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  1. @Chettlar Fiery eyes in this case, using a rayman i know u can have some 'luck' jumping later on the walls, making u land faster up on the floor before the 1st fire-eye Nonetheless a rayman doesnt get all the lums at the 'ring/pillar + double enemies section' all the time, but its possible (with again, luck) So it would be really hard to get both of these 'tricks' done together, just for a win of 0"1
  2. This is a rare case though U might think these Murfy lumses look 'preset' but in most cases there are alot of ways to improve your time with little 'out of the box thinking' methods (hindering, stopping, adding speed through swiping, character differences,...) but yesterdays one was kinda 'set' Dont get fooled though, there still was 1 section you could get yourself to be faster by ~0"08 or something, but i figured not telling that just for the sake of not having anybody wanting to know & doing that 'trick' so nobody would screw up πŸ˜‰ (especially since it was more about 'luck') Marcel knew though, guess he was fine sharing πŸ˜‰
  3. @Chettlardefinitely use a ds4, i did ps4 before ps3, and i can assure u the ds3 is way slower in button inputs (even bought a new ds3, still the same) Basically if i play RL ps3 i just plug in a cable & use it wired, because im too lazy to reconnect between Bluetooth all the time πŸ˜…
  4. Friend asked for a video, figured i'd share it here as well
  5. Yup, seems like 29"46 is pretty legit, did it on my 2nd attempt honestly Can even lose a lum during it & still end up 29"46 If anyone needs a video u just ask me πŸ˜‰
  6. For Murfy lums', the only way to know u go 'good' is having marcelchi's score He basically always ends up as 1st, also on this challenge u must kinda play it 'in one end' because once u leave the challenge u will (probably) lose ur ghost, and since this challenge mostly involves cpu play it can become hard/impossible to know if ur actually having a good or bad run
  7. Yeah multiplayer isn't that bad really, I basically feel like I suck at it yet I just cant get my clan to die Its actually quite fun, ofcourse the pro's are insanely good, but still, basically everyone starts 'at the same level' so its just about playstyle Besides it doesnt matter if you lose or suck big, since you always get at least some supplies, i found using the 'Crafter' perk very useful, gives you basically all you need just to get whatever amount of supplies u need without even needing to think about enemies, just craft & give gifts πŸ˜„ I do play most matches though, im in it to enjoy the game even if its considered 'a grind', i havent lost a single member except for the risk missions, i actually dont look at it except when a 100% risk mission comes up, then i just pick whatever looks easy to complete & do only the 1st tier, for the other missions i pick something i cant complete like 'kills with [weapon that needs to be bought]'
  8. @Drikko- honestly you didnt upset me, i have had people before that were much much much more demanding in the past, besides i dont mind to explain some stuff multiple times, with 'tutorials' as a backup i can easily explain what i do or what im talking about (besides, my phone is getting used to how i write it, so half of the time i can just put the same words after eachother 🀣) Its pretty cool to be able to help this way, i feel like contributing to people earning this trophy, and the many thanks i get, is a pretty good reward on its own πŸ˜‰ I have to thank Arkiokin for that, without him, i'd never figure out how these are played, i'd never be able to help people with it, so a BIG THANKS to @Arkiokinfrom me πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰
  9. @ChettlarI know u'll try checking daily, nonetheless it took close to 6 months between this one & the previous one (June 6) 6 months again before that (December 31), 3 months before that (September 16 2018), and then at least 6 months before that one (I started in march 2018) Next one could be practically tomorrow, or in a year, there's no saying, so checking daily for over 100 days in a row... Is pretty boring, i can imagine people forget about it Nonetheless, honestly 6 months actually isnt that much, according to @Arkiokin it happened alot less before thatπŸ€” All the easy glitched murphy distances i've seen (& recorded)
  10. @Chettlar Vita has different hours, since its a generation 'on its own' PS3 & PS4 changes dailies at/after 8am gmt, weeklies at mondays Vita changes dailies at/after midnight gmt, weeklies at thursdays I assume this is because vita released on a thursday at midnight i guess (never checked, and to be honest, who cares) Im sorry I didn't point that out as soon as i noticed this challenge, i'm so used to having it this way i didnt think about it I'll keep a list for whenever a challenge like this happens again, just let me know if i can add you (or anyone else) so i can act immediately to the persons needing the trophy However i'll probably only try to get in touch trough psn, since i have had quite some troubles beforehand letting people know (discord, psn, youtube, pm here, heck some wanted me to send emails to them) so i hope u understand this would take me a ton of work I can imagine someone getting quite pissed off because I forgot to let them know though...
  11. @Chettlar uh ur too late, challenge ended 4h ago
  12. @Thropy_Croissant I can connect, can't see why you shouldnt Can you connect to ur profile on the vita itself? Ur not getting any other errors?
  13. @Varhur murphies are 'automatic', you control Murphy instead, technically you 'try to avoid the cpu from dying' But in this case there's no way around to not die, since the cpu defeats the enemy & in the section after its programmed to jump on the little part of land, but since it gains speed from the kill > it jumps faster (dashjump) > it has too much speed & heigth > falls in the pit For most parts there's some little tweaky workaround to hinder/block/stop/lose speed by using murphy but in this case anything you do wont stop ur character (laugh by my pronounciation) from falling
  14. @SeedersPhD normally 196,00m should get you a diamond as well, though if the popup shows up tomorrow it wont show you earned a diamond cup, in fact nobody except the person tomorrow as '1st' will see a diamond cup earned, but its not the popup/leaderboard chart that matters, the thing that makes the trophy unlock is having a diamond added at your own 'statistics' Around 13h left until the challenge ends Also, make sure if you connect tomorrow you do not: - go into any online challenge, just wait out for the popup to show (but do connect online by pressing 'start' & 'leaderboards', then press 'back' twice) - Delete your savefile - Sync trophies inbetween connecting-popup - Use another Vita than the one you're playing Rayman Legends with I'm saying this because I know 1 person didn't get the trophy the last time despite having the same score, I don't know what he exactly did, but there were a couple of months inbetween the challenge & him asking me what had happened, so its possible he did something in that time that would void him the trophy
  15. Anyway i recorded a run because it was really short