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  1. Which team do you prefer? And why? I mostly like the Auricom, the fury ship just looks like a beast, and it just seems I get the best results with it. (And I like the way the airbrakes move) But for speed laps/time trial I sometimes use Icaras, its just so fast! And because these 2 teams aren't available from the start, I mostly found myself comfortable in Assegai. But Auricom definitely gets my preferation
  2. Im also thinking they easyed down, a+ was a cakewalk, on 2048 I remember I was having quite a hard time. I was like worried for the detonator events, couldnt even get normal difficulty on ps3, and now i got double the points for elite while not even finishing?
  3. I didnt change anything, but its definitely because of starting the game using remote play, never had the problem anymore when i started it using my controller
  4. Detonator is probably the hardest of the entire game, those scores for elite just seem impossible
  5. Everytime when i start the game up, my airbrake buttons change (r2 becomes r1 and l2 becomes l1) It seems the game itself registers my button input wrong (changing skin when choosing a ship should be r1, but i have to press r2 for that) Anyone else experiencing this? I do have to mention i possibly started the game via remote play (on vita, only to start it up, never actually played a race on vita) but other than that it seems to come and go randomly
  6. Yup, I did them all solo, even the cheapskate and 'steal 10 kills' trophies (using my vita) I didnt even have ps+ at the time, but I would suggest trying the last 2 zombie easter eggs with more people, cause I actually just got lucky earning those 2 solo (on ps4, on ps3 it took me ages with 2/3 players)
  7. I've had this a couple of times too, but that was because when i played on the vita i didnt sync my trophies that often, so when i got trophies from the ps3 later that day (which sync automatically), those trophies were counted 'earlier' than when i actually got them (I mean like, if i earned 3 vita trophies that didnt sync, my trophies that were earned on the ps3 would be put 3 places later when i did sync my vita trophies) Maybe something similar happened to you?
  8. I got mine when playing metal gear solid 3 online back in the day, I used the name 'Murda' back then, and then a friend asked me join his clan, but i didnt really know what username i was gonna use for it, he got the brilliant idea of spelling my name backwards, but he probably missed in writing as he said 'why dont you call yourself adrua' (instead of 'adrum') dunno but i kinda liked the sound of it, so thats kind of why i kept it
  9. I actually earned all trophies solo (on ps4), didnt even have ps+ at the time, but for the easter eggs i should say you really must try going for it with at least 3 players (for the last 2 ee), on ps3 i had a lot more trouble with it, guess i just was lucky on ps4 (cause luck is probably the most-needed thing in this), but if u need a hand, maybe i can help