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  1. Bro, take it from me, buy the dlc, the first 5 easy missions will add up for each character.
  2. Tifa looking fresh as HELL!!!😍
  3. On a different note, nobody else is terrified about this release window? Pretty sure they recently moved development in house after that out sourcing disaster. No way this is gonna be a quality product, of course I'd love and hope to be proven wrong. And it's not entirely impossible if the re-use assets from FF15, but still, I can't help but feel part 1 will be a "testing the waters" type of thing.🤔 That was debunked, we still don't have official details yet.😖
  4. Hey bro! Nice artwork! Do you take commissions?
  5. Much appreciated thank you!
  6. That reality might not be too distant...:/
  7. It would be nice if it was something people actually wanted...
  8. Very doable and fun, hell, might even be more fun than Shovel Knight's feats!
  9. Kek! Yes and I got the error "The prepaid card could not be redeemed. Please try again later."😢
  10. So I got this problem for me: https://www.deviantart.com/xugashi/art/20190325183058-791086445 https://www.deviantart.com/xugashi/art/20190325183500-791086453 I'm trying to redeem two codes and I keep getting this error. On the second image you can see that I only have 1.12 $ left, how is that exceeding the limit!? Anybody encountered this before and know how to solve it? 😢
  11. Exactly! It's really a matter of whether or not the A.I messes up that you can actually win. I will say though, the fact that they made these mini-games challenging makes the trophies worth getting. I mean it's hard but they are very doable if you're willing to invest time and energy on them.
  12. The karaoke, bowling and batting was a joke compared to the rotation pool! It's what I dread the most in the Yakuza games, that and Mahjong which I'm currently struggling with because the A.I is, again, cheating like a mofo!!!😭
  13. Hey ya'll! I have a question regarding the win screens on Shantae: Friends to the End DLC, do I need to get all the win screens at once in order for the trophy to pop or can I do them separately? For instance if I do the speedrun and the squidrun in two separate playthroughs? That would make the speedrun less taxing since its pretty difficult already. Could really use some confirmation on this.
  14. Dude I got so lucky! The A.I was like waaay ahead of me and me almost losing my mind at how ridiculously one-sided it was I just ended up not caring and shot the ball with full force only for it to ricochet all the high numbered balls leading me to victory! Thanks for the advice though!
  15. Is this a new edition of sorts? Extra trophies? Or is it the same game but with all DLC included?