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  1. @Arkiokin i was primarely talking about the pc servers being down, and that they didnt get it fixed even with all the rest being down & getting fixed Also, if i recall correctly i think they didn't really announce a shutdown, but rather a 'management of it will stop, therefore if something happens it wont get fixed' but that was already months after the pc servers were down So: pc servers go down > months of nothing > warning that pc servers can go down Which actually must've been the other way around 😅 And about 'distances', i can understand that adrenaline rush coming on when u get to the point that it gets harder, i felt the same when i started to reach the wallglitch in land, and when i started to surpass it, boy that felt impressive Though I dont do this all the time, i sometimes just have a period that i feel like going high again, but most of the time i'm pretty ok with whatever score i do
  2. Well, thats Vraduggons WR on dojo, he did 184k once on ps3 if i recall right, must've been excruciating to do that 🤣 @Chaos_Bladez i hope the tips & videos give you a bit of courage to tackle this, in the end it feels pretty awesome to earn a trophy for something so unbelievably hard Don't hesitate if you have questions, we're always up to help out! Also, they didn't 'announce' the PC server shutdown, they actually were down way before they announced it in October last year, in that same month -a couple of weeks later- everything else also was down for a handful of days, they're turned everything back on, except pc, then couple of months later on they announced that the pc servers are down indefinitely, so pc didn't really have a warning since they weren't up for months already And in a weekly it doesn't really matter that much if Arkiokin 'gone crazy because someone overdid our score' since weeklies usually get 2 diamonds, so with a 'shared score' as 2nd, you'd also all get diamond (nonetheless last week only had 201 players, so the possibility of the next one not making 200 is highly possible,... It all depends on when it happens though, vacation periods usually get more players than 'during the year', but during the year this game really is dying at a very fast rate, last year dailies got 2 diamonds, weeklies even 5 sometimes, in 2018 we even had a weekly with 8 diamonds)
  3. I believe this would end up being an impossible chore to do as you'd have to reset your vita & memory card anytime u switch accounts, even in a weekly i think the crowd that would join up of they notice shutdown, + a real possibility for 'champion' by doing it this way, would overrun you extremely fast 2, or maybe 5, would be barely doable, but messing up just once... Would be excruciating for yourself as you'd have to do everything again I hear ya, I honestly always had a good vibe about trophy hunters, Im a trophy hunter, I think i reflected 'my ideas of a trophy hunter' too much on others, and it really was a letdown (im not here to brag that im a 'good' trophy hunter, but im always up to help out even to the point that it doesnt benefit myself) Its weird to see people just see pointing their finger blindly However, the people that are supportive and dont hold a grudge, are people that stick in your mind far easier than a grumpy a'hole (i could say 3 names of nice & cool people right now, but i cant even remember any dude insulting me) so it does pay off to be honest A fully explained video, would still be way too hard to understand, it could even backfire as you'd rewatch countless times, whilst trying it yourself u'd probably learn it with your intuition faster And dojo distance really is hard to learn, i know it sounds weird to say it 'is your best bet' for a diamond cup, but it just is, in my opinion Towers on the other hand would be a bit easier to learn but I had the most trouble there, it took me a serious amount of learning to get decent at it, however I also noticed over time that some people just somehow 'do it' without knowing much skills of the game, and if we can 'set' diamond scores there (which we also... Try) it could honestly be a quickie to earn (if u are such guy) Vraduggon... 184809 in dojo, that explains enough 🤣
  4. @Chaos_Bladez A video like Arkiokin posted is a good idea on how your route should be on the rooms, but by now u have probably realized whilst doing the exact same, u die regardless Thats because u dont know what he watches out for, for that you would need a video that pinpoints what he's focusing on, not just the 'jump left, hover, jump right' but instead more of a 'he jumps left now because this fireball is in his way, hovers there because that fireball later on will catch up to him when he jumps right', and for a video like that, would be quite a chore For most rooms just knowing the route is more than enough, but there's some 4 or 5 that really take a while to learn just because of that 'focus' As for swords rooms (dunno which one is the one u died in, but i have some assumptions) its actually only the tip of the sword that kills you, the back doesnt, so if you're 'behind/over the tip' you can actually just surpass it by sort of 'going through the handle' Now, the swords room i suppose you died at are: -Very hard 12 (blue background, 1 small pillar in the middle you start on) where u jump left (lum 1), fall back to middle (lum 2), hover right (lum 3), continue by falling but keep going right, even after you grabbed 3 you can still