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  1. Why is it outdated? Also pst.Org rating is based on average votes from the poll they hold. There the average is 8.8 -> 9. ~half rated it a 10/10. Furthermore, this game for been as niche as it is (therefore garners a lot more completionists) sits at only 2.5%. Disregarding the possibility of trolls, this seems like many people had difficulties with this game.
  2. Well 2 people have earned that trophy it early September. So it is a good assumption that this still work. Never realize that this has an online trophy, maybe I will see if I can find it. It is a pretty rare one.
  3. #128 Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PS4) Platinum Date Achieved: 18 September 2020 Rarity: Very Rare (8-9%) Enjoyment: 8/10 I never get why they decided to make a popular strategy mobile game into a third person shooter. But I have to admit that it is pretty competent game, though I do not feel like there is much depth. The most fun thing I did actually wasn't in the main game, but it was one of the DLC events called boss hunt. Because that is just a superboss which was difficult and required good teamwork to get it done. Unfortunately this mode will probably never return to the events pool, it was really good. And I will also never get the 100% due to the community events not coming back, but hey I got the golden 97% now.
  4. Guess importing from the US will be faster and cheaper smh.
  5. This list is only grinding. 96 hours for a VR 'workout' game. Phoe. With getting a high amount of score. But I am hoping that there is an easy way to auto / turbo this.
  6. Well as an update (if somebody is interested). I bought the recently released physical version and had no problems with the game (other then 1 minecart been bugged, but that was easily fixed by reentering the dungeon). Also did some of the future cardgames (for example: against the old man in the windy valley) and it functions like it should. I checked the patch version of the game, do note that this version is already on disc. So I can't confirm if it is actually released online. V 1.06: "fixed blue screen in some Evo2 card games" "fixed some crashes (evo1 and evo2 end bosses)" Which would mean that the stuff said above is fixed.
  7. Only for the remastered edition on ps5 though.
  8. You took 1 point and zoomed it in, then you smalled the issue to make a point, the rest is a repeat of what you already said. Anyway, we both have 2 have different perspectives on the situation and only time will learn if this can lead to controversy. I can understand the banning, but I feel like it is unjustified by the developers. Not having fixed this 'problem' before hitting the store shelves, leaving a bug in due to deadlines an stuffs, and then banning people from profiting on their mistakes and responsibility.
  9. I can agree with the reasoning why people would get banned. I disagree with the fact that no controversy can happen because of it. A game under a scope because earlier controversy tend to get controversy by every nickle and dime that happens even if you don't agree. > Game launched broken. > People exploiting the brokenness of the game. > Devs bans people for cheating. > Devs gets controversy due to not releasing their stuff unbroken and straight up banning because they can't take their responsibility. I don't agree with the reasoning, though in these days controversies just happens like that. People like to complain and reel up on a particular game. Moral of the story about the exploit itself is to wait until the (non) actions of crystal dynamics are clear.
  10. Yes, intential ussage of an accidental bug. But because it is a bug I am on the fence that the developers are on the wrong here and I am not alone on that front. I think it will therefore gather a lot more controversy then they already have when they start banning people for it. But you never know.
  11. I just play what I have on the shelve (mostly good games with some cheap stinkers in between) and try to complete. Or if others ask if I want to boost (which I maybe want to play in the future) / server shutdown or a very limited chance I tend to buy the game just for that. Good recent examples are star wars jedi knight, destiny 1 / destiny 2 / little deviants I do say this: 'if a trophy is too grindy or too hard and I don't wanna play it anymore" then I tend to move on just to finish it a few months later. for example the last grind I did for chess ultra. I didn't really mind the 2/3 hours it costed me. Less then if I played it straight after doing the rest of the grind. Same as PVZ GW2. I farmed that game for really long, so much that I am bored with it. Though I only need to kill 3000-4000 zombies trophy for the plat and max 98%. Maybe that is a perk of not been a completionist
  12. You should also pick from the guy above you. Both of you should go for the littlebigplanet games. Vita for @Idklol3214 Karting for @navidramhormuzi
  13. 1 week later and I would say big thanks to @beeblebrox-san for the suitable player status and the pain of using the back touchpad for 14(+) challengers And to @Smzthyy for messaging me about the new opportunity and organizing a whole bunch of players to get this trophy. I guess I need to say that everyone in this session is not suitable (anymore).
  14. HAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGA WOW XMAS YOUNG ZURRIEQ !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? ...lol I did not know that people actually uses this group, but it comes back every day indeed. He meant the specific PSNProfiles group on PSN. Where Sly is the moderator. People normally post plat images on there with some request/talk in between.
  15. Timber tennis is the best tennis game there is.