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  1. Me too! I got this strange feeling playing during morning hours makes me wake up quite fast, quite productive Mostly i got 40 minutes of gaming time before i go to work, but im probably the most alive person when i arrive at work
  2. Doesnt only the final hit have to be without firearms? I did it using sleeping gas, cqc, cqc... The time before that i didnt get it cause i i used the sleeping gas to finish, which somehow is a firearm?
  3. Yeah on ps3 if you got ahead of someone it felt like they were angry and would do anything to get you back behind Also getting hit when you were 2nd or so, and just before the finish line you could be last again, or 6th or something if one hit ur back
  4. They probably made it easier cause i felt it was easier too, and much others say the same thing, so i assume its easier Ps3 was hard
  5. I did, using my vita as p1, and my controller as p2 'played' with the controller so i could get the trophies with my vita
  6. I can answer question 4: Kellogg's 'cornelius' (the rooster), actually the traditional cornflakes
  7. Same over here, i rather have 1 plat that i can totally remember having fun going for, than getting 'a plat a day' so to speak As far as completion goes, i always go for the 100%, i had a 'lot' of games in my backlog that i all 100%-ed a year or 2 ago, it took me allmost 1.5 years to get that 100% on those 6 or 8 games or whatever, and i'm not screwing it up, i even look up what franchises i would go for, just to get an idea if im actually gonna like the game, if i think i wont i just dont give it a try
  8. I've had such a gameboy too! A translucent gameboy 'pocket' i guess it was (before the gameboy color was released). It was my first experience with gaming. Makes me remember the old days when everything used batteries I might get such translucent one, the perfect example of 'my life as a gamer'
  9. I got the beta, It's ok I guess, doesn't change that much for me cause I'm the single gamer here and don't have any kids I'm glad to be able to put friends in specific groups, and to turn off notifications if im watching netflix or youtube
  10. Sign me up! I got all the plats, too bzd actually, in my time gaming I allways had that 'oh next im gonna plat a r&c' between all the rest of the games I played Now that I got em all really makes me miss the good humor & fun of the games
  11. I dont even bother about rarity, theres just way to much factors that influence the stat My rarest plat (wipeout hd) isnt rare at all, its just that the game was 1 of the free ones after sony went down, a lot of people got it, played it a bit, and forgot about it or didnt like it, meaning the trophies got rarer The ps4 version on the other hand isnt rare cause probably only the people who liked it, bought it, and platted it, meaning rarity goes down (or % goes up) Thats why its a stat that doesnt matter to me
  12. On ps3 that was an extremely hard one, but the fun I had! I also use walktroughs/trophy guides and why not? People write them to help other people, nothing wrong with that I guess
  13. Im working at my house atm, painting walls and such Next step is putting my furniture together i bought from ikea, I hope thats a pretty nice platinum if i finished
  14. I only play games that i like, it doesnt matter to me who says what, if other people start complaining i just wouldnt care less, its my trophy list. I actually dont know why people could get angry over just a bunch of trophies of other people