hover a bit to make sure the tip doesnt get to you so you go 'around' the sword coming from the bottom right, whilst u fall u grab lum 4, hover to the upper-left for lum 5 but watch out for the sword coming towards you from the left, ideally you could just go on & grab 5 & 6 without worrying BUT what I like to do is to hover a bit to the right & make the sword 'follow' me before i go left again, i end up losing a lum there but i honestly dont care (besides, it makes it easier later on), u grab 5 & 6 (the 2 right next to eachother) & go right again but quite low on the screen towards the pillar for lum 7 If you do like i did between 4 & 5 u will notice the sword 'coming' to you leaves a wide gap open between the sword & pillar, if you didnt do like i did then that gap is way smaller & u feel like having to 'squeeze' inbetween instead Then continue right for lum 8, hover left for 9, groundpound for 10 -Very hard 16 (blue background, u start on a pole in the middle, with 2 'pong-like' poles on the sides) WAIT, no seriously, wait to jump left until the sword on the bottom left 'is undoubtedly going to stick into the pole' and only jump then (but before it touches it), then fall so you grab lum 1, keep falling until you are under-ish lum 2 before hovering back up because you'll notice the sword from the upside is coming to you, grab lum 2 & go as close to your starting pole (the sword wont be able to turn anymore), hover over to your right for lum 3, go back left but keep on the same-ish height just above the starting pole when u go for lum 4, doing this will make the sword from up + right stick into the pole as u grab lum 4, then go to lum 5 in the bottom right (the upper sword from lum 4 wont be stuck however, don't panic, just fly over it & it'll stick anyway), hover over the right pole for lum 6, fall to the starting pole for lum 7 (the upper sword's back will be in your way, just go on, no need to panic), hover to lum 8, fall to lum 9, hover to lum 10 (yup, towards that sword coming to ya, just go under it a little, dont panic) As you can see, giving tips like this is quite a handful, even in a video it would be extremely confusing as to pause every second just to explain what happens & what to do, this text might look daunting at first, but once u'll start noticing what kills u u'll be able to see what i do to get over it, and it'll all make sense The luck you have on dojo distance is that once u succeed in rooms like this you'll automatically raise your chances significantly the next time it shows up, so it does pay off pretty good, especially if we can keep help out by staying low (yeah, didnt work this time, actually i had a fair laugh when noticing Arkiokin dealt with it by only going 20x as high 🤣) The servers going down is actually a real possible thing to happen, the creator of the rayman franchise has left Ubisoft, and with a game being 7+ years old now the future looks pretty bitter, however during the time the pc servers went off, all the other platforms were down as well for a couple of days, though they could fix it, PC went down indefinitely
  5. Yet they'll include trophy icons that match your level, so you can be 'bronze' for 300 levels, which sounds more demotivating than the old system Thats how I actually start seeing, instead of 100 or 1000 levels, im already starting to think 'Silver 1 86%' being level 386, so i dont really think in levels, but in the 'ranks' instead Which, to me, is stupid as well, why would you include such icons that 'show progress' in a ranking that also 'shows progress' 🤔 Feels like car companies could do the same, selling cars with different logo-colors just to show in what range of $$ the car did cost, you could be driving an expensive car brand but with a bronze logo it would look cheap as garbage 🤣
  6. Well, to be honest, the glass is half full I've learned these challenges with just small improvements everytime, some took me days, other took me months, but the main tip i can give is to just play as you want, dont look at the other people's sick scores, just compete with yourself Once you do that, u'll realize its actually fairly doable, and way more relaxed 😉 I've been thinking about a thing like 'scrub Sundays' but i think it wouldn't do much good, most pro's only play their preferred challenges anyway (yeah not me as i play them all 😅) but even without that it'd be hard to get a real shot at a diamond cup, first of all you'd need to look at everyone & decide if he's a pro or not, + you'd need their cooperation (and honestly, most of the 'always top 10 but never 1st' guys wouldnt & would see it as a lucky shot for diamonds for themselves) so it would be equally frustrating, even worse probably because now we would just 'punch em right in the gut' by going ridiculously high if they tend to overdo our shared scores, but if we see a 'new' player going over us, we'll gladly back off (happened something like a month or 2 ago) Maybe i should make some sort of a dojo distance tutorial so you could see what to look out for, nonetheless nobody really has cared enough to learn it regardless & most just want to leave it until a glitched murfy shows up which makes me feel a bit bitter about it, a lot has changed about my perception on trophy hunters, most of them want to put in the minimum of time & experience instead of learning & enjoyment, heck some even would plainly out scold me for 'again' stealing their diamond cup, but somehow forget if they end up 6th there are also other people ahead of them, they just look at #1 & go guns blazing However, its also possible that I get in a bit too negative environment, maybe potential players just dont dare to put in effort because there is no legit video about learning a challenge like the dojo distance 🧐
