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  1. In the OP the link that was posted was closed by a mod because it wasnt updated here is an updated version as you can see ufc 2009 isn't on the list
  2. If not I'm sure I can find more threads on the matter
  3. another thread I found another thread another thread from this site
  4. people still looking for boosting partners after I got plat Thanks sorry was just looking at the rules in dispute forum before I posted wanted to make sure I set it up right
  5. here is another thread look at the recent posts from 2016
  6. Here is a thread on this site about it another topic on it I'll look around for more threads about it to prove it
  7. First of all sorry if I did this wrong. flagged game ufc 2009 Reason for flag: The serves for the game have been offline since 2014 Why flag should be lifted: The online servers aren't shut down for this game anyone can get the trophies for it I was wrongly flagged. I did however cheat on this game tho so I apologize for that I never would have boosted it if its consider cheating sorry.
  8. Thank u for visiting my profile, Sir.. take care and Happy Holidays to u and ur family friends.. ^_^/

  9. servers for ufc 2009 are still up its possible to earn all online trophies just need a boosting partner, all my trophies I earn are legit don't believe in hacking,
  10. plat#8 wipeout hd.
  11. plat #7 ufc2009
  12. plat #6 gta 4
  13. plat 5-soul calibur 5
  14. plat #4 wwe 2k16
  15. cork I would love to have that marvel vs capcom plat >: ).