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  1. @markytonline83 if ya earned diamond with 455,99m, must mean the 0,01 range of diamond works here as well, thanks for sharing @cris3f thanks man I just like to help people wherever i can, a trophy like this is near impossible to earn legit because a handful of people know strategies that take months to learn, i admit i sometimes dare to go hard on some, earning diamond cups Nonetheless, i try to never steal someone new his diamond cup if i know his run could be worthy of a diamond cup (somewhere last month i explicitly stopped myself so a new guy earned a diamond) but most of the time i just do a run that i feel is good enough to compete with the other guys (because whatever if i wait it out since there's always 2 or 3 being ultimately better than any new guy) I hope y'all earned this b*tch of a trophy
  2. Normally you should be safe But for that 100% assurance, i'd keep on trying for 456,00m, just in case I wouldnt want u to be the first to lose a diamond just because 'for all i know' u'd be safe
  3. @KekkoPazzini In the painting 'teensies in trouble', go to your right, 3 levels far, u'll notice a door, if ur in front of it, it says 'save barbara' Or, it says its closed off with a number of teensies (the blue face-ball whatever things), thats the amount of teensies you need to grab in on of the previous paintings u passed by (shouldnt be much, im guessing 10 or so)
  4. I had 456,00m solely by pulling the lever down (before the enemy) as soon as it got on screen Some other tips: - doesnt matter which princess, they're all the same - partially luck involved (climbing the edge/jump & speed differences in your characters' movement) - the rope doesnt really matter - 455,99m SHOULD give you diamond as well, the diamond margin is always 0,01 less than the 'last diamond earner' on ps consoles, nonetheless i do not know if this is the case when the 'last diamond' actually already should be ranked way lower than the actual spot, but it should be ok with 455,99m (according to Arkiokin which did it before in glitched 4095,43m challenges), 455,98m will DEFINITELY NOT give you diamond - tomorrow, the actual pop-up & the cup shown in the past leaderboard, will not show diamond, but that doesnt matter, the only way to know you earned diamond is by looking at your own cups (nonetheless the trophy will pop when the pop-up shows up) For the rest i hope my videos are quite clear, if ur still having trouble characterwise, contact me, explain what happens, & i'll let ya know what ya have to do step by step Bottom right you can see ur standing if you touch it, but with 456,00m you're good, nobody will pass it Nonetheless if u look at ur standing, u'll see it switching out on any of the total amount of '1st places' so u could be ranked 2nd, 3rd, heck even 100th BUT THAT DOES NOT MATTER 456,00m, thats all ya gotta care for
  5. For 'Champion!' you need to win a diamond cup in an online challenge, diamond goes to top 1% and with ~100 or 200 players, that means only the best(est) players get them (regularly/all the time) besides there are some 5ish pro players on it daily Todays challenge stops everyone at a glitched same distance, making everybody as first place, giving everybody with that score a diamond cup Refer to the videos for knowhow Also, challenges are daily, so this one only happens 'today' (im guessing 11h30 left for this one) so its better to start asap The only thing ya gotta do before attempting this is playing a bit of the story mode to unlock one of the princess characters, but that shouldnt take long, probably in 30 mins u should be able to get the first of the princesses unlocked
  6. Video about the challenge: Video about how to change characters since its necessary to use princess to get the exact 456,00m: Now please dont laugh with my voice or vocabulary usage Maybe OP @item112z could set these in his first post here?
  7. Yup, its glitched, i'll upload a video in a bit, you must use a princess to get the exact score
  8. Fun platinums, those are what matter to me I dont really care about rarity or the amount of plats since: Rarity only signifies if the plat is hard and/or grindy and/or boring Amount only signifies how much you play, how much time you have, and technically how 'fast' you gain them Both, dont necessarily include 'fun' in it, if just somehow it was possible to include a 'honest fun-o-meter', now that would be what i value most
  9. I wouldnt mind an app, wouldnt mind having to pay for it as well Not that i really 'need' it, im ok with it as it is now, only 'problems' i frequently encounter is having to zoom in or out all the time And mispressing because the site didnt load entirely yet so i end up pressing something different meaning i need to return to the previous page & i can end up in a vicious circle pressing everything except the thing i wanna watch, like right now (wanted to see the new comments on the psn id change post but ended up here since it always does that little jump down) But i blame that on myself for being too hasty
  10. Well it'll turn out fine eventually, changed my name myself, only 'annoying' thing i encounter is not seeing what trophies i have earned when looking at a guide Though i usually play 1 game at a time... So remembering whatever i earned isnt really hard anyway
  11. Hairdryer should do the trick 👌
  12. @Arkiokin indeed, we both have uploaded tutorials for these 4095m challenges, yet hardly anybody (1 in a full year for me) tries for it Theoretically I try to get some people going by picking 1st place pretty early on with a 'just a bit better' score just to get people triggering themselves to do better (slowly gaining the skills they need for a diamond) but even that never works out Quite sad nobody really feels like wanting to do any effort for something that still is a hard trophy I have no idea anymore how many people asked me 'hey if a glitched murphy 500m comes up let me know'
  13. I also was lucky years ago when i started trophy hunting (after 3 years of not gaming entirely) that i had no trophies being unobtainable I had some 20ish games where i earned just a handful of trophies (some even with only 1) but played game per game to achieve 100% on all of them, took me close to 2 years really But that payoff to see 100% completion, was nice Nowadays i mostly just play 1 game at a time (or 1 per console), so i usually end up between 97-100% Im very strict about the games i play though, only those that i can 100% & that i will enjoy (but since i tend to stay away from older games i havent really found a game being impossible to 100%) I just recently 100%ed FoB from scratch, so i wouldnt see why you cant?
  14. Well its not that its expensive I got it from a friend who'm i helped & just dont want to end up his money being lost because i wanted a different name
  15. @sunashigure1 yeah kinda did 2 shots just to be sure although i got kind of a 'damn what did i do' moment right after I didnt do 2h in one end though, more or less did 20 mins here, 20 there, after like 5 deaths in a row on the 1st guy u kinda get bored rather quickly