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  1. check it out.


    I've been updating my classes

  I'm on the Official Forums as well.

  2. PC or console I will say PC has the upper hand. What i don't like about the PC and consoles are mods & jailbreaks, which this ruins online experience for legit users. So how long would it take to crack the Ps4 firmware? Here's my 1 problem with the PC.(I'm not going into dsicussing the MAC). Windows updates especially Windows 10. My Sturdy Windows 8 1TB Desktop blew a flash memory chip, which this is part of the RAM. When I took into all of the issues at hand. I realized shit Windows 10 shit is trying too overuse my whole system. My graphics card AMD has just enough "Zap" to run [email protected] at a smooth setting without latency issues. Just for max setting in [email protected] i would need to upscale my graphics which i'm just below the highest graphics that great to Run [email protected] or Tera Online etc. $200 for fancy graphics vs an Ps4 Pro console. Now think a windows 8 base CPU trying to accumulated Windows 10 bullshit. Windows 10 kept on updating hardware issues they couldn't' updated. My "display" was going whacking. causing BSOD. My mission was try to get my default windows 8 back, but dumbass Microsoft didn't have any option for rolling backing to previous versions when i finally found out. Regardless if you did manage to rollback, Windows 10 base was still underneath your default base. For my flash drive that blew up it, it was windows 10 itself that got fried along with it. Before my Flash drive blew I bought Window 8 Pro OS that save my desktop for more hardware damage. Easy story sum up Windows 8 Windows updates etc. Windows update to 8.1 FREE upgrade to Windows 10 Windows 10 updates etc. Windows 10 sucking up, Windows 8 CPU components Overlap Windows 8 Pro over Windows 10. Flash drive blew due to too much hype in windows 10. Windows 8 Pro back to normal, But I do see Leftovers from Microsoft/USER, so this may lead to my other half being fried.
  3. Yea the matchmaking is terrible especially when your put up against parties. Blame me for sucking, no the fault lies with Activision.
  4. I will be rushing through this game shortly, so if you need help with 100 sessions co-op quests, we an easily do it. Just leave IGN i will get back to you. Bare in mind once WW2 comes out i'm running through the story.
  5. Cold Steel 2 is already platinum so no worries
  6. My 20th Attempt 500Hp leftover, kept Valimar str and spd up. Finally Jesus^-^
  7. The vita 1 from Like why would you even suggest not attacking when you have too.. My problem is I don't have enough CP to even survive 16 retries no luck, so i reloaded my save file before leaving Trista.
  8. 6 tries now I ve given up. Totally unfair with damage potential against me. My vita is just going to be on standby until there s a f#ckin hack.. The walk-through on this is inaccurate or even outdated. You CANNOT GUARD OR WAIT during this battle. Morning Moon uses too CP and no other move besides that can stagger him through the counter. Lustrous strike and Flame Impact don't Stagger him at all. Whoever did The FAQ, hello you have NO OPTION to wait or guard you idiotic child. Rean is Lv70 and yet the Last two battles gave me no problems at all. This one is impossible to beat even if you fully take advantage of your link attacks.
  9. Ni no Kuni treacherous for getting a platinum due to 1 dam annoying trophy. Tales of Berseria is fun with a bit of ecstasy in it. I guess the Disgaea series has history, but each has it's own individual stories, so in terms you weren't need to buy the DLC characters. I got over 400hrs on Disgaea 4 alone. So wait you play Final Fantasy online as well?
  10. Busy week for me. Work and now trying to sorta my course for next term, along with other appointments. 

    The Luxury of living on your own.  So I guess I eat and than play some NHL 2018 or explore in Destiny 2, or work on my Pokemon games OR, Y, or Moon, or work on rushing Cold steel 1 nightmare run  for platinum.


    So much to do so, little time these days !><!

  11. Awesome another person into 60+hrs or more in 1 game. Since you indeed have the Ps4 now, i would suggest Disgaea 5, Digimon World Order, Skyirm, and Destiny 2. Disgaea 5 would accumulate the most hrs, In Destiny 2 there is a lot of exploring to do. I'm don't too sure if you still have the Ps3, but i would HIGHLY recommend the Legend of Heroes Cold Steel series and Tears of Tiara 2( which is by far the longest story arc I have ever played.)
  12. I use Tauros which idk why she does more damage with that than Murakumo. Been a bit lazy because of school and work.
  13. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to make any children. Too many kids that are unskilled in Ranked matches. Yet I continue to blocked and report them. Riot does nothing. They keep popping up like cockroaches, 3 wins in a row 3 losses in a row. I really can't take this shit anymore. Riot needs to do something. I've already put in over 2000 of my own cash to have fun and climb. I'm starting to HATE fu#### children.(my signature may change) P.S you can view my main account, but don't even think that i'm garbage like these kids i'm stuck with in. SgtRichardVasile. Try to be nice in replying.
  14. yea I got tons of those, so i shouldn't have a problem
  15. In cold steel one, you will roughly beat the game @ lv50. My characters now are around lv60. So yea assuming your talking about Cold steel 2 it was a lot easier.