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  1. Maybe somebody wants to contact devs to put them online. Maybe somebody wants to avoid disapointment after they relize the list is offline, maybe even the other way around to suddenly have a few more plats when they do come online (I dont know why you would, but still). I don't see the reason why you can't make a list about anything tbh...
  2. Grats for Ratalaika games for having a game with a ' longer' platinum. But I do wonder how much game (trophy) lovers are actually gonna buy this one. Set point Devious dungeon 2 EU PS4 -> 53 Easy platters: Zerotopian after 3-4 weeks -> 1075 Metagal after 1 month -> 1,815 Bird game after 2 weeks -> 534 Might want to buy if the percentage doesn't skyrocket and if there aren't a lot of owners because of this.... Also what happened to all the haters of this game been too hard in this thread, I knew 1 that threatened because of it, is he banned?
  3. #94 Rayman Origins (PSVita) Sweet Dreams! Date Achieved: 7 May 2019 Rarity: Rare (11-12%) Enjoyment: 7/10 After platting, I like to compare this to kingdom hearts 1 of the kingdom hearts franchise. Get's praised by a big amount of people for being the best among the franchise... ...but is in almost every aspect just way to inferior then the sequel... But you can't really judge a prequel for being inferior to the sequel right? But that's more of a look at all the modes standpoint I think the biggest negatives were I can judge on are the underneath: It feels mechanical wise a little bit off. Sometimes the moving/jumping feels weird enough to miss something or just stop out right. Also on a technical aspect I got a lot of stuttering which I didn't had in legends. The levels also seemed a little bit dead. That can be an illusion for not having to collect many electoons in the level itself. So what does it do better then the sequel: It had a story (kinda) AND I did like the hubworld and selection screen more then legends. The game itself is actually pretty fine just like legends and it won't be off putting. if you like platformers and/or rayman, then buy it! Now time to pitchfork the flying sequence and hope they will never come back in later instalments!
  4. Depends on how you see it eh. 1. If the game is super over the top good and everyone must play it (the 1%), then you can say it's hypocritical. 2. If the game seems like your standard indie game and non-interesting for the public eye (the 99% and just like most ratgames), you can say it proves the point that trophy lists sells! But I wonder, did you think of the 2nd statement? Since that one seems a lot more obvious when I read the initial [joke]..
  5. Didn't look like it was sarcastic. inb4 "duh it is obvious that I won't get cinema tickets". In the real world with partnerships and company presents, it can be quite common for some people to receive cinema tickets.. So why shouldn't you, it's not like they give you a porsche or something? Nevertheless you are still receiving PR codes. You could say that ' it is to help people' in case of trophy guides, but then you say this about your conan exiles trophy guide: Seems like you make trophy guides more for the self benefit, probably to get more people to your site. Helping people in the process, but that is not the main aim. Don't lie, you are not doing it out of generosity, you have created a whole platform and gets feed by that juicy scoopy PR codes... Point still remains... shiller...
  6. While that may be the case, is that really the only reason? (quote below from the big sister thread): If you really do it out of generosity, why do you accept this? Seems pretty much a given for 'getting paid by advertising' (and pretty much shilling) Also I guess you want to be in that juicy influencer part? Potentially having more perks by partnering with other publishers? but that is just an assumption on multiple factors. At last these kind of 'we are doing this for the people' you (and ratgames) are hanging on is literally the weakest argument to justify easy lists I've seen in a long time... I feel like psnprofiles should just put a ban on you even though it is not in the forum rules as I checked.. The advertisements on here with these ratgames is quite bad now. Your obviously advertising! This would be in other forums be considered as 'spam'
  7. #93 Burnout Paradise (PS3) Burnout Paradise Elite Date Achieved: 1 May 2019 Rarity: Rare (12-13%) Enjoyment: 7/10 Yes 1 of the games that I wanted to play is finally being played due to the server shutdown. However I had less fun then I thought I would have.. This mostly due to the repetiveness and task oriented trophy system when you don't have a real goal... and the events consisting of 5 different eventsmodes, but you still need to actually do 90 in total for the burnout license.. So roaming around an finding ways to break billboards was fun enough, you only needed 60/120 which is a good amount while not getting tedious. The road rules modes are fine, but nothing to special so you have to deal with cumaltive 20 of those. And the events were basic as it can get and you need 90 in total of it. The best here is roadrage. Stuntrun can be pretty easy exploitable, race is just from a to b, burning route is a time trial a to b and marked man is a survive from point a to b. The online freeburn challenges were fun though, especially the big surf island ones!
  8. I got a gut feeling that this will suck. First of all, this movie looks really comparible to detective pikachu, which is one of my most anticipated movie this year. However where I get a nostalgic, charming and a what if? feeling from the pikachu trailers. I got a general tryhard feeling from the sonic trailer. My initial idea what I hoped for was a movie based on the cartoon (sonic X) from years back. But I guess that is not the case which is a shame.
  9. And another thing.. Why couldn't they just make it like the steam list: https://steamcommunity.com/stats/791700/achievements Seems a lot more fair, fun and still easy... But oh no we know the reason...
  10. I think this has to do with the same issue when you get trophies from PS3, but didn't sync -> then get trophies on PS4 and sync -> and then sync your PS3 game. you will see that on psnprofiles your PS3 game would be more recently achieved then your PS4 game. In a more basic sense that means that an unsynced game is more recent then later achieved but earlier synced game. This is how playstation shares trophy data itself, some other thread also mentioned it a pretty while back. Psnprofiles get their data directly from playstation and doesn't sort the trophies out for themselves, so it's a 1:1 copy of that list. It's janky, but it is a really niche case in my opinion that you won't see a lot! To fix it Psnprofiles would do some coding input on the trophy list self, however I think that that is a bit overkill. Next to the trophy list probably slowing down to load due to extra input! Does it matter? lol
  11. A new week a new ratgames game (and ez games thread) woopwoop. I wonder how long this plat will take, 10 mins?
  12. If you have problems with easy games like this then I will recommend playing a HARD game for once. Should do you good... You're list is a trainwreck of easy games stacks. Stop the obvious bumping. Its not reacting to the above posts; spam; and could just be a status update. Somebody wanted to have attention...
  13. Thanks for the help today on Burnout!

