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  1. Updated everything, finally. Wow, the backlog only keeps growing and growing...
  2. Do you think they would put MK11 Season 1 and Aftermath DLC on sale? I want it both but im not sure if they will do existing the ultimate version...
  3. Do you think it will be easier to gain experience with this patch (you know, with bosses or something like that)? It is the only trophy I need to plat this ;;
  4. Is not missable, is plot relevant. The trophies themselves aren't bad, but the design feel lazy
  5. Updated nearly everything!
  6. I'm loving the Spyro Trilogy a lot, but man, platinuming the three games is tiring me a lot...



    #21 and #22 Spyro 1 & 3

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    2. felidraziken


      @CandiBunni I think is the easiest of the bunch along with the third (because this doesn't need the 100% percentage, if the game needed it, it would be the hardest)


      Now I'm searching gems in stages to 100% the second one but I think is starting to burn me (ha,ha) 


      @ee28max thanks!!!

    3. DamagingRob
    4. ArmoredSnowman


      That's why it's good to take breaks. After I get through Spider-Man's DLC, I'mma get back to Spyro 2 and 3, then go back to Spyro 1 to cleanup the misc trophies. 

  7. I understand, Kiseki games are long to plat. Im trying to do it to because I love the series and I would love to 100% them (And the PC versions of Liberl Saga, of course) but I understand is very hard and tedious to others. Btw, I read you're at SC. Enjoy the saga, is pretty worth it!
  8. XSEED has confirmed CS1&2 PS4 versions will have cross-save. I'm not sure about trophies, though. And Sen IV was released nearly a month ago, Sept 26 if I recall correctly (Mine arrived a week ago, btw) Edit: For cohesion, I would recommend calling each series for its region. Sky-Crosbell-ColdSteel feels weird, I think Liberl-Crossbell-Erebonia sounds better, tbh.
  9. IM BACK. I updated all the Icons with links to their respective trophies lists. Now, on the plats... Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle Jun 23rd 2018 Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below Jul 10th 2018 Phobos Vector Prime: The First Ring Oct 17th 2018
  10. I just hit a wall in level 21 at hard (the one of Capture where your elementals become enemies when they die) and I really need help. Can someone give me a good build to Capture AND to Attack? Hard is being pretty tiring...
  11. Probably is a little bit of Necroposting, but the image is not working... (Can you post also a build of capture mode? That would help a lot...)
  12. I don't even know how I made to this point, but this week should arrive 18 games to home.


    My backlog has lost control

  13. The 50 mira coin, I just can't- Personally (I'm a great fan of the saga) I think I will buy them. I have CS1 in Vita and CS2 in PS3, and I would like to have them both with jap voice acting in the same console.
  14. I prefer to quit the camp, tbh... Thanks to all the people here for making this work even when that happened, btw. I hope we would see in another platinum event (and talk a little more)!