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  1. I think yugioh master duel is possible cross save too. It atleast does that too pc <-> ps. I will check mobile this evening. But im wondering if there are any more. Guess only genshin impact is known to cross save from mobile xD.
  2. Thats so damn cryptic. Lol
  3. To me, the minimum a guide writer would need to do ,which I consider an expert in the game in question (though that statement is sometimes questionable too), is to follow some kind guideline on how to interpretend difficulty rating. I saw a few before in other threads about this subject. i think the best way is to standardise a certain logic and advertise this to the guide writers. I dont oppose having a voting system btw. As long as these standards are well advertised. I do think letting the guide writer do it is better. Furthermore, this thread got probably partially sparked by the fall guys 10/10 rating as well. Which I would never understand. Putting it in the same league as like crypt of the necrodancer.., what? (And im not a vocal minority there xD). Hence why there needs to be some standards. Either by voting or by the guidewriter himself.
  4. Maybe it takes a bit more time since it requires learning. There is consistency in the buildings / constructions, so its recommended to learn how to loop the different structures. that is king in dbd since it stalls the killer and keep you safe. An exanple is below. But yeah it requires a bit time to get around it and while not neccesarely needing, (I mean you could literally finish ot while getting carried.) It is recommended.
  5. It's not against the creators of these vids. Sure everybody can see they put somewhat of a time and effort into it. Its more against the idea of hidden advertisement and general spam which degrades the forums and therefore let to a decrease interest in people that use them. Tbh I see 3 threads in the recent topics list. And nobody gives a shit about these at face value.
  6. I dont mind it myself to much. But I rather not see the forums degrading to these video spammings posts again. I though that back in the day. The new rule was to shut down these kind of threads whenever there is a PSNP guide that already exist. Also I hate like begging. 😰
  7. Miracle whip edition for the guys without taste.
  8. I've understood from someone that godzilla on PS3 doesnt have online trophies, while the PS4 version does.
  9. I would agree that 300 million is a very nice amount for these sudios and IP's even with their extra debt. There is so much potential in the tomb raider IP. As it is already established in multi media and Sony seems to want to pursue that. So these are studios I would have liked to see Sony jump on too. Nevertheless, I will assume eidos and co are gonna self publish the games they make as well have more creative freedom under the embracer hood, which I think is a good thing.
  10. 2 things: Firstly I was searching for hannah montana, one of the better games on the ps3. But I couldnt find it initially until I saw it in "need extra stuff" under 2 controllers. I can understand your thought process, but why not dump it into the main list with the added note 2 controllers? Instead of having a seperate controller. Secondly OF: Red river isnt fully LAN I think, since you still need to connect to psn for the 3 friends trophy.
  11. Not sure how much of this has been said by other people, but I took the time to get through my PS3 list. I can maybe give some more input when the list gets updated. Also I find it weird that you want a list without digital only games, but do not mention digital only DLC. Seems to me, DLC should be a no go too. FEAR 3 -> while better to do co-op, from my understanding this can be fully done in local too, if that isnt the case, please let me know. Brave Prince of Persia 2006 Tekken tag tournament 2 prologue (100% list, physical release) Hannah Montana the movie ( GOTY ) Eat Lead Mafia 2 (DLC is on disc on certain versions) Prototype 2 Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day (100% list, physical release) Persona 5 Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second dimension Bleach: Soul resurreccion inFamous Yakuza 4 Bakugan Battle Brawlers All the SLY Games All the Jak Games LA Noire Remember Me Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment Batman Arkham Asylum, City & origins blackgate Ducktales Puppeteer All the Kingdom Hearts Games Terminator Salvation All the god of war games (Except Ascension) Just Cause 2 Fallout New Vegas Deus Ex: Human Revolution The Godfather 2
  12. This one has a trophy tied to online leaderboards
  13. Probably the sunset list. But that also includes things that were supposed to be shut. Like Call of Juarez bound in blood. Anyway, just like everytime the Ubisoft list gets (re-)posted, take this with a grain of salt. The whole list, generally is a hit or miss since Ubisoft doesnt seem to know what they are doing (but given they have the best intentions.) So I wouldnt call it false rumour, could be an XBOX only problem. Just like Far Cry 2 is a PS3 only problem. https://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?tid=1373631&anchor=10452595#m10452595 In any case, people commented on the known shutdown page that these games are still working for PS3.
  14. Nope, I never understand this statement. To me its a hobby with a big community that like helping each other. I read and given tons and tons of advise that helped me a lot to get and help others through games. Not to mention the work that actual guidewriters puts in to achieve this goal. And here you are keeping techniques secret because otherwise people steal? The only reason what I can think about is for self benefit. And what I can think of is people needing to join your own discord group for it. Given I think this session is still fair though, there is no immediate self promotion in it and if they are actually active boosting then there should be no problem. I just find it a bad statement.
  15. So seems that assumption of the old list shutdown was true. I wish everyone still needing to complete the old list, the best of luck!