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  1. Yeah, this is the case. couldnt get the all stages win popping with a new account.
  2. Squishies is stuck on authentication. so that server is down and that means it's unobtainable. I mean to all what is, since this was a small project I did and got through a lot of trash games in the gamesparks forum (like most are just garbage casino mobile games). I feel like a having a small victory for figuring it out and deducting that shit
  3. Well, nice of you to do some preperation work I guess
  4. This game seems to be unobtainable anyway, But for anyone that still have it on their list, be aware:
  5. heh Bit late to realize now, but maybe I should have gone down on their twitter...
  6. I think the game "squishies" might be in danger too with the gamespark shutdown tommorow. Saw people that work at massive miniteam and brainseed talking on the gamesparks forum about troubleshooting and helping prior to that games release. I didnt saw gamesparks or any other backend servers in its credits. So I dont have concrete proof this game is running on gamesparks, but on the other side I cant find which other server it would run on. I find it likely It would run on it, especially since this game uses similar functions as animal super squad. Since this game isnt what I would call a big hit, I think they wont convert to another backend server. The rest of the massive miniteam and brainseed games either runs (confirmed) on other servers or doesnt have online trophies. I havent message the devs to confirm it, this is pure speculation.
  7. That does not say anything, just like the newsarticle does. The newsarticle takes information from a reditor. This reditor is not a "reputable insider / source". He seems just like me and you. He probably saw a thread (maybe on here, he is a PS gamer afterall) and took it for fact, while we are all just assuming since there is no official notice yet. Either that or he made the simple conclusion: (gamespark is hutting) + (onrush has gamespark servers) = (onrush is shutting). The gaming news outlet / reporter, in all its laziness like we know from these outlets, saw the post and run with it. Giving another shit article that most people share to everywhere. I mean I saw this article shared with me 3 times already --- The problem with a backend server company closing is that the actually devs can introduce a new backend server system into their game. This derives to 4 options for the devs to their community: * confirm to (plan to) implement new backend servers or make it P2P so that the online services can still be accesed another way (warhammer, ultimate chicken horse) * confirm that the shutdown doesnt effect them, preferably with reasoning (mini metro) *confirm the servers to be closing and not getting a replacement, probably money related (disc jam, strikers edge) * not confirm anything at all and keep silent. In regards to this point we get into assumption theories, because we dont know for sure what the devs are gonna do. (Onrush, 7 days to die) --- Wether or not they feel the need to implement new servers, that it doesnt effect them or that they are just gonna let it shut, is all up to your imagination and how you think about it. In case of onrush I see why it isnt profitable if it is delisted already, but we cant know for sure. That been said, its always good to put it on safe then if you really really want to play this game or have it on your profile. Im happy that most of these devs already confirmed what they are gonna do (even if a bit late).
  8. Upon another thread about a guy that felt the need to play these trash games to walk the leaderboard but wanted to stop doing this shovelware. PSNP+ has now the ability to remove leaderboard standings on everyones profile all together. Doesnt remove it from card, thats all sly. But atleast your profile isnt tainted, so you dont want to deal the redness
  9. The only group that would defend breakthrough are the whores themselves. JK cuz it is cheaper so you spend a lot less in total on them. I mean I still see them as easy cashgrab while I see ratalaika as "games" The interesting part about this discussion and how it evolved is that. People used to complain against ratalaika due to their very very easy trophy lists they implement where you dont even need to beat the game. Their first argument was based on QA testing, but then they saw a undiscovered market for this, so they exploited it. Releasing all there small published indie games with easy as pie trophy lists to gain that extra bit of money from trophy whores / addicts. Its possible that the whores back in the day probably didnt even know that they have an addicition. Soon sometimes you and eastasiasoft followed that same trend. But these publisher did in the end release trophy lists were you atleast need to beat the game, which just seems to be fair. But Ratalaika mostly gets shit on because of the exploitation of the trophy lists system. Their games arent bad (altough cheap). Hell I even own a few ratalaika games too. In conclusion, competent games bad trophy lists. The difference between the breakthrough games, stroking animals. Animal + letter, run "games". As that these are PURELY made to sell trophies. I mean legit, breakthrough started with a 100% list in 1 region and caught on by a 'player' why they did not make it a plat, which started all of this shabam. 2 region stacks, shovelware crap, splintered levels (instead of 1 ZJ the ball we needed 5 different levels as seperate "game") in the end they added a "challenge mode" to a few of these games which doesnt really make sense. and just like ratalaika, we now have others that follow, they dont have the back catalogue of flash games breakthrough has. But oh man they all got the perfect formula to pump out out games faster the breakthrough. With even higher quantity (stacks) Anyway, I will buy ratalaika stuff if Im interested in the game and the trophy list is fair. But I'll never ever buy one of these shovelware wastes of money. And Im happy more people see the light now and stop supporting this.
  10. Couldn't get "triple threat" popping.What am I supposed to do for this trophy? Score a goal: Guess that just means to score a goal just like the trophy? Assist a goal: Is this meant to be a pass shoot kinda deal. Like you pass to your AI partner and the AI scores? Save a goal: I would assume this means goalkeeping right? Just like the intercepting trophy? I hope 1 of these is wrong, because otherwise I dont know why it isnt popping. EDIT: ok, after trying it in way to many matches, I think the above is correct. My assumption is that the assist just works really funky. No need to save by rolling, thats one thing I can confirm.
  11. This ^ nice. See I felt like their response was weird, like that they just assumed it was gonna be OK or NP, well in the end they seemed to agree that it did have an effect. Its nice that they are looking to implement new backend servers. But im not taking any chances with this game. This game was popular when it released, but no way that they have the uncle scrooge money to uphold it --- Btw I saw in the hyperbrawl discord that they were shutting down because "their backend servers will stop" exactly at 30 september too. However I dont believe I saw the gamesparks logo when booting up. Makes me wonder if there are more unknown games that gets shutdown. Just like the recent discovery of onrush to be running on the gamesparks engine.
  12. Not sure if this is a difference because the EU contracts are different. But I can find a copy in the big chains here in the Netherlands for 10 - 20 euros. Its still more expensive then I would normally think when its shutting (eve and battleborn both costs 5 euro when they announced shut), but its a very new game too. What is gamestop gonna do with the game, return it to square?
  13. And then star wars battlefront been its own serie while the rest are mashed up in 1 "star wars" series. Idk its hard to categorize it all, but I see many inconsistencies with how they are build up. But, truth be told, it is a lot of work getting it all done for all games by the game information team. (Especially with all those shovelware getting released daily.)
  14. Luckily for you @Needles did contact all of them, but only got a response from the devs of mini metro (no effect with a valid reasoning why they think that), ultimate chicken horse (no effect, though a "I believe" reaction. weak statement imo) and striker's edge (confirmed gonna shut). Disc Jam devs confirmed the shutdown themselves. Warhammer devs said they were going to make new servers. Do Note 7 Days to die is possible to be done offline using charles to downgrade. It's also faster that way, however that requires a bit of tech knowledge (or knowing how to follow a guide step by step ) If you want you can always message the devs yourself as well to maybe apply a little bit more pressure onto it.