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  1. Back in the day when i started trophy hunting, trophies felt more like 'played a game at its fullest' & sometimes even with some 'random stuff' added, it really felt good to 100% a game because you could literally say then 'this game has no secrets for me anymore' Nowadays trophies are just a 'method to sell', some games make it sooo easy that it holds little value, whilst other games somehow forgot the definition of 'a challenge' & go ahead with 'grind diz shit' instead of real difficulty, i mean, imo 'do a backflip 360 with ur car in the air' sounds way cooler than 'drive 300 miles' or 'open ur car door' However i might look like going 100% trophies on anything, i really dont focus on that anymore, trophies were the reason i became 'a completionist' but nowadays from time to time i find myself completing more than just the trophy list, i like to play a game to its fullest potential & thats exactly what i do Tl;dr: dont focus on trophies, play until you are satisfied 😉👍
  2. In no particular order (in fact, its pretty chronologically from last played to 'earliest' played): - Horizon: Zero Dawn - Control - The Talos Principle - Prey - Dragon Age: Inquisition - InFamous: Second Son - Fallout 4 - Killzone: Shadow Fall - The Witness - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End I coule say games like Rayman Legends, Resogun & Wipeout Omega Collection are in this list as well, but since they are more 'multiplatform' I dont (I mean, Wipeout Omega eventually just is a rerelease of the vita + ps3 version) As you can see I seem to be pretty fond of 'mysterious, with a lot of lore' sort of games
  3. Hello sorry to bother you but can you give me any advice or video reccomendations for getting a platnium cup for the speed run lum 150 in land of the dead seems like lose are my best shot and cant do the murphy challengs 

  4. I think its worth it, I like the sense of completion in basically anything that I do My list might not be super impressive, or super lame, hard or easy, I frankly don't care, I do look up before starting a game whether or not it's still possible to 100% it, but rarely I withhold myself to start it (to be honest I'm starting to stay away at older games anyway for no apparent reason) Having 100% makes me sorta feel I've experienced anything possible in that game, but that doesn't mean that a 100% on the trophy list means I'm done, right now my last plat was World War Z, basically the moment u start until the end is entirely a grind, I have 100% but in the game itself I haven't completed everything just yet, so I continue until I do In the end it doesn't really matter that much what I can show off with, the only thing I can be proud of is that for every game I played that I had fun completing it
  5. I can honestly feel the same way, i dont worry about ps3 & vita shutting down & all, but there's been alot of 'bad' going on with Sony lately Just to put it in perspective: ask me 2 years ago to buy an xbox & u'd get a big NO & a slap in your face just because playstation was undoubtedly my way to go Ask me now & i'd really start thinking of shifting my next console to be an xbox Ofcourse, i wont be buying a next gen console anytime soon, only time will tell what i eventually will get & when the time is right i'll hopefully have more insight on what would be better for me to play, but changing my opinion from '100% sure of the PS5' to 'hmm, lets see', i'd say that's a pretty big step in the wrong direction for Sony
  6. @Agent-Borat dunno if there's videos explaining it, ur playing on ps4 isn't it? Basically all the ps consoles have their quirkiness in Murfy Lums (enemies dont spawn, dupes) Some tend to be glitchy, like that one, sometimes its just about 'luck' on getting the dupes U can also dupe other lums sometimes, and this is also the reason why the top 10 seems to be so far ahead (5 dupes can make you end a package earlier & depending on the layout, that can take 5 secs off) but those are rather by skill than luck (brakeboosting, mostly, a pitch perfect swing,...)
