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  1. Well... On the other hand, its a daily challenge, so the 'very hard' sections start at 1400m (instead of 900m on a 'extreme') If you used Rayman I will as well, besides if there's 2 alphas 'at the start' this could prove some good practice πŸ˜‰
  2. Controls are pretty hard, at least at the start of the game, but u can get used to it, the horse was the worst but once u realize how it works, instead of camera or ur character, u actually 'move' as the horse meaning if you turn 'left' u actually have the horse moving left instead of 'left' of ur screen (if horse is looking to the right it will turn upwards on your screen, not turn 180 degrees as that is left on ur screen) so that needs a bit of adjustment to learn Otherwise this was a great game to play visually & the 'lore' (cant really say story... Its very mystical storywise) Hope this helps on your choice πŸ˜‰
  3. @Miku-30-10-98 there you go πŸ˜‰, actually u tried a tad too hard & with stopping at my score equally u'd given both of us a diamond cup Nonetheless i was way too lazy to play it againπŸ˜… so i just left the glory for you to grab that cup & effectively the trophy 😁
  4. The ps3 activity is way less than ps4 is Still, its pretty doable As for numbers, dailies & weeklies do fairly good, extremes are way tougher though, especially if its a not-so-ordinary (pit lums, murfy lums) challenge As for 'distance' (as far as you can) you need some good skills in it to get diamond cups (& like... Every challenge again) as for cheaters, only 'pit distance' can be cheated on, & gosh they still love it πŸ˜… nonetheless if any distances happen on weeklies it gets fairly doable with 'minor effort' (read as: you know what u do, takes up 5 or 10 minutes for a run) I think some 20ish diamond cups can go on these, maybe even in weekends on dailies On the other hand, the more 'fun' ones (tower, pit & land speed, dojo's) get quite alot of crowd still, yeah, pro's still snag them diamonds but even an occasionally new one can grasp some up, and if coop (with 2 controllers & an additional player) can happen then coop is the way to diamond If I had a say in it, i'd recommend to start it, as the game gets older it gets longer & harder due to the players quitting whilst more pro's still stick to it, servers wont shut down afaik (except pc, but thats another story) they even re-upped them during a 3-day 'shutdown' where nobody on any consoles could play As for comparison, ps3 is harder than ps4 (most popular of all) but still way, way, WAY easier than the vita (least popular of all) All the other consoles (xbox 1, switch, xbox360, wiiu) are somewhat tugged in between Hope this helps a bit on ur choice, idk exactly the ps3 player count anymore though since i havent really played it anymore myself this year (controller broke, too lazy to use ps4 controller)
  5. Games being 'multiplatform' have shared trophy lists, Volume is one of those (if you look at the trophy list, u see ps4 & vita, meaning they're shared) U cant use a ds4 on the vita, the closest you can get to that is by remote-play & connect ur ds4 as 2nd player, but essentially ur only using ur vita as ps4 screen then
  6. @jjemmb i did it with breaking his wrist, it could be faster without breaking it though, still, took me awfully much time to do it, took me long to notice how to take advantage of his shaking rhythm (like, 3 stabs on head, go to shoulder, so he shakes his body instead of his head) There's also some 'tricks' for other colossi like Phalanx (13th) where u could leave his vulnerable spots after 2,5 stabs so he doesnt throw u off, he can actually be killed in a single 'run' onto him if done correctly
  7. @Alex_R-13 nope, only 'basic' stuff To give an idea how I did it, it took me about 5 hours for the 3rd colossus alone, then another 5 hours for all the 15 others, thats why I would recommend to not skip the 3rd one if its too hard, because that one definitely will make or break your platinum
  8. In TA it doesnt matter what 'items you have' because you start out with ONLY your basic gear & health/stamina as you would encounter them for the first time (so no swords/spears/cloaks & all that you get as items in the pools) If you want to do it 'legit' then start on Hard, as soon as you have done Gaius (3rd) the rest is absolutely a cakewalk compared to it If you want to do it with the 'glitch' then read the post above
  9. This 'glitcher' is actually fairly known, these ones do happen at all the ps consoles I worked around it by swiping that platform right before it, up again, at the moment ur character landed on it, this gets it to jump higher (& over the enemy) To be honest, Murfy lums challenges might look predetermined because of the cpu doing the biggest part, nonetheless its very technical with alot of different tweaks which can result in big changes sometimes
  10. I dont get crashes or anything & play on a regular ps4 I do get some lag sometimes when checking Evermore, probably due to it getting bigger & all (im at 80 mill influence) but otherwise it plays pretty fine
  11. @Maayz17 Yes, sort of If you hit 'continue' u end up just the same as 'ng+', u keep ur upgrades, but ur TA scores are reset Therefore I didnt have the Queens sword since I didnt beat the 16th on HTA
  12. I usually just say i play on playstation Then, once people add me as friend, they go like 'wow bro u got 100% of ur trophies on all your games' then ofcourse i go deeper & say im a trophyhunter Otherwise, thats basically all i tell about it
  13. @Arcesius well, both 2048 & HD are hard games, they're just hard in a different way I found HD Zico way hard, but that probably is because I did that one first, and that 'first experience' would indeed make it feel harder
  14. Omega Collection is (imo) way easier than HD & 2048, especially if you've played them before AI really got sick easy on Omega if you compare it to HD, 2048 plays the same as the vita version, but it feels easier since u have a 'real' controller instead of the unhandy vita, 2048 Zico can be a tad harder than the vita one, but still way easier than the HD one For the 2048 (zone) events, u just need to pick the proper ship for them, if u fail with one, try another For the A+ (i dont remember if there's a trophy tied to it) use AG Sys racer, makes it wicked easy, whilst with any other ship u'll have a very hard time
  15. So, i've encountered something rather problematic during my hard playthrough (which is ng+) First of all, until 5 minutes ago, I did not know u could actually start the TA even if the statues aren't destroyed (I figured I would have needed to beat them before I could TA them, yeah, blame is on me for not trying) So, what I did was basically playing my playthrough, and after killing a colossus, I'd immediately do the TA right after, since I found that the easiest way, so I played like that until the 15th colossus, TA 15th, kill 16th, finish the game & hit 'continue' figuring I'd get back at the shrine & TA the 16th & get the Queen Sword That... Didn't work, as soon as I was back at the shrine, I still kept all my rewards, but all the statues were back up, basically 'continue' means 'start anew', all my TA times were reset back to 0 Now, I do not know if I'd unlock the sword if I would beat the 16th, but I figure I wouldnt since all my other scores were reset Therefore I can only say: DONT FINISH THE GAME BEFORE TA'ING ALL OF THEM I was lucky myself, managed to retrieve my previous 'automatic savefile' with 14 defeated, 14 TA, so all I have to do is the last 2, thanks ps+ πŸ˜…