  7. Ur referring to 'changes will apply late night US / tomorrow EU'? Because to me that would just mean it happens at the exact same time, but different timezones would indeed mean the US 'gets them earlier' US just 'lives in the past' for us EU 🤣
  8. Dammit, wish I had the ability to play games as my job 🤣 Its indeed annoying that it takes up so much time just to get there, but on the other hand if there is a Dojo 60s (where u have 60 seconds to collect as much as you can) 'extreme' challenge these same rooms also show up around 300-400, u could get a bit practice on them there as well (1 or 2 rooms) but in those it depends on how fast you get there because your timer could run out before it, nonetheless i see most people on the top 10 of those being mostly well into the very hard rooms, so 1 or 2 are doable (it really depends on which, some rooms take 1 or 2 seconds, whilst others easily surpass 10) About the room u died at (very hard 10) i found it the easiest to dash to the wall & wait until the fireball before the chain, surpasses the chain & then jump to the wall, to the chain, because if you do it earlier that fireball will kill u, if you do it later u'll get overrun by the amount of fireballs basically everywhere, by doing this u'll probably lose 5 out of the 30 lums after the chain... But dont see it as 'losing 5', see it as 'gaining 25 without dying' 😉 It mostly is just trial & error on difficult rooms like this, if u still die by that fireball you're too early, if you die by the next one of that line you're too late, then its just about fine-tuning that 'moment', same applies for a handful of others of such rooms (very hard 4, 9, 10, 11 & 16, if you want to know which is which then i suppose you could search something like 'Rayman Dojo very hard ... WR' to find them, yet these are 'world records' and are not the strategies you should use in dojo distance, just to show what room it is)
  9. @Chaos_Bladez once u get used to the rooms starting at 800ish, they are always the same, just in a different order, so once u can do them, u theoretically can do 1000, 10000, 50000,... The only thing is perseverance & dont make errors Though vita has some rooms that are troublesome, where u have to react extremely quickly (especially 'very hard 7') If ur US, then it indeed can be annoying that u set a score before most people, though we frequently go significantly showable scores to show we want to share it (1111, 1234, 2222) Ofcourse its better to not go too high, as some rooms are hard to 'leave' lums without dying, and because i have a different strategy than Arkiokin for example, i could end up with a difference of 'an entire room' in lums which can make it hard to get equal scores, so the earlier we stop the lesser the difference is, though its annoying other guys then overdo us 😩 If u did 850, i assume u died in the room with the yellow lums, fireballs, chain on a red background (very hard 10) which is one of the harder rooms to learn (too fast = dead, too slow = dead as well)
  10. @Chaos_Bladez nah we dont communicate about it really, we mostly just stop at the same point as the other does (mostly thats my score because i play the earliest) Actually today there is a dojo distance, so you could go on practicing it, I wouldn't worry about diamond just yet, but getting familiar with it first 😉
  11. @thefourfoldroot yeah, ps4 is way easier, besides ps4 doesn't have a trophy tied to being on the top 1% for an online challenge, vita does Also, vita, 7yo game... Thats a dead game on a dead console, add 'online', and u got a perfect mix for horror Just to give an idea, the worst sort of ps4 'daily extreme challenge', gets more players than all the vita challenges of a week counted together @Chaos_Bladez about 'skills', I have a fair amount of knowledge of the game to know what #1 does, not saying I can do it, but I have at least enough knowledge to help out people in some particular challenges, especially dojos, because u might have noticed most of the time we end up with 3 people having the same score (we just stop, we're glad sharing diamond cups with less effort than all trying for hours) And about courage, don't give up, it might look pretty dark with only 1 diamond per challenge, but compared to years ago we now have gotten to a point where us, skilled players, are able to 'set' diamond scores to our liking, and all i can say is 'hey, if you want it, learn this type & u'll eventually get it of u practice' or, try to let everyone know if a glitched murfy pops up (honestly, its been a while now, hopefully one shows up soon) So, you have 2 options: -Learn a challenge & with enough practice be absolutely 100% sure u'll get it (faster, more time-consuming in a shorter time) -Keep up to date for a murfy distance glitch (slower, more time-consuming in a longer time + it'll take up a minute every day just to look up if its happening or not) The biggest change with before 2019, is that people still went hardcore on the challenges, therefore there was no option than to 'get extremely good' or 'wait for murfy glitch', at least now we can have a handful of challenges which we can pinpoint to learn 'if anyone is up for