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  1. @aniamalina yeah i noticed u were in top 5 of weekly extreme, even think u were 2nd Glad you got it! 😀
  2. @dmland12 without challenges, u got 11 diamonds (550) 224 gold (2240) 224 silver (1120) and 224 bronze (224) Which means 4134 points, needing 1866 points through challenges Or... 2 weeks 3 days of all diamonds Or 11 weeks 6 days of all golds
  3. Just learn the behavior of the other people playing There is some kind of a 'mindset' for each challenge which gets you gold easily (at least when u got used to the game after a while) Diamonds these days are quite doable, as im practically done i helped some people new to the game to diamonds, at this time the amount of players outrun the amount of professionals or skilled people, so now is the time to get diamonds Once the amount drops, settling for golds will still be doable enough
  4. Vita version these days average around Weekly: 500 to 600 players (5-6 diamonds) Weekly extreme: 200 to 300 players Daily: 200, ~300 on fridays & sundays (close to... Sometimes 295, sometimes 305) Daily extreme: ~170 i think Also for some particular challenges there always is someone just... Alot better than anyone else, with scores unbeatable I got my diamond last week in weekly (2/620, land of the livid dead lums, typically 'hfjlww' was first, as always in a land of the livid concerning speed, sometimes on dojos too)
  5. Not doable solo... Commando mode really is tough like crazy A very good arcade game, pretty hard, but thats the reason it deserves quite some respect imo
  6. @aniamalina if i started the game 3 days earlier i would have been that 500th player... 😥
  7. For that distance challenge... Its possible On ps4 i've seen some going 30-40km Up to 493km if i recall right Im trying this diamond trophy too way harder than on ps4...
  8. @SeaDragon777 capturing cats & dogs give your settlement happiness a boost (i think 2/animal but im not sure) So just get a settlement with 1 human, the usual stuff (bed, food,...) + give him/her a bunch of cats by capturing them
  9. Well, dlc can help in the settlement happiness trophy... That dlc that involves 'capturing animals' But yeah those big dlc's (far harbor & nuka world) are best done after main story
  10. @PlatagonistI do ask a favor in return... Drink a beer when we meet up
  11. @Sergen Joust was actually part of the group quite from the beginning He helped me through the conqueror trophies somewhere and month anf a half ago, he looked like not trying anymore for VGC
  12. But 140 would earn VGC in a week
  13. VGC should have been daily Imagine everyone logging in just every day 20 vgc/day, would have been nice
  14. It isnt gonna drop, right now, groups are full till like 2 weeks or so before shutdown, and those last 2 weeks, everyone else wanting VGC will go for it
  15. @Platagonistbe careful with the syncing thing, my ps3 was set to 'not sync' & 'showing offline trophy set' but still it managed to upload my earned trophies online, like 2 days before i got VGC, and with an 100% profile, I really had that 'oh no this cant be happening' feeling