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  1. Well yea, probably without trophy hunters in mind.. They have shutdown 1 month earlier then the deadline, so definently having trophy hunters in mind. Now I do know that it was probably forced upon. But I still wont recall them giving a shit...
  2. #76 Rayman Legends (PSVita) True Legend! Date Achieved: 17 September 2018 Rarity: Ultra Rare (4-5%) Enjoyment: 8/10 Well that is nice, one week after platting the PS4 version a glitched murphy challenged showed up and now I the vita version as well. Truth be told, I think this is the better version of the two. Mostly due to the controls being more precise and less laggy, making this a less frustrating and more fair version. Challenges and everything is still the same, but yes you miss that silly football game that was in the PS4 version. But atleast touchscreen murphy's dungeon is better then press all buttons murphy's dungeon.
  3. Damn thats a lot, are you buying the total bundles? Anyways waiting for 8 games myself (7Vita 1 PS4) within 4 orders. Atleast they finished production of va-11 hall-a... Slow but steady they will come to me.
  4. I have 516.04 and it does show that I have/should have a daimond cup, but like to try to get an .05 time just in case. Playing princesses, I can get consistently .03 & .04 is there any trick or just purely luck based? Woopwoop got 156.05 now as well, but I do think that it is just luck based then
  5. No way, so it finally happened will do this asap. Thanks Jorge for the notice
  6. #75 Sir Eatsalot (PSVita) Defender of Gluttington Date Achieved: 15 September 2018 Rarity: Uncommon (39-40%) Enjoyment: 4.5/10 This game reminds me a lot of super exploding zoo and can be summed up in one sentence. Nice looking; cutesy/great art style, but boring gameplay. Probably due to combat being attack/block/attack without really any variations and you just being way to slow. This game is also clunky as hell and pretty much summed up by the following quote from the trophy thoughts thread: Game just isn't worth it and it's a shame since it actually looks really nice on paper.
  7. I didnt know you could download invasion dlc for this version. I guess backing up save and re-installing game should get rid of it. It is also a possibility (since I didnt saw a difference qith PS4 version) that the new invasion levels were actually on newer batch cardriges.
  8. #74 Rayman Legends (PS4) Legendary Date Achieved: 10 September 2018 Rarity: Ultra Rare (4-5%) Enjoyment: 7.5/10 It maybe took a while due to challenges, but I finally did it. Rayman legends is a game that I played and collected everything from 2 times (on vita first and then PS4) and I liked it, but it does gets boring after a while. I think the main game is OK to good, characters, design, sound and gameplay are all OK atleast. But here are some things that stands out to me: Music levels were awesome, covers on some songs with gameplay to the beat, I just liked it a lot and lets me look forward to them. The challenges were fun as well, they kept me invested when I just got this game. I also like (and I don't know why) playing that football game when you are with more people, it's an really unnecessary and stupid addition, but is fun nevertheless The last thing is that murfy's dungeon is my most hated mode, it's just so clunky and unresponsive that it gets annoying.
  9. No... Since I wouldn't buy it anyway
  10. I normally don't watch anime too much and never really post here, but I have to admit. Hanebado! is a great representation of real badminton from atleast rookie level. And I love the little things because of that. A good example is: Like if you play badminton semi- competitively then you would likely sit on a bench for the most time in tournaments and competitions. Its not like soccer were you are on the field all the times unless you got replaced. Literally for a whole day you will do like 5 matches or so.. But they actually did a small mention of that which is kinda cute I feel like. (other sports will probably have this issue as well though) And there are a lot of other small things that will catch your eyes if you play the sport. Highly recommend it only for the badminton part and not the drama part heeee episode 3 & 4. But beware you will be spammed with yonex gear a lot to not be seen.
  11. I literally don't see the difference.
  12. I wish this was on vita... But anyway I think this game is criminally overpriced. If you compare it with how cheap the actual game cost (physical) in my case (Netherlands only, so no import). I can spend 27 euros for a sealed royal edition of ff XV from a trusted source, 18 for day one edition. This pocket game costs 30 euros base and atm 18 euros with PS+ discount. In that case you can better spend that 9 euro extra on the normal edition with dlc.. https://www.budgetgaming.nl/ps4/final+fantasy+xv+-+royal+edition.html And yes world of final fantasy is also a game like this (same style), but were world is a completely new game is this just a copy of the main story of ff XV with worse graphics and probably system.
  13. Well bungie doing bungie things. Wasn't there already a controversion with the minimum level needed for raids (and therefore the trophy) only being obtainable by buying the dlc. I assume that they fixed it, but now this. Welp seems like an unstable plat to get.
  14. Oooeh a new project platinum that I can actually join: I got 1 plat with digimon story cyber sleuth.
  15. #73 Game of Thrones (PS4) Lord of Ironrath Date Achieved: 31 August 2018 Rarity: Uncommon (49-50%) Enjoyment: 8/10 I wasn't planning on playing this, but suddenly got an urge to just sit back and play a Telltale game again --> and this was the most free-ish option. I got to admit that I never watched game of thrones nor read the book and that I therefore didn't know anything about the hierachy of the show. So it is about a giant kingdom with different factions (houses) and contains lots of drama between houses I suppose. It seems to me like a world for a medieval drama show, so know I understand why game of thrones is hyped as much as it is. While my knowledge is like basic as it can get I do still recognize some of the characters I guess, Jon Snow, Deanerys, but thats because of memes. So as a outsider I loved the drama I guess, it was really compelling and let me be invested into the game. In that case the biggest problem of a telltale series for me is that the choices doesn't really have any impact on the story and can be ignored for that matter. While I still thinks that there is a lot of illusion (different choices that will lead to the same conclusion even if they or the way it took makes no sense .) I do think that my choices mattered more then the other two TT games I played (batman 1, TftB) and illusions of choices mattering are better hidden. So in all honesty I think this is the best TT game I played. just a shame that I didn't receive the full story due to me missing a lot of knowledge of GoT. Maybe I will watch the show now,. idk,. Atleast the show should be less laggy then this game was. :3