  7. Ofcourse, 50 free games is still 50 less than 100 free games, i won't be happy with anything less than 100 For real now: I've always been thinking about playing Horizon, never got to it though, always has been on my wishlist (yeah, you could call this 'my complaint' if you really want to) but never on my buying list, its pretty nice to be able to get it for free Actually most freebies were pretty decent lately, last year with the Uncharted series & now this, these are those 'good moves' that would literally become engraved in your memory
  8. Doesn't traffic spawn quite the same-ish for every time u restart the race? I noticed sometimes on the rapid responses that traffic is set at the same 'points' during your run, however its not 'exactly' the same, to me it looked like it was always 'a tad later in time' (like if a car coming towards is just before a turn, then ur next try it would be already in that turn)
  9. @Gloom12356776543 & @cinthia_mendes there's no way on telling when a glitched murphy might show up, basically the only thing u can do is keeping an eye out for it Every. Single. Day U wouldn't necessarily need to boot up the game, if any glitched challenge pops up then I or Arkiokin or, whoever else will post about it, but then again u still need to actively 'look it up' the developer of Rayman has quit, so he can't be fired anymore Nobody says u have to wait until a glitched murfy though, if u practice others like dojo or tower distance u could get a diamond, but then u would need to dedicate to the game... If you think about it, this is quite a stupid way to create a trophy, make a game on 3 platforms, share the same trophylists... But change the trophy list of the least used console & implement a 'online leaderboards-based' trophy & to top it off, make it harder by setting the requirement to 'top 1%' When seeing stuff like this happen, i immediately know im not that dumb as i thought to be, im not bragging im a supergenius or something, just 'apparently dumber than me, still exists'
  10. Once you hold 200 the trophy will pop, u can lose them all afterwards Which makes it pretty easy when boosting since you can take turns then, first stock one full until 200, then kill him over & over But you yourself have to have the 200, not the combined total of the team
  11. 10km is actually fairly doable on all sort of distance challenges, even my personal bests are over 10km World record ever, legit, on any map, is something like 300km i suppose Daily/weekly pits are just full with cheaters People going 'crazy' scores don't do this to troll, they are just expert at the game, they have fun competing with eachother & with themselves Except for pit distance, that's just a bunch of cheaters cheating their diamond cups, im not bothered with it though, they can cheat if they want, i just wont care
  12. There aren't much pvp trophies, if i recall right there's only 3 that can be bothersome: -Capture a point & hold it until the end in 'domination' -Hold 200 resources in a scavenge raid -Finish as 1st on your team Finishing 1st isn't really that hard, u'll probably get that one naturally at some point when ur grinding the pvp classes, holding a capture point can be troublesome but should be doable if u play defensive Holding 200 resources would be the toughest, I've boosted it with a group here & managed to get it (however i've done it afterwards with randoms as well, played 3 vs 1 which made it pretty easy, however im such a nice guy that after i had 200 i let him kill me off multiple times until he had 200 as well, without knowing him, how awesome is that) Pvp matches only start when there's 6 or so in the game, however i found the pvp section to be extremely annoying to play, people would glitch out (so eventually you'd start 1vs1 or so), matches would fail to launch & just 'playing' is bizarre, one game u'd end up 10x better than all the rest combined & the next you could end up dying 25x without even hitting a single enemy Luckily you don't have to worry too much with pvp, because all the class upgrades can be bought with the same 'currency' as the pve part (which is way nicer to play, I'm actually pretty fond of it) So i'd suggest to just 'grind the pvp until your classes are maxed' & if you missed out on those 3 trophies to try & get a boosting session up
  13. Makes online play only available after a 'paywall' called ps+ since the introduction of the ps4 In return we would get 'a better experience' overall, since it would be 'kept up to date' maintenance-wise Then we get this app... It feels like they deliberately try to show they just 'dont want' or 'cant' do what they try to promise 'Im gonna start selling cars for a living, i wont put in any brakes though since to me that's an unnecessary cost to put in a car (i mean, ur car is meant to drive, not to stop it from driving) but i wont tell my clients that, i dont even need to tell them that because i find 'brakes' just not worth mentioning' If Sony can work like that & get away with it, then I could too, Im honestly confused how something like this can become 'acceptable', have we really set the bar this low? Listening to the feedback, and providing a solution so that the app becomes usable again, is really the absolute least they should do
  14. What class do you prefer playing as? Somehow, for an unknown reason, I seem to do pretty well as an Exterminator or Hellraiser, I get some pretty good results with it & just overall I feel like I can contribute to the team best with it Normally in games like this I'd be more of a supportive type, but in this game I feel like lacking too much for it to be 'useful', I can go as a Medic... But I noticed I better leave that task to another teammember I seriously dislike Slasher & Fixer though, as a Slasher I feel like being in everyone's way & just die over & over, whilst as a Fixer I get the idea I can literally offer almost no help at all
  15. Didn't they do this 'navigating the map'-hardness & mysterious storyline on purpose? To me that would make sense though, a secret large bureau where you get in as an outsider, would probably raise alot of question marks in my head I liked the AWE DLC, wasn't a huge fan of The Foundation either, however I really loved the game, even with a 'lesser good' DLC it still was very fun to play