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  1. So now my PSNOW trial is over and with the state of my internet and the sometimes issues, I guess I will let it halt. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good either. But I did snatch a plat before the trial was over: #104 Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd dimension (PS3) Lifetime Accomplishment Award Date Achieved: 1 November 2019 Rarity: Rare (17-18%) Enjoyment: 4/10 Normally I would enjoy these kind of child or movie tie-in games, because they are stupid and therefore has charm. Well I found this to be really damn easy and not at all charming, actually really boring as well. Total cashgrab game, like the others, but with this one you can feel it. Story wise it takes place within a section within the movie, where it was quickly brushed over in the movie, they go indept here. you have 3 lovely worlds (balloon/old timey/ gnome) that seems in the same trend as the simpsons game, but without the quirkyness. Still arguably the best 3 worlds since the others are just generic as they get. The weapon system seems to be in the same trend as the rachet and clank series, but bad. The building system is a thing they advert in the beginning, but there is nothing fun about. But for the plat it is not only platforming, no you have some ' arcade games' as well. Perry ball is decent enough, but what does the points matter, there is not really a score in the end just the tickets you received? The crane game is just broken and way to slow, it's bad. Even though everything is bad and I am missing the charm in comparison with other 'bad' games; The level are really short nd the gameplay ,is boring, but really fluent as well. Making some let's rush through the levels kinda feeling. Lastly god, normally I like the english VA more then dutch, but now I couldn't bear it. The dutch VA did a fine job.
  2. Yeah I do like this trophy list a lot as well.. "get gold medals in all camps" and how difficult "difficult" will be leading on how hard the plat will be in the end.
  3. 100% #37 Sonic The Fighters (PS3) Date Achieved: 12 November 2019 100% Completion: 69-70% Enjoyment: 7/10 I saw this when scrolling through my PSNOW trial. I have some nice memories about this game, since it was, just like Sonic R, in the 'sonic gems collection' Which I used to play a lot back in the PS2 days. But for the 100%? just finish the first 8 battles as (sonic) and select amy afterwards. It's really cheap. It's really trophywhory. But I did finish all 10 fights and notice that Metal sonic still beats my ass these days.
  4. "Topic proposing an idea that I do not agree on??? Disgusting." "Lets spam the topic with memes everytime somebody revives it, so triggered." This idea is fine indeed. Just in regards to kinda solving the ribbon issue of been artificially made as well as the "we need something to let rare plats have more value" ideologie. But I still like ribbons aesthatically though tbh. Which makes me wonder, would be fun to make a cheesy title out of it. But I do say that could trigger some people.
  5. The techniques above are insane. This makes the singstar trophy really easy. Because of that, I would even say the plat is a 1/10 in difficulty, it's just a terrible unfun grind. But you can bypass even that by using a turbo controller... I for the frequence I couldn't really get it to work on my mobile, but it worked like a charm on my PS2 singstar mics!
  6. 100% #36 Wake-up Club (PSVita) Date Achieved: 10 November 2019 100% Completion: 4-5% Enjoyment: -/10 Evidence that live can have a trophy list. Would be a really terrible live tough with this boring grind...
