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  1. Hi! I'm working towards the 70 services on Long Island rail road at the moment. And it says that there is total of 181 timetable. But I can only complete up to 67 and that's with the M3 dlc. So I can't get up to 70 services. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: Got help so it's solved
  2. Okay. So I just realized something that could have saved me around 5-10 hours on this game. The trophy where you need to complete all career challenges, I was under the impression that the stars in every race was the challenges. So I have tried my hardest to get them all (and its hard!..) and now I just saw that the challenges was normal races that you need to complete. Just a little goof on my part that I wanted to share. Like the game though
  3. I know the answer now. And it is yes.
  4. If you upgrade to the anniversary edition, will you get 60 fps on the ps4?
  5. The DLC was fun! Played it with my wife and children to. Great fun co-up like always
  6. I hope you find the time and willpower to finish it.
  7. It's both. I got it by sending troops to the academy. But a friend got it with luck from "buying" a solider with a troop card.
  8. Hello and welcome!
  9. The online party is dead. You should stick to golfing only with your friends
  10. Thank you for the reputation points for the post in Just Dance 2021!  Appreciate it!

    1. hockeyswe


      No problem! Dance on 🙏🏻

  11. I try to report them as well so we try to keep our community more "clean"
  12. I got TSW2 about one week ago, and it was my first step into the sim world. And after around 20h of playing the main game and only the American route I really feel that this game is a huge hit for me! Never expected that when I first got it. Any of you who play it here have any tips for me? I'm planning to try to platinum the game.
  13. Do you need the new (or old) playstation camera for this game?
  14. Thanks for telling us. Sad that they don't give this uppdate any trophies..