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  1. WRC 6: Come sbloccare ossessionato dal lavoro: completare 14 obiettivi durante la stessa stagione Grazie EDIT: I've unlocked it, completing all the goals of the WRC season
  2. Quink in my first run, I missed the trophy "Balance in all things Upgrade 5 Enhancements to Balanced"; I have upgraded at most 4 of the 10. Which 5 upgrades recommend to upgrade? Now I'm in the badlands on apocalyptic. Thanks EDIT: i got the trophy in the second run on apocalyptic, when I brought at the maximum, the first upgrade
  3. Quink, excuse me again, for maximum capacity and maximum vigor trophies, is it enough to find the fragments or you have to activate them with some procedure? The pacth 1.04 has been released
  4. ahhh ok -)), now i understand -)) I I didn't play to Dark soul; I played everyone Darksiders and GOW and us action adventure Transformers Devastation(although it is another landscape) Thank a lot
  5. How do you turn off Havoc and before you die, do you have to sell the souls to Voulgrim or not? Thank you so much -))
  6. When will arrive patch 1.04?
  7. Thank a lot iJLAW -)) Now, I continue on normal; in the second run I will play apocalyptic. Did you write a trophies/objectives guide?
  8. Is there a command to parry or just to dodge? Is there a lot of difference between easy and apocalyptic? Thanks Now, i'm playing to normal. In the past, as an action adventure, i played all the GOW, all the Darksiders and Transformers Devastation ... but this seems more difficult
  9. Sorry, i'm playing normal ... if in the second run i play to apocalyptic, the game keeps me the progress? Thanks
  10. Ciao, are there any missible trophies and NG +? Can i play directly to apocalyptic? Thank a lot
  11. I wrote tu square enix support on mail and on twitter
  12. Congratulations to the Square Enix. Why to make online games if they don't work? Yesterday, i could play only because a my friend had invited me. Shadow of Tomb Raider does not work; Deus Ex Mankind Divided does not work. They don't resolve or don't read the thousands of support emails... and come out another 6 dlc
  13. I apologize, I had to complete the Nahual's side mission and receive "The Mask of the Nahual" automatically after his defeat. So no glicth. I've got Dr. Croft and Completionist. Again many excuses
  14. it will be strange but it is so ... I found posts from users in other forums with problems with the pacth 1.06
  15. Ciao, i've issue with "Dr. Croft Complete all Artifact Collections" I've the game at 99.62%: every region at 100%. I did the side quest "Sumaq’s Murder" and collected the Antique Knife behind the house. Have you some advice to give me? I played with the 1.05 patch to easy. Thank a lot I've the set myth and magic at 87%