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  1. With the update 1.031, are new trophies planned?
  2. What's the dufference between Grass Cutter and Mutated Launs? Thanks
  3. Thank you so much, very kind
  4. Ciao, a courtesy, would you give me directions how to buy this DLC? I like it and I want to play it. Thank you
  5. How long do we have to beat the challenge mode game? I can't unlock the trophy edit: I understood the problem; the game does not select challenge mode despite pressing triangle and then start
  6. Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion. Using your method I unlocked the trophy after a few tries. I recommend everyone to all users in difficulty to use it. Until today I had tried everything. Thanks again
  7. No way. I will have made at least 20 attempts to get the white moon flower. How many attempts have you made? Thanks P.S.: I always get pink and peach moon flowers
  8. Excuse me, so when I get a chance to plant a full garden, if I don't get the white moon flower, I reload the save? Save of the game or save of the console? Many thanks again
  9. i planted peach / pink / peach / pink / peach peach / pink / peach / pink / peach peach / pink / peach / pink / peach but I didn't get the white moonflower as written in the powerpyx guide. I didn't use time manipulation. Did I do something wrong? Thanks
  10. Follow the pattern of Xylobe. I followed that and that's fine
  11. Ciao, i'll follow your job because wonderful. Thank a lot 😊 P.S.: but i buy Faith Sword because I forgot it in the first part 😱. I know where could buy It. Thanks
  12. Hi, some questions: 1-have you moved the 5 hardest weapons to upgrade down in your spreadsheet? 2-so of the 38 available weapons you can upgrade 33 at will? Thank you very much and congratulations for your work
  13. Blakk, I asked you that question because I didn't know there were any differences between ps4 4 ps5. In fact, playing on the ps5 I failed and I lost a lot of time as long as I played on the ps4. Thanks anyway, very kind