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  1. Hey guys! The quest where you challenge the CC members is not unlocking for some reason. The requirements are to just play 15 card games and then when you talk to the CC members you get to challenge them, hence starting the quest, right? Am I missing something here? This is before I enter Lunatic Pandora btw.
  2. Oh wow didn't know that! Well, in any case I don't have to buy my games all over on the PS5, which means we'll finally get out of this era of re-releases of old games and get completely new ones...right?
  3. Ok so PS4 backward compatibility but will it be for the entire PS4 library or just the main stream games, kinda like how the PS3 was backwards compatible to only a few games on the PS2?
  4. They don't even need to draw, they could just take headshots of every character in Ajna's party and among some other things and it would easily go up to 29 trophies, what a waste! The Skullgirls trophies looks great, why not here!? And i see this in many other games like Valkyria Chronicles 4, World of Final Fantasy, etc. Hopefully it doesn't become a trend!😭
  5. Halloween came early this year!!! Also the weapon and palico design contest winners was revealed and I REALLY can't wait til November!!! This is completely unrelated but I must know where you got that Jill avatar!
  6. I hate lazy trophy designs!!!😖
  7. Pretty sure they're gonna go back to the old gameplay style, RPG and Yakuza just don't mix.
  8. Even the cover looks bland!😖
  9. OMG! Please come to the US!!!
  10. Can't speak for the base game but there are event quests that pop up every week or so that pretty much hands you the crowns, if you're willing to wait that is!
  11. Nope, gold crown! 😋 Want a screenshot?
  12. While we are on the topics of getting crowns, in the base game you would get crowns by doing investigations or event quests, but I found out as I was playing yesterday that they appear updated it so that you can earn them in optional quests as well since I got my miniature crown for Glavenus that way. I still think there's a higher chance of getting crowns through investigations though so I wouldn't put too much focus on the optional quests, but it's still something I just wanted to throw out there.😋
  13. It's not difficult but some of the trophies will require some time and investment, hence the reason why people might second guess the difficulty. I absolutely think you should give the game a try, it's a modern masterpiece and that's rare mind you.😋
  14. I'll carry you through the game in case you need it, noob!😆 LOL! Time for you to re-download the game bruh! At least now we have a pretty good idea on how to obtain the crowns compared to when MHW came out when, basically everybody was wet behind the ears back then aside from a few minor veterans. And you can't go wrong with my help!😋 The thing is if people played consistently without paying the crowns too much attention they'd get them naturally, but everybody wants that platinum ASAP and that's TOTALLY fine. But the problem is MH is a big game with a LOT to do, this ain't no quick plat ya'll!
  15. As someone who's been an active player since day 1, this is a very welcoming surprise! This plat will be fun and the plat looks beautiful!