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  1. In a few weeks
  2. You got 1643 in December 2018
  3. December 2018 749 trophies
  4. Totally is, unless we talk about useful games like rocksmith or active games like beat saber.
  5. No vita edition?
  6. Better ask WOT devs, they are nice folks and only they can give real answer
  7. Trophy System if fine by me. If you want to, it is easy to create "hardcore/harder games" leaderboard, based on difficulty/rarity (it is done on for example).
  8. Just tried it. That will be hard to beat for SS ranks. Tracking issues (when move controllers light sphere is on the same spot as helmet's led) can ruin your superb combo Nevertheless game is nearly perfect. It is must play.
  9. Thank you! Now it's working. But it's strange, i have earned couple trophies since it broke. Seems like full solution is to: visit change trophies to none save change trophies to anyone save earn new trophy sync
  10. Thank you for reply! I've tried switching on and off my privacy settings on (with saving). Sadly, no result, i've updated my profile at psnprofiles and it's still not working
  11. Hello! Everything was working perfectly since 2015, but yesterday all my trophies disappeared and profile says "Aww, no trophies here ­čśčThis profile is probably private" Of course i checked and everything is set to Anyone. More than that, i've checked all psv|3|4 possible hidden games, there is none hidden. As well i'm registered on stratege, russian trophy site, and there is no problem in sync, so it's something on psnprofiles, i guess. Please help me, i really like psnprofiles