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  1. I'm loving the Spyro Trilogy a lot, but man, platinuming the three games is tiring me a lot...



    #21 and #22 Spyro 1 & 3

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    2. felidraziken


      @CandiBunni I think is the easiest of the bunch along with the third (because this doesn't need the 100% percentage, if the game needed it, it would be the hardest)


      Now I'm searching gems in stages to 100% the second one but I think is starting to burn me (ha,ha) 


      @ee28max thanks!!!

    3. DamagingRob
    4. ArmoredSnowman


      That's why it's good to take breaks. After I get through Spider-Man's DLC, I'mma get back to Spyro 2 and 3, then go back to Spyro 1 to cleanup the misc trophies. 

  2. I understand, Kiseki games are long to plat. Im trying to do it to because I love the series and I would love to 100% them (And the PC versions of Liberl Saga, of course) but I understand is very hard and tedious to others. Btw, I read you're at SC. Enjoy the saga, is pretty worth it!
  3. XSEED has confirmed CS1&2 PS4 versions will have cross-save. I'm not sure about trophies, though. And Sen IV was released nearly a month ago, Sept 26 if I recall correctly (Mine arrived a week ago, btw) Edit: For cohesion, I would recommend calling each series for its region. Sky-Crosbell-ColdSteel feels weird, I think Liberl-Crossbell-Erebonia sounds better, tbh.
  4. IM BACK. I updated all the Icons with links to their respective trophies lists. Now, on the plats... Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle Jun 23rd 2018 Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below Jul 10th 2018 Phobos Vector Prime: The First Ring Oct 17th 2018
  5. I just hit a wall in level 21 at hard (the one of Capture where your elementals become enemies when they die) and I really need help. Can someone give me a good build to Capture AND to Attack? Hard is being pretty tiring...
  6. Probably is a little bit of Necroposting, but the image is not working... (Can you post also a build of capture mode? That would help a lot...)
  7. I don't even know how I made to this point, but this week should arrive 18 games to home.


    My backlog has lost control

  8. The 50 mira coin, I just can't- Personally (I'm a great fan of the saga) I think I will buy them. I have CS1 in Vita and CS2 in PS3, and I would like to have them both with jap voice acting in the same console.
  9. I prefer to quit the camp, tbh... Thanks to all the people here for making this work even when that happened, btw. I hope we would see in another platinum event (and talk a little more)!
  10. I just earned the Futaba Navi's trophy in the final boss in safety




    1. AlchemistWer


      Wow nice done 😅

  11. Omg, BBCross Tag Battle feels pretty boring and lacking compared with the others.


    I just earned the plat and I'm going to ask for a refund...


    1. Honor_Hand


      Congrats on the Platinum! 👍


      Was the game underwhelming for you? Most of those Arc system Works fighters look and play awesome.


      Not sure about this newer game though >.> I have heard people said it is pretty good <.<

  12. Earning Speedster is not a hard thing if you play in beginner, tbh. Last week I beat it in Speedster + Undefeated + Unchanging Armor and there were... like five hours left, haha The ones that bother me now are the Synthesis ones, are the most time consuming of the bunch...
  13. @Toogie53 Change my Tell a ghost story entry for Digimon Cyber Sleuth Hacker Memory (again, there is a supernatural club and its part of the main game) I don't think I will even play Beyond, tbh.
  14. @Toogie53 Can you change the Tell a Ghost Story from Beyond to Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory? There is an actual supernatural club in the game and there are the focus in a little bit of the plot