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  1. I got LittleBigPlanet GOTY and Black Ops 1 with my PS3 back in 2010. Still own and got platinums for both.
  2. The gun I used mainly in my journey was the UMP 45. That gun is a beast and can kill an enemy pretty quickly. Made my grind to 10k so much faster and easier.
  3. I tend to disagree actually. I love online trophies. Especially on FPS games like COD and BF. I actually wish there were more on those games. I enjoyed BFBC,GTA 4, and AC Brotherhood online trophies! They were fun and when boosting, I met great people on all of them. The only trophies I think are unrealistic are BF Hardlines 40,000 kills trophies. 4,000 would've been great!
  4. Battlefield Bad Company (can't post image on here) It was a very long platinum but I finally got it with a bunch of great boosters. They always kept it interesting and the host was great and dedicated. I can't thank them enough for helping me obtain a platinum which I once lost hope in.
  5. It's been 35 hours and it's still Restoring Default Settings. What should I do or should I just unplug it
  6. Hello My PS3 was turned off unexpectedly from a power outage and when it came on, I started it up again. The PS3 came up but the XMB was not there, just my wallpaper. So I looked online to use Safe Mode and to restore the default settings. It's been an hour now and I'm not sure how long it will take. I'm not sure if HDD space matters but I have a practically full 750GB HDD. If anyone could give me an estimate on how long or if it shouldn't take this long, please tell me.
  7. I'm the friend that got hacked, which he impersonated me and got Cryax. We are currently working on getting it back. This person kept saying that if one of us calls, he locks the other to his PS3. So we are planning to call in a 30 min time period to get the fucker. I luckily saved a couple friends but if your my friend and got a message from me yesterday saying, "gameshare?" that wasn't me.
  8. Your platinum checklist kicks ass. Well done.
  9. Sadly, you have to have $200,000,000 in your offshore account to become Infamous which might be a grind if you don't save
  10. Nice so far. Im excited to see it complete. I may have to make one myself.
  11. Praises his ultra rare platinums
  12. Yes. It is very annoying verifying I'm not a robot every single time I update.
  13. I eat trophies
  14. Rap because 90% of it is them bragging on how the get all the women and got a Lamborghini. Country cause it's country. Too much love lol I like pretty much everything else. Rock and Dubstep are da best.
  15. Yes! I've been wanting this for a while!