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  1. same thing with the countdown. half an hour left!!!!
  2. forgot how good this one is!
  3. This is a little off topic - I just didn't wanna start a new thread just for this. I just got the ps5 camera yesterday and started streaming on twitch. I am also a huge fan of the trophy videos on ps5. My question is: will streaming on twitch interrupt the trophy videos? I'll probably figure this out organically tonight when I start playing/streaming Maneater, as I'll probably pop a trophy or two pretty soon after starting that game, but I'm at work right now and just curious.
  4. I will definitely give this a shot to at least pop a few of them. Thanks!
  5. Yea i really wish they'd fix it cause I do enjoy the game
  6. I have 190,000 rep right now, and have not popped Carving a Path (10,000 rep) or Found your Flow (50,000 rep). I have landed a 720 double backflip like 5 times without popping the trophy. And I have absolutely collected enough items to get Get some Gear (unlock 10 items) but have not popped that either. I messaged Rage Squid on twitter and they said they were unaware of an issue. Which I find BS because there are people complaining about similar things on steam.
  7. I'm so bad at this game. haha Great game I just cannot get far in it. I'll revisit it once this new content comes out
  8. Any insight on how to get this? I've played through end of times solo and didn't get it. Maybe this has to be gotten through local multiplayer.
  9. I've been enjoying this one. It's pretty hard. Reminiscent of some old doom gameplay. You can grapple around the map to get out of trouble fast, and new weapons spawn the farther you get in the game. I'm thinking that getting to level 50 and above will be very hard because I've only gotten to level 15 or so but maybe ill start getting the hang of it.
  10. Definitely give it a go. Even if your living space is small, there's nothing quite like getting sucked into a vr game.
  11. I haven't read the thread so sorry if this has been answered. But can someone tell me if I should restart my game, please? I'm 35% through the game, I just beat the twin dragons, and now I'm kinda roaming around trying to figure out where to go next. I think I'm stuck so maybe I started it before the 1.02 patch and am missing something important. IDK or I just haven't figured out where to go/what to do next, but I think I'm stuck.
  12. I wasn't too crazy about it until I got to the last few hours of the game. It has a phenomenal final act.
  13. Yep! I meant to say collectibles, not secrets. Either way it should say skittles!
  14. Oooh, Gotcha. At the end of the level it says x/20 secrets. It would be helpful if it said x/20 skittles. Thanks!