it' Honestly, we've tried to lower the bar, countless times, yet with lowering down that bar, much more people see potential in claiming it for themselves & it becomes a moshpit again, but between lesser skilled players See it as racing parcours, if ur by foot u cant beat anyone in a car, but if the car racers drive slow enough so that runners by foot can keep up, then anyone with a bike would win even if some have a car, therefore car drivers would have to still drive a little faster than bikes to win, but instead of racing we all wait for eachother at the finish to the point that a bike racer would need to go full speed to narrowly keep up Still, runners will still need to learn to drive a bike, and learn to drive it fast enough If that makes any sense (sorry, i have a weird habit for comparing with cars, but i hope you get the idea)😅
  12. @Chaos_Bladez don't worry about the high end tricks, if you want to know a decent set u can ask me 😉 But for dojo distance u dont need that much tricks, what most people tend to do wrong is to 'go fast because i need as much lums as i can so i can score high enough' but in dojo distance thats hardly the way to do it Yes, some rooms need you to think or act fast, but by no means 'all of them', in fact in about 70% of the 'very hard' rooms (which come up after 700-800 lums) its wiser to take it slow, in distances its 'dying' that ends you, not speed, better 1 assured slow lum, than risking to die for getting 6 Nonetheless you'll need to learn on how to do these rooms, some of it are easy, but some can take a while until you figure out what the best strategy is, you can do this by searching on youtube (if you search 'dojo distance' u'll find some easily) & try to focus on how, when & why people do what they do, if you need help with seeing that > dont be afraid to ask & Dont lose your courage, you are because u (probably) just dont have enough knowledge in the game yet, but once you start to get better, it gets more fun, and with more fun, u'll play more, if you play more, u'll get better,... And thats how it circles around constantly, until you reach a level of which u think 'wow, that was badass' Also, don't look at the top too much, some people are really pro, in first instance try to target a score, once u get that, try just to beat yourself, and if you're having fun doing that thats already a win, and if you dont? Stop. Just that, stop playing it, dont make it a chore Instead, if you're more curious on 'how the heck did he do that' then your curiosity will make your game fun again, but overall dont think 'pff i played an hour whilst this guy did a far better score in 5 mins', just be glad you did your score Like i said, if you're curious on how some people play these challenges, dont be afraid to ask, you dont even have to ask me if you feel someone else might know better, most of the pro's will gladly help out, if really necessary though i can even pop up a video with how i deal with a particular challenge 😉
  13. How do I know by looking if it is a glitched Murfy challenge? If the top has all the exact same score How often do they cycle through? There's no way to know for sure, glitched 4095s appear more often, the 'easy' ones usually take up to a bit less than a year (however we've also had 2 in 3 months, but if i remember correctly there wasn't even a single one in 2016 but @Arkiokin knows more about that) Are they extreme, regular, or both types of challenges? They can be any, however if for example weekly is a murfy distance (not glitched) there can't be another murfy distance in any dailies as long as the weekly is up And are there any tips that you recommend? Stay updated, learn to know other people that also look out for it, that way u raise your chances, I try to be as fast as possible to let anyone know, but u can get the idea that i forget people if it takes up months or years, so keep an eye out here, with other people,... Because I know it'll easily get out of your mind once u've done awesomeness 11 & u stop Or... Learn dojo distance, we frequently do the same as what happens with murfy glitches (stop at a score so everyone with that score gets a diamond), u can get it way faster than waiting out a potential glitched murfy, downside is that you'd have to actively search & learn strategies to get there I hope this answers your questions 😉
  14. I had a pretty lucky run, mostly i'd end up with 23 seconds or something... Only twice i did under 21, and then suddenly 18.50 happened You really need to prepare to go as fast as you can, never hesitate
  15. Most of the time that happens to me as well Mainly on my previous platinum (uncharted 4) it would get extremely loud booting up & at the menu, a bit more silent during playing (but still loud enough, i dont like the tv being loud & i couldnt even hear any dialogue because my ps4 was actually louder still) On codmw2r its not that extremely loud anymore but still 'a tad more than it used to', nonetheless since i started the game i get weird problems with my ps4, alot of 'database is damaged' popups (honestly after it being in sleep mode it starts up with like... 20 of these popups, i dont even have time to shut it off) & irregular internet connection losses, accompanied with a extremely laggy menu, only workaround seems to be to shut it off entirely, restart it (immediately reconstructs database again) but after a while it comes back Idk if this is due to cod, but if i do anything else i never get those problems