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  1. Thank u for visiting my profile, Sir.. take care and Happy Holidays to u and ur family friends.. ^_^/

  2. servers for ufc 2009 are still up its possible to earn all online trophies just need a boosting partner, all my trophies I earn are legit don't believe in hacking,
  3. plat#8 wipeout hd.
  4. plat #7 ufc2009
  5. plat #6 gta 4
  6. plat 5-soul calibur 5
  7. plat #4 wwe 2k16
  8. cork I would love to have that marvel vs capcom plat >: ).
  9. alien breed 1-3 borderlands 1-2 borderlands pre sequel burnout paradise cod classic cod black ops cod mw2 cod mw3 dead nation dead rising 2 off the record ff x ff x-2 ff 13 ff 13-2 ff 14 ff 13 lightning returns gta 5 injustice la noire mirror's edge ninja gaiden sigma 2 payday the heist prototype rainbow moon ratchet and clank 1-3 ratchet and clank full frontal assault ratchet deadlock soul calibur 5 star ocean the last hope tales of xillia the last of us the walking dead the wolf among us trine vanquish wipeout hd ni no kuni: wrath of the white witch sly cooper1-3 prince of persia the two thrones playstation all-stars battle royale crysis moh warfighter. dead space 1-3 eat lead gow 1-3 heavy rain infamous just cause 2 mafia 2 max payne 3 mass effect 2 red faction armageddon saints row 3 wheelman uncharted 1-3 the godfather 2 that's it for my backlog
  10. I'm going for nhl 13 plat.
  11. on my other account I had to complete ninja gaiden sigma 2 7 times. I cant wait to play that game again on this account .
  12. I don't hide mine no point really.
  13. Mortal kombat plat: plat difficulty 7/10 enjoyment 6/10 I really enjoyed this game story mode was great overall this game is good but as for trophies it is really tedious mostly due to my kung fu is stronger trophy. The online trophies weren't that hard even the 10 ranked wins in row you just need to back up save after every win . This is plat #3 for me.
  14. working on gta 4 wanted trophy on 1 ps3 and working on mortal kombat on other ps3
  15. feel free to add me psn BeardedWafflesss, only have ps3.