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  1. I think OP just needed a tl:dr Your guide has an exceptional amount of information. but maybe to much for OP to understand.
  2. I'm not into all that wumbo server jumbo. But what I can say is that you need a key to set up a private server without the use of a modded PS3. But even then I think the servers of lbp are way more complex and require more programming knowledge then for example warhawk which now does have a server made by the community after its shutdown. If the people of sumo are nice for us then they give us the key. But they probably won't since "the old lbp games are a safe place " and there is no filtering if a random made a server. Cracking the key will take years. Next to that Psnp cheat team only allows private servers if it is open source. But a man can only hope something good will happen
  3. Same, I do have some trophy / game rules too: The game has to be fun, interesting, artistic, funny/memes or anything that make me wanna look into it and play. If in the end, that game is bad, boring or has a bad grind I will still strive to complete that game to 100%. I don't like autopopping as it is just duplicating the effort already put into a game for double the value. It always kinda feel cheesy to do that; I don't like stacks either. Unless the game is in my favourite games of all time list, I don't like to play the same game over on a new list. Rather I want to play new experiences; But if there are stacks, I always aim for playing on the newer console for the best experience; I don't start a game when it has an unobtainable, if a game I have on my list become unobtainable I will throw it in my backlog; Completing a game means to have done all the DLC. I will always strive for full completion of a game. And the rule I always break: I need to clean up my backlog, hence why my completion rate is so low 😅 I have done some things in the past that breaks these rules like the sound shapes autopopping and Singstar stacking;
  4. Lot of fluctuating love and hate for Hakoom. Even before actually active trophy hunting I knew Hakoom and the impressive feats that he had accomplished in a time where leaderboard actually still meant anything. I don't really follow the controversion surrounding him, I just found him a chill dude with a deserved spot on the leaderboard. One time I was hopping on different trophy hunters twitch and saw that Hakoom streaming. Man that was the worst stream I ever watched. Not because of the fella himself, but more because he was playing easy games and moaning and bitching all the time about the trash that he plays. He doesn't enjoy fighting for the leaderboards anymore, he doesn't enjoy the ezpz games he is playing just to try and stay on the top. So much it almost seems like it's draining his soul. I dislike seeing people having a hobby like trophy hunting as an addiction and therefore are not able to enjoy the core of trophy hunting (which is gaming) anymore. In my opinion every game you play should be fun in one way or another.
  5. Same in the Dutch store, I also could add it to my account.
  6. I love this too, people asking about is this or that game easy. God of war, while definently not mind numbly hard is something I would never even consider easy in this era. I probably got like ~15 of somewhat easier games (<4 hours) on my list.
  7. Does the PS version still has that prestine feature the switch version has called: 'bitcoin mining'
  8. Ah alright, I did grind all the way through with the method mentioned in the guide. I got a consistent 200-400 xp every 2 minutes (starting up and finishing a game) if it gets multiplied to atleast 25k per 10 minute match? than damn, that is really fast! @[email protected] You might want to look at this for the psnp guide.
  9. Hi, thanks for the video. Is there a maximum cap on XP you can earn in a match and if so what is it?
  10. Source: https://www.konami.com/mg/jp/info/870/#en and also in-game apperently.
  11. I got a few from which I didn't care about milestones and while not impressive it ain't bad as well. I just got 1 trophy which I find a bit unnecessary awkward and that is this one: For kinda obvious reasons.
  12. He linked an image in the first page. See underneath photo. Sad to see the servers gone, but damn this game was a total flop. But unfortunately I am stuck with this trashfest since its on my list 😅
  13. I can tell the reason why I would never buy ZJ the ball: * It's pure shovelware crap that shouldn't be on the PSStore; * It has an exploitative nature, and tries to cash in on the addicts; * In the mean time devalueing the trophy system as a whole, which is also 1 of the repeated arguments for a rarity leaderboard, among obviously other arguments; * It isn't worth to make my list look like trash to just add another 'plat' to my count, especially since current leaderboard is stupid anyway; * I definently will not have fun with the game whatsoever, in my believe the enjoyment of a game needs to go first; * The idea that this helps this dev that just recycle's his old games for some quick greedy ass bucks, while other devs are kinda suffering to get somewhere; * Not even speaking of the idea that I indirectly support religion. While I think it is kinda crap; Out of all these ezpz plats the worst thing in general you can do through my believes is supporting this! Instead of buying this crap why not buy some other easy and relatively short games, it's not like everyone that played ZJ the ball has completed all of these? Just to name a few: * My name is mayo 1&2; * Donut Country; * Reverie; * Lara croft GO * Hitman GO; * Trigger witch; * All the artifex mundi point and click games; * Demetrios and all other COWCAT games; * All FMV games that recently got released; * Or the hybrid games like the shapeshifter; * All telltale games (though these are a bit longer); Hell if you also like reading, why not read trough some good VN's. These will give you longer enjoyment, helps actual good devs and get you a bigger shot of dopamine as you actually work to get something and deserve it.
  14. I was lucky enough to get it in the exploit, but I almost managed to get it legit too. I recommend finding people in the Fall guys discord over finding people through the PSNP sessions. There are some really dedicated people on there that knows what they are doing more then the people in PSNP sessions. Alternatively there is 1 carry group in the PSNP sessions, don't know how good they are, but if the numbers stated are true. Then that would be the most efficient.