10. Littlebigplanet 3 APRIL 2020 11. Littlebigplanet Vita MAY 2020 12. Beat Saber (almost UR status ) 13. Blazblue Cross Tag Battle JUNE 2020 14. Twin Breaker. A sacred symbols adventure JULY 2020 15. Don't even think AUGUST 2020 16. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered 17. LEGO Star Wars: The force Awakens 18. Chess Ultra 19. Plants vs zombies: Garden warfare 2 OCTOBER 2020 20. Senran Kagura Burst RE:NEWAL 21. Destiny 2 22. Sherlock holmes the devil's daughter 23. Evoland NOVEMBER 2020 24. My name is Mayo 25. My name is Mayo 2
  5. My name is mayo objectively isn't doing that, if it would then why: 1. Aren't there more stacks? (could have been easily atleast 6 look at ratgames) 2. Isn't the price higher? (I mean, it could be 4 euro's to be more in range with rat games) 3. Are they actually putting in effort (compared to an asset flip like Road bustle) Also this game came out on steam before it hit playstation and the reviews says enough that it has a meme status. https://store.steampowered.com/app/434260/My_Name_is_Mayo/ Obviously they can capitalize on that meme status. The trailer hitted like a bus in that sense. (but business wise I would have done that a little bit sooner). The achievements are the same btw, I see the decision to make it a plat so that it has all the trophies sill in place. (evoland for example did the same). --- I'm all in talking about the devaluation of the trophy system and the uprise of companies (ratgames) that capitalize on trophy whores with cheap ass list and multiple stack because they know it works. Though the hate (if ironic or not) on this game specifically always felt misplaced. So I consider myself a mayo bro now as well Team mayo
  6. It ain't that hard to get better then the current store (atleast on web browser) But damn you really made the effort. Probably the sleekest looking price site I have seen in regards to the psn web store. As well as having the addition and links to trophies makes checking it a bit faster.
  7. Well, if only I played a new game and stop hunting 10 year old games. Happy to see that the Final fantasy remake made it to the list. I found this one hard to call honestly.
  8. Currently: 2020: 25 Most common plat: My Name is Mayo (PS4) (96-97%) Rarest plat: Singstar (PS4) (0-1%) The highlighted plats aren't pretty
  9. Just finished my name is mayo and it's sequel. AMA

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      Miracle Whip is nasty imo

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      @Elvick_ Best feeling of my life to ruin my PNG list. (oh and the ruin the whole trophy system with 1 trophy list) :D

    4. MarcusPunisher


      Congratz. You just experienced greatnessĀ šŸ˜Ž

  10. Guys, gonna plat my first my name is mayo game tonight. Aw I thought I could easily get an high end job for flexing my Psn profile.
  11. That's cute. Ever heared from warframe Rather a living game then a dead one.
  12. Back in the/my good old (steam) days. This game had spicy status among me and friends. Not because of ThE TrOPHies are to EaSY and it isn't considered a GAmE. But because this game was bassically made as a meme. And here we have 'my name is mayo' having an undeserved passive agresive degenerate status by both elitist and EZPZ hunters that actually think this caused / was the start of the downfall of the trophy system. Just chill out, it's a meme. Let it go. You have bigger things to worry about (ratgames)... You know what, I am just gonna buy this one and the sequel and will just add Mr messagy on top as a dessert. I rather do that 20 times then play an asset flip like road bustle (which people found amazing!) once. His whole reasoning is faulty. Not a real game but stating as playing it. Jeez.
  13. I don't know where you got the referred percentages but from my understanding there are 3 ways. If somebody else finds another way then please post it. I'm pretty new to it as well. 1. A tier X can be obtained by inclusion in the season pass. Though it is not in this season unfortunately. 2. A tier X can be obtained by grinding to 450000 xp (which still is a lot) and converting them with gold to free xp. This way you can buy a Premium tier X tank. I don't know if this way unlocks the 'research' trophies though. 3. Grinding the normal way. 1 tank gets xp and upgrade it all the way until you have tier X. You can use the help of premium tanks and converting to fasten it a little bit.
  14. All the war story trophies (except chapter completion with tier X tank) can be done in 5 hours orso. The misc multi-player (eyes peeled) can easily be done by rushing with a light tank an hope for the best. Shouldn't take you much tries if you go for it. The completion with a tier X tank is the time killer since getting a tier X tank requires a lot of grinding xp. The time can be cut down greatly with money. Let's say around 100 hours maybe more.
  15. Well, that is a fun way to experience the game.