  7. I'm happy that I don't have too much spam, but 1 is botter is pretty active on me. Funny thing is that he want me too pay, but gave different reasons: - "hey we have cheap games, please pay." - "we are from sony, you have a suspicious account, pay up" - "we hacked you and to unblock you need to pay" And all needs to be paid to the same reference. --- On work(mail) I always gets stalked by Steve Brown. Steve has worked in a span of 5 months at 5 different companies (domains). But Steve is still holding on to sell me that market analysis. Why Steve gets fired every month is beyond me, seems like he is putting some dedication in his work
  8. Happy to say that we just did crazy difficulty with 2 Scientists and 2 all-stars against spooky squatch. Here are some general tips: - Callouts are key for fast reactions on the always changing situation. With this I don't say all 4 players need to have a mic. I do say that atleast 1 caller in a team helps the efficiency by a bunch. As for callouts, these are especially helpful in numerous situations. Normally (if you know the flow) just call the 'area': For example, what we used was: Stage, middle (anchor + the sides), backarea (opposite site of the stage), aquarium (bottom area of mid), Graveyard and Nuke (opposite site of graveyard). If the caller sees then everybody knows, it's efficient.. - Before initiating a step, go slow, heal yourself and evaluate the situation. Mostly in regards to the position of the boss. If he is in the anchor area, when you need to be there. Wait a sec before the actual setting up and initiating. Phase wise: Defend the candy: people tend to place a healbot in the back and the 2 attack bots on the sides. All-stars tend to create barricades before the entry ways to slow down the plants. But tbh I never had any problem with this phase. Anchor and Guardian: Place a healbot next to the anchors and an attack bot. As all-stars place barricades in the 2 stair entry ways. We noticed that the best way to tackle this is instead of going to the guardian, let the guardian come to us.. [this technique probably wouldn't work that well with a toxic brainz]. What we did is activate the anchors and see the spawn position of the guardian. If it is to far, we left the anchor and retry it on the hope it spawns around the anchor area. This way the all-stars can stick around the anchors, the scientists could heal and do some damage as well and the anchors almost never falls. this was really ideal. Spooky bucket: Here is were callouts really shine. We fully healed and make our way to the bucket. After killing enemies that were close an all-star picked up the bucket. Callers would immediately say were the next guy is and people followed in train while healing each other. In the end before the last candy the caller should already communicate the location of the boss so people can already race to him without looking. The only real tip is to always focus on the enemy with the candy. Sugar rush: rush towards boss and shoot him from a safe distance... If you can place a bots, then do it. After sugar rush, heal up. haunted trees: When these show up, go to the graveyard area and kill them before proceeding, you should have enough time for it. Beware that the boss doesn't come to you. There are a lot of small tips/things as well, but in regards to the phases this is the best I can give you. Also hope that the RNG gods doesn't let squatch in the anchor area all the time. Good luck with hunting. I hope this helped.
  9. Maybe ratgames serves as nostalgia Then again, the old famous "runescape" and the one were you are in a box gunning down zombies (called box head apperently?) were the jam in the computer lab
  10. After reading a bit, the strongest point I read in favor of whitelisting is that other sites do it as well, in case of "evolving the rules". Most other reasoning comes into the line of, "please give me, it's easy..." That being said the side that says that it needs to be retained got various good/better points which I agree on. I will just put this here... What if... A BO2 hacker develops a new tool that can change a regular lobby into a big league lobby and places every one a 'division' beforehand. Then you can earn it in theory legit (5 wins in a division). Obviously after it is proven that it is working... The whitelisting should be the same as they whitelisting of gonespy, as long as you are not the cfw user/ hacker. --- I don't know if this is possible from a technical standpoint though.
  11. Everything is possible, problem is that 80% of the randoms don't know what to do and with that logic it's better to make a group that knows what needs to be done rather then hoping on the matchmaking I guess.
  12. Digged in myself a bit. On page 16 @ProfBambam55 (same guy as your mentioned post). Stated that he tried and "gave up months ago". probably in the sense of. yes, it seems to work, but you probably can't add a player or something, so you can't play.
  13. This thread holds update on which games work, does not work and isn't tested. Unfortunately 50 cent seems to be in the list of 'unaffected'.
  14. A subjective opinion of mine is that the acing of LBP 3 levels and the quests were much and much easier than acing the levels in the vita version. Other then 'the great escape' or the final boss, I didn't have to repeat a level more then 2 times. While the vita version is filled with hazards. Next to not having to do the create and publish trophies, which is present in the others and could take a long time.. By far LBP 3 is the easiest, even without the 'glitch' you can do to make it easier. Just out of curousity. In what terms is 2 harder then vita ánd 1 harder then 2. Still interested in doing 1 and 2.
  15. Thats good! but unfortunately on really short notice. Is there anything I can prepare for the most chance? Aka leveling up corn (or somebody else)?