    1. Bumperklever


      Thank you as well ;)

  14. I don't play games for easy plats, most of the easy games where achieved when I wanted to play the game itself. However I started some games with 'easy plats' where I did not like it, but still played in the end to have the plat. But I only have 3 of them. 3. Sireatsalot. A lot of people liked this game and recommended it, but when I tried. I was just bored with it. Felt way to slow. So then 1 day I finished it with the idea of just platting it. I see the cute appeal and it does have some good concepts, but it still just felt like a slog getting through it. 2. Magus I platted this when easy plats were actually rare. So I felt like an easy plat and saw this game. It looked like shit before I bought it, and oh boy was it shit. But it was atleast brainless, so it couldn't be really boring. But It was still bad, but the good kind of bad. So I still liked it in that way. 1. Super Exploding Zoo! I started playing around the time when I bought a PS4. And I have the same opinion on this game as I do with sireatsalot. Really boring, has some likeable concepts, but overall don't like it. However this was much more boring and took much longer to plat.
  15. Your first post looked like that AAA publishers really want to mimic, but can't due to them being big. Obviously they don't want/can't mimic. As for there market we as trophy hunters are just small fish for them.. Hell, in the world of 'live services', where the AAA publishers want to make people play there game as long as possible. So it's better for them to have longer trophylists. Ratgames indeed said somewhere on discord that they do easy trophylists due to wanting to make sure they work. I also read somewhere on discord that people find games to hard so they make the lists easier... But there is still more behind it then what they say obviously, something about making easy plats so other people can buy it, and obviously they don't say it cus that causes bad PR. As business you can better say to little then to much. Back to another problem with your (and ratgames) statement. You are a one man team, I guess when porting the game it is also important to finish the game right, so then why couldn't you atleast put in a 'finish the game' trophy if you really respect the trophylist? I guess you just don't get the point what I'm trying to say so I will 'rewrite'. But I do say that lootboxes can be a faulty comparison due to the second group of complainers (the restricting stuff due to wanting to moneytize). and even that can be in a far overthinking world be connected to restricting the leaderboard due to having to finance a certain publisher. but eh... And I guess I know what you mean about the 'gambling aspect group'. In my opinion that group could actually be divided into 2. the people that would rather want to have a fixed reward instead of a roulette and the guys that just don't like people finance on other people, the white knights in a certain extend. The group 1.1 is obviously non existant in the business of ratgames. Since they don't really do roulette like things with their games. However the second white knights group can actually be pretty close this discussion.. As they would react on business practices like this that lets addicted people pay a lot for there own benefit. And with that read this line again with this knowledge: Developers are, with lootboxes/ezpz games, financed on the gambling/trophy hunting addiction of others Sounds a bit the same no? I realize loot boxes isn't a great example due to the many different takes on the controversy. But I totally agree that it can be used!