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  1. @PlatagonistI do ask a favor in return... Drink a beer when we meet up
  2. @Sergen Joust was actually part of the group quite from the beginning He helped me through the conqueror trophies somewhere and month anf a half ago, he looked like not trying anymore for VGC
  3. But 140 would earn VGC in a week
  4. VGC should have been daily Imagine everyone logging in just every day 20 vgc/day, would have been nice
  5. It isnt gonna drop, right now, groups are full till like 2 weeks or so before shutdown, and those last 2 weeks, everyone else wanting VGC will go for it
  6. @Platagonistbe careful with the syncing thing, my ps3 was set to 'not sync' & 'showing offline trophy set' but still it managed to upload my earned trophies online, like 2 days before i got VGC, and with an 100% profile, I really had that 'oh no this cant be happening' feeling
  7. I noticed rounds save per round... Not when you back out, i basically sometimes did 24 rounds in one end, noticing sometimes 10-22 save, it doesnt really matter if you bo or not, ur friends can see/look up what has saved even if ur still in the lobby itself Backing out & checking & logging off only takes away precious time u could be boosting (in my opinion anyway)
  8. Try to get an agreement u'll need a full week full of kz2, a week where u can try to get some days off of work...
  9. I hope 15k will be enough... But i think with 20k u got a better chance
  10. Yup, definitely true, a 5 min round takes about 7 minutes counting in loading screens and all, i basically went into the game, and stayed there until i had to leave, even when i took a break or whatever, be it playing 1 hour or 5, i stayed in Backing out & logging off & checking stats is actually all time lost, matches save per match, even if ur curious, just ask a friend if he can look up ur score
  11. Probably 3 Because in my own weekly it adds up from what i had last week Basically your own and the total weekly leaderboards have to run the same way i assume So i say 3
  12. Isnt this basically the same i was trying to suggest?
  13. Still, are you sure the people you helped in week 1, are still gonna be around if its your turn? I know i would help as much as i could, but that doesnt mean im up to play 10h/day for 11 weeks But if we're with like 30 peeps like right now, it should at least lessen the amount of people per week (if we do 3, thats basically 27 spots that wouldnt try, therefore the chance of success could get higher) also the pressure will be lower (higher rate of xp/hour, lesser hours), and if you go for that '20k' cause ur not sure, there'll be this 5 or 6 guys with 20k+, whilst others in the same top 1%, will still only be able to get half of that due to not having enough time, so why would you need 20k then? Besides, if everyone puts in their timezone on the doc, u'd get enough people u know u could work with, if u in your week could get 4 or 5 people a day that help 100% of ur boosting time, ur theoretically gaining 5x ur xp u should have gotten for that day
  14. Still, if we're with a big enough group, most people could earn it in their week, and if everyone does the account thingy, we raise our own chances for the people in their week, the amount of randoms will decrease compared to the amount of people who earned it
  15. Also, i'd rather spend 12 weeks logging in with 2 accounts per evening instead of taking a week off of work to game 24/7