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  1. Wait, I'm confused, so is the platinum still obtainable offline?
  2. At least this one will be their last edition and then stop support for the game, which is a good thing cuz the game's trash. Hopefully SF6 will be a decent fighting game instead of an E-sport platform.
  3. As long as the update is free I'm not complaining, that is if it ever happens and this was just an error.
  4. Finally got the sonuvabitch! But I swear it took me over 50 times at least! You just gotta keep going at it bro, remember, it's RNG. Even if the size is accurate, it's really up to the game whether you get the crown or not, which is BS but what can you do?😖
  5. The thing that hurts the most is that it was through some REALLY good investigations, I'm talking 1 silver 4 gold types, and still no drop! Didn't bother with the events cuz they trash. Godspeed to you my brutha, you keep on trucking and you'll get it eventually!
  6. Thanx for the heads up guys! Damn Mini Silver Rathalos crown wont drop and I even measured it and it was on the small side like 10 times!!! I feel your frustration bro! Only got the damn mini silver and large nightshade left!
  7. Are there any events that drop crowns? Just curious cuz they did that on the base game.
  8. Oh how the mighty has fallen...
  9. So now that we got the predictable update to the base game, when's the next arena game!?
  10. I think you answered your own question there lol!
  11. Would be fun if Capcom decided to make Rajang crowns a part of the trophy, I can already see people writhing in pain and agony!
  12. LOL! Sorry bout that guys! Supposedly I was to beat Dr. Kadowaki 15 times and then talk to Jack in order to initiate the quest, and the rest was a breeze! Thanks for the help guys!😋
  13. Bruh, I challenged ppl in Treno 15 times and still nothing, do I have to do this early? Does it get locked out if you progress too far?
  14. Hey guys! The quest where you challenge the CC members is not unlocking for some reason. The requirements are to just play 15 card games and then when you talk to the CC members you get to challenge them, hence starting the quest, right? Am I missing something here? This is before I enter Lunatic Pandora btw.
  15. Oh wow didn't know that! Well, in any case I don't have to buy my games all over on the PS5, which means we'll finally get out of this era of re-releases of old games and get completely new ones...right?