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  1. Can I get 20 items to level 30 on other people's farms as well? (Like going to someone's farm get an item to 30 then go to another farm and get an item to 30 there...) Or shoud I get them to level 30 only on my farm?
  2. Can I get "The Best of the Best of the Best" via chapter select or should I go for a New Game?
  3. The only thing I did was killing cops in Saint Denis. Just get on a rooftop and start killing them from there
  4. ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌
  5. Wtf you talking about 20 seconds? I've spent over 35+ hours for that game You can see the date of each trophy on my psn profile, Stop judging people before be certain about it
  6. I don't wanna read the trophy list to avoid spoilers, Is there any difficulty related trophies or something I need to know before starting the game and going for the plat?
  7. You can also add me: Nima021King I've got all 100 chests
  8. Rayman Legends is sick
  9. Minecraft: Story Mode
  10. Took me 9k boxes and about 23+ hours until I get it I even got the Staff Of Garyson 3 times(USB Method)
  11. You're awesome nothing to say
  12. IF anyone give me all rings I will thanks and help him for the rest of my life I'm not kidding if you have'em you'll not gonna lose any of them,just make a back up save and drop them for me please guys please someone do this for me