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  1. Good for you, because I and my friends had to repeat almost 1000 SS for the 1000 stage challenge. It would be advisable that in the guide trophy / objectives they clarify this point and that is if 1000 SS are needed or if SSS can also be played
  2. Thanks, it's very kind of you I'm at 700
  3. For "Legend:complete all accomplishments"in the challenge 4 Complete 1000 Stages, are counted the S.S.S. in solo mode?Thanks
  4. 😳😳😳 then I've to find 15 friends or hope to find other active games
  5. I'm sorry for that because I played all the bad company and all the battlefields. In your opinion, would it be possible to start a private server with fewer players?
  6. Hi, after the last patch, how many players are needed to start the multiplayer? Thanks
  7. Hi, could you tell me the places/locations where to find the "Multi-Tier Gun-equipped, Standard Machines"? Thanks
  8. Which joypad button should be used for Topsy turvy and Silent Death from above trophies?Thank a lot
  9. What do you recommend for level 100? Ng + 1 and 2? ...and for "Made of Sterner Stuff Upgrade Any Armor"? Thanks
  10. Thank you very much 😀
  11. Thanks. Did you die sometimes?
  12. From the description on twitter and on the net, to meet and defeat Wicked K, you mustn't die. After the 100 wave he will present himself directly in the crucible
  13. In The Crucible, to get to the 101 wave and defeat Mister K, can you die? Thank you
  14. WRC 6: Come sbloccare ossessionato dal lavoro: completare 14 obiettivi durante la stessa stagione Grazie EDIT: I've unlocked it, completing all the goals of the WRC season